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The Goth and his Baby Doll

School had just let out for the week and while other kids were chatting it up and preparing for their weekend plans, Sean stood by himself, lingering off the the side of the building a fair distance away from all the after school chaos.

He was leaning against the wall on his phone, posting his pictures from today on Instagram. He snorted to himself seeing that his BFF Keymiah already liked and commented on them.

He jumped slightly when he felt a warm solid body pressed against his back. “What you doing wearing a skirt like this?“, a rough deep voice murmured against his ear as two strong arms wrapped around his waist, “got all your goods on display.”

Sean rolled his eyes, giggled when he pecked at his neck, wiggled as his stubble scratched his neck, “What wrong with it?“, he asked, turning around in his hold to look at his boyfriend’s beautiful face, “Makes my ass look great.” He smiled up at him, dragging his pastel pink nail on the string of his hoodie before grabbing his lepels and pulling him down for a kiss.

Rex happily accepted and their tongues danced together as Sean moaned again his mouth. He felt his hand move down his waist and under his skirt and on his ass. Sean squealed against his mouth as he squeezed. He was glad Rex was so big and able to hide him from view.

They broke apart and Rex licked his lips, immediately missing the taste of his cherry lip gloss, “Can’t argue with that”, he responded, continuing to play with his butt, snapping the elastic of his panties on his ass. He inhaled the scent of his cupcake perfume, his new Victoria Secret scent of the day.

Sean giggled, toying with his dog tags, his father’s name glistening because he liked to keep them shined. Rex didn’t like to take them off in fear of losing them; his father was a great man and he didn’t wanna lose this part of him like everything else.

After a couple more rounds off pecking and making out, they stopped, leaning back against the wall, but Sean didn’t mind it. He liked the weight of his body on him, in more ways than one. He intertwined their fingers, looking at his baby pink nails locked with Rex’s black polished one. He looked up at the dark haired boy, “You coming over tonight? Mom and dad are going out of town for their anniversary, so the house will be empty. It’ll be just me and you”, he sang in a soft voice, getting on his tiptoes to reach his lips again.

Rex hummed as they parted, still basking in the moment of the sweet kiss, but hesitant at the request. “I don’t know....”

“Please daddy?, he begged, bottom lip poking out, “We can watch movies and play the game? I just don’t wanna be alone”, to seal the deal he gave him the old puppy eyes that had him sighing in defeat.

Rex scratched at the back of his neck as he drew his lip piercing into his mouth. He didn’t know about that; he’s mom might not go for that especially if she calls his parents and finds out they are out of town. Is that really something he wanted to risk. Then again it was Sean. He. Momentarily wondered why he let him have so much power over him, ”Fine, I guess I’ll come over.” Oh well, at least he tried.

It was worth it though when Sean squealed, doing a little victory dance in his arms. “Thank you daddy”, with one last kiss, he scurried off to see his off his friends and classmates.

* * * * * *

Rex was on his back, Sean was at his side leaning over him as they made out. Rex’s large hands groping at his boyfriend’s waist as the continued to suck face in his large canopy bed.

“So this is what you had in mind?“, Rex asked between kisses, “talking about movies and shit.”

Sean giggled at his dig, biting his lip, “I know a few things that are better than playing the game, daddy”, he murmured kissing him again, his hand moving under his black t-shirt, soft hands tracing his abdomen.

Rex hummed, cupping the back of his neck and tilting his head back at a better angle as Sean got on top of him. He straddled him amid the kiss, grinding down on him in a way that had the brunette gripping his hips. Sean soft lips went to his throat, kissing the sparrow on the side of his neck; his father’s favorite bird. Rex moaned at the feeling, before he felt small hands going to his skinny jeans.

"Woah wait a second baby”, he said, squirming under him until Sean pulled back, “I need to go get my bag out the car if I’m gonna stay the weekend.” He knew that if Sean got him out his clothes, he would never get his stuff.

Sean groaned, huffing and puffing above him, “Can’t you do that later?” By later he meant after he blew his back out and if he was lucky that would be very soon.

He went back to kissing his neck again until Rex grabbed his arms, pushing him away much to his chagrin. “Yeah, but I gotta piss so...two birds one stone”, with that, he nudged him off and stood up before he could get drawn back into the siren that was his baby doll.

Sean followed suit, staring up at him with arms crossed tightly over his chest and Rex sighed, “Come on baby, don’t act like that.” The petite boy continued to pout even as he cupped his cheeks and pecked his lips, “I’ll be right back”, he promised pulling away and getting his car keys.

“Might as well get into something a bit more comfortable then”, Sean decided, shrugging his shoulders as he pulled his unruly hair into a bun. Rex whistled at the idea, knowing exactly what “something a bit more comfortable” was.

That was just all the more incentive to get his stuff fast so they could get back at it again. At lightening speed he ran down the steps and outside to his car. Once he’d gotten his bag, he paused contemplating the decision to order them a pizza but thought against it. He doubted they would stop going at it because Domino’s was knocking on the front door.

He made his way back upstairs and when he opened the door he was greeted with a pleasant surprise. He sucked in a deep breath, lowering his bag to the ground as he kept his eyes on his baby doll. Sean smiled at him from his spot on the bed, “I was waiting for you daddy”, he purred, batting his dark lashes up at him, the lacy lilac purple and black lingerie he wore beautiful on his caramel skin, “you were gone so long.”

Rex licked his lips, scanning him over, “Is that so?“, he murmured, swallowing the lump in his throat.

The doll nodded, a bright honey curl falling from the messy bun atop his delicate head. Sean hopped off the high standing bed, making his way towards him, his body swinging enticingly to the SZA song playing in the background. He made his way over to him and Rex relaxed as his fingers trailed along his chest, melting into his touch as he caressed him.

Suddenly, he was pushed against the door and he looked down at his boyfriend to see a smile spreading on his full lips before he reached up on his tip toes and closed the space between them and kissed him. Rex happily accepted, raising his hands to cup the back on his head and deepen the kiss. They licked into one another’s mouths, hands groping and petting wildly like the horny teenagers they were.

Rex crouched to meet his lips, neck straining at an almost painfully angle. One lanky arm curled around his middle and the other grasped around his thigh as he picked Sean up. The pastel boy squealed at the sudden uprooting, breaking the kiss. He brought his face to his, rubbing their noses together like bunnies as he squeezed him with his thighs.

“You just like picking me up”, he teased, pecking his lips, “like having lil’ ole me in your arms.”

Rex didn’t respond, instead licking into his mouth before sitting him down on the bed. He stood over him as he started to pull off his shirt, already feeling Sean’s oval shaped nails on his stomach as they both worked his shirt off his body. Once he finally got his shirt over head, they were kissing again.

Sean tried to pull him down on top of him, but Rex was not having it as he tug on his head to force his head farther back to deepen the kiss. Sean purred at the slight pain in his scalp as he tongue fucked his mouth. Rex’s hand moved down to palm at his lace covered cock already feeling wetness on his hand. Sean’s hands went to his crotch to unbutton his pants and put his mouth on his again.

He spread his legs further apart, grinding into his open hand. His prayers were soon answered when Rex nudged him back onto the bed. Sean bit his lip, their bodies grinding against one another before he was suddenly flipped on his stomach.

Rex huffed, standing up, “Need to loosen you up?“, he asked him, looking around for the lube.

Sean didn’t move an inch from where his daddy had put him, pressing his chubby cheek to the bedding. “Mhmm”, he answered, nodding against the bed. He always preferred when someone else prepped him, despite this being his idea, “in the drawer, just hurry up, daddy.”

He teetered back and forth until he heard a soft ‘click’ and the smell of his favorite strawberry lube was in the air. He bit his lip as Rex’s large hand was soon pulling his panties to the side to spread his buttcheeks and a finger was sliding inside his pucker.

Rex made quick work of spreading him open on his fingers, dragging the hottest sounds from Sean’s mouth. He added a second, reaching to pull out a condom from the drawer before returning to his already squirming boyfriend.

“Oh, sh- shit! Your fingers– oh daddy.” Sean groans, rolling his eyes back as he drooled on his sheets. His Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as Rex scissors his digits inside his asshole. He had the most perfect hands for fingering-fucking, sucking, choking and hand-job. They were long, thick, soft and pretty. A weird thing to say about fingers; but I guess it was his kink.

Rex continued to scissor him open, slow but harder, stretching him out gingerly. He knew he did not use enough lube but this would have to do for now. He doesn’t think Sean would really mind though considering he was already fucked out just by his fingers.

“Ah! Ah oh yes!”, Sean squealed at a specifically deep stab at his prostate. He unknotted his fingers from his sheets, “I won’t cum if your dicks’ not in me so give it to me, daaddddy.” He threatened, clenching around his digits and stilling his hips. If he wanted to get fingered, he wouldn’t have pulled his hair up and went through the outfit with his pretty lace things; he would’ve just took off his panties.

Rex snorted, “Fine, have it your way”, as requested, he pulled out. Not without taking the time to watch his rim stretch around his exiting fingers before shrinking back to virgin tightness.

He stood up straight, kicking off his jeans and underwear before ripping his panties off, careful not to make them rip or tear. He ripped the condom open his with his teeth, rolling it down over his fat cock. He grabbed Sean’s hips, putting him in a preferred position. He then spread his butt cheeks to reveal his pucker, loose and glistening. He would totally eat his ass if he had the time, but clearly his boyfriend was far too impatient right now. Definitely later.

He dribbled more lube of his dick before aligning his cockhead with his thumbs. He watched intently as his dark mushroom tip caught on his rim before feeding his cock into his channel.

Sean keened at the feeling of him filling him up. “Oh, sh- shit”, he moaned as the crown of his cock sank deep inside of him. Rex didn’t stop there, not until he was sheathed completely inside him. By the time he was, Sean was shaking so hard that he couldn’t see straight. He was so big and so hard.

They both paused after the fact, trying to control their breathing. Rex gripped his hip in one hand, the other shaking slightly from where he had it planted on the bedspread. God he was just so tight and wet. “You good, baby?“, he asked in a shaky yet controlled voice, looking at his boyfriend’s side profile.

Sean groaned, his tight little hole clenching and twitching around his engorged shaft. He felt like he was already so close to cumming and they had barely even begun. He tried to control himself, not wanting to cum yet. He forced himself to speak, “Mhmm”, he answered in a soft voice, nodding his head weakly before he pressed his cheek to the bed and tried to focus on anything but his dick inside him. Why did Rex have to have such a good dick?

Already knowing, but now sure of Sean’s comfort, Rex wasted no more time before pulling until just his tip was in before slide back in deep. He continued to give him these deepstrokes, pulling out halfway before driving himself back inside him.

Sean couldn’t stop the wanton sounds from leaving his lips, feeling him all in his guts but wanting more. He was treating him like his delicate baby doll. Yes, he was, but he needed him to blow his back out. He moved back greedily, trying to harshen his thrusts silently.

Rex noticed the nonverbal attempt, deciding to give his baby doll exactly what he so badly wanted. His large pale hands gripped at his plush warm hips, watching hungrily as his cock suddenly rammed into his ass from behind. He couldn’t get enough of it; the way Sean’s ass and thighs jiggle with every pump of the hips. How he took it so well, whines, whimpers and curses of pleasure falling from his cherry flavored lips.

Sean let out breathy gasps at the roughness, spreading his legs further apart to get him even deeper, trying to bury his sounds in the sheets. Noticing this, Rex grabbed his hair from where it had fallen from his bun into a ponytail, forcing his head back.

“You like that baby?“, he huffed, setting his own deep yet brutal pace as he set out to reconstruct his insides with his cock.

Sean cried out at the almost painful angle, but nodded. “Y- yes daddy! F- fu- fuck, love it s- so m- much!“, he screamed, never ashamed to let his daddy know how good he made him feel.

Rex huffed prideful at his lust-fueled proclamation, putting his leg up on the bed to change his angle to find that spot that made Sean scream. He knew he’d found it when-

“D- daddy!”, Sean sobbed, hand reaching back blindly to grab at him. Rex smirked, taking his hand and planting it under his hand on his hip and gripping both his hips as thrusted into him with gusto.

“Oh daddy! Oh daddy fuck!“, Sean whined, biting into the mattress to muffle his sounds, his hand gripping the sheets until his knuckles were white, “Y- yes right there! Fuck me so hard, daddy!” Rex was over here giving him backshots so good that he was on the verge of scoliosis.

He was annoyed when Rex didn’t heed his request, instead pulling out all together. Sean whined childishly, moving his hips back in demand to put it back in. He was immediately regretting complaining about cumming early; he wouldn’t have waited if he’d known Rex was on some blue-balls shit.

Rex sat up properly, stretching out his limbs. “Sorry baby”, he grunted dismissively, running a hand through his hair, before rolling him over onto to back to face him. He pressed his mouth to his pouting lips before pulling away, “you can get me back when your riding me. How does that sound?” He could call it whatever he wanted, either way Rex wanted to top him from the bottom.

Sean seemed to enjoy the “revenge” idea, smiling excitedly as he switched places with Rex and got on top of him. His thick thighs straddled his thin waist, brushing against his dick with his cleft, “Gonna ride the fuck outta you daddy”, he swore, pushing his hair out of his face from where it had fallen out completely from his ponytail.

Rex moaned, not caring to verbally respond as he laid back on the bed. He was gonna let his baby do whatever he please; it was his rodeo.

Sean reached back, giving his cock a quick stroke before ripping the condom off, wanting to feel his raw cock drag against his walls. He applied more lube to his shaft and stroked him before carefully aligning himself and sinking down, a loud gasp escaping both their mouths. They always used protection, not wanting to deal with the messy aftermath, but nothing compared to when they could feel the heat of one another without the latex barrier between them.

Rex’s hands found their way back to Sean’s hips where bruises had already began to form as he was finally balls deep inside him again.

Now stable on his cock, Sean moved his hands from his shoulders to his chest, instantly starting to bounce up and down eagerly on Rex’s dick. It was a faster pace than Rex would have expected, but he wasn’t complaining - seeing his lover ride him desperately was nothing short of erotica. Rex liked to take it slow and Sean did too, but right now he wanted to get fucked until he got scoliosis. The way sweat beaded on Sean’s forehead and how flushed his cheeks were -it was truly a work of art.

“Oh, God, yes”, Sean gasped as he kept bouncing, planting his hands over Rex’s on his hips. “Your cock feels so good. So good in me, Daddy!”

The sounds of flesh hitting flesh were remarkably obscene as Sean bounced up and down, his hands planted on Rex’s shoulders as he rode him like the wind. He pulled out all the stops for him: twerking, grinding, the dutty wine, all the bells and whistles.

Rex thought he wouldn’t last long from how Sen was throwing it back. He licked his palm, moving his hand between their bodies to wrap around the base of his swollen dick. He smirked when Sean’s hips chanted forward, his head thrown back as he touched him.

Sean sat up completely, opening his eyes to look at him with truly dickamatized eyes. Rex bit his lip; he looked so good when he was well on the way to being wrecked and Rex wanted to give him that and more. Sean’s eyes fluttered open and closed as he slowly rolled his hips, sure to keep his tip pressed flush against his prostate. He parted his lips, sucking his thumb inside and just sucking on the digit.

Rex moaned at the sight, moving his hand up and down his dick. Sean tossed his head back, his hips chanting up into his fist before moving back on his dick. His baby was a multitasker.

They both easily synced his strokes with Sean’s rhythm, causing a moan to escape from the brunette’s lips. “Oh God, baby…”, Rex moaned, struggling to keep his eyes open yet wanting to watch every second of Sean riding him.

Sean nodded his head in understanding, not needing to hear how good it all was verbally. He knew.

“Daddy, your cock is so big”, Sean gasped, now rolling his hips furiously as he chased his approaching release. “I’m gonna come soon Daddy, gonna come from your hand and your d- dick!”, he choked out as his assaulted his prostate.

“Fuck Sean,” Rex moaned keeping his rhythm as he jerked him off.

“Daddy, oh god, fuck, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna- oh!” Rex noticed when Sean suddenly slowed his movement with a weak cry of ′Rex’ as a violent shudder racked through him as he came around him. His ejaculate shot out of his dick, coating Rex’s hand and even managing to hit Rex’s chin and cheek.

Rex snorted, at the surprise attack making him giggle before cutting it short with a hiss when he shifted on his cock unintentionally.

After that, they paused, needing to take a moment for Sean to recover. He was too sensitive for overstimulation, especially when they were just fucking. That was one of the reasons why Rex loved just taking his time and make love to his pretty boyfriend; making him squirm and let out the sweetest little sounds as he reached the deepest parts of him whether it be with his dick, tongue and fingers.

Rex watched him intently as he slowly returned to his original breathing pattern and his trembling ceased. “You good baby?“, he asked, wiping his cum off his chin with his fingers before bringing it to his mouth without out second thought.

Sean just watched him casually lap up his jizz; his daddy was a swallower. He couldn’t help but to be envious of his treat and Rex noticed this too.

“What’s on your mind, doll?“, he asked, his dick still twitching from were it was nestled deep inside of his hole.

The ebony boy worried his bottom lip between his teeth, eyes dancing from his face to his painted body. “Wanna taste you daddy”, he admitted, meeting his gaze, “wanna taste your cum too.”

Rex had no idea how he managed to look so cute and innocent while making such a vulgar request with his dick still buried inside of him. His baby looked so sweet pouting at him. How would he every say no to such a pretty face like that? Call him whipped, but whatever his doll wanted, he would get. He smiled, lip ring stretching with his lips as he sat up and pressed his lips to his.

Sean immediately opened his mouth for him, tasting a mixture of his own cum and strawberry lube; his favorite flavor. “Wanna taste daddy, baby?“, Rex asked, drawing away from the kiss, biting his lip, “want my cum on that pretty face of yours?”

Sean nodded frantically and without needing further instruction, he came off his dick, immediately missing him inside him. However, soon he would have something to be happy about. He kneeled between his legs, eagerly taking his leaky hard shaft in his hand and squeezing. He reveled in the hiss that left Rex’s lips before he began to move his hand up and down his length with ferocity. He spit on his shaft, wetting the glide as his stroked him with expertise.

Rex squeezed his eyes shut, trying to focus on the mental image of his small hands barely able to completely wrap around his length, his manicured nails scraping along his shaft as he stroked him off. His eyes shot open and a surprised sound left his lips when his cock head was suddenly engulfed in wet heat.

The brunettes sat up his on his elbows before his head fell back suddenly as he thrusted into his soft palm and mouth. It was like the room was spinning and it was all because of Sean. He reached down to collect Sean’s loose hair in his hands to get a proper view of him giving him the patented succ. He practically came at the sight of his big honey eyes looking back at him while his rosy lips stretched around his girth, “Fuck gonna make me cum.”

Sean let out a pleased sound before coming off his dick with a wet ‘pop’ as he sped up his hand movements. “Mmm, give it to me, daddy, I wanna taste your cum.” Sean purred sweetly, licking his soft lips before opening his mouth wide, his tongue hanging out. He could practically taste it and it made the slut in him giddy.

Rex cursed aloud as his orgasm rippled through him like a boiling water in a pot. He braced his hands against the bed, not wanting to choke or harm Sean subconsciously; unless he asked for it that is.

His cum spurted out in thick ropes onto Sean’s open mouth, painting his tongue and the clear caramel skin of his face and tongue. Sean moaned hungrily as he continued to stroke him through it, meeting his gaze as he watched him eagerly try to catch every drop. By the time he had stopped cumming, Sean’s face resembled something like a pretzel covered in white chocolate drizzle.

Yeah, Sean was definitely worth it; always.

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