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Whiskey D*ck

“Fucking finally!“, Eugene moaned as he staggered through the apartment door, “Thought I’d have ta hiccup kick tha mothafucka open.”

“Shut tha fuck up”, Jadarius hissed as he struggled to get his key out of the front door. The damn door always jammed up and his landlord was an incompetent asshole, so he had to deal with fighting his way into his apartment on a daily basis.

He let out a triumphant squeal as he yanked his key out of the door. He slammed the door shut loudly, fumbling to lock it before letting out a breath of relief, his head still spinning from their bar activities. Eugene had come into town after finishing his deployment and it seems they decided to act like frat dudes at rush, doing pints and shots like it was air in their lungs.

Eugene had booked a hotel room before coming into town, but Jadarius was adamant they just head back to his place for three reasons. One, he lived barely 2 blocks from the bar while his hotel was 3 miles off. Second reason was because he didn’t wanna be responsible if his drunk ass wound up dead in a ditch or something. Third? Shit he’d forgotten about that one.

They stumbled further inside and across his studio apartment where his king sized bed was placed. Eugene cried out when he hit his coffee table in the dark, “Fuck”, he hissed, bending to move the table but instead practically falling over it. He righted himself, rubbing his bruised knee, “Why did you let me drink that much?” He flinched when Jadarius turned on a bedside lamp, filling a portion of the room with light. ‘Now he turns it on’

Jadarius had somehow moved to the far side of the bed, looking at him with narrowed glazy eyes, “Bruh fuck dat. You a grown ass man”, he pointed out before burping. He must’ve been born yesterday if he was going to a bar to babysit a grown ass man. What the hell did he look like?

Eugene didn’t even glorify that with a response, biting back the curse as well as the belch behind his teeth. He swayed in his place, glancing around the studio apartment in complete disarray and confusion. He looked a bit like Buzz Lightyear after he first got out the box mixed with Woody and the other toys reactions to me.

“So hiccup where am I gon’ sleep?“, he asked him, rubbing his eyes, eyelids already heavy.

The darker man frowned, fumbling to kick off his shoes which hit the wall with a ‘thud’, “Wha ’chu mean?”

“You only got one bed and no couch”, Eugene pointed out matter-of-factly as if it wasn’t the most obvious thing to say, “I know you don’t expect me to sleep on the burp floor.” He would’ve rather went back to his hotel then; he is a grown ass man and had no business sleeping on a palette if he didn’t have to.

It was silent for a moment after that as they stared at one another blankly, “Sleep in the bed dumbass”, Jadarius grumbled, hands stretched in reference to the empty bed. Great, he was “dumbass” drunk tonight.

Eugene immediately sobered at that, “Excuse me?“, he questioned, head cocked to the side. He couldn’t have heard him right. What did he just say?

The brown skinned man rolled his eyes as he pulled his shirt over his head to reveal his white muscle shirt. He seemed to not have the same issue as his counterpart. “We shared a bed all the time when we were younger, stop acting like a little bitch.“, he snarked, kicking off his shoes recklessly, truly drunk because he didn’t even care for the creases.

Eugene sputtered to come up with a rebuttal as his friend went for his belt buckle, “If anyone’s a little bitch, it’s you”, he shot back half-heartedly, face burning for some reason. He blamed it on the alcohol.

Whatever it was, Jadarius didn’t give it the time of day, snorting in response, “Weak ass comeback”, he sneered before pulling off his shirt and starting to undress, revealing his muscled tattooed body.

Eugene tore his gaze away from the strip-show and hesitantly began to undress himself, biting back a hiss as he dragged his jeans off past his hardening dick. He was in the military for Christ sake. He had seen a naked man before; it wasn’t that big of a deal. Also why was he so hard? Was it because of the alcohol or was it Jadarius? He refused to think it had something to do with his friend getting naked. Even when he was drunk, he knew it was an absolute no.

But damn if he didn’t look good....

He just needed to calm down or it would make things weird. ‘No big deal.’, he told himself as he tripped down to his boxers and hoped his boner would go down quickly once he went to bed. He didn’t think he had the cognition to deal with it if Jadarius blew a fuse cause he had a boner right now.

Once down to just their skivvies, they both stumbled under the sheets. Jadarius snuggled under the sheets before raising his hands and clapping them together before the light went off. Eugene would be lying if he wasn’t impressed until he jumped when he felt something warm and hard against him. He reached out blindly behind him to find himself moving his hand up and down Jadarius’ back.

“What tha fuck, Gene? Quit touchin’ on me!“, he muttered, reaching back to swat at him.

Eugene winced at the slap, his nails scratching down his arm. “You’re the one all up under me”, he shot back, laying his head back down, “That shit weird.”

Jadarius kissed his teeth, turning his head back to glare at him in the darkness, “Nigga chill out, we already sharin’ a bed; it ain’t that deep”, he groaned, rolling back over, “just take yo ugly ass to sleep.” He was doing too much and he was lucky he was drunk, because he was irking the fuck out of him. He didn’t know why he acting, but if he kept it up, his bitch ass could sleep on the floor.

* * * * * *

Neither knew how it had happened.

They had both had been asleep for only about half an hour later.

Jadarius had been the first to awaken, feeling something big and hard against his backside. Still drunk and confused, his curiosity got the better of him as he moved back on it, feeling it growing harder and harder every passing second.

Imagine Eugene’s surprise when he awoke to Jadarius grinding back on his boner and muffling his soft panting. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

Eugene threw his head back at the sensation, “Shit that feels good”, he hissed, his hands wrapping around his waist to grab his hip. Jadarius jumped slightly, glancing back at him over his shoulder only to relax when Eugene met his grinds with his own.

They breathed hotly against each others mouths as they shared a long stare. Jadarius bit down on his own bottom lip enticingly before they both decided to close the distance and kiss each other.

The kiss was sloppy and rough, teeth clashing against on another without any understanding. It seemed to not make much of a difference that it was a man they were both kissing, albeit it was because of the alcohol or because it meant little in the line of making out.

Eugene gripped his throat in his hand, forcing his head back at a deeper angle as he jammed his tongue into his mouth, licking at his tongue and teeth as they continued rocking against one another.

The latter broke the kiss, pressing his fingers to his airway when Jadarius huffed, trying to kiss him again. He pulled away, looked at Jadarius’ glazed eyes and kiss swollen lips before speaking, “W- wanna fuck you”, he growled, his free hand trailing down his hard abdomen to grab his cock through his boxers.

“O- oh shit”, Jadarius hissed, hand shooting down to grab his wrist.

Jadarius was so hard, he couldn’t believe it. He had never been so hard in his life and with his male friend no less. He found himself thinking about things that had never crossed his mind before. He wanted Eugene. He wanted him to fuck him and he wanted him to do it now.

“I just want you in me, Gene”, he panted, wiggling his hips back on him for more than there underwear would provide, “w- want you to fuck me.”

God that sounded great right now. Eugene wanted that so bad. Wanted him under him impaled on his cock.

Eugene sat up, turning over slightly, “Do you have any condoms?“, he asked, knowing where this was going and having no problem with it. Perhaps it was the alcohol combined with his ragging libido, but he saw absolutely no downsides to fucking Jadarius. T- Pain said it best.

“Bottom drawer”, he instructed through labored breathing, “I don’t know if they’ll fit you tho”,

The brunette sat up, peeling his body off of his, “I’ll make it fit”, grunted, reaching over to his bedside drawer and pulling out a condom sprawled carelessly inside before returning to him, “one way or another.”

Eugene wasted no time, sliding the condom on. It was a bit tight around his girth but they would make due. He lathered his cock sloppily before forcing his cock past his pucker without warning.

“G- God dammit!“, Jadarius screeched, teeth gritted and tears prickling his eyes. It hurt so much, he didn’t think he would make it. He couldn’t.

Eugene’s eyes were squeezed shut, his forehead pressed against his friends back as he tried to come to terms with the pressure surrounding him, “O- oh fuck!” He inhaled deeply, the smell of Jadarius’ cologne soothing him enough to truly grasp what they were doing.

It was official.

He was inside of Jadarius.

He looked down at where they were connected. He wasn’t even halfway inside him, but the suction from his hole on his tip was undesirable. He was so tight, he had never been inside of pussy this tight. He wanted to feel this tightness around his entire cock.

Jadarius grimaced under him, “N- no- not...enough oil”, he gritted out, clenching around him curiously before hissing at the pain that followed. Nope, bad idea. He buried his face in his pillow, biting the cushioning to cope with the feeling.

Eugene pitied his friend, rubbing his forearm reassuringly, “Want me to take it out?”

“I swear I- I’ll beat yo fuckin’ ass you move”, he growled back at him, tossing a glare over his shoulder, “g- give a nigga a minute, a’ight?” He was already reckless with his entrance, the least the drunk bastard could do was wait.

As requested, Eugene didn’t move a muscle from where he sat inside his canal. They stayed like that, panting and shaking against one another in an attempt to restrain themselves. Jadarius was content with staying like this for the rest of his life, however he found strong arms enveloping him.

“Whatchu doin’?“, he asked the aggressor suspiciously, glancing back at him.

“Don’t worry bout it”, he dismissed, pulling him up against his chest to where they were both on their knees. He was careful to not shift their hips as he did so. Jadarius grumbled in annoyance as he grabbed two pillows from his side and slotted them under his body before laying him down atop them. He brushed off his hiss at the change of angle.

“Much better”, he hummed against his shoulder, hand caressing this juncture of his hip. Jadarius just grumbled at the change, snuggling into his pillow and focusing on his breathing. Eugene used this time to pour more oil on his shaft and ass before he started pulling out ever so slowly. He quickly dribbled it on before slipping back in,

“Sh- shit!“, Jadarius gritted, body lurching on it’s own accord in an attempt to run away from his dick.

The brunette was quick to slide in with condolences and reassurances, “All good, man, don’t worry”, he told him, keeping a hold on his hips and keeping him from retreating.

“You ain’t tha one wit’ a dick in yo ass man”, Jadarius slurred, face grimaced as his hole involuntarily twitched around him. The lubricant definitely helped, but it was still overwhelming.

He wheezed as he laid on top of him, his chest molded against his back, “Ah fuck you heavy as fuck”, groaned at the weight of him.

“This dick heavy”, Eugene quipped roughly, also trying to come to term with the culmination of sensations they felt.

Jadarius’ retort died on his lips when Eugene started to move. He fucked him slowly and ridiculously so, but was building a pace. He wheezed and whined as he moved inside him, driving his cock into his tight ass.

The darker man rolled his hips back on him, trying to spread his legs and gain proper leverage to fuck back onto him. Eugene noticed his shuffling and sat up off the man. He pulled out quickly, putting him on his hands and knees before sheathing himself back inside him without wasting another second. All shame went away as Jadarius was practically spread out before him like a bear skin rug.

“Sh- shi- it!“, Jadarius cried, his thrust deep and hard as he snapped his hips into his. They built a steady rhythm, the quiet room filled with grunts and the wet clapping of his cheeks as Eugene’s hips snapped forward.

“Oh my fucking God, G- Gene!“, he screeched loudly, not giving a fuck about his neighbors or the thin walls of his apartment at the moment. He clamped a hand over his mouth quickly in an attempt to muffle his sounds as Eugene’s grunts filled his ears.

Eugene’s eyes were closed tight, reveling in the feeling of Jadarius’ tight wet hole on his cock. He felt so good, driving in and out of him. The thought alone made him want to watch

He glanced down, pride swelling in his chest as he watched his cock drive in and out of his friends ass. However, as he looked, a frown knitted in his brow when he noticed something.

“Woah woah woah!“, he suddenly called out behind Jadarius, “Shit! T- time out, t- time out!“, he ordered, stopping immediately Jadarius paused much to his annoyance.

Jadarius grunted as the lamp turned on, their sinful deeds exposed to the light, but he didn’t care. Only thing he was concerned with was why they stopped. “Wha- wha happened?“, he slurred out in his dick- induced daze; try saying *that* five times fast.

Eugene didn’t immediately respond, carding a stressed out hand through his hair, “Think...think tha condom broke”, he slowly admitted with a grimace. He pulled out, only confirming his fears, the condom rolled up near the base of his cock. He cursed under his breath, “Sh- should uh we stop?“, he questioned, still trying to calm his breathing.

“W-wh- why?“, the black man asked sluggishly, looking back at him like he had lost his rabbit ass mind.

The brunette rubbed the sweaty nape of his neck, “Shit I mean...”

“Either pull out or leave it in; ion give a fuck. Just want that dick in me”, he whined hotly, bowing his back and hopefully seducing him again. He was in full power bottom/pillow princess mode.

How was Eugene supposed to argue with that?

“Well shit- okay baby fuck”, he ripped the remnants of the condom off, fisted his cock and stroking it some before pushing himself back inside. Jadarius let out a filthy sob as he was filled to the brim. He couldn’t ignore how different it felt without the latex between them. He could feel every vein of his thick cock; how his mushroom tip pressed against the most precious parts of him. He felt impossibly closer to his childhood friend as he was buried so deeply inside of him.

“Fuck you feel so good!“, Eugene hissed under his breath with his head tossed back, tongue peeking out to wet his lips, “so good”, he panted, beads of sweat gathering above his brow, “s- so tight and hot!” He adjusted his hold on his hips, gripping the flesh between his fingers, “Gonna fuck you so hard!” Jadarius felt otherworldly around him. He didn’t think it would be long before came from the sheer tightness.

Jadarius whined sweetly at the threat. He clenched around him in a way that made him curse behind him, “W- want that...want you to fuck me man”, he begged, spreading his legs farther apart, “Give it to me!”

The headboard slammed against the wall viciously as the both raced to their peaks. Eugene gripped his ass in a painful grip, spreading his cheeks and sliding in deeper and deep. The man under him arched his back into the feeling of his cock, his thrusts becoming more erratic now.

“A- are you cl- close?”, Eugene panted, feeling himself growing closer to his peak, heat rushing throughout his body in waves as dented his friends insides without nor a care or regard.

“Fuck! Ah ah, sh- shit! Y- yeah, I- I- I’m so cl- close! So fucking close!”, at this point, Jadarius was a babbling mess with labored breathes, feeling his legs quivering and his arms burning from the position they had been in for so long. The alcohol was wearing off, sobriety rearing it’s head and the effects of their activities on his body rearing its head. His joint ached, his back aching from the deep arch Eugene was fucking and keeping him pinned in. He could even feel the effects of his stumble earlier that night but the pleasure was the only feeling he cared for.

Eugene smirked, growing smug at the realization that he had his friend getting dicked down ten ways to Sunday and he seemed to love every second of it too. He wanted Jadarius to enjoy it more.

He pulled himself back up onto his knees, drawing one hand away from where it was currently gripping his waist and reached it around to grasp his cock. Jadarius’ body jerked violently as his rough hand grasped his cock, releasing a noise that resembled a dying animal as he aligned his strokes and thrusts.

It wasn’t a good hand-job given the position and Eugene being more occupied on trying to fuck a baby into his drunk friend, still it seemed to be more than enough for Jadarius. He let out a muffled a cry into the sheets as he clenched around him, his legs and arms shaking being to shake as he reached his peak. It took just a few more hard thrusts on before he let out a long groan.

Jadarius’ eyes rolled back as he bit the pillow and Eugene suddenly the wetness under him and on his hand. He made him cum. He couldn’t help but smirk as he resumed his thrusting, Jadarius laying pliant and fucked out in bliss, content with letting Eugene cum despite his building sensitivity.

That is why Jadarius was shocked when Eugene suddenly stopped. He paused behind him, eyes low and glazed as he looked at his sweat damp back and ass. He knew exactly what he wanted to do with that ass and he was sure Jadarius would not object. “I’mma finish on you”, he grunted out, waiting a moment for a possible objection, when he didn’t receive one, he took hold of his waist again and began fucking into Jadarius like a mad man. Jadarius could only lay there, meals and whines falling from his lips as Eugene reached his peak, his soft cock still leaking against his soiled pillow and bedsheet.

Eugene suddenly pulled out and came on his back and ass with a guttural moan, painting his ebony canvas with thick white ropes of cum. He grunted deeply as he tried to breath as he continued to cum load after load. Jadarius groaned, his cum hot on his warm skin. When he was drained to the last drop, only then did Eugene collapses beside him.

The only thing that could be heard for minutes was their labored breathing, both attempting to bring their heartbeats back to normal, the alcohol buzz more of a distant thought after their fuck fest. Both silently swore to not say a word about what had just occurred, laying in their post coitus haze.

Eugene was the first to recover, sitting up and glancing back at Jadarius’ dark frame, “I should get a rag or something to get this up, huh?“, he gruffed, rubbing his half lidded eyes.

Jadarius didn’t even attempt to sit up, “Yeah, you should do that.” With the way his ass felt right now, he had bigger things to worry about then his coffee table.

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