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Me and My White Russian on the Rocks

Khalil hardly knew what had happened. First he was out on the dance floor with this fine ass tatted up man, face beat for the Gods and edged snatched. Next thing he knew, the guy was getting thrown out and he was being dragged off by blank faced man in black.

While a normal person would be freaking out while being dragged upstairs against their will; Khalil was only slightly puzzled before it turned into annoyance. His face hardened upon realizing where he was being taken.

When the reached a familiar set of doors, Khalil didn’t even knock, pushes past the muscle head and barging into the private office to be greeted by a smirking Sergio behind the desk looking like The Godfather in those old movies.

Sergio sat up it his chair, with that bastard smile on his face,“Привет“, he greeted the young man robustly.

Khalil looked anything but amused right now, high heels digging into the carpet as he stared him down. “Don’t ‘hey’ me; what the hell was that?“, he started, already on a roll and not bothering with the pleasantries. That would imply he was happy to see him and he most definitely was not.

Sergio nodded towards the bodyguard, saying something in Russian before the man turned and left, shutting the door behind himself. Once they were alone, Sergio stood from his chair. As confident as he was, Khalil couldn’t help but take a step back as he approached him.

He smirked from where he towered him and Khalil curled his lip at him, “How many times I gotta tell you? We not together no mo’. Leave me alone”, he snarled shaking his head at his ex, but apparently Sergio didn’t know what that meant. He never realized how entitled and annoying he was until now. That and how unattractive it was.

Their relationship was weird; in fact, it wasn’t even a relationship. It was like one of those Lifetime TV sugar-daddy situation; fifty something year old rich foreign man and a fresh outta highschool twink with exspensive tastes. It was a match made in heaven; that is, until it spiraled into the firey depts of hell. Yet, here Sergio was nine months after the fact acting like he still had ownership over him? The audacity of this son of a bitch.

Before he could turn to leave, Sergio’s large hand wrapped around his arm, pulling him back into his space. Khalil was stupid to think it would be so easy to leave Sergio. He huffed to himelf, looking up at the older man.

“What?”, he spat with venom.

Sergio just smiled down at him, “Why are you so snappy, красотка?“, he asked, taking in his soft features, “we were so happy before”, he questioned with longing in his voice. He was not trying to hide how much he missed Khalil; he wanted him to know it.

“Wonder why that didn’t last”, Khalil mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You tell me”, the large Russian rebutted, walking away to sit down on the lounge, “you’re the one who left, малыш“, he reminded, sipping from his drink.

“Yeah, after I saw you kill somebody!“, Khalil pointed out, blood boiling at the fact that he tried to throw it back on him.

He remembers it clear as day even after all this time. He was at Sergio’s club one night and went looking for his boyfriend after he disappeared for a long ass time. He wandered through the hallways before he stumbled into a room to find Sergio standing over a brutally beaten man with bruised knuckles. He screamed in horror as he pulled the trigger, the man’s blood splattering all over him.

His feet gave out under him as he fainted and when he woke up, Sergio was standing over him trying to explain himself. Khalil wouldn’t even listen to his excuses as he was still dressed in his blood stained clothes. Khalil demanded he tell him the truth and it was then that Sergio told him he was in the Russian mob, otherwise known as Bratva. When he told him that, Khalil broke up with his ass right then and there.

“We were together two years before I found out you were in the mob! The fucking mob, Sergio!“, he screamed at him, “I don’t have time to be dealing with that type of shit!” He was already a gay feminine black man; he didn’t need anymore targets on his back and being with Sergio would be putting the noose around his own neck.

He hardly noticed Sergio approaching until he felt his large body behind him, “Come on малыш, it’s not that serious. You know I would never allow any harm to come to you”, he turned him around to face him head on. Khalil felt his fingers toying with the hem of his dress, pulling it up slightly on his thighs, “Why must you fight what we have”, he murmured leaning in to close the gap between them.

As he came in closer, Khalil turned his head away from his approaching lips, “Nigga are you deaf?!“, he yelled, pushing him away from him.

Before Khalil could blink, he was slammed against the wall, a large calloused hand wrapped around his throat. Sergio’s eyes were ablaze with fury as a strong of Russian curses left his lips. “No need for violence, малыш.” He growled at the young boy, lip curled in a snarl before relaxing slightly.

Although Khalil was intimidated by the domineering figure, he didn’t let it show. He shifted his neck in his grip, glaring at him. He knew he wouldn’t truly hurt him so he had no real worries. Well at least not in that case, that is.

Sergio slowly leaned forward and Khalil didn’t try to stop him from pressing his mouth against his. He opened his mouth, allowing him inside to lick into his mouth. He moaned around his tongue, tilting his head back to deepen the kiss. He could already feel his head going dizzy from the kiss as he loosened his hand around his throat. He felt hands around his waist and he was being picked up off the ground, wrapping his arms and legs around his body.

He felt himself being sat on the desk and leaned back on his hands, baring his neck for Sergio to nip and suck on. Sergio sucked on his neck, gripping his thighs roughly in his hands as he grinded his hardening length against his bulge. He pulled away, flipping Khalil on his stomach, bending him over the expensive hard wood.

He draped him over his desk, pressing his bulge against his ass to feel his hardening cock on his butt. Khalil moaned at how large he was against him, spreading his legs apart. Sergio knocked everything on his desk onto the floor before pulling up Khalil’s dress and cupping his ass in his palms. He rubbed at his butt before hooking his fingers on his panties and pulling them down enough to reveal the curve of his ass.

He cursed under his breath in Russian, looking at his ample bottom before pushing them down around his ankles. He pawed and squeezed at his ass and Khalil sat up, baring his neck for him to kiss, “Oh shit”, he moaned, biting his lip.

“Want me to fuck you малыш, thought you hated me, hm?“, Sergio breathed against the shell his ear.

Khalil could feel his smirk behind him, “Just fuck me”, he whined grinding back on him. Would he regret this? Maybe, but that would be after he fucked him.

Sergio would never deny such a request; he missed Khalil in the time they had be apart and to see him looking like a million rubles under those club lights was stirring his cock to life in his slacks. He needed nothing more than to be inside Khalil again and he would. He got onto his knees behind him, spreading his butt-cheeks and delving in to lick at his hole with his tongue before pulling back to spit on it.

Khalil cringed slightly at slick sensation, moaning when a hand came down on his ass. His head fell onto to hard wood as he eat out his ass like a starving man. The way he moved his tongue was criminal; fuck that alphabet shit, guys needed to be doing Russian on the bussy and the pussy. Folks truly didn’t know what they were missing out on.

Once he was sure he was loose and wet enough to take him, Sergio slapped his ass as he got back onto his feet. Khalil felt him moving behind him, hearing the clicking on his belt buckle and soon the sound of rustling fabric. He just spread his legs apart in preparation, teetering on the high heels on his shoes for what was to come. He had missed out out hot sex with that guy from earlier so Sergio was gonna make it up to him big time.

Sergio pulled a condom from his pocket, ripping it open with his teeth before slipping it on his cock. He stroked his slick shaft, groaning at his hand on his hard dick as he looked at Khalil’s ample bottom propped up in the air for him. Fuck how he missed being inside him; he recalled the many occasions where they had gone at it like dogs wherever they could and this time would be no different.

He moved back against him, spreading his butt-cheek with his hand as he guided his tip to his awaiting hole. He rubbed it against his rim before finally sinking inside. He hissed, bead thrown back at the hot tightness around his cock. He forced himself to keep his resolve, slowly feeding all of his dick inside him until his hips met his ass.

Khalil just laid there, breathing in deeply into himself to keep from bursting at the seams. He was so full, clenching around Sergio’s length. It had been a minute since they had hookup and he would be a liar if he didn’t miss it. He huffed, pushing back against him, “Move”, he gritted out between his teeth.

Sergio wasted no time after that before pulling out to just the tip before snapping his hips forward. He couldn’t stop himself; Khalil doing things to him with the way he cried out, his walls clamping down on him. He felt like a madman, like he was an addiction he couldn’t kick and he had no intention of doing so again. Whether Khalil knew it or not, he was his whether he knew it or not and he always would be.

Khalil struggled to stay upright, stumbling on his heels with every thrust. He gripped the edge of the desk as he was shoved forward over and over again only to be pulled back onto his dick. His dress was drenched with sweat, the straps digging into his shoulders deep enough to leave marks but he didn’t care. “F- fuck m- me, my leg”, he gasped, damn near rolling his ankle at a particularly hard thrust. He didn’t know why he hadn’t tried to take them off before now, now on the verge of spraining his ankle for the D.

Sergio, being the hateful yet merciful man he was, stopped his menstruations, pulling out and dragging a throaty sound from Khalil in the process. He spun him around, picking him up and sitting him on the desk, pushing him down on his back. He had his legs spread wide as he sunk back inside him like he’d never left.

Khalil wrapped his fist around his leaking dick, stroking his cock in time with with Sergio’s thrusts. He felt the knot in his lower belly growing impossibly tight and jerking himself off in frantic succession. He was almost there, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up.

“Don’t you cum!“, Sergio scolded, shaking his head at him and he gripped his hips, “You know you can’t cum; not until I tell you to.” He couldn’t have forgotten his rules in those six months and he wasn’t gonna let him off because of it either.

Khalil grunted at the reprimand, but didn’t ignore him, squeezing the base of his cock tightly in an attempt to stave off his orgasm. His brows furrowed in concentration as he continued to fuck him. He felt like he was in agony as he denied him his immediate release. He gripped the edge on the desk, tossing his head back and forth with the force of Sergio’s movements.

Then Sergio had his knees hooked over his elbows and was pistoling into him like a jackhammer on old concrete and Khalil didn’t know how much more he could take. He was an outright moaning mess, on the brink of exploding despite how hard he tried to hold it in. “I’m gonna cum”, he screamed, feeling the knot tighten in his stomach, “I- I’m sorry, shit I’m gonna cum!”

Sergio’s thrusts slowed until he was pumping into him in slow deep thrust, “Cum for me малыш”, he growled, slapping his thigh and gripping it in his fist, “cum for me and I for you.”

Khalil’s head dipped back as his cum painted his and Sergio’s chest. It was long until the Russian pulled out, ripping off the condom and shooting his cum all over his gaping hole and balls.

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