Addictive Chocolate n' Vanilla (BMWM)

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Bi-curiosity Killed the Cat

“I’m sorry, you want me to what?” Monaco was having a hard time understanding what Qwasi had just asked him. He couldn’t have heard him correctly, he just couldn’t. He was just minding his own business when the black man had practically barged into his apartment to confront him. With what, you may ask? A strange declaration of love; if that’s what you wanna call it. Qwasi huffed, face flushed from aggravation and embarrassment, “Look man, I don’t know why, but for some fucked up reason I’m attracted to you.“, he visibly shuddered at the admittance, “I have never had an interest in niggas before, so I don’t know where *this* came from.” Once he was finished he couldn’t bring himself to look at him after he’d repeated himself. He felt like a criminal awaiting his sentence and he himself didn’t know what he pleaded to in the end. “You could just be attracted to me, ya know?“, Monaco offered casually, sitting on the arm of his couch. The brown skin man turned to him, brows knit in confusion, “What chu’ sayin’?” Monaco rolled his eyes; of course he wouldn’t know about all of that. “I mean aside from bisexuality, you can be pan or just Bi-curious”, he offered, shrugging, “What I’m saying is, you could just be attracted to me excluding all men; doesn’t instantly make you gay.” Things weren’t always so black or white and sexuality was just one of those things; plain and simple. Sexuality was fluid. Qwasi looked at him quizzically, “That shit ain’t makin’ no sense.” What the fuck was he saying? He was attracted to him, a guy, so he’s gay, right? Why was he on some Mad Hatter riddle type shit right now? Monaco scoffed, “You literally came here so I can basically “test your gay” with gay sex and I’m not making any sense?“, he resorted matter-of-factly, crossing his arms over his chest. Qwasi did not look amused at all by his quip, kissing his teeth. Monaco just sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose; they weren’t gonna get anywhere doing this. “So how do you wanna do this?“, Monaco asked, deciding that if they were gonna do this; he would have to go at this delicately, “Wanna go to the bedroom?” It would be more comfortable for the both of them. “No!“, he quickly answered. You would think he was pleading not guilty or something acting like that. “H- here ’s fine”, he corrected, voice cracking slightly, “in- incase things go south I can just dip”, he explained. He clearly has thought about this before which made Monaco wonder how long this “sexual attraction” has been apparently plaguing his life. He bet that it was when he got his haircut and ran into him in the parking lot. Monaco clapped his hands together, “I want us to undress first”, he announced, “nothing on so we can get any awkwardness out the way.” “Too late for that”, Qwasi murmured lightly, letting him know he was just teasing. That was good; that meant he was comfortable enough to use humor. Monaco started to take off his clothes and Qwasi did the same at a much more hesitant pace. He first pulled off his tank top then his sweatpants, neatly folding them up and stacking them on the coffee table. He was about to pull off his briefs when he suddenly decided to watch his companion instead; smooth chocolate skin littered with tattoos, faded scars and the occasional stretch mark. He had some thick thighs on him which was more than okay; Monaco had a thing for thick thighs and Qwasi had some juicy toned ones he just wanted to suck bruises into. He doubted he would let him, but strangers things have happened. Qwasi didn’t look at him; instead looking up and around the space. Monaco wasn’t offended, he doubted he would just gawk at him and fall to his knees at the first sight of his big throbbing cock. He noticed that he made no move to pull off his own boxers which he understood. Those pieces of fabric were the only thing keeping them from reaching “This is some gay shit” territory and as adamant as Qwasi was, he was scared shitless to take take the plunge. Wanting to ease his discomfort, Monaco decided to do it first. He pushed down his briefs and stepped out of them confidently to stand in front of him. “Hol’ up!“, Qwasi declared shaking his head side to side. The brunette frowned, “What?” It seemed like there was a problem but he hadn’t done anything yet. “How is that“, he pointed down at his cock, “supposed to fit in know?” He refused to say the word. This was not that. “Do you not know how small ass holes are?” It would be like fitting O.J. Simpson’s hand in that glove and Qwasi would most definitely quit before it fit. Monaco looked at him blankly, mouth opening and closing before he gathered himself. “ haven’t watched gay porn before, have you?“, he honestly asked him. He sound like a girl seeing a dick for the first time. ‘Oh my gosh, where is it supposed to go?’ ‘I have to take all of that?’ Qwasi shook his head, “Fuck I look like watching that?” Monaco facepalmed for what felt like the 100th time, “Good Grapefruit Qwasi, you wanted to do all this and you haven’t even watched gay porn before? You’re one weird guy”, he noted. He literally went about this in all the wrong ways. Usually you start with the usual ‘How do you know when your gay?’ Google search, but here he was trying to get laid. He surrendered at Qwasi’s glare, once again choosing his battles, “Well, I guess the plan is that you’re gonna suck it.” “Excuse me?!”, he bellowed, almost breaking his neck with the force of turning his head, “The hell I’m not!” “Either that or I can prep you and fyi that involves me inserting my fingers in your you-know-what.” Qwasi visibly paled; it seemed he didn’t like that very much. “Come on, how about I suck you off first?“, he offered in an attempt to make him feel better, “That way you’re more relaxed when we ‘do the do’, ya know?“, he thought that was a pretty good deal. Either way, win-win. That was what Qwasi thought when he ceded and sat on the couch. He itched to close his legs, his internalized paranoia rearing his head to remind him that he was butt naked in front of a man who was about to perform oral sex on him. He couldn’t help but to feel like those closeted men he heard about who were “buying bussy” before returning home to their wives and children, their secret blanketed from all who knew them. He shook the thought away just as Monaco got on his knees before him. He seemed slightly excited but seemed to downplay it for Qwasi, which he appreciated but would never say. He gently placed his hands on his knees, before spreading his legs and thighs apart, all the while keeping his eyes locked with his. Qwasi wished he didn’t, but at the same time, couldn’t help but looking into those dark and supposedly trusting eyes. All it took as a small crooked smile from him to spread his legs and allow him to wedged himself between the space. He took deep breathes, fists balled in permanent fists as he squeezed his eyes shut. He just had someone between his legs, not the first time this has happened. He just needed to ignore the fact that it was a (man) this time and not a woman. It’s just a (person), just a person, just an individual between your legs. No big deal,’ Qwasi.′ That seemed to calm him down and he opened his eyes, nodding at Monaco to continue. Monaco licked his lips before slowly moving his mouth to cover the head of Qwasi’s member. He wasn’t by any means small, 8 inches and thick. A nice mouthful indeed. Qwasi basically melted when his lips closed around his shaft, letting a full body shudder at the section. He raised his hand to knot through his hair, gripping the curls there. His mouth was so warm and wet. He didn’t know why he expected a blow job to be any different or worse than a blow job by a women. It was all of that and more. Something about a man’s strong hand wrapped firmly around his shaft had precum dripping down Monaco’s throat. He didn’t really mind though, just swallowing around him as he began to bob his head up and down, slowly taking in more and more. He came off, licking at his fat tapered head like it was a man-flavored lollipop. He could taste his pre-come as it slid down his throat; it was salty and bitter, but nothing short of what he expected. It definitely didn’t stop him from licking at the head and tonguing his slit in a way that had a foot coming off the ground, his eyes squeezed shut tight as he bit down on his bottom lip. “You keep that up and I’ll come really soon,” Qwasi says when he suddenly stopped. He didn’t even have to look, feeling his eyes on him. Monaco took that as a challenge, “How soon?” Qwasi peeked his eyes open, refusing to look away from Monaco on his knees with his lips wet and swollen as a casually stroked his cock in a tight fist. He was looking at him like it was the simplest thing in the world for him. He literally just had his dick down his throat. “I- I d- don’t know”, he admitted, his discomfort returning along side his anger at being so vulnerable, “I can’t count time to know how soon I’ll blow a load, just do something else”, he grunted, hips switching uncomfortably when he thumbed over his tip. Monaco decided to stop his teasing and actually acknowledged his request and he slowly moved back down dick until he started to slightly gag. He didn’t think he had a horrible gag reflex perse but it’s enough that he knew that Qwasi would enjoy him spitting and mouth stretch around him. He pulled back and lets his hand work itself up and down his shaft a few times before taking him back into his mouth. He sets a good rhythm of what he thinks he’d like, licking, sucking, twisting and squeezing. If he was gonna give Qwasi a good experience, he was gonna pull out all the bells and whistles. He wasn’t one to brag, but judging by the sounds he was making, Monaco was doing the damn thing, so he must like it. He enjoyed it so much in fact, he came almost embarrassingly fast, with little to no warning as he fisted Monaco’s hair and buried his dick as far as he could down his strong throat. Monaco took it all in strides, relaxing his throat as he milked him dry. He caressed Qwasi’s calf all the while, feeling his trembling from the intense aftershocks of his orgasm. He bet he made his toes curl, if not, he would. Once he was finished, Monaco came off with a wet sound, taking in some fresh air. “A little warning, eh?“, he snarked, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Qwasi was still at a loss for words, legs splayed wide with his chest rising and falling, “Uh sorry”, he squeaked, head low with his hand scratching at his head. He enjoyed that: no doubt about it. ‘What did that mean?’, he asked himself, ‘I liked getting head from a man, but I enjoyed getting head from women too. Did I just like getting head?’ Monaco waved it off, “Yeah yeah, just keep that in mind when you’re returning the favor.” He stood up, standing back at his full height, not a care in the world at his fully hard cock stood at attention in front of Qwasi’s face. Qwasi made no argument as they swapped places, him now on his knees between Monaco’s strong tattooed thighs, ass resting on the heels of his feet. He was slightly eager to return to favor, but that didn’t mean he was anymore confident in doing so. He sat there for a moment, finally taking time to properly examine the dick of his partner with the awe and curiosity it deserved. His dick was big. Qwasi knew how weird it sounded to compliment another man’s penis like that, but he couldn’t ignore it. He thought he was gifted, but Monaco was blessed (and highly favored) by God. He was so big, maybe 10 inches. He was thick too, all the way to the uncut head of his cock, foreskin already drawn back around his dark rosy dick down to his heavy trimmed balls. He couldn’t help but gulp nervously, remembering that he not only had to figure out how to take him in his ass, but also his mouth. He didn’t think it was possible. Once again, he pushed back his concern and took a deep breath before slowly wrapping his mouth around his tip. He frowned at the taste, it was musty and strong; it reminded him of eating chitlins or some other kind of gamey meat. He then realized what was happening; he had another man’s dick in his mouth. He didn’t know how to process it and apart of him refused too. Hands cupped the back of his head and rubbed at his scalp, “There you go; that’s how you do it. Yeah, breath through your and out. Yeah, like that.” Qwasi wanted to snap at him, but didn’t, instead following his advice and breathing properly enough to not suffocate on his dick. God (that) would be embarrassing. He mouth slightly hurt as he began to move farther down on him. He had made it not even half-way before his gag reflex kicked in and he began to gag. He tensed around him, panicking as Monaco let out a loud hiss. “Woah, buddy!“, he called, taking his head in his hands. Qwasi looked at him with big eyes, immediately coming off of him, coughing slightly, a thick trail of spit connecting him to his cock. Monaco was visibly confused and worried, sitting awkwardly with his hands cradling his dark face. He was somewhat on his knees, his hands on Monaco’s legs as he used him for support as he was pulled up and closer to the brunettes face. Monaco let out a rough breath at the sight, “Just be careful with the teeth”, he murmured softly, “it don’t exactly tickle”, as he said this, his thumb traced his bottom and top lips, parting them slightly to slip inside and tap the strong white enamel inside. He was surprised Qwasi allowed him to do it; he was especially surprised when he sucked on his thumb, twirling his tongue around the digit. He had no choice but to look away, his hands subconsciously squeezing his face before he forced him to let go and Qwasi sat back in his original position. He heeded his warnings and suggestions before resuming. He curled his lips around his teeth and sunk down, getting as far as he could before he felt like he was going to choke. This definitely wasn’t going to be the kind of deep-throating experience he’d been on the receiving end of a few times, but he found himself thinking that he could always work up to that later. For now, he focused on keeping tight suction on him much like he had, moving up and down cautiously. A few times, he pulled off and swirled his tongue around the leaking head of his dick, secretly reveling in the sharp taste. Monaco kept letting out these soft moans, and his hips jerked up a few times, like he was trying to control them but couldn’t manage to keep himself completely in check. Words slipped out a few times too, mainly Qwasi’s name, which did questionable things to Qwasi with the deep roughness that coated his words. Monaco even muttered a quiet “so good for me, yeah” that sent a shiver down his spine, the praise lighting something foreign up inside him. For some reason, he became even more motivated, doubling his sloppy efforts to make it good for him. Time seemed to drift after that, and Qwasi had no idea how long he’d been sucking Monaco off. His own cock was so hard it was getting painful. He hadn’t even realized when he had gotten hard again, but that didn’t mean anything with how it throbbed angrily between his legs. Apart of him wanted Monaco’s mouth back on him. Ignoring all his past inhibitions, Qwasi reached down, first palming his dick with his free hand before rubbing at it with more purpose. It was so good; jerking himself off with his other hand full of cock and his mouth stuffed full. His eyes rolled back on their own accord. He didn’t think he’d ever been this turned on doing this but here he was. Monaco was leaking precum steadily, now, so much so that Qwasi had begun to choke on the salty essence, his fluid dripping furiously down his mouth and shaft with a mixture of saliva. He could barely take half his dick in his mouth, let alone his truckloads of cum as well. There was no way that Monaco was going to have the same opportunity to cum down Qwasi’s throat just like he had. He would no doubt choke and quite possibly bite him and he didn’t not need that happening. Not at all. Qwasi kept one of his hands on Monaco’s hip, anxious of what could occur at any possible moment. He was like Pompeii, ready to erupt without any possible notice; he didn’t know if Monaco would award him the courtesy of a warning like he had denied him. His other hand was working at his own dick, sloppily jerking himself off while he sucked at Monaco’s cock hungrily. He could hear low groans spilling out of the other man’s mouth, and slowed down to listen to him. “Yeah, just like that, baby”, he whispered, wetting his lips, “Gon on, stroke that dick for me, let me know how much you like it.” As condescending and vile as the words seemed to him, Qwasi couldn’t help but moan, stroking himself harder. He liked it (so much). His head was cloudy, thoughts slow and syrupy, and it was like everything was boiled down to the man right before him and the pleasure they both seemed to share. Just when he thought he was (really) getting the hang of it and relaxing his throat, Monaco had him come off. “Think you’ve did a good enough job, I’d say”, Qwasi didn’t know if he should’ve taken that as a compliment and be flattered about his dick sucking skills or lack there of. For once, he didn’t dwell on it too much. Not when Monaco stood from the couch, bringing Qwasi with him and was pressing his mouth to his. He was more relaxed this time which was good; he’d even gotten a bit into it, gripping Monaco’s forearms and rutting forward into him, their cocks slightly brushing together. He liked kissing Monaco; he liked kissing him a lot. So what did that mean? Monaco was thankful for his eagerness, making him grunt before pulling away. He blinked hazily for a moment, licking his lips, “Can you uh bend over the back of the couch now?” He saw the panic flash in his eyes. This was it; no more foreplay. This was about to happened. “Hey”, Monaco called, pulling him from his daze. He took his hand and gave it a squeeze, “Listen to me, everything’s gonna be cool; just relax. Whenever you wanna stop, just say the words and I’ll be off you like water off a ducks back”, he swore wholeheartedly. Qwasi snickered but was still slightly fearful, “So I just have to say the word and you’ll stop?” Monaco nodded, “Yeah and it doesn’t have to be some kind of safe word or anything just “stop” or something like that to let me know.” He took a deep breath, but nodded, “A’ight then.” He awkwardly turned to the couch and got on it on his knees before bending over it. His cheeks were on fire as he had his ass perched in such an exposing position, but just focused on gripping the upholstery in his hands. Qwasi squeezed his eyes shut tight in apprehensive preparation. ’This was it. We ‘bout to really do this.’ He jumped when hands finally made contact with his backside. He turned even redder when his hands were on his ass and spreading them to reveal his puckered asshole. God this was wrong on so many levels. Monaco grimaced at the sight, “Hey Qwasi”, he said regretfully as he tugged at his slick rim. “Yeah?“, he responded hastily, heart in his ears. His skin rolled under his palms, the air against his hole as he pressed his thumbs against it. “I know I said I wouldn’t have to prep you, but I’m kinda gonna have to”, Monaco told him sincerely. Truthfully he hadn’t really thought this through too well. “Why? Your dick not wet enough?“, Qwasi suddenly quipped mockingly. Monaco snorted; well at least he was able to find humor in this, so he wouldn’t complain. “Eh it’s adequate, but I don’t want you to tear when I put it in; just don’t wanna risk it is all”, he explained truthfully, tone now serious. Qwasi thought it over, quiet for a moment, “Okay.” “Okay?“, Monaco repeated, wanting him to be completely honest. He didn’t wanna pressure him into doing anything else. Qwasi was silent for a moment, “Yeah I still able to not face you?” “Yeah that’s fine”, he was a bit bummed by that. That was his favorite part of topping; he enjoyed watching his partner’s as he breached them, whether cock, tongue or finger, but if it made him feel better than so be it. He had a really nice backside. Qwasi glanced back at Monaco on his knees behind and let out a sound of embarrassment, “Don’t enjoy it too much”, he moaned, trying not to focus on him face- to- butt with his ass. Monaco chuckled drily at that, “I’ll try”, he promised, voice dripping with sarcasm. Honestly, he was already enjoying the view as it would no doubt get even better when he buried his face between his cheeks. Nonetheless, he pushed those thoughts away and focused on the objective at hand. He gently parted his ass cheeks again, noting how Qwasi slightly arched his back, titling his ass up and back towards him. Qwasi practically jumped out of his skin when he licked a long fat stripe across his pucker. Monaco was glad he kept a grip on his hips to hold him still because with the way Qwasi was squirming, he’d no doubt break his nose. It felt so...weird. so wrong. He had his mouth on his -. He forced himself to not even think about it. Monaco had better been glad Qwasi was a guy that believed in washing his ass thoroughly. Still, the idea of what he was doing seemed so filthy and he didn’t know if it was entirely good or bad. Monaco’s tongue licks him again and Qwasi’s never felt anything like it. That hot, wet tongue moves over him again and again and again--and all he can do is stick his ass in the air and whimper. He didn’t know how or why, but he couldn’t be bothered to care because he liked it and he wanted Monaco to keep going. He pressed an open mouthed kiss on his virgin pucker; every peck punctuated with a slick that made Qwasi’s breath hitch. Monaco was all smiles against his ass as he listened to the sweet sounds Qwasi’s tried and failed to muffle. He was gonna take it up a notch and see how stubborn Qwasi really was. So wet his thumb before smoothing it over and around Leo’s rim before dipping it inside. His tongue followed it, sliding in alongside and wiggling. He knew he had Qwasi right then and there. Qwasi cursed allowed at the intrusion, fingers clawing at his poor couch, hands searching for something to hold on to as his insides were carved out like a pumpkin. “Oh God,” he cried out, as Monaco’s tongue slipped inside him. In and out. In and out. In and out. “Oh sh- shit!” he groaned roughly, “oh that feels so-” He couldn’t bring himself to say the rest, but he arched his back, pushing his ass closer to Monaco’s pretty little face. The latter moaned against his hole, earning even more whines. He slid his tongue out, leaving Qwasi to clench around his thumb. He wanted to stretch him out on all his digits; make him cum with every single one. His fingers squeeze his pretty little ass cheeks. “We’re making progress back here” he murmurs, spreading his wet rim with the pad of his thumb to test the stretch. Qwasi was still so ridiculously tight. A literal tight ass. Nonetheless, he spread him open once again, leaning in and spitting lewdly on his entrance. Qwasi Qwasi frowned before his eyebrow rose and he turned his head back to Monaco. “Di- just...spit on me?” he asks, still slightly dazed. He was panting and quivering beneath Cristiano. His hard cock hanging between his thighs. Monaco met his gaze, grinning deviously at gum with a shrug, “Trust me, you’ll like it.” he answered simply. With those final words, he removed his thumb and entered his index and middle finger into his hole. Qwasi’s entire body tensed, his teeth gritted and he looked forward at the wall again. He most definitely would not be able to hold it in now. Monaco teased his rim gently, it giving away rather easily after his preparation, before spitting on his entrance again. Slowly, he pumps his fingers in and out,, watching his back rise and fall and the was his toes curled slightly. Nothing was better than how his body would move back on his fingers when he would stop. Slowly, he spread his fingers, scissoring him open. Soon, he spread his digits as far as he could before Monaco plunged his tongue between the gap. Qwasi buried his face in his forearms, biting at his flesh to keep from screaming as pleasure runs through his body. His knees slide farther apart and he tries to spread his thighs wider, trying to do anything that will heighten the sensation of Monaco’s tongue. With every lap of his tongue, his fingers dip deeper into that slick, velvety, heat, stretching him even more. If it was not for his need to breath, Monaco would have never left, but he did and allowed Qwasi time to recover. It only lasted less than a moment before he was spreading Qwasi open again and speared him with his tongue, sinking easily into that gorgeous ass of his. This was what he was waiting for. “Mmmmm,” he hummed with glee, as his lips closed around Qwasi’s entrance. He didn’t taste of anything foul or repulsive, the scent of Irish Spring in his nose. Monaco’s lips continued to nibble and suck at his rim while his tongue fucked him six way to Sunday, prodding him harder and harder. His tongue was wet and messy, but Monaco digs in farther like a starving man looking for gold at the end of the tunnel. His beard scratches aggressively at Qwasi’s ass, but he couldn’t find it in him to care, too focused on a familiar sensation attempting to form in his gut as Monaco slid his slick tongue anywhere and everywhere inside him all at once. Qwasi couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t speak--so overwhelmed as he squirmed and moans under his mouths hungry assault. His fists clench and slipped on the leather, hiss mouth barring down in an attempt to not cum. He didn’t think he’d have another in him for anything else if he came again so soon and Monaco was also aware of this. Although, he would find nothing better than Qwasi’s cumming around his tongue. With slight disappointment and great self-control, Monaco finally slides his tongue out, he pecks at his soiled rim lovingly before drawing away. He wiped his mouth clean with his elbow, breathing slightly labored but nothing like the man laid out before him on the couch. Qwasi looked as if the only thing keeping him upright was the couch. He smiled, “See. I told you, you’d like it.” If all else failed, they both at least knew he liked having his ass eaten. Qwasi only grumbled in response before sitting up, his grip slacking on the upholstery and sweat beaded his forehead, “I...can’t believe you just did that.” He truly was at a loss for words. Monaco grabbed a condom and lube before returning to the couch. He tore the packet open with his teeth and slid the rubber on over his cock. “You ready to get started?“, he asked Qwasi as he slicked his rubber covered cock with lube. Qwasi only nodded, pleasantly satiated and resolved to what’s to come. He had only started to get queasy as he situated himself behind him on his knees on the couch. Qwasi internally cringed as he spread his ass cheeks again, he didn’t know he’d feel air on his asshole this many times. He listened to Monaco stroke his cock in a wet fist before pressed his thighs to his. “Here we go”, with that he began to push forward. Qwasi’s eyes widened as he suddenly had a change of heart. “Wait wait wait-!“, it was too late as his tip slipped passed his rim along with his shaft. Qwasi’s whole body tensed, a shocked gasp leaving his lips as he tried to sit up on shaky arms only to fall back on his face. Nonetheless, he tried again, he fight or flight reflexes kicking in at the overwhelming pressure and pain. He escape was halted by Monaco’s once light reassuring hand rubbing his back to put become heavy as he restrained him. “Hey, hey, relax Qwasi. Okay?” As firm and grounding as his voice was, it only translated into fuzzy white noise in Qwasi’s ears. He was inside him. Monaco was inside him. His dick was in his ass. It was all too much to take in. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was what it felt like for women. It couldn’t be, could it? He had to force himself to stop thinking and breath before he fucked around a had a panic attack or either passed out. Neither would be good with Monaco’s dick still inside him. He inhaled deeply through his nose before release it from his lip. “That’s right, breath.“, Monaco praised, which almost made Qwasi cuss him out. Almost. “Now stay relaxed okay. I know it’s a lot.” Qwasi continued to breath as the either relaxed around her or grew accustomed to the feeling. He didn’t think he’d every get accustomed to this. It felt so weird. Soon, his shaking had ceased almost entirely and his heart beat returned to normal, “We all good now?“, Monaco asked, leaning forward so he could look at him from over his shoulder. The first timer nodded lazily, “Uh y- yeah.” That made him smile, “See, that wasn’t so bad. That was part of the hard part.” “Shut up”, Qwasi groaned, burying his face in couch. Could he just not talk for once? “J- just put it in”, he muttered. Once again, Monaco had something to say, “Sure you don’t wanna wait?” He was rewarded with a slight growl) no waiting. Understood”, he gave a thumbs up to the back of his head before grabbing his cock again, “Okay, eat up.“, with that he began to push his hips forward. Every second that followed was agonizing. With every inch that filled him, Qwasi felt the air being ripped from his body in order to make accommodations for the dick that was making a home inside him. He cringed at the mental wording; he really didn’t wanna think about that. Monaco was patient as he introduced him to his length, pouring more lube if he thought need be and provided Qwasi a warning for when he would continue. Soon, what felt like hours had passed and Qwasi was shaking around the pressure of him inside. He thought he could take it, but he had definitely bitten off more than he could chew. White noise filled his ears as his vision glazed over. He had never felt so full in all his life. “I- that all of it?“, he asked shakily, forehead winkled on his upturned face. He was sweating bullets, heart beating a mile a minute. He didn’t know how much more he could take. Monaco looked down at the more than fist full he still had to go, “No.” Qwasi looked back in disbelief, “No?”, he thought he was doing okay now but he wouldn’t be able to take all of him. He was this close to saying ‘Pineapples’. “You don’t have to take all of it.” Qwasi looked back at him, “I don’t?“, he seemed genuinely shocked and relieved to hear that. Perhaps his guts would stay intact after all. “Hell no”, Monaco told him, shaking his head to himself, “especially considering this is your first time. Don’t want you to tear or worse...a hemorrhoid”, he shuttered at the mental image. Nobody wanted that and he was sure he wouldn’t either. Qwasi silently thanked God for that, looking up at the ceiling before glancing back at him, “O- okay, l- let’s do that.” He laid back down again, body relaxing again. Keeping to his promise, he fisted the rest of his length, keeping a steady restraint on what he could take. He didn’t think he could take very much more, but only time would tell. Slowly he withdrew his hips before rolling them forward. In. Out. In. Out. It continued like that for an eternity, his rim slowly but surely giving way for his cock to glide between his walls smoothly. “You’re insane; your dick is just- God fuck!“, Qwasi cursed, head lolling from arm to arm. He couldn’t even think properly with him inside of him. His toes were in permanent balls and he was grinding his teeth to dust but he loved every second of it. The way his tip dragged against his walls when he slowly pulled out before driving himself back in deep. Monaco chuckled, “You’re pretty vocal ain’t ’cha?“, he teased, snapping his hips forward with a bit more force; not enough to elicit any slapping sound but just enough to make Qwasi move forward as he speared him with his cock. He didn’t peg Qwasi for the dirty talking type, but with a mouth like that you didn’t need to be good at giving head. He seemed very...vocal with a cock in him. “N- ah- oh my God!”, he cried out and Monaco couldn’t help but feel smug. Was he sadistic if he said he enjoyed the sounds he made under him? Because he really liked it. “I- I....I can’t help it- it just uh”, he was so embarrassed, face red and burning as he heard his own sounds. He sounded like some whiney thot getting piped down. “If you want I can go get a gag for ya”, Monaco joked, moving his hips in slow circles, watching his spine bow under the gently weight of his palm. He wanted more than anything to bring his hand down on his ass, but thought against it. Qwasi winced, shaking his head, “N- nah I’m f- fine just- “, he reached back to hold his own hip and spread his cheeks apart as he fucked him slow and sweet. That was a pleasant surprise to Monaco as he watched him stretch around his cock and release those sounds of his. “Uh” “Uh” “Uh” “Ah ah ah ugh shit!” “Wh- ah- why is it so big?” “Oh my god, I can’t breath! Sh- shit!” “T- ti- time o- out”, he wheezed out as loudly as he could with his raspy voice, “C- can we st- stop for a minute?“, he requested softly, waiting obediently for his response. His leg twitched and spasmed beneath him, the pins and needles on the verge of cramps. Like promised, Monaco stopped where he was, still half way inside him, “Just...give me one second”, he wouldn’t lie and say he wasn’t far from gone right now. Qwasi was like everything he liked wrapped in one; he felt bad enjoying it so much considering he was “helping” Qwasi out, but that didn’t mean he shouldn’t enjoy himself either right? He gingerly and delicately withdrew his large cock from his hole, careful to watch for any blood or tears in the condom before standing back up on his feet properly. Qwasi felt like a literal weight had been lifted off his body with his dick not penetrating his insides any longer. He went slack against the cushion, trying to catch his breath, taking in the air like a gift from God himself. “Just...just need a minute”, he croaked weakly, clenching and unclenching around nothing but air, his rim twitching from the earlier strain. “Take all the time you need”, Monaco assured him, pouring more lube on his cock and lathering his cock in it before squirting some on his hole earning a low sound from his partner. “Ism cauld”, Qwasi grumbled which he correctly translated as a complaint at the lube being cold and nodded. “I know but it’ll help if we go at it again”, he we sure to give him room to cut short if he wished to. At this point, he honestly didn’t know what to make of Qwasi right now. He looked totally wrecked, body slacked against the couch like those clocks in that old French painting. His leg was still shaking slightly, the sweat causing his legs to slide further apart on the couch. Monaco couldn’t help but look at his loose shiny rim. It just looked like it was waiting to take him back in. He licked his lips. He’d eat the hell out of his ass if he could. Nothing sounded better than having him sitting on his face and riding his tongue into next week. “Okay”, Qwasi announced after a stretch of silence, gulping down a deep breath, “I- I’m ready.” Monaco tensed again, “You sure?” He thoroughly enjoyed this, but it was his job as a decent Top to ask and get assurance. It took a moment for Qwasi to respond as he sucked in a shaky breath before speaking, “P- back in please?“, he begged to the best of his ability, the cracks in his “manhood” spreading as the heat from his face became an afterthought, “Come on”, he grunted, shifting his posture to put an even deeper arch in his back despite how awkward and painful it felt. Monaco paused for a moment, waiting for him to possibly change his mind. When he did not receive one, but a curse to ‘fucking put it back’, he did as told, “Okay Mr. Bossy-pants, we’re going back in.” Slowly, but not as slow as before with his cocks prep work, he slid back inside him. Monaco had to count sheep, think of Betty White- anything except think about how good his virgin hole was and felt around his fat cock. He partly understood the appeal to bi-curious guys by pervy old guys on Grindr or Nate’s dad on Euphoria. This most definitely was euphoric. Still, he kept endgame in mind as well as his partner as he kept a firm fist on his shaft for how much Qwasi could take. He wouldn’t give in anymore or any less. That’s how they stayed, Monaco building up a rhythm once again as they fucked. He barely tried to bite back his groans as their bodies began to move together. He could only tilt his head back in pleasure as Qwasi began to move his hips back slightly to meet his shallow thrusts. Monaco adjusted his grip on his hip, digging his fingers into his dark flesh as to keep from losing his damn mind. This was both heaven and torture at the same time if that was at all possible. He was pulled from his thoughts by rough muttering from Qwasi, “Put it all in”, he squealed through parted lips. He clenched around him, shifting his hips invitingly, “All of it.. Want all of it.” Monaco gave him just that, and without him having to yell or throw profanities at him. He braced his foot onto the couch pillow and drove his hips flush against him. He stilled, eyes squeezed shut as Qwasi stilled beneath. He vibrated around him, body taunt from the delicious pressure inside him. Soon it’s just the sound of clapping cheeks and the squelching of lube as they fucked. Qwasi desperately spread his legs farther apart to get him in deeper, filling him up until he busted. His head fell back as Monaco mouthed at his throat while continuing to fuck any and every sound out of him. “So good...oh my- fuck!” “Your splitting me in half man”, he groaned. “My ass will never be the same again”, he sobbed, pressing his cheek against the cushion and nails scratching the leather. Monaco’s hand pressed to the dip of his spine, making his back bow in the most erotic way that made his dick twitch as he pounded his tight hole. “C- ca..“, Qwasi started, trying to speak aloud, but voice cracking with every attempt, “can I get on top? Wanna....w- wanna get on top”, he slurred, trying to sit up, but struggled with Monaco’s hand keeping him down. He squeezed his eyes shut tight, willing himself not to accidentally cum. Monaco slowed his movements as he heard Qwasi and moved his hand from his back to allow him to sit up, “You wanna be on top?” He didn’t expect to hear that. He wasn’t complaining, he hadn’t complained about a lot of things lately, but he most definitely wouldn’t complain about Qwasi riding his dick. Qwasi nodded, taking a deep breath with half closed eyes, “Mhmm”, he assured him, glancing back to look at him, “C- can I?” He barely had time to react before Monaco was pulling out and leaving him empty and aching to be filled again. He groaned, shivering at the lack of his body heat against him. It felt as if the temperature had suddenly dropped in the room, the cool breeze not doing anything to help his heavy leaking cock between his legs. He sat there unmoving for a moment before Monaco threw himself down beside him on the couch, “So what are you waiting for? Get on up here. Can’t do all the work for you, now can I?“, he patted his lap, stroking his rubber covered cock up and down, “Get on over here, Qwasi.” Qwasi did as told without question, awkwardly climbing on top of him to grasp on the couch for balance. For a moment, he took the time to look over Monaco’s face, his expression wrecked much like his own. He licked his drying lips, forcing his eyes to the wall behind his head. He was gravely aware of how intimate this position was. They could actually look at each other. They now had the ability to see the sounds from before actually leaving their counterparts lips. A part of Qwasi was scared of that, but the other part of him was excited to finally have at least some control at the moment. He was the one on top. Monaco offered him a reassuring smile, his freakishly soft hands moved up his knees to his chest, making Qwasi shiver above him. Monaco’s right hand grabbed his cock, motioning for him to raise himself up on his knees. “Take a deep breath for me”, Monaco instructed before aligning his cock head with his rim. A moan ripped from Qwasi’s lips as he sunk down on his lap. Right off the bat, this may just be his absolute favorite position. He was as deep as possible in this position, buried balls deep inside him without abandon. He groaned feeling teeth and tongue biting on his nipple in a way that had his toes curling. Monaco most definitely had read him like a book and knew exactly what to do at this point to make his blood boil. His face was flushed and his mouth permanently parted and Monaco couldn’t resist himself, cupping his blotchy face and pulled him down into a messy kiss. Surprisingly Qwasi accepted, eagerly at that, teeth and tongues clashing and dancing together. Qwasi was definitely getting into it now, basking in everything he found himself in. He even started to experiment himself, rolling his hips on him in a way that sent delicious waves through his body. “Ooh, somebodies got some moves”, Monaco joked, breaking their kiss, keeping his hold on his hips to make him keep doing it after he stopped. “Nah keep going”, he purred, lips trailing back down his chest to his pectoral. Qwasi’s body burned as his mouth engulfed his nipple between his teeth. He gripped his thighs tightly, beginning to lift him up and bring him down. Qwasi groaned at the pleasure before he started to roll his hips into his again, this time more confident and assertive. He allowed Monaco to set the pace, reveling in the feeling of his thick hard cock moving in and out of him, filling him up repeatedly as he took his right nipple into his mouth. He had begun to come around to it all, melting against his gay lover’s embrace on the couch. That is until Monaco brought him down particularly hard and a over-powering sensation shot throughout his body. He seized around him immediately and almost jolted off of him, had Monaco not caught him before he could fall off onto the floor, “Woah, wha- what’s wrong?“, he asked him, holding him upright, “You okay?“, he questioned sincerely, concerned for something that had gone wrong. Qwasi’s head was still spinning as he put his hands on his pecs to keep himself balanced, “What was that?” Monaco raised an eyebrow at that, “What was what?” “That (thing)“, Quasi specified in a less than explanatory manner, “It’s like your hitting my stomach or something and it felt like...I don’t know!” “Did it feel good or was it bad- like it hurt?” Quasi shook his head, “Nah”, his pride still refused to let him tell him he had made him feel good, “so what is it?” “Well if I am right, which duh I always am”, Qwasi wanted to roll his eyes,“(that) would be your prostate.” Qwasi kept his hand pressed to his chest, still hesitant to proceed with the knowledge he had, “That’s a good thing, right?” Monaco nodded, “Oh very good, kinda like the male g-spot. Let me show you.” He proceeded to reach behind him and crossed his arms in an “X” around his back and gripped his shoulders, “You ready?“, he asked, not making another move until Qwasi was ready. The man tensed at the new way he embraced him. He wasn’t gonna lie, it scared the shit outta him in a way, but he wanted him to hit his prostate again. Resolved to his fate, Qwasi wrapped his arms around his shoulders and took a deep breath, “Y- yeah...okay.” What followed was almost a complete blur of events. Once Qwasi had given him that green light, Monaco had made it his mission to take him apart one savage pounding thrust at a time. He hit his prostate with a precision he couldn’t quite actually explain. He couldn’t breath, every jab of pleasure shooting jolts of electricity throughout his body. Qwasi’s bit his lip, gripping the back of Monaco’s head as he fought with himself to both escape and chase his stabbing thrusts. His body was out of his own control, unable to even jerk himself off in time with his thrusts, just holding himself in a lazy grip in an attempt to stave off his impending nut. He didn’t know why, but he felt as if he were to cum right now, with the blunt tip of his cock destroying his prostate, he would surely burst at the seams and die. He was pulled from his daze when he felt another hand on his cock and he pulled his own away as Monaco took his dick in a tight wet fist. His mouth instantly parted as he stroked him off. “F- fuck shit!“, he huffed, “y- your really good at that.” He didn’t know whether to move into his palm or back down on his cock. Monaco snorted at the comment, titling his head back to look up at him, his tongue peeking out to wet his lips as his chest rose up and down as he tried to control his breathing, “Think you can cum like this?“, he questioned with a raised brow, giving his dick a teasing squeeze. Qwasi’s hips stuttered at the tone of his voice, “Fuck!“, his head fell back, tucking the heels of his feet between his own legs and Monaco’s thighs as he bounced more furiously on his dick, taking in half of him but regaining at least some control from before. Qwasi ignored Monaco’s muttering of something about a power bottom, instead focusing on the knot in his gut. He most definitely wouldn’t last very long like this. Apart of him was embarrassed to cum first, but he doubted Monaco would be cumming anytime soon considering he was doing everything in his power to make him cum. He rolled his eyes and continued his bouncing only for a hiss to fall from his lips when a heavy palm came down on his ass, ”Ah!“, he cried out, back arched, throwing off his rhythm. “You like that?“, Monaco growled into the skin of his pectoral as his hand came down on the same butt cheek again and massaging it. He definitely was getting too into this but Qwasi didn’t seem to mind, chasing after the soothing rubs he provided. “Monaco oh fu- uck!“, he choked out, going back and forth between rutting into his fist and his hand on his ass, feeling globs of precum dribble from his slit and staining the other man’s chest. His breath hitched as he gripped his shaft tighter and stroked him quicker, the sound of squelching filling his ear. Qwasi’s motions began to stagger. He wouldn’t last long if he kept this up, “Moni-” “Keep riding Qwasi”, he grunted in finality, gripping his hip painfully hard as he snapped his hips upwards into him making Qwasi see stars. Unable to stop his ravaging thrusts, he resolved to just burying his head in his neck and nipping on his pale skin. He was aware of the possible marks he would make but he was also aware of the bruises Monaco had left on his body. His sucking only served to rile Monaco up more, his hand in swift motions over his cock. He wanted to make him cum so bad, wanted him to come undone on his cock. Just when Qwasi didn’t think he could possibly take much more, Monaco pulled him down flush against him, his cock as deep as he possibly could get inside of him. He cried out in surprise his cock pressed flush against his prostate. He wanted to move away from him but Monaco’s hold would not allow him to do to. “M- Mon- nac- c!!“, he groaned, eyes rolled back so far in his head he thought he could see his brain. He sobbed against him as his body locked up at the onslaught of sensation. Then there was a hand around his throat and a rough ragged voice against his ear, “Come on Qwasi...just cum”, he grunted hotly against his skin, “Do it. Cum” With a well placed flick of the wrist, that was all it took for him to finally be pushed over the edge. Qwasi’s head was tossed back as he came, dick shooting thick spurts of cum as he clenched and spasmed around his cock from his long overdue orgasm. Monaco thought he made for a sight, hickey’s littered all over his chest as he rose up off his dick ever so slightly, hips chanted forward with no particular destination. The sight alone was enough send Monaco over the edge as well, filling the condom with his seed. Qwasi’s whimpered in oversensitivity as he felt him twitch and explode inside of him. He wouldn’t lie, it felt so fucking weird to him. He had never had someone cum in him before, yeah he was wearing a rubber, but he still (nut) inside him. It was safe to say he didn’t hate it either, a thick ribbon of cum shooting from his dick in testament to that fact. Qwasi didn’t know how long he would keep cumming before he was drained dry. All he could do was let out inaudible sounds as he tried to ride the waves of the pleasure Monaco had so freely given him. Only once he had drained his cock of all its fluid did Monaco release his cock, allowing it to fall limply between his legs on his stomach. Monaco withdrew his hand, wiping his excess fluid onto his leg. “Think you’ve figured things out yet?“, he asked him, glancing awkwardly over his shoulder. Qwasi was so far gone he didn’t even care that he used him as a paper towel. He fidgeted at his own sensitivity, only able to hold up a weak hand, “G- a m- minute”, he panted, leaning uncomfortably against him, “ne- take...time ta’ recover from all that.” He didn’t think his asshole would ever be the same. He had truly turned an exit into entrance. Monaco laughed openly at his fatigue, annoying him when he did it in his ear. He didn’t think twice about it, wrapping his arms back around his middle and pulling him back to completely lay against his chest. Qwasi went to reject the movement until he twitched inside him and he just melted as he buried his head in the crook of his neck, nipping and kissing there playfully. “Take all the time you need, buddy.”

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