Addictive Chocolate n' Vanilla (BMWM)

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You Should Try The Real Deal

(DISCLAIMER: Underage! Also Stepbrothers! warning I guess? Idk)

* * * * * *

“Yo T! Dad called and asked what you want for di-”

“Shi- Fuck! Get the fuck out!“, Anthony screamed trying to cover himself as Drake slammed the door shut.

Drake stood in front of the door, hand still on the knob as he figured out what the fuck just happened. Did he just walk in on him riding a dildo? No he couldn’t have...could he?

Not trusting his eyes or mind, Drake decided to get a better look, opening the door once again and going inside, shutting and locking the door behind him. His younger step brother, Anthony, was sitting up against the headboard, no longer on his stomach with his legs spread wide like before. Drake much preferred the previous position than the daggers that were currently being shot at him.

The brunette crossed his arms over his chest,“So...“, he looked around his room, not wanting to make the situation any worse,“you gay?”

Anthony’s eyes damn near popped out his head at such a casual accusation,“The fuck you just call me! I ain’t no fag!“, Drake could practically see the smoke coming from his ears, but didn’t retract, holding his hands up in surrender,“Hey I don’t judge, just a simple question.”

“Nigga, I’m not gay!“, he exclaimed angrily at the accusation.

The latter shook his head; a hit dog will holler,“How do you know that?”


Drake rolled his eyes,“How do you know you’re not gay, Tony?“, he repeated, arms crossed over his chest as if he just asked if the had any milk left. Anthony returned the gesture, top lip curled,“If you implyin’ what I think, the answer is no, I ain’t fucked no nigga, Dre.“, he growled bitterly.

“Don’t get mad at me cause I walked in on you fucking yourself on a silicone dick.“, Drake threatened back at the teen. He had no idea where he got that nasty ass attitude, but he would be damned if he let a 17 year old punk him out.

Anthony glared at him, if looks could kill, his head would be on a stick. Who the fuck was him to barge in on him and make crazy-ass assumptions like that?

“You wanna change that?”

Anthony cocked his head to the side,“Whatcha mean?”

Seeing as he had the younger boys attention, Drake sat down on the side of his bed,“I mean, ya know what they say, don’t knock it til you try it. You’ve had a toy, but you haven’t had the real deal.“, he had now leaned into his personal space, breathing against his ear,“I can change that, if ya want.”

Anthony immediately pushed him away, pulling the sheets back up around,“You’re my step brother, nigga. Does this look like Flowers In The Attic?” (Off topic but deadass me, my cousin and grandma accidently binge watched the show while she was in the hospital. Didn’t know wtf we was watchin 😂😂)

Drake snorted at his response,“Like our parents marriage is gonna last.“, he moved back in as Anthony tried to keep their distance,“Come on, nobody’s gotta know. I’ll be back at college and you’ll be at school, no harm no foul”

The way he was talking about this, Anthony thought he’d considered this before. For some reason that didn’t weird him out that much, if anything he was flattered. He looked at Drake, his lip between his teeth,“No homo”, he whispered weakly up at him.

Drake couldn’t help but chuckle at the childish response before pressing their lips together. The younger man whimpered against his lips, the foreign feel of his lips and tongue against his mouth something to get used to. He hesitated as he parted his lips, allowing his tongue to force its way inside to lick against his teeth.

Anthony allowed him to deepen the kiss, trying to pull him down ontop of him. His hand carded through the latter’s hair, tugging slightly at the coils. He could feel himself getting hard against Drake’s body, the sheet wrapped around him already gone. He couldn’t believe it felt so good. His stepbrother might have been a pervert but he knew how to use that big mouth of his.

“Wanna use this”, Drake muttered, blindly reaching out for the sex toy, simultaneously peppering his neck with hickies,“w- wanna use it on you.”

Anthony could feel his face burn at the very idea and he was sure to let that be known as he pushed him away.

The brunette kissed his teeth,“Come on”, he whispered against the column of his neck and when his eyes fluttered shut, Drake had known he had won.

“Be gentle”, he warned, closing his eyes, taking a deep breath to calm himself as the bed shifted below him. It was silent for a long moment before a cry left his lips.

Anthony cried out as he was filled up all at once. He buried his head into his pillow, trying to muffle his sounds. His body was stoic, the sudden pressure in his lower half too much for him, his leg twitching below him.

The latter rolled his eyes at the reaction,“Doubt you’ve never taken this thing to the hilt.“, he shrugged, continuing his assault. Anthony had turned red, letting out a gasp as a sudden surge of pleasure coursed through him again. He watched the toy move in and out of his hole, catching on his rim. He quickened his motions, fucking the toy into his stepbrother. The rubber ridges dragging along his walls as it moved in and out. His body thrummed at the intense vibrations racking his body.

Drake rushed forward and licked up the underside of his cock before swallowing him down in one go. “Fuck fuck fuck!“, Anthony cried out, gripping his curly hair in his fist. He allowed him to thrust into his mouth, twisting the toy in his wrist as he brought him closer and closer to the edge. He wasted no time, sucking him down before coming off, a string of saliva keeping them connected before popping. He wrapped both his hands around his shaft, forgetting about the toy for the mouth. He sucked his tip into his mouth, tonguing his slit.

Anthony arched off the bed, forcing the toy deeper inside him. He couldn’t believe the things he was doing to him; all he knee was that this couldn’t have been his first time. He could give girls at school a run for their money with his mouth. He couldn’t help but think that the only thing that would make this even better was his toy pressed against his prostate, stuffing him to the hilt.

Drake grunted around his dick, eyes watering as he hit the back of his throat. He grabbed Anthony’s arm to control the pace in which he brought his head down on his dick. He blinked back the wetness of his eyes, glancing up at the tensed muscles of his abdomen coated in a light sheen of sweat. He continued to suck his cock while he simultaneously fucked him with a dildo.

Anthony hands tightened again in Drake’s hair and resisting the urge to pull again, instead palming his scalp. Drake kept going, hollowing his cheeks as he worked to take Anthony completely apart with his tongue. He raised his left knee up over his shoulder, his hands trailing downward amd cupping his swollen balls as he mouths at hia head before sinking back down again.

He felt his dick twitch on his tongue and Anthony cursed aloud, signaling that he was getting closer to the edge. “Oh shit fuck, Dr- Dray, ’m...’m close”, he warned, head spinning with pleasure as he neared his peak.

Drake hollowed his cheeks again, sucking harder on his dick. He couldn’t deny how hard his ragged little whimpers made him as he got closer and closer, stopping his own movement to let him take control again.

Asmuch as Drake wanted to have him cum on his tongue, he knew he didn’t want him cumming right now. He suddenly pulled off, earning groans of annoyance from Anthony, his hands pushing at his head, trying to get him to keep going but Drake was having it.

“Sorry bud”, he offered, separating his fingers from his head, sitting up on his knees,“not cumming without me”, he told him, wiping the spit and precome off his mouth. Not An unfair request, he’d said, considering his efforts. Anthony finally caught his breath, recovering from his halted orgasm. He felt the bed move and looked down at the brunette now out of bed.

“W- wh- what the hell are you doing?“, he asked Drake, watching him pull his pants off. Drake didn’t miss a beat, responding to his question,“About to fuck you, what do you think?”

Okay wow, Anthony didn’t expect him to just flat out say it,“Oh okay”, with that he laid back down, trying to slow the erratic beat of his heart. This was wrong on so many levels. Drake not only walked in on him fucking himself, but he (helped) him and now he was gonna fuck him.

“Heads up”, Drake tossed him the bottle as he easily caught it,“the pleasures all yours.“, the smirk on his face only made Anthony’s eyes roll to the back of his head. The younger sat up as the latter shuffled between his legs, reaching into his boxers and taking his dick in his hands.

Drake cursed through gritted teeth, “Fuck, your hands cold”, the darker boy smirked, jerking his hand in circular motions to slick him up as best he could. When he was sure he was covered sufficiently, he stopped, leaning back and spreading his legs to give him room between his thighs.

“Oh nah, buddy”, the brunette said, shaking his head,“Your turn to put in some work. Your riding me, babe.” He flopped down on the bed, patting his lap in invatation,“Don’t just look at it; take it for a test drive.”

Anthony rolled his ass, muttering a “shut the fuck up” before doing as told, straddling his stepbrother waist. He tried to ignore how weird it felt sitting on him, a dick nestled under his ass. Pushing down his discomfort, he took Drake’s dick in his hand and aligned it with his lose rim.

Anthony sunk down on his cock with somewhat ease, hissing at the stretch of his thickness. All his earlier disgust was out the window as he filled him up. It felt a hundreds times better than his toy; warm, throbbing and hard inside him

They both slowly began to move, Anthony rising up and down as Drake braced his hips to keep him stable. Soon they built a steady rythmn of Anthony riding his cock and the latter watching him with his bottom lip between his teeth

The headboard hit the wall spontaneously and the bed creaked as a result of their fucking. Anthony planted his hands on his chest, and began to throw it back on him earning a gritted curse from the latter.

“Been dreaming about this since the day we met”, Anthony panted, random babble just spewing from his lips like rushing water. Drake bit down on his bottom lip, swatting at his ass,“Oh yeah?”

“Mmh”, he admitted, biting his lip as he landed another smack to his ass, his back arching at the sweet sting. God this was better than any toy he could’ve used.

Drake had propped himself up, enjoying the show before him,“Tell me what you were thinking about earlier”, he murmured against his dark nipple,“bet you were fantasizing about me, huh?“, he huffed, meeting his grinding.

Anthony didn’t object, nodding as he chased his orgasm,“Y- you pinning me against a wall and fuckin’ me on yo dad’s desk.”

The brunette couldn’t help but growl at the mental image, rolling them over,“You like being held down, huh?“, Drake asked, pinning his wrists in his hands,“Making you take!“, he emphasized his words by thrusting into him even harder, stabbing his prostate.

Anthony couldn’t even manage to pull his eyes from the back of his head, locking his ankles around his back. Fuck it felt so good, better than his toy or his hands ever did. He didn’t ever want Drake to stop slamming into him, so when Drake suddenly stopped and began to pull out, Anthony whined, chasing his escaping member with his hips.

The brunette fully removed himself, marveling at the gap in his hole that he created,“Fuck!”, he was such a Cockslut for him,“Roll over, T.”

Anthony obeyed, shifting side to side on his knees, eager for him to put it back in, his drool coating the pillow. He hissed as a hard slap struck his ass. “Shit, how does your ass look so fucking good?“, Drake asked, eyeing the dark round flesh.

The younger boy wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest, instead smiling, throwing his ass a bit making the flesh bounce. Drake moved up behind him a in one single stride he was back inside him again. Not wasting time, he gripped his hips before draw back and thrusting back inside him.

Soon Anthony was moving back to meet his thrusts, spreading his legs farther apart in incentive to get even deeper. He wanted to feel his cock in the back of his throat. Drake followed his lead, syncing up with Anthony’s movement as he drive his hips forward as he brought him back. The only sound were the slapping of slick skin and the grunts and groans that left their lips.

They continued to go at it until Drake suddenly stopped, his head shooting up,“Wait!”

Mind still fuzzy with ecstasy, Anthony struggled to comprehend what he had just said,“Huh?“, he asked, glancing over his shoulder at him,“What is-”

“Shh!“, Drake hushed him, covering his hand with his mouth. Anthony opened his mouth to let out muffled curse words when he heard creaking outside the room. They both looked over at the door, fear streaking through both of them.

Drake looked at the younger boy, coming to a silent agreement before removing his hand. “Dad, that you?“, he called out, wanting to know who it was. It couldn’t be Anthony’s mom seeing as she was away, so he was the only one it could be. If not, they were in way more trouble than they thought.

It was dead silent for the longest time and Anthony thought he was gonna have a heart attack.

“Yeah, it’s me!”

They both let out a breath of relief; neither ever thought they’d be so happy to hear that voice. Yet, they also realized how bad this was at the same time. His dad was outside the door for Christ sake.

“Yeah, I came up to check on you guys, see what you’re doing!”, the older man explained through the door. He tried the knob, only to find it locked.

“We u-uh we busy!“, Drake panicked on the spot. He silently thanked God for locking the door earlier.

Anthony sat up slightly, arms shaking,“W- we”, he started before losing his balance at a sudden hard thrust,“p- pl- playin’ Destiny!“, he muttered quickly, biting down on his sheets to muffle his moan. The last thing he wanted to do was get caught getting fucked by his stepdad.

Drake smirked at the sight of his stepbrother falling apart on his cock,“And I’m beating his ass!” He punctuated his statement by double timing his thrusts, going even deeper than he had before. Anthony damn near screamed; Drake was hitting it so good that he was about to risk it all.

“Language!”, his dad scolded from the other side of the door.

Drake snorted at his dad’s scolding. If only he could see him now; he had way worse things to worry about than him cursing.

Anthony gasped when Drake cupped his balls, massaging them in his hand. He looked over his shoulder, silently begging him to stop. The brunette smirked, but released him nonetheless,“Don’t move an inch”, he whispered hotly before removing himself.

Anthony clamped both his hands over his mouth as he slowly dragged his dick out of him, sandwiching it between his asscheeks and grinding. The entire time Drake continued to converse with his oblivious father, forcing his stepbrother to comment once and again. He was starting to believe the idea of getting caught turned him on.

“Well I’m heading back out, pizza’s in the kitchen!”

Anthony silently rejoiced as the footsteps faded down the hall. They waited until they heard his car pull out the drive way before Drake thrusted himself completely back into his hole.

“F- fuck!”

Anthony was immediately thrown back into his daze, body burning as he fisted the sheets,“O- oh oh shit, Dra- a- ay”, he tried to breath, his lungs burning almost as much as his chest against the bedspread.

He choked on a sob, his hands shooting up to crawl and tug at the sheets,“Dr- Drake sh- shit s- sl- slow d- down”, he sputtered to spit out between gritted teeth. He could feel him in the back of his throat.

The brunette didn’t even pretend to consider the idea, too focused on chasing the knot forming in his gut. He planted his hand between Anthony’s shoulder blades, pinning him underneath his body. He was now fucking him without abandon, spearing his hole with his dick.

Drake’s cock was slamming dead against his prostate at the new angle. It was alot rougher than before, but he didn’t even care, the slight pain makes everything even better for him. All the sensations combined to send him to something like the Avatar state.

He struggled to get out anything other than moans, whimpers and grunts before finally managing to speak,“Sh- shit br- bruh, I’m gonna cum”, he tried to warn, reaching down to fist his cock.

Those words were like music to the older boy’s ears,“Shit, yeah cum”, he panted, adjusting his hold on her hips,“D- do it...I wanna see you...w- wanna feel ya cum ’round my dick.” his rough voice ordered, planted his foot flat on the bed for leverage.

Anthony let out a high pitched whine, the white of his eyes visible and his thighs spasming. He struggled to sync his stroking with his thrust. He had barely flicked his wrist thrice over before his back was arching on his length. Anthony’s body was shaking as he found himself cumming, every bit of energy leaving his body through his cock. His arms shook, struggling to support his body as he let his stepbrother use his hole a little before he too is cumming with a biten back moan.

Anthony couldn’t describe what he was feeling at that moment. He could feel his cock pulse inside his twitching hole, white heat filling his insides as his cum filled him up. He just lays there as he continued to slowly move his hips against his before finally stopping.

He held his waist lazily, his deep breathes filling the silence as he looked down at the area where they were connected. He watched the white substance slipping from his rim, revealing their sinful act. He couldn’t believe what they had just done. He just came inside his stepbrother; he fucked his stepbrother. Instead of revelling in the reprocussions of their acts, Drake started to pull out, forcing himself to not look at the sight of his nut dripping out his loose rim.

They both of collapsed into a sweaty, slightly disgusting pile. Anthony had laid flat on his stomach, eyes still glazed as he contemplated if his legs would ever work again. Drake was on his back, looking up at the ceiling. They stayed like that, both speechless as to what they just did.

It was silent safe for their breathing for about five or do minutes before Anthony spoke up,“I can’t believe we just did that.” That was all he could think to say.

Drake nodded at the ceiling,“Mhmm”, he agreed, blowing a raspberry between his lips as he shifted onto his side to face him. “So how ya feeling?“, he asked him, propping his head up on his palm as he looked at the drying tear streaks on his cheek.

The younger boy paused for a moment before huffing, forcing himself to atleast prop himself up on his elbows. He winches slightly at the pain in his back, face starting to burn at the reminder. He avoided the white boys gaze, looking at his fingers,“Deadass don’t know what to do like...the shit right here wild as fuck.” This was gay; there was no amount of ‘no homos’ that could change this.

Drake understood; wild was an understatement of this. Still, no point in letting it ruin their vibe like that. “Well whenever you figure that out”, he started, pulling him close earning a groan and weak struggling,“I’ll be waiting to fuck you in his office”, Drake growled into his ear, pinching his nipple playfully.

Endnotes: Been busy and homesick asf, but I’m go back home for the weekend to see my family. 😁. Y’all know the drill; vote, comment and leave a request if you have one! Stay weird

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