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Call Me By A Different Name

Wesley really regretted coming to this club tonight. The music was way too loud and at this point everyone was hammered off their asses. Over all he wasn’t having a good time.

At the moment, the omega was trying to force his way through the overly handsy gay’s on the dance floor, wanting to get a drink to relax his nerves. Along the way, he had gotten turned every which way and he couldn’t figure out which direction he was going in.

He winced as he ran into a hard surface,“I’m so sorry. Really I’m -“, Wesley looked up to continue apologizing only to freeze at the sight of the man.

“No problem”, he replied gruffly, brushing off the response and the contact, turning away and walking off.

Wesley just stood in shock. Did that really just happen? What did just happen?

* * * * * *

It’s been about an hour and Wesley is still shaken by the sequence of the nights events. When that man touched him he felt something, something he never felt before. He heard about what would happen when you met your mate, the automatic magnetism to the other. Had he found his mate? Just the thought of the word sent a mix of good and bad emotions whirling through him.

As much good he’d heard, he’d also heard about mates that reject their partners. Some refused to be bonded, so they avoid the mate or worse, hurt them if the bond is too strong.

Wesley for sure didn’t wanna die, especially in some gay club, so he made it his business to avoid the man. Yes, it was rude. How was he supposed to know if he even rejected him? If he was just going by face -and he was- he didn’t look like he wanted a mate or anyone for that matter.

Wesley had had a strange feeling someone was watching him all night, but he never knew who or where....until now. Wesley was stumbling around, trying to find his jacket so he could get the hell out of there when he saw him. The man was sitting in a large empty booth directly in the center as if watching everyone and everything that was happening. Tension was thick as brown eyes locked with lightening blue, the masses of sweaty colorful people freezing around them.

The darker man gulped as a smirk grew on the blonde man’s face, his strong arm raising. He motioned for him to come over with his fingers, downing his glass with a straight face.

Even with all of his being, Wesley couldn’t say no, walking over to the man and sitting down. He was sure to leave space between them in case of a speedy escape. Which was useless since he was suddenly being pulled onto his lap making him squeal.

The man only chuckled at their new proximity,“Don’t be shy, I don’t bite...“, he sniffed at his neck,“yet”. God he had an accent! Was it Australian? The way those words rolled off his lips made his skin crawl. “What’s your name, sweetheart?“, he asked pulling away to look at him properly. Wesley felt like he was drowning in those dark blue seas he called eyes.

“W- Wesley sir”

The man tsked lifting his chin,“Hey, no need to be so formal, but....I wouldn’t mind you calling me something else along those lines”, his whiskey soaked breath moved to his ear,“for now you can just call me Tyson, yeah?”

He only nodded,“I’m gonna need actual words, Wes”, he instructed doing the talking motion with his hand. “Y- yes Tyson”, he agreed biting his bottom lip, nimble fingers pressed against his broad shoulders.

“Good boy”,Tyson praised placing his large hands on his hips,“now I’m not gonna beat around the bush. I know you felt the connection between us, and do you know what that means?”

“Th- that you’re my mate. I- I’m yours a- an- ...and you’re mine?” Tyson nodded at his response,“Yes and are you okay with that?”

“Y- yes”

“I need you to think about it first Wesley.“, his voice became sharper yet softer,“Once you say yes you’re gonna come home with me and I’m gonna wreck this tight little omega body of yours and make you officially mine. You understand?”

At that moment, Tyson pulled him down hard against himself, his thick length pressing up against him in emphasis. “Y- yes a- alpha”, Wesley choked out through plump lips.

With that, Tyson snatched him up and out to his car.

* * * * * *

Wesley’s heart was beating a mile per minute. He was laid out on the center of a large bed on his stomach with his hands tucked neatly behind his back.

He had no idea how long he had been waiting. Tyson had practically ripped his clothes from his body, man handling his body as he pleased before leaving him to his own devices. Wesley’s body shook in anticipation, his omega screaming to be taken care of.

“You ready for me baby?“, a gruff voice spoke from somewhere,“Look so good dripping all over my sheets”, Wesley let out a surprised gasp when two large hands palmed his butt cheeks and parted them,“Such a pretty sight, watching your sweet slick come out your little hole.”

Wesley cried out as a finger slid inside him without warning. Thick and invading, exploring his soft walls before moving in even farther inside. He sucked in as much air as he could, trying not to jerk away as Tyson curled his finger, forcing in a second beside it.

All he could hear was white noise as he prepped him, fisting the sheets as he scissored him open, adding a third and fourth finger inside. After another 10 torturous minutes, Tyson removed his fingers grabbing the lube to coat his cock.

The bed dipped under their combined weight and soon something foreign was pressed lightly against his rim. Wesley flexed his hole, spreading himself to invite it inside only for it to halt. Tyson ran his hand up his back, feeling the muscles tense under him.

“Deep breathes”

Wesley was soon met with the worst pain he could ever imagine. Even with his slick and opened hole, he still felt as if he was being torn apart. Tyson was too big and he was too small. He scrambled, trying to run away only to be dragged back, barricaded by Tyson’s much larger frame. Wesley cried out as he pushed in another inch, whimpering at the stretch. “Sh, just relax”, the blonde coached, intertwining their hands,“The more you fidget the more it’ll hurt. You’ll adjust but you just need to be patient”, Tyson whispered rubbing circles into his hips.

Wesley nodded, he was right; his body would naturally adjust to accommodate to his mates needs. All he needed to do was calm down; he followed his instructions, taking deep breaths. After some time had passed, Wesley wiggled on his shaft, gasping as he was pressed flush against his prostate. He was so (big) and (deep) inside him.

Tyson nosed at the skin of his neck, his breath almost burning his wet skin. “So good for me”, he murmured, pressing a kiss behind his ear. Wesley keened at the praise, titling his head back to bare his neck to him to mark.

The blonde hummed at the presentation, sucking a soft bruise into his skin, pulling the softest and weakest sound from his body. “Just so damn good for me omega”

Without any warning he drew out completely out before driving back into him. Wesley only let out broken whines as he fucked him into the headboard, his head hanging between his shoulders.

Tyson traced his tongue up his spine, bringing his lips to his ear,“Wanna bite you. Mark you as mine, so no one else can have you like this. You like that?“, He growled into his ear, nosing at his nape,“You’ll be my omega”

Wesley hissed as sharp teeth nipped his shoulder,“Please, alpha, w- wa...wanna be yours, fuck!“. Just the thought of wearing his mark and taking his big knot turned him on even more, a gush of slick sliding from his hole.

Tyson let out a guttural sound, slamming himself as far as he possibly could inside him, his knot locking them together. Wesley let out a silent scream, clawing at the sheets as his knot continued to push against his rim. His back bowed, the angle easing some of the tension in his lower half.

White exploded behind Wesley’s eyes when his knot finally breached his rim, painting his insides. At the same moment, Tyson’s teeth came down on his neck, sending a flurry of pain and ecstasy through him, his body convulse until he black outed at the overwhelming stimulation. His face made contact with the mattress, his arms not only giving out on him, but his entire body.

Tyson pulled back, immediately licking at the blood. Once satisfied with his work, he carefully rolled them both onto their sides, pulling Wesley close, a protective arm wrapped around him on instinct. The younger didn’t seem to mind, purring subconsciously, snuggling into his neck. He had been completely drained and his body was still working, milking his large knot.

“My alpha.”

“My omega.”

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