Addictive Chocolate n' Vanilla (BMWM)

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Best Friend's Brotha

“Mia!“, Gabriel yelled coming down the steps of his home, looking for his sister. He knew he heard the front door open and close earlier meaning she was back from wherever she ran off to.

He walked into the kitchen to find not only his twin sister, but her friend Odell sitting at the counter. Gabriel didn’t spare him a second glance, immediately walking over to Mia, “I need the keys to the car”, he explained, holding out his hand like a spoiled rich girl.

Mia rolled her eyes, pulling them out her purse and handing them over, “Guess we weren’t going anywhere apparently”, she mumbled. The brunette stuck out his tongue at her, tossing the keys up in the air and catching them.

“Where ya going?“, Odell asked curiously, joining in on the conversation.

Gabriel just stared at the darker boy, “None of your business”, he sneered matter-of-factly at him.

Odell scoffed at his unjustified harshness, standing up and straightening out his denim mini skirt before walking out of the kitchen.

Mia glared at her twin, stalking over to him and punched him in the arm as hard as she could, “Why are you such an asshole to Odell?!“, she hissed angrily, crossing her arms over her chest.

Gabriel flinched at the sudden attack, rubbing his now sore arm as he glared back at her, “He’s weird“, he muttered, nodding in the direction that he had gone, “Always in other folks business. Don’t want him near me.”

Mia rolled her eyes at the response, “Your acting like he has some kind of disease”, she spat, contemplating hitting him again. She was sick of Gabriel poking at her friend all the time. That had been friends since middle school; he needed to get over whatever his issue was.

The brunette shrugged, twisting off the cap of his water bottle, “I don’t hate him or anything”, he admitted, taking a big sip, “He’s your friend not mine.” They got along on occasion, speaking in passing at school and in some shared classes, but outside of that they usually kept their distance.

It’s not like Gabriel was homophobic or anything considering he was bisexual, but Odell was somewhat of an acquired taste for some. Prancing around guys in his little dresses and tiny skirts, tapping his freshly manicured nails on anyone and everything he could. He was far too pretty actin’ for his taste.

“By the way, Rami’s havin’ a party tonight, so don’t wait up for me”, he informed, not wanting to waste anymore time on the Odell convo. He had more important shit to do than listen to his sisters badgering. Their parents were gone for the week and he wanted to take full advantage of it.

Officially annoyed by his stubbornness, Mia huffed angrily, turning on her heels, muttering curses under her breath as she went to find her friend. Gabriel watched her leave, shaking his head at the events that had just occurred.

* * * * * *

Odell quietly patted down the stairs, feeling the walls to find his way in the darkness. It was about 1 in the morning and he had woken up to get a midnight snack.

He sat at the island, nursing a small bowl of blueberries he had made. Odell ate in silence, the dim light of the stove his only source of light. He was humming softly to himself when he was greeted by the sound of nearing footsteps.

“What chu’ doing here?“, he asked Gabriel as he walked into the kitchen. He could’ve sworn he wasn’t here, but he brushed it off, turning back to his bowl, “Thought you were out at a party or somethin?“, he questioned innocently, watching him out the corner of his eye. It was still far too early for a Rami party to be over.

Gabriel reached the fridge, turning to look at him, rolling his eyes, “Mia runs her mouth too fucking much.”

Odell went back to finishing off his snack as Gabriel pulled something from the fridge, placing it close by him. A little too close for his liking.

“Ain’t it a little late to be drinking like that?“, Odell questioned, eyeing the beer bottle as he popped the cap off.

The brunette scoffed at the question, raising the bottle to his lips and taking a long swig, “What are you, my mom?“, he snorted.

Deciding he had had enough, Odell sighed, pushing himself away from the counter, “Okay”, he announced, shutting down the conversation. He didn’t have to put up with this. He grabbed his empty bowl, going the long way around the island to put it in the sink, not wanted to upset the other boy anymore than he apparently already had.

Before he could even make it across the room, he had been stopped, “Hey wait”, Gabriel called out, grabbing his arm only for him to try and yank away.

“Nah, you good”, he spat bitterly, trying to pull away to no avail. He continued to try and get away from him, “Gabriel let me go”, he ordered, glaring up at him.

Gabriel just stared until his struggle ceased, “You done now?“, he asked mockingly.

‘Smug ass’, Odell thought before he looked up at him with a pout on his face. He knew good and damn well Gabriel wasn’t gonna give up any time soon, so he really didn’t have much of a choice. He sighed but nodded his head and the brunette released him.

He leaned back against the counter, staring up at the athlete, “What you want?”

‘Just cuz I gotta talk to you, don’t mean I gotta be nice.’

Gabriel ignored his smartass attitude crowding all into his personal space. Odell tensed, trying to back away from him only for him to grab his face, bringing his lips down on his. The kiss was soft and sweet, pink lips moving against his plump ones.

Once they parted, Odell kept his eyes on the zipper of the brunettes hoodie, avoiding Gabriel’s gaze, “I’m still mad at you”, he muttered with a pout on his lips.

“Probably are”, he didn’t try to deny it. He had gone a bit too far earlier and he knew it when he was left on read all afternoon. “Doesn’t mean you don’t love me though”, he said, batting his lashes at him before pecking him on the nose.

Odell wrinkled his nose at that, swatting him away with his hand, “I still don’t see why us being a secret means you have to not like me”, he huffed, eyes downcasted before glancing back up at Gabriel. He didn’t wanna make it seem like a big deal, but he actually didn’t like it. This wasn’t some teenage Netflix movie; the enemies to lovers trope wasn’t needed in actual real life relationships.

Gabriel interlaced their fingers, giving them a warm squeeze, “If memory recalls, you didn’t actually like me when we first met”, he pointed out. He obviously understood what his boyfriend was saying and he also agreed with him. He felt like it was just another thing that would either make their relationship worse or complicate things when people found out.

They had been dating for about 1 year now. It had happened after a friend’s party sophomore year; Gabriel had offered to drive Odell home and one thing lead to another and they hooked up. Soon they started dating and the rest was history. They didn’t mean to keep their relationship secret this long, but it just happened. At first, they just wanted to see how things would go, but then they decided they preferred to keep their relationship just between them.

If Mia wasn’t such a motormouth he would’ve told her about them ages ago, but she was too much. She would make it weird; Odell was her friend and he didn’t want it to seem like he was taking him away from her. Being twins, they were no strangers to sharing so they both knew the value of having something just for themselves. Mia had been trying to pushing her brother together with him unknowingly for the longest time and he refused take the bait. Gabriel wasn’t stupid, just because someone says you can do something doesn’t always mean they mean it.

Gabriel picked Odell up, gripping his thighs in his hands as he wrapped his long limbs around him. His hands roaming down to his waist and into his satin booty shorts to cup his ass cheeks in his hands. “Let’s go to my room?“, Gabriel whispered secretively, as if he wasn’t a 17 year old whose parents were currently out of the country.

Odell raised an eyebrow at him, “Ion know why? We ain’t doin’ shit up there”, he responded matter-of-factly.

The brunette rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s antics, “Yeah okay”, he replied, already making his way towards the stairs with Odell in hand, who continued to tease and mock him along the way.

“Yeah, we gon’ read the bible and go to sleep talkin’ bout abstinence n’ all that shit”, he told him.

Gabriel stopped at that, luckily already at the top of the stairs, “Did you- did you just say bible and shit in the same sentence?“, he asked, barely able to contain his chuckling.

“And if I did?“, he challenged, pulling back to look at him, “What about it?”

He was rewarded with a firm hand coming down on his ass, “Quit being a damn smartass all the time.” He tiptoed passed his sisters room, not wanting to wake her; one wrong move and she would wake up trying to find her missing friend. They didn’t need that now.

Gabriel silently cheered when he made it to his room at the far end of the hall. He pushed open the door with his foot, closing it with his hip.

Once they were finally alone, he put Odell down, “You know I have legs right?“, he asked referring to the the koala carrying.

Gabriel only shrugged, turning down the lights and making his way back over to him, “I also know you lazy as hell and heavy-footed, so you’re welcome”, he teased, pulling him over to the bed.

Odell glared at him, “Fuck you.”

“Why you think I brought you up here?“, he threw back at him with ease, sitting on the edge of the bed,“not like we actually reading the Bible.” Odell didn’t respond, biting the inside of his cheek. Damn his mouth was smart as hell; even smarter than his.

Gabriel grinned up at him, making grabby hands at him, “You looked so good in that skirt I got you”, he told him thinking back to how it fit him so well on his thick thighs.

Odell shuffled closer allowing him to place his hands on his waist, his lip poked out, “I know”, he said, popping his tongue.

Gabriel’s hand came up around his neck before bringing him down to silence him with his mouth. He moaned against his mouth as he pulled him back onto the bed with him. They were a blur of bodies, ebony and ivory skin moving together as they refamiliarize themselves with one another. Clothes were discarded as hands explored and groped wherever they could on their naked bodies.

With Odell cradled in his arms, Gabriel pull back the sheets and laid down, bringing Odell down on top of him. The darker boy adjusted himself to straddle him properly. He couldn’t help but drag his hand down his hard chest, paling his hard abs with a smile on his face. He was like a kid in a candy store right now.

“You having fun up there, huh?“, Gabriel quipped, eyebrow raised as his hands trailed up his thighs to cup two handfuls of his ass in hands.

He earned a hum in return before Odell leaned forward and slotted his mouth against his. Gabriel happily accepted the affection, gripping the back of his neck tightly as he fucked his tongue into his mouth with fervor. Odell moved at his aggression, grinding down on him, grinning against his mouth as he felt him grow to full mast under his ass.

He circled his hips lewdly, swallowing Gabriel’s shallow pleas for more with no intention of giving it to him just yet. That would be his karma for being a dick to him earlier. He thought the punishment fit the crime perfectly.

That was the plan at least, until they were suddenly flipped over. Now Gabriel was on top, gingerly laying him out on the bed, chocolate skin sprawled across his pillows. This was his favorite place to have him; in his bed, dick hard and practically served on a silver platter for him.

He smirked at his flustered expression; he clearly hadn’t seen that coming. “Fucking tease”, he snipped before dipping down and latching his lips onto his neck and shutting Odell up swiftly. He always knew how to shut him up.

Odell was letting out the softest and just thirtiest sounds as Gabriel assaults’ his skin with his mouth. He was seeing stars, ears filled with white noise as Gabriel did what he pleased with his pliant body. His hand closed around his throat, squeezing before moving his hand down to his nipple, pinching and twisting the dark nub before sucking it into his mouth.

Odell let out a garbled sound, when a hand wrapped around his cock, bucking into his fist, “Wha n- no l- lu- ube?“, he questioned, fidgeting in his dry hand.

Gabriel snorted at the complaint, pulling away from his growing collection of hickey’s on his throat. He removed his hand, spitting in his palm before grabbing his dick again, “Happy now?”

The other boy just rolled his eyes, grabbing his wrist and guiding his hand up and down his shaft. “Ah fuck”, he muttered, baring his throat from Gabriel to suck and kiss.

Odell let out a pleased sound when Gabriel pulled away, reaching into his beside table and returning with a condom and a bottle of lube. Odell rolled his eyes at the latter, but didn’t voice it.

He watched as he squirted some lube onto his hand before warming it in his hands. Gabriel just gave him a look and that’s all it took for Odell to bring his knees up to his chest and spreading them to bare himself without same.

He was giddy as a schoolgirl as Gabriel coated his rim with lube before finally slipping a finger inside his hole. Odell cried out at the intrusion, lips falling open and eyes closed in concentration. Slowly but surely, his walls began to loosen, given way for his finger to massage his inner walls.

Odell opened his eyes, a moan slipping from his lips as a soft ‘more’ followed suit. Never one to deny his boyfriend, Gabriel then took his leg and put it over his shoulder for a better angle. A second finger followed and he hissed at the tightness around him, “Fuck ‘dell, so fuckin’ tight.” He worked to scissor his digits inside him, pulling out almost completely before stuffing his fingers back inside, setting a steady strong pace, earning a low moan from Odell.

“Gotta get you ready”, he murmured against his knee, kissing along the tendon of his leg, “get that tight bussy of yours nice and open, so I can fuck ya. Want to fuck you so bad right now, baby.”

He added a third and not even 3 minutes in, Odell was grabbing his wrist and halting his thrusting fingers inside his hole, “Gabe, if you don’t fuck me right now, I’m gonna nut all over you”, he growled impatiently. He punctuated his statement by clenching around his digits, tip leaking a glob of precome onto his abdomen and onto the bed.

Gabriel was completely mesmerized by it, eyes practically blown wide with a thin dark ring lining his pupils as he stared him down. “That’s so hot”, he groaned, licking into his mouth before pulling out and grabbing the foil packet, ripping it open with his teeth.

“Fucking finally!“, Odell groaned, growing impatient with being spread at under him.

Gabriel spit out the wrapper, removing the roll of latex, “You won’t be such a smart ass when I start fucking you”, he said, rolling it over his cock head and down his veiny shaft.

“Emphasis on when“, he pointed out as he spread his legs further apart to make room for him to resituate himself, “Today would be nice”, he quipped shorty, tucking his right arm behind his head as he stroked his dick with his other hand. Call him a masochist or a troll, but he enjoyed getting Gabriel all riled up before he fucked him silly.

He bracketed his right hand on the side of his head, gripping his thigh over his shoulder in his hand as he kissed him. Odell melted into the kiss, cupping the back of his head and fisting his curls as the kiss deepened. The brunette growled into the kiss, tucking and biting on his juicy lips as he moved his hand to guide his tip between his ass cheeks, struggling with only one hand. Ever the impatiently patient, Odell offered his services, spreading his rim with his forefingers while his other hand helped align his cock flush against his entrance. “Come on, G, stop fucking around and give it to me”, he groaned, teeth digging into his bottom lip, practically drooling for him to just fuck him already.

He pressed in slowly, only the very tip breaching the tightness of his hungry hole as he allowed his boyfriend to relax before continuing. He pressed in a bit more, feeling the fat mushroomed tip of his dick to slip through and catch inside his rim, and heard Odell moan. He paused, letting him get used to the stretch, moving his hand from his cock to caress his hip as he prepared to continue. He circled his hips, pushing forward bit by bit and hearing Odell’s choked moans, groans and whimpers as he filled him up to the brim, inch by glorious inch.

Gabriel stilled there, basking in the heavenly tightness that was Odell around his cock, before opening his eyes to look at his partner. Odell’s eyes were closed, breathing labored and hands fisting the sheets. His face softened when Odell looked up at him with wet eyes. “You alright?“, he asked him, rubbing circles with his thumb on his tensed thigh.

Odell mewled in response, sucking in a deep breath before opening his eyes to look up at his covert boyfriend with bared teeth, “I’mma cum like embarrassingly fast...I just know it, man”, he whined shortly.

The brunette couldn’t help but let out a breathy laugh as he cupped his head and pressed his mouth to his. Their mouths moved together methodically, kiss slow and soft as they reacquainted themselves with what if felt like to be so intimately connected. Slowly Gabriel withdrew his hips, pulling himself out half way before pushing back in. He repeated the motion, pulling out more and more before burying himself back inside him.

Odell reacted to everything, breaths and hallow gasps forced from his body with everything thrust. “F- fuck”, he cursed, clenching around him, “O- oh Gabe, oh my fu-!”

Gabriel adjusted himself on his knees, spreading his legs to get better suited been his strong thighs as he gripped his hips firmly. The change in angle had Odell seeing stars, his thrusts brutal as his cock head grazed his prostate over and over again. In the haze of his pleasure, Gabriel couldn’t help but think of what they were doing. He was fucking his boyfriend with his best friend and his sister, who was none the wiser, sleeping peacefully in bed down the hall. They were like Romeo and Juliet, but interracial and gay.

The thought made his blood boil as he snapped his hips forward, pistoning his hips with an almost brutal force that had Odell choking on his tongue.

In an attempt to relieve some of his pent up sexual energy, he clawed at his back as he picked up his pace. Their skin was prickled with sweat at the sweltering heat between them, so much so that Odell’s knee had slipped off his shoulder to rest at the juncture of his elbow. Gabriel put his hand around his throat and squeezed, knowing how freaky his boyfriend was. He pressed his thumb down with enough force that had Odell’s eyes half open with his dark lashes fluttering up at him. Odell could feel his head going fuzzy before Gabriel moved his hand and his airflow was returned.

Odell’s head fell back in ecstasy, “Ah fuck!“, he mewled, squirming under him as he stroked him off in a wet fist.

Gabriel clapped his hand over his mouth, shooting him a pointed glare, “Baby be quiet, damn!“, he hissed quickly, “Mia’s room is right down the hall.” Did he want her to wake up and bust up in here?

“Yo loud ass.”

Odell glared up at him, smacking his hand away, “Then make you stroke game trash”, he countered sharply, “laying pipe all in my guts expectin’ me to play quiet mouse, still mo-“, he let out a squeaky moan and he clamped his hand back over his mouth.

Gabriel had started fucking him again, deciding to put that smart mouth to rest once and for all. You know what they say, ‘When in doubt, blow the back out.’

Odell just screamed in his palm, eyes rolling to the back of his head. The headboard bumped against the wall and he gripped it in his hand to halt the sounds. They were both so caught up in one another and chasing their euphoria, that neither heard the approaching footsteps or the door knob jiggle.

“Gabriel why are you making so muc- Oh my God! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?”

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