Addictive Chocolate n' Vanilla (BMWM)

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Touch Starved and Dick Starved Too

“I need some dick”, Freddie moaned, with his head thrown back.

Neither of his siblings seemed particularly fazed by his behavior. ” “So that’s why you’ve been acting like an asshole lately; been missing your dick appointments.“, his brother Marquis teased, drinking his beer.

Freddie pouted,“I’m serious mane; we used to fuck all the time, 9 times a week at least!“, he exclaimed loudly earning looks from the other diners. Did he give a fuck? No, not particularly.

Marquis frowned at his brother,“No offense, man, but I’m not exactly hyped to hear about my little brother getting fucked.”

Valarie glared at the older man,“How often do you guys have sex now?“, she asked her baby brother.

Freddie’s frown deepened before he buried his head in his arms. “Murtymo grays”, he mumbled into his arms. Marquis looked at his sister with a shrug, earning one inturn before turning back to the sad man,“What was that?”

Freddie facepalmed, realizing that he would actually have to say it out loud. He looked around cautiously; he didn’t want anybody to hear him. He sighed,“It’s been 34 days”, he whispered only loud enough for them to hear.

Valerie spit out her sweet tea, before wiping her mouth off,”34!?”, she exclaimed loud enough for Canada to hear.

“Yes, 34”, he hissed quietly, ducking down in his seat, embarrassed by her outburst.

Marquis looked at Valerie with his top lip curled. Nasty ass. “That’s a whole month and some days! How did you let that happen?“, he asked, going back to the issue at hand.

“Man, it’s not my fault”, Freddie swore,“he ain’t ever home and when he is, nigga in his office.“, he explained, pulling a long face. Freddie would slave all evening cooking up romantic meals for them and getting all fine for Preston only for him to be disappointed in the end. Literally, every time without fail, Preston would call him saying he wouldn’t be home or someone would call and take his attention away.

Valerie was quiet for a moment before speaking,“Do you think he’s cheating, Freddie?“, she didn’t wanna plant that idea in his head, but that’s usually what’s going on in situations like this.

“Oh (hell) nah! You think I’m slow?“, he exclaimed shaking his head, before continuing his rant,“I followed him to work and everything, nothing, he just works all the damn time.”

“Well what do you expect being married to The Preston Ames, The King of Construction and Architecture”, she mocked in her “white” voice.

“Dick.“, Marquis deadpanned with a straight face,“He expects dick.“, he replied simply.

“See! Marquis gets it!“, Freddie fist bumped his brother, taking a sip from his glass,“besides that Construction King shit don’t matter, we were together before that shit.” He sloached over in his seat as the waitress come over, sitting a green and yellow margarita on the table.

The siblings looked at one another before looking at the girl,“Um I’m sorry, we didn’t order this”, Marquis told her shaking his head.

“It’s for him”, she pointed at Freddrick,“from that man over there”, she nodded over to an older white man sitting in a corner booth by himself. The man smirked at him before pointing downward, his other hand down his pants. He brought his hand back up, licking something from his fingers.

Freddie’s eyes went wide, shaking his head, disgust written across his face,“Nope.“, he simply declared, getting up moving out the booth, jacket in hand,“Yo, can I get the check!?”

* * * * * *

“A guy hit on me at lunch today.“, Freddie sent over his food as they sat at the table for dinner that night. “He bought me a margarita and had the waiter send it over”

“Did you take it?“, Preston asked over his wine glass, seemingly unperturbed by what he was told.

“What tha fuck do I look like doing that?! He could’ve drugged me!?”

Preston only smiled at his flabbergasted husband before returning to his meal.

Later that night, Freddie exited their connecting bathroom, his briefs hanging low on his hips. He sauntered over to their King sized bed going to his husbands side of the bed.

He threw his leg over his lap, straddling her seductively. Preston hummed at the surprise, placing his hands on his hips,“Someone’s in a good mood”, he murmured against his lips, pecking them softly.

Freddie nodded,“Mhmm, a giving mood”, he pressed his lips against his again, tracing the seam of his lips before sliding into his mouth. Preston returned the kiss happily, wrapping an arm around his slender waist and bringing him closer to him. Freddie moved down to his neck, grinding against him, moaning at the delicious friction. Just as things were getting really heated, the impossible happened.



The phone was ringing, Preston’s fucking phone was ringing.

Freddie refused to let that defer him, continuing his sucking and biting even as Preston shifted under him and then-

“Preston Ames, speaking”, he answered as he continued kissing his neck. He would’ve preferred to have all of Preston’s attention, but this was better than nothing. It wasn’t until Preston suddenly perked up, that Freddie realized he was fucked,“Yes?“, Preston responded into the phone.

‘Shit I ain’t even got to work yet.’

“You’re calling about the floor plans?” The man sat up, pushing Freddie off of him,“Yeah, I can talk now.” The black man scoffed, looking at his husband like he was insane. ‘Is he fucking serious?!’ Freddie groaned, earning a shush from Preston as he climbed out the bed.

“Yes, I wanted the first 4 levels done no later than Wednesday....They’ve had 10 weeks to do that....I’ll call Sinclair and talk to him about the remodels and....“, his voice faded as he left the large bedroom, more than likely going to his office on the lower level.

Freddie picked up his jaw and threw himself into his pillow, screaming into the cushion. Here he was all prepped and ready with nothing to show for it. Ain’t that a bitch.

* * * * * *

“That’s it, I’m gonna buy a dildo!”

“I thought Preston got rid of all of them after you got married?”

“That was when I was getting dick 24/7. I mean like, why buy milk when you already have a cow at home!?”

* * * * * *

Freddie muttered curse words to him as he adjusted his suit jacket, smoothing out his pants as well. Preston had some banquet type thing to attend tonight and seeing as he was his husband, the ebony man had to come as well much to his chagrin.

It’s not like he hated the events perse, he enjoyed the events sometimes, but at the moment he preferred to be buried under his comforter like he had been. He had gotten a new toy the other day, but it had not been getting the job done. So not only was he tired, bored and aggravated, but he was even more sexually frustrated than before.

Freddie quickly checked his emotions at the door, a warm smile on his face. ‘Let’s get this shit over with so I can go to bed’, he thought, waving back at some people he knew and at a few people he didn’t.

As time went by with them talking to his colleagues and another people present; everything had seemed to be going well, boring but well. Freddie had found away to hold his tongue, discreetly collecting three glasses of champagne through the night.

After about another half hour with only a faint buzz to show for it, his husband was still working his social skill magic on all that attended.

Preston suddenly leaned in close to him,“I’ll be right back, babe”, he whispered before pecking him on the cheek and walking off to tend to his own devices. Freddie didn’t know if he wanted to slap him across the face or sit on it.

Almost immediately after he had left, a man had appeared before him. He was tall and tan with slicked back hair.

“Good evening, I’m James and you are?“, he held out his hand, a perfect smile on his face.

Freddie saw no reason to not return the kindness,“Frederick, Frederick Ames.” Many people knew him because of his husband, so this man must’ve been new to the area or a guest. Still he needed to treat Preston’s possible future business partners with the upmost respect, at least as long as they returned the courtesy.

James hummed, glancing down at Freddie’s hand,“I see a ring, but no husband”, he noted, now closing his hand around his, his thumb rubbing against the back of his hand in an almost loving manner. Freddie frowned at this, looking at the man to find him smirking at him,“I’ll have you know, I’m very good company.”

Freddie, knowing better than to make a scene in front of all these people, did the proper thing and immediately retracted his hand. With a distasteful look and a shake of his head, he turned on his heels without another word. He could not believe what that bastard had tried to insure with him - a (married) man. He might be upset with Preston but he was still his husband.

Needing to get away from all these madness -his husband, that guy, everything- he headed over to the bar.

He sat down on a stool, no one around him safe for a couple sitting at the far end of the bar and an approaching tender. “Grey goose vodka”, he muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose, feeling a migraine coming on.

“Not having a good time?“, the young man asked him, cleaning a glass with a rag.

Freddie sat up on his elbows,“You can tell?“, he replied with a small smile, not entirely upset with having at least half decent company.

The worker chuckled at his sarcasm,“Yeah, I get it”, he said, staring him straight in the eyes. “I have a break coming up”, he suddenly announced and Freddie could already tell where this was going,“We could go somewhere more private?“, he suggested,“have our own good time.”

The smirk on his face made Freddie wanna throw the drink he had yet to receive in his face. ”Or you can just get me my drink and leave me alone”, he suggested blankly, waving his hand dismissively, his wedding band glistening in the light. The smirk fell from the younger man’s face and Freddie didn’t know if he wanted to laugh at him or pity him.

He walked away, going to prepare his drink and hopefully find someone who won’t reject him. Freddie was left alone to tend to himself when Preston appeared behind him suddenly, his lips pressed together in a thin line.

“We’re leaving. Now”

Before Freddie could question his husband’s coldness, he had grabbed him by the arm and yanked him out of his seat.

He was slightly embarrassed as a few people stared as he was being pulled along the path in which they came. He wanted to flip them off, but thought against it. Preston was already upset for some reason, he didn’t wanna give him anything else.

The darker man waited until they were outside to prod at the issue,“Preston, what the hells wrong with you, dragging me out of there like you my momma or something”, her complain, hissing at the tight grip he had on him.

“Yo momma would’ve beat yo ass in front of all them folks for acting like a whore with your husband there”, Preston seethed, bitterly before turning back to continue his stride,“You fast ass should be grateful.”

Freddie frowned to himself in confusion before realizing what he was talking about. (‘He’s mad about those two men that came onto me’), he realized. Still that didn’t explain why he was mad at him. It also took him another moment for Preston’s other words sunk in. ‘Acting like a whore? Fast? Who in the hell did he think he was to call me out my name like that?’

Freddie began to jerk in his hold, wanting to call him on his shit right there,“Nigga, you got me six different types of fucked up!“, the black man exploded suddenly, yanking his arm away. Thankfully, the parking lot was empty save for them; this had been a long time coming.

Preston pulled off his glasses, pinching the bridge of his noise in annoyance,“Fredrick, I’m not doing this, get your black ass in the damn car!“, he gritted out, his hands on his hips projecting an air of impatience and aggravation.

It was as if he thought (he) was at fault and acting out. Freddie balled his fists tightly, glaring at the side of his husbands head. He was fuming,“Fuck you!”

The words echoed throughout the parking lot; Freddie heard it and he knows he did too. Preston froze in his spot, before slowly turning around,“What was that?” He couldn’t have heard him properly, that had to be it.

Freddie took a shaky breath, fighting to calm his heartbeat,“You heard me loud and clear, Preston”, he spat, backing away from him,“You wanna be all in yo feelings cause somebody else giving me attention when yo ass can’t even give me the time of day?”

He could tell his husband didn’t see where he was coming from, eyebrow raised and forehead crinkled. With the way he’d been acting, Freddie wasn’t shocked at all. “I might go back in there? Who knows, maybe finally getting some dick from someone will help me figure out what the fuck my problem is!”

With that, Freddie turned on his back towards the banquet hall. He wasn’t actually gonna fuck anyone, but he had no issue with taking advantage of the open bar though.

He had only walked about 3 feet before he was roughly spun around to face his visibly exasperated husband. Preston grabbed him by the chin, gripping his jaw tightly in his hand,“I said; get your ass in the the fucking car“, he growled.

He had never sounded like this before and Freddie couldn’t help but obey. He didn’t argue when Preston pulled him to the car once again, opening the door, as if daring him to disobey him again.

With that, Preston got in the car and sped away from the building.

* * * * * *

The car ride was silent as they pulled up to their house. Preston got out of the car slamming the door behind him. Freddie jumped at the sound, fear streaking through his body when his door was violently yanked open. He took hold of his arm, dragging him into their home and slamming the door shut after them.

Once they got upstairs to their master bedroom, Freddie knew that he was really in for it; whatever it would be. He could only watch as his husband paced back and forth across the room; fear bubbling under his skin. He almost jumped out of his skin when Preston finally looked at him, his blue eyes clouded over.

“Get on your knees”

Freddie was taken aback by the demand,“What?”

“Get on your knees”, he demanded in a harsher tone, undoing his belt as he spoke,“I’m not gonna say it again, Fredrick.”

He used his first name; he was definitely in for. Not wanting to make matters even worse for himself, he got down onto his knees, looking up at Preston with pleading eyes. The least he could ask for now was mercy although he didn’t really see that happening.

Preston met his gaze with strict dark eyes before reaching for his belt and undoing the buckle before unzipping his slacks. He didn’t push the material down instead just reaching into his boxers and pulling out his cock.

It hit hit stomach with a heavy slap and Frederick practically winced at the impact. He was rock hard, his tip a dark pink and his balls heavy between his legs.

Frederick didn’t have much time to admire the appendage as Preston grabbed a handful of his hair, making him cry out.

The blonde shoved his cock in his open mouth and straight away started to fuck his mouth. Freddie gagged, pushing at his hips,“You know what to do; relax your damn throat and take it.”

“Yes daddy”, he said immediately, but with his mouth full it just sounded like mumbling. Freddie folded his hands behind his back, allowing Preston to do whatever he pleased.

He used his mouth like a fleshlight until Frederick felt like her he would either suffocate or break his jaw as he repeatedly buried himself in his throat.

It was as if time stood still as he was on his knees, not even aware of the pain in his knees. The only thing he knew was the musky scent of him and nothing else. Just Preston.

He thrusted became sloppy after a while and soon a bitter liquid enveloped his mouth. When he tried to come off, he only gripped his hair tighter, keeping him in place.


Freddie did as told, swallowing around his cock, cum dripping from the corner of his mouth. Once deciding he was done, Preston released his hair allowing him to breath. He gasped for air, his lungs still burning as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

However, Preston was far from finished. He yanked him onto his feet and spun him around, pushing him on the bed. He bent him over the mattress, pushing his pants down to his ankles, leaving him in his jockies from the waist down.

Freddie jumped feeling his cold hands on his ass, prying his cheeks apart in a painful grip. Preston growled at his tight little pucker, spitting on his hole as lubricant.

He smacked his ass making him whine. “Always keeping this body so nice for me”, he muttered, biting his lip at the sight of his twitching pucker.

The chocolate man choked on his tongue when he throbbed inside him. Fuck; it had been so long that Freddie forgot how much this shit hurt, his ass searing at the stretch.

Preston reveled in the trembling frame he had so easily reduced him to. He was better himself; he was clenching around him fiercely and his loud pants feeling his ear. He nudged his knees farther apart and adjusted his grip,“Hold on tight.”

With that, he begins to take him apart, each savage, pounding thrust peeling away layer after layer of everything that that Freddie was.

Freddie can’t speak, swear or scream or moan – being reduced to biting the mattress as silent screams left his lips. He hadn’t said a word, but his throat had torn raw. He just laid there praying for a mercy he would be lucky enough to recieve; completely giving in to his dominance.

When he is able to form close to coherent words, the only sounds that escape him are the sounds that he wrenches out of him; hoarse, helpless, mindless sounds that each brutal thrust of his cock into my arse forces it. I retain no awareness of myself anymore – I’m nothing.

He loses all sense of time or direction; the only thing he knows is the pain and the pleasure and the man who is giving it to him. He hardly registers it when Preston’ assualt ceases before he is removing himself, on them brink of gently to make sure he didn’t cause serious pain.

He moved back, standing up properly,“Get up”, he grumbled through a rough voice.

Freddie straightened himself, biting back a hiss at the pain in his lower half. Oh he was gonna be in for a treat tomorrow and Preston did not look one bit apologetic about what he’d done, in fact he looked like he wasn’t finished as all.


Freddie did as told, pushing his underwear down and stepping out the clothes that pooled at his feet. He struggled with the buttons of his shirt, his hands shaking too much to even undo one. Preston took this as disobedience, surging forward and ripping the shirt open, the buttons landing all over the room.

“Face down, ass up with your hands behind your back”, he growled, his patience no longer present and Freddie made sure to make haste, trying to calm his breathing as he got into position.

He pressed his chest to the mattress, clasping his hand together on his lower back. He teetered anxiously on his knees as he tried to calm his frantic heartbeat only for his back to arch when Preston shoved himself back inside him without warning.

“Sh- shit!”

Preston took his wrists in one hand, bringing the other down in his ass cheek with a heavy ‘slap’. Freddie cried out at the stinging pain, his eyes watering. He didn’t know how much longer he could take it? Forget breaking him in half; he was gonna leave in shattered pieces by the time he was done.

“What were you saying earlier?“, Preston growled, pumping his hips into his,“what were saying about getting some dick?”

“Uh I- uh ah!“, Freddie struggled to answer; the last thing he was able to do was right now was hold a conversation.

Preston draped his body over his back, his mouth pressed to her left ear,“Giving you what you’ve been begging for”, he purred, chewing on the cartilage,“Bet they wouldn’t even come close to pleasing you like this; not that damn waiter or that James”, he spat harshly, sitting back up and smacking his ass.

When Preston released him, Freddie’s hands immediately went to the sheets, grappling for any type of purchase as he tried to support himself. His back bowed as throaty sounds were forced from his body.

“That’s right, baby, arch your back for me”, he pushed up his shirt, tracing the grooves of Freddie’s spine with his hand, throwing his head back with a groan,“Fuck!”

Freddie fell onto his face, no longer able to support himself, hiding his head in the comforter. Preston pulled his legs out from under him and got back ontop of him, pinning his wrists down as he fucked him.

Preston snapped his hips to no rhythm but his own. He enjoyed in the feeling of his walls constricting around him, so tight and hot.

Freddie couldn’t even remember what had led them here; it was hard when he was trying to hit the back of his throat with his dick. He spread his legs farther apart, urging him to get even deeper inside,“Give it to me daddy! F- fuck yes yes yes!”

His prodding was rewarded with a large hand pressing into the back of his neck,“You want more? That’s what you want?“, Preston growled, slapping his ass once again.

“Y- yes! Want you to give it all to me!”, Freddie begged, hissing at the continuous swatting.

Preston suddenly pulled out, flipping him onto his back and hooks his knees over his shoulders. He shoved himself back inside, the new angle making Freddie cry out,“Fuck!”

His nails scratched against his forearms, trying to find anyway to brace himself to reality as he was pounded into another dimension.

Their proximity changing something inside him and he couldn’t help but smile at his lovers determined expression.

Freddie cried out at an especially pointed thrust and Preston stuffed his tongue into his mouth, swallowing every sound he produced.

He moaned against his mouth, cupping the sides of Preston’s head to further deepen the kiss. Beneath all the anger and lust was a love and compassion that made Freddie’s toes curl.

He spread his lips, sucking his tongue into his mouth. He melted under his large body, his own completely his for the taking. All he knew was daddy daddy daddy and nothing else.

Preston adjusts his hold, releasing his legs from the awkward angle and grabbed his waist, pistoning into him until stars burst in his vision.

Suddenly, as if he had been sacked by a pile of bricks, all the air had been sucked out his body. His body had gone stoic as he had began to cum and it seemed to never end. His body jerked violently and without warning, consciousness drifted out of his grasp and the world went blank.

* * * * * *

All Freddie could hear was white noise around him, his eye lids were heavy as he curled into the bedspread. He could already feel the slight ache beginning to form under his skin. He would be feeling all of this tomorrow.

He felt movement on the bed and he was gently rolled onto his stomach. He grumbled quietly at the ache, but relaxed once again, bringing his left leg up to his chest. He ignored Preston as he kept moving on the bed, his hands back on his ass before moving away.

Freddie tensed suddenly, hissing as a foreign object was forced through his sensitive rim. Preston pulled back, marveling at his handy work, planting a light slap to his lover’s ass,“Wanna keep you loose and full of my cum for when I fuck you again later.”

Freddie’s eyes damn near bulged out of his head,“L- L- lat- ater?” His fucked-out brain struggled to process his words.

Preston smirked at his dazed state of mind, running his hand through Freddie’s short hair,“I’m afraid you won’t be getting any sleep tonight, Freddie; we got a lot of catching up to do.”

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