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Thug in the Streets, but my 3O4 in the Sheets (Intersex!)

“You on some tough guy shit ain’t ya?”

“I’m not on anything, buddy, you got the issue, not me.”

“Somebody need to tell this boy to backup if he know what good for him.”

The two men continued to go back and forth as a light skin man fought through the crowd,“Yo what’s the problem?“, Romeo demanded, pushing his way through the people and towards the large white man, slightly taken back when he recognized the man. However, much like the other men there, he didn’t seem to fond of the large white man there.

The latter looked at the assumed leader, before snapping out of his apparent confusion,“There isn’t a problem”, he answered simply,“I was just minding my business when this guy started running his mouth.”

“Ye aint got no business here, dat’s my pro’lem!“, Jaybugg spat, trying to push past Romeo.

“And who tha fuck are you to say where I ain’t supposed to be! You don’t know me!“, he threw back at him, shoulders rolled back. He wasn’t scared of Jaybugg or the around “gansters” with him.

His response caused an uproar within the crowd and Romeo shoved Jaybugg back roughly,“Y’all shut the hell up!“, he barked, glaring at the group as if daring them to challenge him,“Let me handle this.”

He turned back to the man with his head held high, but if only anyone could hear the way his heart started beating like crazy in his chest as he stared up at the man. He pushed the nerves back, remembering he had folks watching him and curled his lip in disgust.

“Look ‘ere bitch fo’ I bust a cap in yo ass”, Romeo threatened, reaching for his waistband, the butt of his gun visable,“Now take yo’ bitch ass on or we can have a real pra’lem partna, ya feel me?”

He looked from Romeo to the other men surrounding them before shaking his head. “Whatever”, with one final glance at the man, he turned on his heels, heading down the street.

* * * * * *

Romeo paced around his apartment, phone in hand as he called Florian and for the ninth time, he was sent straight to voicemail.

He was starting to get worried; he had been trying to reach him for the past hour, but he never answered the phone. Romeo just knew he was pissed at him for what happened earlier today. Honestly, he didn’t expect for things to go so far with the guys. He didn’t know that Florian would be there. Ofcourse his friends would try to pull some shit with someone who looked like he did.

Romeo knew had fucked up and he fucked up bad.


His head suddenly shot up, looking over at the door of his apartment. He wasn’t expecting nobody; automatically believing it was another one of his neighbors side niggas,“Wrong apartment, bruh!“, he yelled, making sure they heard him.


Romeo growled in aggravation, tossing his phone on the sofa and heading to the door. He didn’t know who the fuck they were, but they ain’t didn’t have no business beating on his door like the damn police.

“Nigga you must be crazy beatin’ on my do’ like a-!“, the words froze on his tongue when he saw Flo standing there. Before he could say anything he was shoved into his apartment and slammed against the now shut door.

“Now what were you saying?”

There was Florian and he did not look happy. In fact, he looked anything but. He was fucked, honestly and truly fucked. Still, he put up a brave front, swallowing his fear,“Listen Flo-”

“Oh no don’t give me that shit!“, he growled, intimidating him more than he already had,“The fuck was that shit earlier and I dare you to give me any bullshit. I fuckin’ dare you”, he threatened with sharp canines bared.

“You know how dis shit is, why you trippin’ like dat?“, he barked back sharply, only to instantly regret it when he was once again slammed back against the wall.

“Watch yo fuckin’ mouth”, he gritted out in his Romanian accent, getting in the shorter man’s face,“I ain’t one of yo little playground thugs, you hear?” His 6"4 frame looming over Romeo’s 5"9 one. “I can fuck yo ass up in more ways than one, like I should have earlier since you wanted to pull yo gun on me so bad.”

Romeo closed his mouth; if they were strangers, Florian would have beat up and possibly killed all of them earlier. God only knows what promises he made to himself that made him walk away. Whatever it was; it didn’t spell out anything good for him at all.

“You was talkin’ all that shit earlier Romeo, what happened?“, Florian mocked, pinning his arms roughly over his head,“Ain’t so big and bad without an audience, huh?”

He didn’t respond, steeling himself to keep eye contact. He was hoping Florian would be open to listen to him, but apparently there was no going back. He made his bed and now he was gonna lay in it.

Florian nodded at his silent surrender, stepping back,“On your knees”, he ordered, undoing his belt buckle. Romeo froze, staring at him like he was crazy before receiving a death glare and lowering himself onto the floor.

With a hard face, he undid his belt and zipper. His pushed his pants and boxers down to his thighs, freeing his cock quick slapped against his abdomen.

Romeo just stared at his hardening cock which hung heavy between his legs, dark and red tip practically begging to have his lips wrapped around it.

Florian took his cock in his hand, stroking it a few times until he was rock hard,“Open.”

Romeo didn’t mouth off in the slightest, just looking up at him in understanding and opening his mouth to show all his teeth, his tongue hanging out. He knew this punishment well and knew it best to do as told without being prompting. Not like it would save him now.

Florian smirked smugly at his submission and got to work, pressing his dick along the flat part of his tongue, guiding his cock into his big ass mouth until his pubic hair scratched roughly against his cheek.

Florian paused for a moment, snapping his fingers to make Romeo look up at him again. He bit his lip at the sight of him looking up at him with hald closed eyes and a mouth full of his dick.

“This is what your mouth is for, not for running off at me”, he growled, and drew back to thrust into the his mouth.

Romeo took it all with difficulty; the best he could do was keep his mouth wide open and his throat relaxed as his mouth was abused until tears were running down his cheeks and a mix of saliva and precome ran down his chin.

The head of his cock was repeatedly hitting the back of his throat and he showed to sympathy or sign of stopping. Romeo just focused on not gagging, fingernails digging into his thighs.

Florian groaned, throwing his head back and pulled his shirt over his head and onto the floor before cupping the back of Romeo’s head. He immediately began to gag, blinking back tears as he swallowed around him.

“If yo homies could see you now, taking my cock like you do every night.”

He pulled himself from his mouth, slapping Romeo’s cheek with his dick before shuffling back. He decided he looked thoroughly destroyed, but it was time to wreck him in another way.

Florian yanked him back to his feet, dragging him over to the couch and throwing him down onto it. Romeo groaned at his roughness, looking back to see him kicking off the rest of his clothes, standing there in all his naked glory.

“Hope you did a good job down there, cause that’s all the prep you gonna get.”

Romeo visibly gulped at those words. Florian usually had to prep him with at least 4 fingers and his tongue on a good day. He knew that wasn’t his best work; he was fucked in more ways than one.

Florian yanked off his boxers and his sweats, leaving him as naked as the day he was born. As scared as Romeo was, he could feel the wetness trickling down his thighs.

As the brunette approached, the smaller man back away, clamping his legs closed tight. There way no way in hell he was gonna go out like this. Not at all.

Florian shook his head at his attempt to escape,“Nah you was talkin’ all that shit earlier”, he wrapped his large hand around his throat, squeezing lightly,”let me see that pretty pussy baby”, he coaxed, prying his legs apart to reveal his sopping wet cunt. Florian moaned at the sight, taking his cock in his hand and rubbing his dark head roughly against the swollen lips of his pussy.

“So wet for me, slut.”

“Can’t wait to be all up in this pussy, bebelus.”

Romeo couldn’t help but whimper, spreading his legs farther apart. Flo was of the few people who’d known about his kitty and was the only one who could work it. He knew how to make his toes curl, his back arch and tap out completely.

His eyes fluttered shut as he panted, the feeling of his fat cock grinding against him otherworldly. How was he so scared yet turned on at the same time?

He didn’t get to bask in the warmth very long before Florian was manhandling him again. He forced him onto his knees, pushing his head into the cushion and wedging his legs apart to were he was practically bent over the large part of the sectional.

The larger man didn’t waste anymore time before sliding his head into his wet pussy. He pushed in about halfway before stopping to bask in the complete euphoria that was Romeo. He was so hot and extremely tight, pussy quivering around his thickness.

He knotted his finger in his dreads, his other hand rubbing circles into his hip as a sob racked his body. “Only thing that could make this better is giving you ever last inch of me, Ro”, Call him sadistic, but he wanted to see Romeo in pieces and he knew exactly how to do it.

Romeo reached back to place his hand on Florian’s chest, weakly pushing against him as he slid in another inch,“Mpph!”

Florian stopped, pinning his arm back down into the couch,“Got something you wanna say huh?” Florian didn’t let him respond, stuffing the rest of himself inside with one powerful thrust.

He reveled in Romeo’s cries at the sudden intrusion; he felt heavenly, his velvet walls convulsing around him, practically trembling. Romeo dug his teeth into his lip to hold in any and all sounds that might leave his body; Florian didn’t like that shit at all.

With this information, he immediately started fucking into him, not giving him a chance to adjust. He was rough, hard and unforgiving as he continued to fuck little sounds out of him. His pussy could hardly take the pounded he was giving him; he could just lay there and take the punishment he had so rightfully deserved.

Romeo’s cries only quieted when he stopped and pulled out of him. He left out a shaky breath of relief oblivious to what was happening until it was too late. Florian had sat down on the couch and pulled him onto his lap with his feet planted on both sides of him, his back to his check before lifting him up and once against spearing him on his cock.

He whimped weakly as he fucked him, the angle allowing him to get even deeper inside him. He felt like a scarecrow, suspended as gravity did the dirty work around him.

“Yo ass real quiet with this dick all in yo guts.”

Florian gripped his throat, kissing up the column of Romeo’s neck, pleased to hear another quiet whimper from him. “C’mon”, he grunted into his ear,“wanna hear you bebelus, wanna hear them pretty little sounds as you cum on my cock.”

He hooked his hands under Romeo’s knees, hoisting him up, and bringing him up and dropping him down onto his dick.

Romeo couldn’t hold it in any longer tossing his head back as he let out a sex-fueled war cry,“Fuck Big Nasty!”, he mewled as he used him like a flesh light, repeatedly impaling him on his cock. Once he’d started, Romeo couldn’t stop the flood gates from breaking, random babble spewing from his lips.

That’s exactly what Florian wanted to hear, picking up his pace,“That’s right bebelus, Big Nasty all up in those guts!” He thrusted up to met his hips, making Romeo choke on a sob. He felt as if he couldn’t breath, all his basic bodily functions shutting down.

Finally deciding to give him a break, Florian brought him back down to his lap, continuing to help him rise and fall while one of his hands went to his pussy, rubbing his clit.

Romeo’s body suddenly tensed, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he came harder than he had ever done before. He tried to close his legs, overwhelmed by the overstimulation, but Florian just forced his legs apart with his own, forcing another orgasm out of him right after the first.

“Oh f-fuck! Ah ah a- oh shit!”, Romeo’s head fell onto his broad shoulder, his never ending orgasm sending him into shock.

Florian continued to fuck his length into him, his cum being forced out of his canal as Romeo laid there completely disoriented and in a daze like sub-state. He was so sensitive yet numb all over him a way that only Florian could do to him.

Once he was sure his pussy was a mess of both of their cum, he pulled his soft cock of him. He collected the mess of heavy limbs in his arms and took Romeo to his bedroom. He sat him down on bedspread carefully, getting a warm rag to clean himself and the cum that managed to stain his caramel thighs.

He slid a pair of panties on him as to not stain the bed as he dripped and pulled back the sheets to get under behind him. Romeo snuggled against his lovers chest, purring when Florian’s large arms draped around him and pulled him even closer.

“I’mma let you know now, when you wake up I’mma eat the fuck out your pussy.”

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