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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (On My Cock)

“Hey coach Reece! Wait up!”

Calvin groaned at hearing the voice. Soccer practice had run long today for the big game coming up and he just wanted to get back to his apartment and work on plays. Still, he came to a halt, turning around to see none other than Ezra running towards him

“What do you need, Jonas?”

The 22 year old stopped infront of him, hand of his heart as he fayed hurt,“Now is that anyway for you to talk to your future daddy?“, he teased with a wink.

Calvin rolled his eyes at today’s flirting tactic,“Kid, my ”daddy" is 64 years old and lives in Florida.” With that he turned back around and started walking.

The brunette chuckled low in his throat, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his shest,“Why do you always play hard to get?“, he asked dragging his eyes up the older man’s body. Calvin was anything but flattered, rolling his eyes at his staring.

“Why do you always think I’m playing?“, Calvin exclaimed matter-of-factly. If it wasn’t for soccer, he wouldn’t want/have anything to do with him.

As sincere as he sounded, Ezra just stared at him in complete disbelief. It was as if he knew Calvin was talking out of his ass and he knew.

Calvin pinched the bridge of his nose, taking a breath in aggravation. “Okay get this”, he announced, in idea coming to him in the moment,“How about we make a deal, put all this shit to rest “, he suggested desperately in a final effort to get him off his back.

The brunette perked up slightly at the idea,“I’m intrigued”

“We have the substate game in a couple weeks.” It was a big game for them. If they lost -and if Calvin was right they would- their season would officially come to an end until the season started back up in a few months. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to have a little something extra riding on this as well?

“If we lose-”

“Wow, way to have faith in your players”, Ezra snorted mockingly.

Calvin ignored the comment continuing he statement,”If you guys lose against Huntsville, then you need to leave me alone.“, he declared,“Whatever you think this is”, he pointed between the two of them,“is over. We will just coach and player”

“And if we win?”

Calvin was thrown off by the rebuttal, but then snorted at the very idea,“With the way you refuse to listen, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that”, he snickered. Ezra only played for himself whether it was good or bad for the team. He was good, but as hardheaded as a drunk construction worker. A trait you would think he’d lost in highschool.

Ezra cocked his head to the side, obviously not liking the idea. “Sounds kinda onesided if you ask me”, he responded, crossing his arms over his chest,“only person getting something out of this is you.”

Calvin couldn’t deny him that, he had a point there. He hated to admit that to him that he was, but if he wanted Ezra off his back he would have to feed into his behavior. Calvin titled his head back with an aggravated sigh,“Fine, name your price”, he hastened, crossing his arms over his chest tightly.

The brunette stood up straight, now intrested in where the conversation was going. “We win, you stop playing with me”, he said casually, standing over the darker man.

Calvin damn near choked on his spit,“E- excuse me”, he rasped, trying to back away only to meet the wall, now stuck in between a hard place and his hard body. He tried not to shuddered at the close contact and Ezra’s dark eyes trained on him.

“We win”, he started lowly, his breath against his face,“that ass is finally mine.” he promised calmy, drawing back to look him in the eyes. He wanted no misunderstandings to take place; he was serious.

“Th- that is inappropriate, Jonas!”

Ezra shrugged,“So I’ve heard, but I see no objection”, he didn’t gamble much but he knew it’s either you put up or shut up.

“And if I don’t agree?“, he countered defiantly.

At this point, Ezra put his hands on the wall beside his head, looking down at the older man with a smirk,“You and I both know you want me and I want you”, he leaned into his ear, his breath on his neck,“you just worry too much about what folks think.”

He wasn’t exactly wrong, Ezra was an attractive boy: 23 years young, but towering over the older man in every way. He had thought of the brunette fucking him into remission on more than one occasion, but those were thoughts that he would never ever act upon. He felt disgusting wanted a guy 10 years younger than him to break his back in. He was his coach for Christ’s sake.

Calvin finally came back to his senses and pushed him away needing place from the younger man,“And you still a lil boy and that shit shows”, with that he continued on his way to his car, thinking about the bargain he had made.

“No way, they’re gonna win.”

* * * * * *

Calvin was starstruck as he stared at the scoreboard, the screams of fans and players like white noise in his ears.


They had won.

By some strange form of a miracle, he’d done it.


Calvin didn’t even react when he felt a warm body pressed against his back; he knew exactly who it was,“I’ll be at your place later”, Ezra whispered devilishly into his ear, smacking his butt playfully,“oh and wear those red and black shorts I like”, with that Ezra walked off, going on to continue celebrating the win with his team.

* * * * * *

Calvin paced along the expansion of his living room, completely racked with nerves. The game had ended about an hour ago and Ezra said he would be here soon after getting cleaned up so they could...he couldn’t even think about it without feeling dirty.

What the hell was he thinking?

It’s not smart to gamble with money, yet here he was gambling sexual favors? He was an idiot; a total moron.

He was cut off mid-mental rant by a knock to the door and his heart immediately fell to his ass; no pun intended.

Calvin forced himself to calm down before walking over and grabbing the doorknob, flinging the door open with more force than he wanted. When he opened the door, he immediately wanted to slam it shut.

Ezra smug smirk was the first thing he saw when he opened the door,“Someone was waiting for me?“, he teased, walking inside without Calvin’s prompting. He looked the man up and down unbashfully,“Anxious aren’t we?”

Calvin didn’t dignify him with a response, ignoring him as he guided him into his living room. If he played his cards rights, he could possible talk his way out of this.

He was confused when Ezra sat down on his couch and began to rummage through his backpack for something.

“What are you doing?“, he questioned, eyeing the bag suspiciously.

“Work first, play later, sweetheart”, Ezra explained, pulling out his laptop,“Got to send in my thesis paper for Rutherford.” As he spoke, he powered on his laptop, getting to work on his assignment.

Suddenly, the entire situation was
all too much for him,“I need a drink”, Calvin announced, turning on his heels; alcohol was definitely what he would need.

“I’ll take one too!“, Ezra called behind him, still typing away on his laptop.

Calvin rolled his eyes at the assumption that he thought it was an offer,“I’m glad I asked”, he mumbled walking into the kitchen.

As he pulled out two wine glasses he couldn’t help but think about what he was about to do. Was he really gonna have sex with Ezra over a stupid bet? If he did this, there would be no returning to the team. How would they others feel knowing that the man who barked out drills all day could take orders just as well?

On the other hand, his body was working against all his logic. It had been a while since Calvin had had sex and here was this fine young man who had been pining after him since he’d met him. It also helped that he was very attractive. If it wasn’t for the circumstances, Calvin would’ve sat on his dick ages ago.

Glasses in hand, he went back into the room to see Ezra standing infront of his mantle. He seemed to be on the phone. The older man paused at the doorway, leaning against the frame as the brunette spoke.

“I know mãe, I’m happy too. Where is papa?“, he asked his mother, before laughing,“He’s still cheering!? Ha, well tell everyone I said obrigada.” At that moment he looked up over at Calvin, a grin on his face. He said something incomprehensible into the phone before hanging up, tossing it onto the couch.

Calvin came forward offering the glass,“Always forget you’re half Portuguese.”

“Português onde conta”, he spoke smoothly, taking the glass,“Thanks.” He closed his laptop, sitting back down in his spot on the couch.

Ezra propped his legs up on the coffee table, looking about the room idly before stopping on Calvin who stood awkwardly a good distance away. “You can sit down, ya know?“, he suggested with a raised eyebrow,“I mean, this is your house, Calvin.”

The older man visibly cringed, shaking his head at the use of his first name,“That’s unprofessional.”

“And neither is me coming here to fuck you.”

Calvin looked at him incredulously as he just casually sipped from his wine glass. “This was a mistake”, he finally decided, putting down his glass,“I take it back, I’m not doing this; we aren’t doing this”, he ranted, shocked that it took him so long to come to his senses. He was gonna put him out and crawl in his bed for the next few days, hell maybe even find a replacement.

Ezra looked at him with a blank expression,“Oh but you were perfectly fine with putting me in a “players place” if we lost?”

Before Calvin could come up with another excuse Ezra had cut him off. “Sit down”, he suddenly barked at the older man, pointing to the spot beside him,”here.”

Calvin pressed his lips together firmly but obeyed, shuffling over and sitting down by him. To be honest, it was hot seeing him tell him what to do. Ezra carefully took the glass from his hand, placing it on the table before sitting back again.

Without a word being said, Ezra cupped his cheek and turned his head towards him. Instead of rejecting it, Calvin leaned into the touch, short lashes fluttering as he stared back at him.

The brunette thumbed at his bottom lip which opened and sucked the digit into his mouth before it was immediately removed. Calvin whimpered before Ezra shut him up with a kiss. It felt better than he had ever imagined, his large soft lips against his smaller yet demanding ones. It wasn’t long before their kissing escalated, Ezra pulling Calvin into his lap, his hands on his waist keeping him there.

Calvin moaned against his mouth, his hand moving under his shirt to carress the hard muscles there. He felt like marble under his hand and he felt grateful for putting together his workout regime.

Ezra drew back from his mouth,“Don’t be shy”, he took Calvin’s hand and guided it down to his waistband. Calvin hesitated, his heart beating out of his chest as he reached into his sweatpant.

The brunette hissed as his cold hand wrapped around the base of his cock,“Oh yo dick fat”, Calvin giggled before Ezra brought there lips together. As their lips moved against one another, he continued to move his hand down his shaft until he was nearing the end of his thighs.

The older man frowned against his mouth, pulling away,“Why you ain’t tell me I was feeling up yo leg?“, he asked in a soft voice.

Ezra pulled back with an amused look on his face,“That ain’t my leg, Calvin”, he murmured darkly, his mouth latching onto his neck.

As shocking as this was, a pool of heat boiled in Calvin’s belly as he felt over the entirety of his dick. It was...a lot, like alot.

Calvin pressed his lips to his in a heated kiss,“Can’t wait to have you stretching me out”, he purred lustfully, his inner size queen on the rise. Just the thought of him spreading him wide and busting him open made him want to cum.

Ezra pulled away from him, his hand cupping his cheek,“Oh is that so?“, he asked, a smirk on his face as he spoke,“want my fingers stuffed in that tight little hole? Getting you nice and ready to take me? Think you can take me, coach?”

Calvin didn’t know how something so wrong could sounded so sexy coming from his mouth. He groaned, sucking his own marks into the younger man’s neck.

Ezra groaned deeply as he gnawed and sucked on his throat. He gripped his hips, rolling them to ground their bulges together.

Suddenly, Ezra pushed him off his lap. He stood up and before Calvin knew it he had flipped him onto his stomach. “Spread ’em”, he growled from behind him.

Calvin eagerly did as told, fisting the cushions of the couch as he felt his hands on his pants and he was suddenly exposed.

It was silent for a moment before a low whistle was heard behind him. Between his ass cheeks was a purple plug peeking out. He had somehow forgotten about the object nestled against his prostate.

“Knew you were a freak”, Ezra muttered, grabbing the plugs handle and wiggling it abit,“giving me the ole run around knowing you were gonna let me fuck tonight.” With those words he pulled the toy from his hole.

Before Calvin could whine at the sudden loss he squealed when he ran a long lick up his hole.

Seconds later, Ezra pulled away with a raised eyebrow, licking his lips,“Strawberry”, he said aloud, licking the sticky substance from his lips,“never pegged you for a user of flavored lube, coach”, he teased with a smirk.

The older man grunted in response, trying to hide his embarrassment. He didn’t think they’d actually do anything tonight, but he couldn’t help but prepare in the case in which he would’ve gone through with this insanity.

Ezra hummed, pressed the pas of his thumb into his hold before pulling it out. “Well no need to prep I guess; you look loose enough to take me, I’d say”, he lather up the head of his cock with spit, sliding his tip up and down his ass crack. He aligned his cockhead with his awaiting hole before starting to push forward until he caught on his rim.

Calvin forced himself to relax his body, as he began the slid into his channel. Once he was about 2/4 of the way inside he had to stop him, reaching back to tap on his thigh. He was big and he was started to realize he had gotten ahead of himself big time.

However, Ezra had his own idea in mind. He took his hand, planting it back on the couch before continuing to shimmy his length inside him. “Gonna ruin you for everyone else; only person who’ll be able to fill you up like this”, he growled, forcing in another few inches much to Calvin’s chargin.

The black man hissed, trying to scrambled away from his apendage only to be held down roughly,“Ah ah ah, you ain’t running from me, meu pequeno céu”, Ezra murmured putting his full body weight on top of him.

He pressed his hand to the base of his neck trapping him in place as he pushed himself further inside. Calvin let out a high pitched groan as he gripped the arm of the couch for comfort,“Oh shit, oh fuck, daddy.” He was so fucking big; he had no idea where the rest of him would go.

Ezra sucked bruises into the back of his neck, planting his hands over his. He caged his body in his own, pushing in until his balls met his ass.

Ezra intertwined their fingers as he panted into his ear, tip brushing against his prostate and grinding, slowly at first before he began to build up to draw back slightly and move back inside him. With every movement, Calvin let out a grunt follwed by a wheeze when he sheethed himself back inside him.

Ezra wrapped his arms tight around the older man’s middle, holding him close as he buried his nose against Calvin’s throat. Whatever body wash or cologne he used, he loved it.

Still cautious, he carefully thrust into Calvin’s heat feeling as if his head would explode with how tight and warm he was. He was better than he had fantasized about (and he had fantasized about this a lot.) His breathing was getting harder and the little moans and whimpers coming from the ebony man urged him to thrust faster and harder, the sound of slapping flesh echoing in the air.

Ezra sat up, snapping his hips forward in brutal thrust,“Feel good?“, he panted, bringing his hand down to smack his ass.

Calvin hissed, back arching at the sting,“Daddy, fuck, so good”, he moaned, moving back to meet every thrust.

He looked so good like this; laying under him and the way he felt around him was perfect. The way the flesh of his ass, rippling everytime his hips hit them. It shouldn’t have look as erotic as it was. Ezra could feel himself getting close and he was set with a determination to make Calvin cum first.

His hand went up the back of his neck and to the crown of his head before first his short hair in his fingers and yanking his head back.
The way his back arched on his cock allowed for him to get the perfect angle to thrust into him.

Calvin practically whailed as he slammed into his prostate over and over again. On shaking limbs, he reached between his thighs to fist his cock and stroked in quickly. He wanted to cum; he wanted to cum so hard with his big fat cock inside him.

Calvin grunted, clenching around him in a weak attempt at keeping him right there,“Shit! ’bout to cum!”

His vision began to blur and his muscles spasmed with the effort of staying upright, it was a lost cause as he ended up on his face once again. As uncomfortable as it was, he didn’t want it to stop; never in a million years.

Ezra was not far behind, his orgasm simmering under his skin, on the verge of boiling over. In his arms, Calvin tensed, his muscles locking as his cock suddenly shot ropes of come over his fist. The effort of his orgasm glittered his vision with spot and the world went dark around him.

When Calvin finally came to, Ezra was pumping slowly in and out of him. He could feel his cum seeping out of his hole more than likely leaving a stain on his couch.

“Glad your back.”

Calvin grunted, sitting up on his elbows, arms shaking slightly at the weight,“How long was I out?“, he asked, flexing his back, accidentally moving back to meet his shallow thrusts. His back was gonna kill him in the morning, but it was more than worth it.

He smiled when he felt lips press against his back then to both his shoulders,“About 2 minutes”, he replied, pulling away,“was gonna call an ambulance if you didn’t come to.”

Calvin snorted at the thought, yeah that would be a sight to see. He wished he had the energy to laugh. After getting cleaned up, Ezra came back to the couch, pulling Calvin close and covered themselves with a blanket.

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