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A Bump In The Road To Satisfaction

The first thing that fell from Ryan’s lips when he woke was a groan. Taking in his surroundings, he realized his husband was grinding against his now hard cock. He could hear the small sounds of frustration escaping his lips and couldn’t help but snicker.

“Somebody’s in the mood again?“, he asked, snuggling into his husband’s neck, rocking against him softly. He was not at all surprised by his late night antics; in fact he had become used to it and made light of it.

Jerwin curled his lip at him,“Mane, don’t say it like I’m some hormone monster or some shit. This is yo fault remember?“, he snarled rubbing his large belly. He was over 7 1/2 months, but he looked ready to pop.

While other people were in the weird food craving stage, Jerwin was just craving dick. He had gotten off riding his fingers just hours ago and God only knows what he wanted now.

Ryan propped himself up, looking at his husband,“Okay, so how do you wanna do this?” He was never one to deny his husband’s sexual needs, pregnant or not.

Jerwin had taken his husbands hand and guided it down to his bare hip,“Want you to hit it from the back.“, he said, grinding back on his growing erection.

Ryan sighed, already knowing that would be his suggestion. “You and I both know we’re not gonna be able to do that.” They had been advised (multiple) times to avoid doggy style since it would put unwanted pressure on the baby. Ryan wasn’t even gonna bring up the alternative doggy style position. They had tried it before, but it hadn’t worked out; Jerwin couldn’t hold up the weight for long periods of time and he would get really bad cramps as a result.

“What about like this, just hitch my leg up?“, he demonstrated, lifting his right leg up with his arm.

Ryan shook his head,“Literally everytime, we get so into it that you end up on your knees so I can get deeper.” He could clearly remember all the times he’d ended up fucking Jerwin into the mattress only to pay for it later. Their last scare had been caused by ‘spoon fucking’ and they didn’t wanna risk anything at this stage.

At this point, Jerwin had gotten annoyed, pouting into his pillow as he tried to ignore his hard dick. He wanted to fucking cry, but he refused to let his hormones get the best of him; then they wouldn’t be having sex period.

Ryan continued scrolling through the websites,“You can ride me?“, he suggested. Jerwin didn’t respond verbally, instead awkwardly rolling over so he could look at him. Ryan was not surprised by the face his husband made at him in the slightest. He knew how he felt about that position.

Jerwin hated riding, pregnant or not. The angle was awful and he was just bad at it, in general. Now that he had the extra weight, his center of gravity would be thrown off and it would possibly suck 10 times more.

Seeing no more options on the website, Ryan turned his phone off, putting it back on the nightstand,“That is literally our only option at this point”

Jerwin weighed his options, well technically if he wanted an orgasm he only had one option. Ryan held up three fingers. ‘’

“Okay, let’s do it”, Jerwin huffed as he tried to sit up without success. He cursed his giant stomach as he took his husbands offered hands, ignoring his smug face in the darkness as he got on top of him.

Jerwin took a breath as he lowered himself onto his husbands cock. Once fully seated, he paused, taking in the feeling of being impaled on his dick. He was definitely deeper in this position, he could feel him in his stomach. Not wanting to waste anymore time, he began to rock his hips up and down.

“Wait, wait a sec”, Ryan said, holding his husband’s hips in place. Jerwin had groaned, but made no move to continue. The brunette reached out blindly in the dark, feeling around for his nightstand. Finally finding the switch to his lamp, he’d flipped it, filling the room with a warm white glow. The darker man hissed, covering his eyes from the sudden brightness.

Ryan smiled at his pouting lover, “Wanna watch you ride me like this.” Jerwin rolled his eyes, reaching over his head to grasp the headboard as he started to slowly rise and fall.

Ryan bit his lip, swearing roughly under his breath as Jerwin squeezed around him. He always felt so good wrapped around his dick. He watched with unbridled desire as he rode him, large belly taunt as he chased after his own pleasure. He trailed his hands up his soft hips over round caramel skin to his bandue bra and pulled it down causing his swollen breasts to spill from their constraint.

They were perky and round, sitting high above his belly. Ryan cupped both breasts in his hands. They were so heavy, full to feed their baby. He gave them a firm squeeze, making Jerwin toss his head back.

His breasts were probably his favorite addition to his baby momma’s body. They were so sensitive. He could play with his nipples and make him cum at least 4 times.

His thumbs barely brushed over the buds and Jerwin’s back arched, his cum shooting along to expansion of Ryan’s stomach. The clenching of his walls led Ryan to reach his peak soon after and filling him to the brim.

Jerwin panted breathlessly, resting against Ryan as he tried to come back down. The brunette whispered words of encouragement in his ear, rubbing his stomach lovingly,“It’s all right, baby, deep breathes”, he coached, kissing his shoulder.

Ryan was careful when rolling his husband off of him and onto the bed before going to the bathroom. He soon returned with a warm rag to clean them both. As he spread his legs, Jerwin let out the most adorable little sounds while he cleaned him, his expression utterly blissed out as he cleaned his opening.

After throwing the rag in the laundry hamper, Ryan slid a clean pair of underwear on and climbed back into bed. His arms immediately found Jerwin’s body, pulling him to nuzzle against him and place a kiss to his forehead,


Jerwin nodded, eyes drooping low,“Mmh, thanks”, he pecked his lips lazily before rolling over back over. They both drifted off to sleep, both there hands cradling Jerwin’s belly.

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