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The Bodyguard's Bottom

Drake pumped his fist in the air as the music stopped. The audience screaming loudly as the stage lights went off.

“Thank you Rio, you’ve been great!”

With that, Drake jogged off stage, his adrenaline still pumping as he was immediately met by a large man. Konstaninos stood over him with almost a foot between them and probably thrice as broad. He was nothing but muscle ontop of muscle, dark hair pushed back and face set in a blank expression.

The large Greek man stepped aside, allowing the rapper to move past him, following him to his dressing room in silence.

Drake quickly packed his things, allowing the larger man to take them as they exited the venue and got in the car.

Once they reached the hotel, Konstaninos got out and went inside. After a few minutes he returned, shutting the door behind him with room key in hand. His bulky frame was squished below the low roof of the car and Drake couldn’t help but snicker at the sight.

Konstaninos led the way through the back entrance of the hotel and upstairs to Drake’s suite, sure to make sure he was not seen. He unlocked the door and they both entered his room for the night.

* * * * * *

Konstaninos felt the younger man’s gaze on him, but ignored him as he checked the room locks to make sure they were secure.

Watching him stalk the space, Drake could feel his dick stir in his pants. He bit his lip, resisting the urge to touch himself by balling his fists,“Daddy?“, he called after him in a soft voice. A stark contrast to the hazy rich voice people outside of Konstaninos and him were accustomed to.

Konstaninos grunted,“Not now, I’m busy”, he huffed, continuing to check the parameters.

The rapper pulled a long face at being denied,“Ion see nobody here?“, he muttered, deciding to sit up, crossing his arms to show his distain to the other man. After all this time, he still struggled to flat out say what he wanted, even if the latter was sure to make him scream it out in the end.

Konstaninos leveled him a glare before shaking his head. He began to move about the room, checking the locks and the windows to make sure they were secure. Once he was finished, he took off his jacket and shirt, tossing it on the lounge.

Drake tried not to seem bothered by the action, but Konstantinos could see right past it. He could see the growing tent in his pants, the way his tongue itched to run across his bottom lip. The way his breath hitched as he approached the bed.

He was nothing but rippled muscle stacked on top of muscle and he loved it. Drake couldn’t help but marvel at how much smaller he was compared to him, he always did. Konstaninos was broader, taller, quicker and stronger than him in ever way and he loved it. You could say he had a bit of a size kink among other things.

The Canadian spread his legs for him only to be surprised when he was suddenly flipped onto his front, his head in the exspensive hotel pillows. Although surprised, he didn’t dare try to move or get up, staying where he had been placed.

Feeling rough hands on the hem of his sweats, Drake raised his hips, allowing Konstantinos to pull his boxers off, tossing them somewhere he didn’t care to know.

He blood thrummed as he laid bare at the latter’s grace and mercy. He couldn’t help but to rock against the bedding to relieve the tension he had caused to build. The singer hissed when Konstaninos’ large hand came down and landed a smack to his right ass cheek. As painful as it was, he couldn’t help, but moan, even as he rubbed the reddening flesh.

“You like that, baby?“, Konstaninos asked in that rough and deep voice that made him even harder. Drake nodded his head furiously, only to recieve another,“I couldn’t hear you”, the Greek growled, yanking his head back.

“Yes”, he writhed, basking in the pain in his scalp and lower half. He felt as if he’d explode.

The large man pulled away, a rough hand trailing up his back and to his neck, squeezing his nape. “What should I do with you?“, Konstaninos questioned aloud, massaging his scalp lovingly.

“Should I tie your hands over your head, keep them stuck to the headboard, hm?”, he thought, easily encasing both his wrists in one large hand.

“Or should I tie those legs apart for when you start to squirm?”

Although that specialty was usually reserved for punishments, Drake couldn’t help but hunger for the torturous treatment. He whimpered, eyes practically tearing up at the endless possibilities before him. He wanted to be a greedy man; he wanted it all.

Konstaninos peeled himself off his body and went over to his bag, pulling the red ropes out of his bag. Drake gulped as he silently held up the rope and came back. Without needing to be told, he pressed his wrists together and offered them for him to bind.

He tested the ties, making sure they wouldn’t come undone or he would be able to take them off. Once he knew they were secure, Konstaninos pushed down his boxers, and Drake’s mouth watered at the sight.

Drake just stared at him, begging for what he wanted with his eyes and he knew just what he needed. He climbed back onto the bed and Drake eagerly spread his legs wide for his bulky frame.

He didn’t bother with lube considering the noises he had heard in the bathroom earlier; Drake was more than ready for him. He lined up his tip with his hole and began the slow glide of his cock into his hungry whole.

Drake struggled against his restraints; his breathing heavy and bottom lip practically raw as he stretched him out. Sure he had prepped in the bathroom, but two fingers never really helped. He loved the stinging burn that came before the fullness and then the pleasure.

“Color?“, the large man asked after they had sat there for a few minutes, allowing him to bask in the feeling of him.

Drake opened his eyes, vision already glazed over and cock leaking from where he was spread out wide for him. He took a moment to calm himself, clenching around him subconsciously as he took a deep breath,“Green”, he answered, wetting his dry lips.

Continuing ahead, Konstaninos took his bound wrists and guided them to the headboard and made him grip it for leverage so he could used everything he had as he thrusted into him. With his hands on his hips, he help Drake to rise and fall until he built a steady rythmn of riding his cock. He planted his foot on the floor, to help him rise to the tip tip top of his dick and sliding down. (Ah 😝😛)

“Shit shit shit”, Drake chanted hungrily, gripping the headboard in his hands as he took everything he could

Konstaninos ran his hand up his chest, planting a palm over his heart to feel the effect he had on him. He licked his lips, watching his sweaty body as he moved,“Feel good takin’ my dick baby?”

Drake bobbed his hands frantically,“Yes daddy, so fuckin’ good!“, he mewled wetly as Konstaninos brought his hand down repeatedly on his ass. His movement stuttered, making him impale himself suddenly on his dick.

“You little cockslut”, he suddenly pushed Drake off his cock, leaving him to flounder as he put him on his side. He laid down behind him and slid back inside his bussy like he never left. His hand found its way around his throat and tightened, making Drake’s back arch painfully on his cock,“Dad- ddy! Fuck fuck fuck!”

“Come on Aubrey”, he murmured, wrapping a hand around his cock, and thumbing over his weeping tip.

Drake’s body convulsed slightly at the over sensitivity and he shook his head, trying to push himself away from his thrusts with still bound hands. “H- hol’ u- up!“, he gritted out, damn near on the verge of crying.

Konstantinos did nothing of the sort, grabbing his hips and roughly pulling him back on his cock completely, locking Drake there. The submissive cried out once again as he felt him nestled deep into his stomach.

“Color?“, Konstaninos asked as the both panted to catch their breath.

The dryness of his throat, made breathing slightly painful for Drake as he tried to find his voice,“Y- yel- oh”, he forced out, a fresh layer of sweat covering his skin from just trying to speak. As overwhelmed as he was, he wasn’t prepared to color out and he was determined to not do so.

Konstaninos hummed at his response, nosing up the side of his neck in silence praise. “Good boy”, he loosened his hand on his neck, pecking his temple. “Are you ready?“, he asked after a few moments to let him make a sound decision; once Konstaninos started, he wasn’t gonna stop until they both came.

The mocha skinned man, wet his lips, forehead creased with tension,“Yes daddy.”

“Want me to cum in this bussy, baby? Fill your hungry hole?”, he words were rushed, barely audible through the slapping of skin and the sound of the headboard bouncing off the wall. Whoever was next door was getting one hell of a late night show.

Drake took the hand on his hip and placed it back on his neck,“W- wa- want your nut”, he answered, squeezing his wrist to emphasize his desire to be choked again and Konstaninos, never one to deny his babyboy’s wishes, obliged.

“Gonna fill every single one of your holes until your dripping with my kids for weeks. Your gonna feel me in your throat everytime you breath”, he drawled out in the dirtiest ways possible against the shell of his ear. He quickly pulled out, removing the condom before sliding back inside as if he’d never left.

He slammed his dick into his assholes a few more times before he was cumming, breeding his hungry hole until his seed was practically oozing from his rim.

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