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Let Me Check Your Oil, Sugar

Mickey tapped vigorously on the steering wheel, his eyes peeling over the fields as he drove. ‘Come on, come on. Where is it?’ He glanced at his GPS again, “It says 0.3 miles but I don’t see anything!“, he groaned aloud until his eyes crossed over a sign. Hubb’s Auto repairs Mickey cheered behind the wheel, pulling over into the garage. Once he turned off and got out the car, his excitement ended. The parking lot was empty safe for some old broken down cars everywhere. Although the garage doors were open, there didn’t seem to be anyone inside; only more car parts scattered. Nevertheless, Mickey continued to move towards the garage cautiously, looking around at all the car parts and tools everywhere, but not seeing a single person anywhere. “Hello? Anyone here?“, he called out, wincing as his voice echoed off the high walls. ‘This is exactly what those horror movies look like’, he thought, considering running back to his car and driving off as fast as he could. He was suddenly surprised by a loud voice. “We’re closed!”, a deep voice bellowed from somewhere he couldn’t identify in the large building. Mickey didn’t try to locate the voice, cursing under his breath, “Please, can you help me?“, he begged, “It shouldn’t take long! I’ll pay anything, I’m begging.” Any man who was too proud to beg, clearly didn’t have a momma he loved dearly and wanted to see. He held his breath for the long stretch of silence that followed, “Fine! Bring her in!“, they grunted and the sound of steps followed. Mickey was practically jumping for joy as the man came into view, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a-.” Mickey froze at the sight of the attractive man, “I- I uh”, he stammered nervously as he looked over the Greek God before him. His eyes trailed down his strong neck and the muscles of his arms bulging as they were crossed over his broad chest to the nametag of his monkey-suit that read Knox. Mickey was pulled from his ogling by the man clearing his throat. He looked back up to find Knox staring at him with unamused eyes, wiping the grease from his hands, “Are you gonna bring ’er in or are you gonna stare at me the whole time”, he asked with a thick southern drawl on his tongue. He stuffed the rag in his back pocket, looking the ebony man over as well, “Not that I mind it from such a pretty thang”, he added with a wink. Mickey’s cheeks were burning before, but now they were scorching. His mouth was open, trying to come up with anything he could say. What would he say? What could he say? “I- I uh...“, he pointed a finger over his shoulder, “gonna get tha car n- now”, with that, he turned on his heels rushing to his car. When he brought up his car, Knox had a clipboard in his hand which he scribbled on as he told him what was wrong with his car. Mickey would be lying if he said he kept his eyes glued to the floor as he spoke. Knox was so good-looking, staring at him made him short circuit and he needed to focus so he could get to his momma. “Name?” Mickey frowned, not catching what he said, “Huh? What was that?“, he asked him, forcing himself to look up. Once again he smiled as if he knew something that Mickey didn’t, “As much as I prefer my names for ya, it’d be good to have your real name for the paperwork”, he explained, gesturing to the clipboard in his hand. “Oh uh I’m Mickey”, he squeaked, scolding himself a second later, “I mean M- Mickey O’Mailey, my daddy’s daddy was Irish”, he blurted out in a rush. He couldn’t help it, he rambled when he was nervous and this guy made him very nervous. “Say it again.” Mickey frowned at the sudden shift, his voice harder, “Huh?“, before he knew it the metal of his car against his back where Knox had him pinned with his body. His dark eyes stared right through his soul, “Say it again, sugar. You know what I mean.” “M- my daddy’s d- daddy?“, he practically whispered the last words, his body almost trembling. Knox let out a shuddered breath, biting his lip, “It sounded so good, I had to hear it again”, he inhaled deeply as if he could smell the sexual frustration dripping off of him. Mickey stepped back from him, his head dropped in embarrassment. “Oh now don’t go all shy on me, let me see those cute little braces, sweetheart”, Mickey flushed at the comment, but couldn’t help but smile, “that’s better.” Without any warning, Knox pulled his arms out his monkey suit, tying the sleeves around his waist. As innocent as the action seemed to be, Mickey had to prop his head in his hands to keep his jaw from dropping and drool leaking out. The mechanic was oblivious to the reaction he caused, getting to work on the car. He jacked up the car and slid underneath with his tool box not far behind. “So, what brings you here to North Carolina?“, he asked much to Mickey’s surprise. He though he was just gonna work on the car and he would just stand there for an hour. “My uh”, Mickey cleared his throat before he continued, his eyes trailing down his exposed lower half, “uh mom. I came down to visit her; she just moved back here after she retired”, he gulped as Knox adjusted his (you know what) casually, “She uh gr- grew up around here.” It was quiet for a moment before he spoke again, coming out to grab a different tool, “So a momma’s boy and a daddy’s boy, huh? Good to know”, he teased, shooting him a million dollar smile from under the car. They sat in silence after that as Knox did God knows what under his car. Instead of just staring at his legs the whole time, Mickey busied himself on his phone, listening to music as he waited. About thirty or forty-five minutes later, Knox had come from underneath his car. He wiped the grease from his hands, absent-mindedly twisting the rag around his fingers. Mickey didn’t know he was watching him until he looked up and locked eyes with him. Knox didn’t look away when he saw him, instead staring at him, head titled to the side with intrigue. He was staring at him like he had the next episode of Doom Patrol broadcasted on his forehead. To say he was uncomfortable was an understatement, “Is there need something?“, he asked him, lips pressed together nervously. He wished he would just open his mouth and say whatever was on his mind because this was not the tea at all. The dark haired man chuckled warmly at that, sexy smirk tugging on his lips as he tucked his rag into his back pocket, “Are you attracted to me?” “Uh....” Mickey was flabbergasted, he didn’t even know how to respond to that. Knox seemed prepared for his shock at the confrontation. “Cause I am attracted to you and would like to know if ya feel the same way?“, he asked once again, this time slower as to make sure he got it through his pretty little head. Mickey forced himself to breath, scolding himself to grow a pair and open his mouth. He knotted his fingers together, gnawing his bottom lip when he finally met his gaze again. “W- well in not so many words...yes, y- yes I am”, he finished. His eyes were locked on him as to see what he would say to follow. Why had he asked and what were his intentions now that he has his requited affection. Knox stood from his stool and moved across the space. “Good to know”, he noted, leaning back against his truck, “Strip”, he said simply. Mickey visibly did a double take, “Excuse me, w- what?“, he asked him a doubtful look on his face. He couldn’t have heard him correctly. “Wanna see the rest of you”, he answered simply. “Strip”, he orderly warmly, gesturing to his clothed frame. He didn’t know why he decided to do what he requested, but he did. Slowly, Mickey began to remove all his clothes until he was only left in his snapback that he forgot he was wearing. He couldn’t help how turned on he was getting and he was sure Knox could see it too. Knox didn’t seem to mind however, taking in his view. “Now turn around, sugar”, he instructed, casually making a circle motion with his finger. He seemed to be enjoying every second of Mickey’s discomfort. Nonetheless, he did as told turning around to reveal his pretty little peach and he meant little loosely. Knox whistled behind him, itching to grip the full globes in his hands and just squeeze. “Now, want you to bend over the hood for me, yeah?” As if it was even possible, his heart started to beat even faster as he walked over to his car. He hesitated as he stood over the trunk and leaned forward to lay down, the cool metal a nice contrast to his burning skin. He even saved himself some future embarrassment, spreading his legs apart, “L- li- like th- this?“, he asked from over his shoulder. He heard Knox make a throaty sound from behind him before he cleared his throat, “Uh yeah”, he answered, smiling at his complacency, “and spread those cheeks for me too, sugar”, he added. Mickey once again, did as told, wincing at the air against his exposed hole. He felt nothing but shame knowing that he was getting turned on by this; his cock hard between his legs. He chose to think of it like a Grindr hookup; it wasn’t exactly that different personally. He squeezed his eyes shut tight to calm his beating heart as he heard footsteps moving towards him until he felt a presence behind him. “Talk about a sight for sore eyes”, Knox whistled before replacing Mickey’s hands with his own, squeezing and kneading the full mounds. Mickey pressed his cheek against the car as Knox pried his cheeks apart and without warning, shoved his tongue farther than his own fingers had ever been in his ass. He jumped at the onslaught of sensation. “You taste like molasses, ya know that?“, he commented after drawing back slightly. Mickey didn’t get to respond before he was once again feasting on him. His legs trembled so much that if it wasn’t for the car he would’ve been on the ground by now. He had no idea a man could have such a long and strong tongue, practically carving out his walls like a pumpkin. He continued to slobber up and down his crack, lapping and prodding his pucker with his wet tongue. If he could live the rest of his life like this, his face buried between his ass cheeks, he would be a happy man. He would die here if he could; the sounds Mickey produced more than enough to sustain him throughout his afterlife. Mickey jolted, rolling his hips back onto his face as Knox caressed his strong muscular thighs. It was with much regret that he withdrew, face wet with spit and sweat. Mickey whined loudly, but he brushed it off, landing a playful slap to his rear before standing up. He wiped his mouth clean with his forearm, chest rising and falling with his labored breathing,“Gotta go get something, be right back.” Mickey couldn’t even raise his head from the hood, brain still moving 2 mph despite his mouth no longer on him. He could only let out unintelligible garbles, which earned his a snarky chuckle before the man rushed off. It was only then, while he was left bent over and sprawled out naked in the middle on the garage, that he realized that Knox was more than likely getting lubricant and other prophylactics they may need. Or at least he hoped he would. He would hate for him to leave him hanging with his asshole wet with his dick hard. If he wasn’t gonna fuck him, he thought he’d cry. Back to the matter at hand, Mickey suddenly remembered what he had in his suitcase. “I- I have l- lube in my b- bag”, he reminded to no one but himself; Knox had long since disappeared. While he was packing, Mickey wasn’t expecting to use it like this but he wasn’t complaining about it at all. He wobbled around the car and to the trunk to find his backpack. He opened the smallest compartment of his backpack, cheering when he located the small bottle. Before he could close the trunk back he was suddenly spun around, Knox’s lips against his own. Mickey moaned, tasting himself on his tongue. “Now where’d you run off to, eh sugar?“, he asked, reaching around him to slam the trunk shut himself. The lube fell from his hand, rolling somewhere on the ground, now an after thought. Knox manhandled his body, spinning him back around and forcing him back into his earlier position now over the trunk. “Should be a crime to have an ass like this”, he dragged his short nails against his butt, earning a hiss before pulling away, something on the floor catching his eye. “I love a man who’s prepared”, Knox purred, pecking his left ass cheek. The brunette picked up the lube, coating his hole and his cock in a copious amount before lining himself up with his crack and just grinding. He was teasing him and Mickey couldn’t take it. He just wanted to get fucked and preferably now. Knox finally obliged, aligning his tip with his wet pucker and excited thrummed through him. He spread his meaty cheeks with his forefingers as he pushed forward. Both groaned as his swollen tip caught on his rim, the muscle giving away with relative ease after his oral generosity. Still, he was ridiculously girthy and long; Mickey would say he had a “Porn Star dick” if the appendage wasn’t trying to ruin him from the back. He could only whimper as he filled him up, his bottom lip practically bleeding from how hard he was biting down on it, his nails grabbing at smooth exterior in an attempt of reprieve. Inch by inch by inch, the air was forced from his body to accommodate the new entrant. When Knox was about 3/4 of the way inside, he suddenly shot his hips forward, closing the small distance between them and impaling Mickey on his cock. The screams and tremors he received where music to his ears. Mickey was so. ridiculously tight. Knox was now buried balls deep inside of Mickey; his heavy balls and thighs pressed flush against the muscle of his ass. The brunette massaged the globes of his round ass, rubbing and pulling them apart gently to look at the place where his hole stretched to swallow his cock, his walls twitched and constricted around the thick shaft of his cock. The sight alone made Knox want to breed his ass until he was dripping down his thighs. “Fuck, that’s a tight fit”, he panted, pushing his wet hair back from his forehead, “You like that, sugar?“, he asked, massaging up and down the curve of Mickey’s spine, placing kisses behind the shell of his ear. The way he squeezed around him was criminal and he knew he had the same effect on him. He could feel him clench and spasm around him. Mickey whimpered, planting his head back on the cool metal, “Fuck oh my”, he tried his best to relax his walls, the stretch on the verge of uncomfortable and painful for him. Knox groaned loudly into his ear, pulling out and pushing himself deeper inside, his lapping at the sweat on his nape and onto his strong shoulders, biting the flesh as he worked mickey open on his cock. “D- daddy?“, he groaned, teeth bared and clenched, “Fuck me, please!“, he begged, his walls clamping around him as he wiggled on his thick shaft. “Don’t worry, sugar, I’ll give you everything you’re asking for”, he growled, sitting up straight, his hands gripping the fleshed of his pelvic line, “and then some.” With that final declaration, Knox withdrew halfway before driving back home inside Mickey. The latter was in awe, a choked sob leaving his lips with every ravage thrust he received. As his fucking violently accelerated, Mickey could only lay there, scrambling on his tip toes as he fucked him higher and higher onto the car hood until his toes could barely scrap the concrete flooring. Knox’ fingers dug painfully into his skin, but he didn’t mind, not with his teeth marking his throat as he growled to most vulgar things in his ear in that thick southern drawl. His toes curled with every earth shattering movement, their mixed cries of pleasure echoing off the high empty walls of the garage. Mickey looked back at him over his shoulder, eyes wide as he met Knox’s gaze as he drilled into him without abandon. He bit his lip to muffle a moan as he hit his prostate. “O- oh G- God yes! Harder!” His sweat slick hands planted on the car for support as he moved back to meet his deep strokes. The wet slapping sound was downright erotic, their bodies slammed forward and backward, and their sweats slicking their skins together with each plunge. “Fuck, sugar! Take my cock! Take all of it!” Knox shoves himself harder and faster inside Mickey with each words. Mickey wished he could see him better; His sweat dripping all over his godly-formed torso. “Y-yes!“, Mickey appeased before his head was violently yanked back. His cry was muffled by Knox’s mouth clamping down over his. He was momentarily surprised by the sudden intimacy, but did not bask in it long as his tongue fucked his mouth. Their beards scratched against one another’s, spurring them on. Mickey broke the kiss with a lewd moan as he abused his insides with his cock Knox tugged at his lower lip, biting and chewing them so hard Mickey knew them would be swollen and raw. Knox pulled away, pressing his hand to the middle his back and forcing Mickey back onto the car. It was as if a switch had been flipped as he was no longer giving Mickey time to recollect his thoughts nor to catch his breath. He buried himself deeper inside him, faster than he did before. It was near to impossible for Mickey to keep up with him, unable to escape Knox’ thrusts, his lips parted in silent screams and gasps from all that pounding his body was receiving. Still, it felt so good. He reached back weakly, head pressed to the car, and spread his cheeks to get him deeper inside him and spreading his legs farther apart in invitation. He wanted him to dent his insides; to feel him as he drove back and for days that followed. Mickey choked on a sob, feeling the knot in his stomach growing impossibly tight with every stab at his prostate. “Kn- Knox! Fuck I– I’m coming –“ “I know, sugar”, he purred behind him as he rolled his hips into his. He paused momentarily, hand rough hands moving up and down his strong back. As much as Mickey appreciated a massage, he would prefer one without his cock buried inside him and the stench if motor oil burning his nostrils. Knox chuckled at his impatience, letting go of Mickey’s hips and holding his shoulders. He licked his lips, taking a moment to gather himself before a smirk was painting his lips. He grew his hips back before snapping forward with enough force that tore screams from Mickey’s lips. Over and over again he snapped his hips forward at a torturous slow yet calculated pace. Mickey didn’t know how much more he could take but he was all too eager to find out. “D-don’t stop,” he whined in a rough scratchy voice, bubbling heat inside his abdomen attempting to boil over. Knox’s movements did not slow down for even a moment and with one pretty hard thrust did his orgasm violently strike him. His eyes rolled back and his fingernails dug into his own ass as he came, his own nut painting his bumper in thick stripes. He lost the ability to breath, to think and to speak as Knox continued to take him apart. He gave him no time for reprieve as he chased after his own orgasm. However, the sensitivity was becoming to much to bare, his throbbing length dragging painfully in and out of his twitching anus. He mewled, hands moving weakly to Knox’s chest as he tried to make him stop. He was only rewarded with his left had being forced back to his ass as his right was pinned to his back. He groaned at his entrapment, more bare and defenseless than before. He slumped against the vehicle, resigned to his fate as Knox began to pick up his pace again. He protested weakly, trying to squirm away only for gravity to bring him back. “Come on now sugar”, Knox huffed, hips pitoning inside him, “Be good for daddy, yeah? Won’t take long ’til I’m creaming you good and proper.” His thrust staggered slightly and mickey knew it wouldn’t be long. He wanted to feel him erupt, hear him groan as he shot his load into him like it was his job. The grip on his hip was even firmer and would undoubtedly leave bruises but Mickey didn’t care; he’d think of it as a souvenir or a calling card to Knox’s Auto-shop. He let his head fall on as he met his movements with his own moans. He wondered if he had it in him to even cum again? With every thrust his abdomen was pressed against the edge of the trunk and his skin would certainly be slightly bruised the next day. His momma would definitely be pleased if she that and she definitely wouldn’t if she knew how it happened. After what felt like an eternity, Knox pushed himself into him as deep as possible and with one last hard thrust came deep inside of him, a animalistic cry of “Mickey” on his lips. * * * * * * “By the way, how much do I owe you for fixing the car?“, Mickey asked him resting his chin on his pec. They were now in Knox’s office upstairs, laid out on a large couch with a blanket draped over their bodies after they cleaned each other up. Mickey’s hole was still twitching, the pain in his bottom more of a reinforcer than a punishment. “Fixing?“, Knox sat up slightly, looking down at him, “Oh no she’s far from fixed, you need a replacement and won’t be able to get it done until tomorrow at the earliest”, he explained, as if it was just common knowledge. “How am I supposed to get to Sylva? My mom’s probably worried sick.” He hadn’t even called to let her know he would be late. He basically threw her aside to get some dick; God he was a terrible son. “Hey, I know Miss O’Mailey”, Knox pointed out, as if offended by his assumption of his ignorance, “she lives about 30- 45 minutes away. I’ll drive you over there then pick you up in the morning to finish up.” He grabbed Mickey’s hat off the floor and placing it back on his head. “However, you and me are just getting started, sugar.”

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