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Dirty Little Secret (Intersex!)

Kameron was minding his own business walking through the campuses library when he was yanked down one of the high back aisles and pushed against a hard surface.

“Bruh are you crazy, what the hell, Quentin?!“, he yelled at the blonde, trying to force his way out of his hold. He damn near gave him a fucking heart attack.

Quentin didn’t seem fazed by his words, leaning in close, his lips barely grazing his cheek. “I know your secret, pretty boy”, he whispered, cupping his crotch in his hands, causing him to jolt at the aggressive action.

Still he tried to play it cool, taking a deep breath,“W- wha-...what are you t- talking about?“, Kameron asked in his most calm and confused voice.

The blonde only chuckled at him, shaking his head,“Baby stop playing dumb”, he replied, leaning in closer until Kameron could feel his breath on his ear,“I know you’re intersex”

No-one could mistake Kameron’s gasp of shock,“Yeah, busted”

Kameron’s eyes were immediately flooded with tears,“Qu- Quen”, he whimpered shaking his head frantically,“please don’t hurt me! Please!”

Quentin’s smirk fell to to ground at that, replaced with a frown,“I would neva hurt you Kam”, he promised strongly. For some reason Kameron believed him as he looked in those eyes. He had no reason not to.

Quentin pulled back from him and for a moment he’d missed the contact,“Now get back to class, I don’t want you getting in trouble, okay?“, he ordered softly, leading him out of the dark corner.

“O...okay”, Kameron hiccupped, wiping his tears, he couldn’t go to class like this.

As he turned to leave, a voice stopped him,“Hey”, Quentin grabbed his arm, making him turn around,“Meet me after your last class”, the blonde told him before kissing his lips, pulling away with a grin,“bye, Kammy”

He stood their in shock, trying to figure out what had just happened

* * * * * *

All day Kameron was thinking about ditching the rest of his classes, packing up his shit and never coming back. Fuck college and the people in it.

He just couldn’t believe that he had found out. He wasn’t ashamed of who he was, but he knew other people had differing opinions. Kameron had tried so hard to make sure no one found out the truth. Ever since he was little, his momma made sure he knew to be careful. He had avoided making friends, cautious that someone would find out...until now.

Kameron packed up his supplies extra slow while everyone else filed out of the room, waiting 5 minutes before exiting himself. He was hoping to avoid this conversation; maybe Quentin would think he left early

Sadly, Quinten noticed him immediately when he walked out. The large blonde smiled before pushing himself up off the wall and walked over. Kameron kept his eyes on the ground, the shadow of Quinten’s large frame looming over him,“Hey”

“Hi”, Kameron gave him an awkward smile, digging his hands into his pockets. They both stood there for a moment, neither speaking until Kameron sneezed.

“Oh bless you”, the blonde offered nervously,“I you a hot chocolate”, he rambled, offering him the cup in his right hand,“I know how much you hate coffee.“, he recounted smiling at him once again.

Kameron took it gladly, taking in the scent of chocolate before taking a long sip.

“You maybe wanna come back to my place and talk about it?“, Kameron almost dropped his cup at those words,“I mean...we could do it here, I...uh... I ju- just d-don’t wanna risk anyone eavesdropping is all.“, Quentin rambled, his ears turning a scarlett red.

Kameron had found his flush cute in a way,“S- sure.“, he replied coyly making the other man smile as well.

* * * * * *

Kameron hated Quentin.

No, scratch that.

He hated walking beside Quentin.

Just imagine it; a 5"6 black boy walking next to this giant football player. Kameron looked like a highschool freshman standing next to him. It didn’t help that he couldn’t grow a beard either, so he just had to live with his baby face.

Still the walk wasn’t as awkward as you’d think. They had hung out outside of class before; both had similar course classes and went to the same cafe after class. The walk was full of casual conversation that helped to calm Kameron’s nerves.

He had thought that everything was going to be alright until they reached Quentin’s apartment. The second the door closed behind them, the blonde had him pressed up against it.

It was quiet for a moment, the only sound was the mingling of their breath, before the blonde spoke,“I’m gonna be a hundred percent honest with you, Kam.“, he whispered pressing him against the wall, not enough to hurt him, but enough to keep him there. Not that he would wanna leave such a great position. “I want you, I’ve wanted you since you showed up late and took that seat beside me at orientation.”

Kameron took a deep breath, mind running rampant at the tone of his voice. “And if it’s okay with you, I want you to be mine, not just a hook up or fuck buddy or any of that shit, but my baby boy or girl, whichever you prefer.“, he finished with a soft smile, looking at him with those emerald eyes.

‘Yep, these panties are ruined.’

He couldn’t believe what he had heard. It wasn’t everyday that your crush found out you were intersex and admitted that they wanted you.

He looked up at him with those deep honey eyes, before he spoke,“Baby boy is fine.“, he whispered, smiling up at him. Quentin let out a heavy breath and smiled wide from ear to ear.

Neither knew who made the first move, but their lips were locked.

Kameron moaned against his lips; he thought he tasted like caramel and mocha and he found himself hungering for it, granting his tongue entry. Not needed another invatation, Quentin deepened the kiss, reaching down to caress his soft hips and gripped his thighs before hoisting him up.

Kameron gasped tightening his arms around his neck as he carted him through his apartment still trying to kiss the life out of him. He lead them into a bedroom and over to a queen sized bed.

Quentin laid him down, hovering over his body. His hands found the end of his shirt and tugged it up and off his body and finishing with himself.

Ebony and Ivory skin pressed together. Quentin’s lips had made their way across his jaw and down his neck. Kameron squirmed as he assaulted his collarbone with bites and moved down his torso.

Once he got to his waistband, he suddenly froze, looking up at him,“May I?“, Quentin asked looking at him for 100% consent, and God he was gonna be the death of him! All sweet and caring and oh so sexy! Kameron nodded intensely, taking a deep breath as he pulled his pants completely off.

Kameron could feel his gaze moving over his body and couldn’t help but become self conscious, squeezing his eyes shut tight.

However, Quentin was at a loss for words. He was soft and smooth, a slender waist leading to wide hips and thick thighs. Quentin wondered why it took him so long to realize what was right in front of him.

“Hey.“, his soft voice spoke making him peek his eyes open, he didn’t even know he had closed them,“You’re beautiful, ya know that?”

The boy shook his head at him,“I’m a damn freak”, he muttered, tears welling in his eyes.

“Don’t ever say some shit like that.“, Quentin scolded, eyes a dark forest green,“You’re not a freak, you’re Kameron and I love all of you. I could give less of a fuck about what’s in between your legs.“, he finished, caressing his face.

Quentin suddenly grinned,“Well...“, he hooked his fingers on the hem before letting go with a snap,“except now, that is.”

Kameron’s heart was beating a hundred beats per minute as his knees were maneuvered over his broad shoulders.

Quentin was face to face with his embarrassingly dripping core, a thin piece of fabric being the only thing separating them. “Your so wet, baby.“, he teased, rubbing the bud with his thumb, watching him lurch at his touch,“Are you even gonna be able to take my cock? Have you eva’ taken a cock before, Kammy?”

He could barely respond with the overwhelming sensations racking through his body and his words- ′Oh God, he never spoke like that before’. Kameron shook his head,“Y- your- you’re the first person who’s seen me l- like like this.“, he admitted from behind his hand.

Then Quentin gave him a smirk that just made his core ache,“First and last to have your sweet little pussy.” Without warning, he dove in licking and sucking through his panties, stopping once to move the fabric to the side,“Hold on to my hair baby.“, he growled, guiding his hands onto his head before diving back in. He continued to suck, slurp and bite his dripping core, not caring about the reactions it caused.

Kameron’s toes curled as his tongue worked itself into his cunt, “F- fu- fuck!“, he chanted over and over again like a pray.

Quentin growled in aggravation, his panties once again interrupting his menstrations. Having enough of the offensive garment, he ripped them from his body with little to no effort at all before resuming his task. This allowed him to reach parts inside of him that his tongue couldn’t have reached before and soon Kameron was feeling a strange contracting of his lower abdomen.

“Q- Quen! I- I h- have ta pee!“, Kameron whined, trying to shift away only to be pinned down by his thighs,“Pl- p- ple- please st- st- (Oh shit)!“, he let out a nerve-racking sob, back arching off the bed and closer to Quentin’s tongue which was still working him through his orgasm.

Quentin didn’t pull away until Kameron had completely rode through the aftershocks of his orgasm, looking just as wrecked as the latter. He couldn’t believe he had gotten to watch Kameron come apart on his tongue.

It was hot as fuck.

The way his eyes rolled to the back of his head, mouth slacked as he threw his head back in ecstasy.

As if he couldn’t be anymore smug, Quentin smirked as he sucked his cum from his fingers. “Baby, you taste so good.“, he murmured against his thighs biting the sensitive flesh. The younger boy threw his arm over his head, face burning out of orgasmic bliss and embarrassment; he couldn’t believe he just let Quentin Lakely eat him out.

Kameron squirmed to cover his sensitive vagina, but it was difficult with a whole person in the way. Said person must’ve noticed his struggling, frowning up at him. “Don’t cover up baby”, he murmured pulling his smaller hands into his own and kissing them,“you have no reason to, you’re so fucking beautiful Kam, still can’t believe you said yes.”

Every part of him was perfect, those soft hips and thick thighs and taunt stomach. He was meant to be like this, to be with him. Quentin couldn’t helped but reach into his boxers, stroking himself as he looked him over.

He looked so fucking tantalizing. His legs spread wide as his pussy glistened with saliva and juices. The blonde sped up his motions, just imaging his dick enveloped in his warm wet hole.

Kameron couldn’t help but look on in amazement, his tongue subconsciously tracing his lips,“C- ca- can I help?“, he asked meekly, propping himself up slightly on his elbows. The blonde didn’t stop the flicking of his wrists, grinning at his shyness,“You’re doing more than enough, baby”, he promised with a small laugh before grunted deeply.

Kameron groaned, shifting in his spot, body burning as he watched Quentin stroke himself. Soon, he began to imagine his hands back on his body, laying claim to his neck with his mouth. He blushed at the thought of his mouth on him like it was before.

Kameron was pulled from his fantasy when he grabbed his calf’s, pulling him onto his back. “Ah”, he squeaked before he was silenced by Quentin’s lips. He kissed back with ernest.

His experienced tongue entered his mouth, licking at his shyer one,“So addictive”, he muttered, grinding against his pussy. The friction making both of them moan, his pussy juices helping in the glide. Kameron buried his head in a pillow,“Shit! You’re so big and hard”, he whimpered out. God he sounded like a fucking porn star.

The blonde grabbed his cheeks, pulling their mouths together, swallowing his sweet little moans. His tongue dominated his mouth, parting only when the need for air was met.

Kameron looked at him with hazy eyes, his teeth digging into his bottom lip,“Que- Quen- Q....I- I want it, ple- please”, he begged, the ache between his thighs become almost painful. He wanted more. He wanted that Quentin could give him.

“Are you sure, Kameron? I’m not gonna pressure you.”

He shook his head,“Nah, I want it, want you”, as he spoke, his fingers drifted back to his center, rubbing against his soaked clit. Kameron threw his head back at the sensations coursing through his body. Of course he had never done it before, but if it was with Quentin he wouldn’t mind one bit.

With a single kiss to his lips, the blonde got up, pulling off his boxers completely before returning. “Come on baby”, he got onto his back beside him, placing a pillow underhead,“You’re in charge.”

Pushing aside his nervousness, he swung his leg over his lap, placing his hands on his chest. It was an unfamiliar position for him, but he wanted to seem appealing to him.

With a kiss to his lips, Quentin lined up his shaft before giving Kameron the cue to lowering himself. It was dead silent between them as his swollen head pushed inside his pussy barrier, only broken by a sob falling from Kameron’s lips.

“I- I don’t think it’s gonna fit”, the younger man begged, tears gathering behind his eyes. “It’s okay baby, you got this”, Quentin coached, squeezing his sides in reassurance. He carefully rolled his hips upward, whincing at the pain as he pushed himself to take more and more of him down.

Once their hips were pressed flush against one another, Kameron let out a shuddered breath that he didn’t realise he was holding. He was so full, to the point that it was on the brink of painful and pleasurable. It was just overwhelming.

Before he knew it, he was cumming and cumming. It was as if he lost all control of his bodily functions; going slack in his arms.

The whole time, Quinten’s hips never ceased, his hips rolling into his. Kameron was far too inexperienced to ride him to orgasm, his hips already aching. He collapsed against his chest, allowing Quentin to take complete control, moaning into the flesh of his shoulder.

“So good Kammy, just amazing taking me like this.”

“You and me baby, you got that?”

Soon he was picking up pace, cursing into the crick of Kameron’s neck,“Fuck! Bet you neva even had a finger in here?“, Quinten moaned, gripping and pulling his cheeks apart,“Couldn’t have, just so tight!“, he praised aloud. Kameron only blushed, a mewl hitching in his throat at a particularly sharp thrust.

It wasn’t long before Quentin was cumming with a cry of Kameron’s name. He could feel his warm seed filling the condom inside of him. He carded his fingers through his blonde hair as he came down from his high, panted against Kameron’s chest. Not that he minded, it felt more intimate, being able to return the favor.

Kameron looked down at the small puddles of dried blood on his thighs and the sheets and Quentin noticed as well,“Looks like we made a mess”, he joked, getting up from the bed, careful not to cause Kameron further discomfort,“Brb”, he walked to the connecting bathroom and Kameron covered his eyes at the sight of his butt. He heard the sound of water running before Quentin came back,“Okay, bath time Kammy.”

He was careful when picking him up, kissing his face repeatedly. He was so good for him. Kameron frowned, trying to avoid the pecks,“Bruh, stop it.“, he squirmed, whining tiredly only for Quentin to chuckle placing them both in the tub.

“Nah, Imma kiss you all I want, when I want.”

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