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Celebrity Cockslut

Drake was vibing in The King of Diamonds, with a bottle of Moscato in one had and a stack of singles in the other as some random bop blared through the club’s speakers.

He was throwing bills recklessly at the stage alongside Offset. Shit was getting wild forereal.

The longer he looked at the big booty females twirling on the stage, his mind couldn’t help but drift over to the bulky giant looming over him a few feet away. Using his peripheral vision, he looked at Konstaninos who was standing in the same position as before like a statue; arms tucked neatly at his side’s with muscles concealed by his dark jacket.

Drake sucked in a breath as a shudder racked through his body. He could feel himself getting hard and it wasn’t because of the strippers. He began to fidget uncomfortably in his spot; there was no way he’d be able to wait this out. How was he going to slip away without anyone being suspicious?

He nudged Offset, handing him his money before standing up,“I gotta take a leak man”, he told him over the blaring music. Still mesmerized by the titties and ass, Offset gave him some dab before he began to walk off, Konstaninos following suit. Drake knew that no matter where he went, Konstaninos would follow behind without question. It came with being a bodyguard.

The singer didn’t even have to say anything before he was crowded against the door the moment the door shut,“I know baby boy”, he murmured roughly against his ear.

He could help but let a whimper fall from his lips at the roughness of his voice, hips chanting forward slightly in search of friction. This earned him a slap to the cheek and a hand around his throat.

“You gonna do what daddy says or do you wanna get punished?“, the older man questioned,“hmm?“, he questioned, his tongue peeking out to wet his lips.

Drake swallowed around his fist, balling his hands to restrain himself. “Just want you, want you so bad.” He didn’t care what he got; he just wanted his daddy’s hands on him. Choking him, spanking him, abusing him, using him.

Konstaninos clasped the back of his neck firmly, guiding him towards the bathroom stalls passed the urinals. There were about six stalls, three on each side and a large mirror spanning the far wall.

He smirked at the large pane of glass, dirty thoughts in his head; thoughts where Drake was pressed against the wall butt ass naked forced to watch himself get fucked raw out in the open for anyone to walk in and see. He put a pin in it, remembering that they weren’t exactly trying to get caught, but promising to return to it at a later date.

Konstaninos lead them to one of the middle stalls, shoving Drake inside and locking the door. His mouth slammed into his, swallowing any and all sounds that left his mouth.

When the parted, Drakes lips were wet and puffy as the larger man grabbed him by the shoulders and spun him around to face the wall. He tried to push back but his hand gripped the back of his neck, pressing his cheek to the stall door as he held his hip.

“Bring that ass back, baby”, Drake squrried to shuffle back, arching his back and spreading his legs as Konstaninos pawed at his ass.

He reached around to undo his belt buckle before yanking his pants down passed his knees. He snorted at the sight of the jockstrap; his mocha colored ass cheeks exposed and begging for his hand’s abuse. He wouldn’t be surprised if he was already lubed and ready.

Drake kept his hands planted completely on the sleek metal as large calloused hands gripped and parted his ass cheeks. He could feel the metal warming against his flushed cheek and bit his lips to avoid moving.

“Stay right where you are”, Konstaninos grunted, before pulling put back.

Drake did as instructed, giddy in his spot as he listened to the sound of the clanking of the belt he had gotten him and the heavy sound of material hitting the ground. His heart began to race and he fought back the urge to get on his knees. Instead, he closed his eyes in anticipation, spreading his legs apart and arching his back like the cum hungry slut he knew he was.

Konstaninos braced his hands on his hips, gripping and parting his cheeks to have a clear path to his hole. He whimpered, his pucker twitching at the air against his rim. He didn’t have to deal with it long before the blunt wide tip of Konstaninos’ cockhead was pressing against his rim.

His breath hitched as he began the long glide into his ass, the continuous, burning stretching making his cock painfully hard against his jockey.

Drake could hardly breath when he was balls deep inside him; he was so demanding. He was only pulled from his daze by the realization that they were not in the privacy of his house or a random hotel; they were in a public bathroom where anyone could walk in at anytime and they would be caught. Even with this concern, he couldn’t deny that the idea of being caught sent a thrill up his spine and a twitch of his cock

He took a moment to calm himself, gathering his wits for what to come, but then Konstaninos hand was pulling back to fabric on his crotch and wrapped around his cock and Drake could already see stars. He rutting into his fist, not knowing whether to to move forward or rock back onto his cock. He settled for neither, staying still in waiting for whatever Konstaninos preferred to give him; whatever he choice, he would happily take it.

The Greek tsked at his weeping cock, his palm already sticky with precome,“Just look how desperate you are, wet little cock.” Drake could only let at a gurgled reply as he drew back and snapped his hips forward.

He bit back a sob as he continued to batter his prostate with brute accuracy as he impaled him in his cock repeatedly. Drake let out small gasps as he was slammed into the bathroom stall. All he could do is weakly reach up to find the top of the stall and brace himself for the fucking he was receiving.

Konstaninos showed no mercy, withdrawing until only the tip of his cock was still inside before slamming himself back inside. He showed no mercy, his arm coming up to curl around his throat and make him arch back even farther. Drake was practically in his tip toes in an attempt to stay on the ground.

The larger man wished he could see his baby boys face as he fucked him. He could see it now, his eyes crossed and glazed over, cheeks flushed and sweaty with his lips parted and his tongue poked out. He was like a human version of a manga character getting fucked; right down to the T.

“Wish I could watch you baby”, Konstaninos grunted against his ear, beard scratching his neck,“should take you out and fuck you against those fucking mirrors so I can get a nice view; you like that, baby?”

The musician let out an incomprehensible sound, but judging by the shake of his head he did not like the idea. He wasn’t that type of exhibitionist and he didn’t mind that; he didn’t want anybody to see what was his. He was perfectly fine fucking his brains out without an audience and that is exactly what he continued to do.

Even with the sound of his moans drowning out the clubs music, Drake still heard the door to the restroom open. He frantically yanked his fingers from the top of the door, not wanting to be spotted as the steps grew closer.

Konstaninos didn’t stop his menstrations, instead intertwining their fingers and pressing his body flush against the door as he fucked him with vigor.

Drake couldn’t help but moan outloud, sounding like a filthy whore he knew he was at heart,"Fuck me! Yes oh god give it to me daddy! Yeah, just like that!” He was so far gone, he hardly register the curse from the poor guy who had entered and immediately turned back on his heels.

He didn’t even care about getting caught, if anything it made him harder. “God I want your cum, daddy!“, Drake begged, clenching around him hungrily. He wanted to feel him inside him, dripping out of his pucker as they went back out as if nothing had happened. His dirty little secret.

His cries were silenced as Konstaninos stuffed two thick fingers into his open mouth,"I will baby; don’t you worry”, he tightened his grip painfully on his hips, dipping down to grind deep inside him.

Drake choke on his spit slick digits, biting down on his knuckles lightly,“Like my cock shoved up your tight ass?“, he asked him, ungagging his mouth to grip both his hips.

"Yes shit fuck! S- so good!“, his throat was torn raw, saliva dripping from his mouth. He spread his legs as far as he possibly could with his jeans at his ankles. He arched his back, needing him to hit the spot inside him that practically made him sing.

Konstaninos’ beard burned against the sweat of nape,"Tell me how much you love it. Tell me!”

"Love your dick so much daddy! So deep and hard! Give it to me so fucking good!”, the words were spilling from his mouth like water,“Splitting me in half on your big fat cock! I want it so bad, please.”

It wasn’t long before Drake’s cum painted the stall, his sweaty forehead pressed to the metal. Konstaninos jerked his arm around his middle, lurching him up to keep him from sliding to the ground in a mess of limbs. Neither said a word, their heavy breathing filling the silence.

It wasn’t until Konstaninos started pulling out that Drake began to fuss. “W- why you stop?“, he croaked out weakly, glancing back at him,“y- you didn’t cum, daddy”, he whined, clenching around him in hopes of keeping him inside. He cried out when a heavy hand came down on his ass.

“Greedy slut”, the latter scolded, removing his cock, the metal ring around the base of his cock and balls glistening in the light. He had no intention of cumming yet; he wanted him to swallow his cum and he preferred he not ruin his expensive ass jeans on this nasty ass restroom floor.

He coaxed Drake to pull up his pants, opening the door to let him step out and look at himself in floor length mirror. After their early visitor, the last thing they needed was to make it obvious that they had been fucking in here.

Drake cringed at the wetness against the front his jeans, praying that the dark lights would hide the obvious dark spot in his pants. Konstaninos smirked from behind him, his hand going to the wet spot on crotch and squeezing.

“Didn’t want you to going out with my cum in you without a plug”, with take he drew away, nodding towards the door as they made their way to leave.

With a deep breath he opened the door, happy to see no-one. He stepped back, allowing the rapper to go ahead of him. As the turned the corner, the were surprised to find Offset standing there, an unamused look on his face.

“In the bathroom foreal? Y’all niggas nasty as hell”, with a disappointed shake of the head he walked back the way he came.

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