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Class Reunion

Jerome sat at the bar, drink in hand as he looked around at his old classmates. It was the class of ’05s 15 year reunion.

He hadn’t gone to the last one and he couldn’t remember why he had even come this time. It wasn’t that bad though. He had caught up with a few old friends, but he also ran into some assholes who seemed to have never grown out of their teenage behavior.

Turning back to the bar and ordered another glass of wine, nursing his drink. He couldn’t wait til this was over. He would stay for another hour but after that he would turn in.

“Jerome is that you?”

Hearing his name, the brown skinned man looked around to see a white man standing at the far end of the bar. As he approached, Jerome began to recognize the short brown hair and masculine features,“Terrence?“, he realized as he stopped beside him.

The man smiled wide,“Yeah man its me”, he told him, pulling him into a hug, clapping him on the shoulder before pulling back.

Jerome was smiling so hard his cheeks hurt. Yeah, this was their class reunion, but he hadn’t expected to see him there. “God man, it’s been a while.”

“Yeah it has”, Terrence agreed, taking the seat beside him,“God, you look great man”, he said, looking him over once, dragging his eyes up his frame.

The darker man smiled wide,“You too man”, he said, returning the compliment. He couldn’t help thinking about what he meant by that, but brushed it off. Maybe he just looked really good tonight?

After that, a moment of silence fell over the two as they both sipped from their drinks.

“I talked to Riley earlier”, Jerome said breaking the silence,“I see you guys are still going strong.” Terrence and Riley were the “it” couple of Haywood High. They were like Bradgelina; just perfect in every way. Boys and girls were jealous of them. Hell they were King and Queen for both Homecoming and Prom.

He didn’t notice Terrence tense up,“Actually we’re separated”, the brunette admitted, forcing himself to look at him. He twirled the dark liquid around in his glass before taking a large gulp of it,“filed for a divorce about 10 months ago.”

Jerome’s face sunk,“I’m sorry man, I didn’t know”, Riley was just bragging about how in love they were; telling everyone that they were planning on starting a family next year and all the white picket fences.

Terrence put a comforting hand on his old friends shoulder,“It’s fine, I didn’t expect you too”, he dismissed giving him a teasing nudge,“You know Riley; it would be a nightmare if people found out her life wasn’t ‘perfect in every shape, form and fashion’.” He recanted with a bored expression. He truly did regret marrying her after school and wasting all that time.

He took another swig of his drink,“But enough about me, tell me about you?“, he questioned, redirecting the focus onto Terrence,“Mr. Right not come along?“, he asked with a raised brow.

Jerome had come out his third year of college, so it was nice to know that although they lost contact, Terrence had looked for him after they graduated highschool.

He couldn’t help the smile that took residence on his face,“Nah, man”, he shook his head,“ya know how it is”, he trailed off awkwardly, taking a long swig of his drink.

It was strange sitting in front of the guy who had unknowingly made you realize you were gay and having a conversation about your relationship status. They had been friends since sophomore year when they played football. They were super close friends, but they would speak to one another and hangout after practice on occasion. A small part of Jerome always wished Terrence would tell him that he was attracted to him as well, but even then he knew it would never happen.

Jerome was flinched when he felt a firm hand planted on his thigh. He froze mid sip, looking down at the hand, following the limb back to its owner to find Terrence smirking at him. “Don’t worry, someone’s out there for ya”, he told him, subtly moving his hand up and down his leg.

He didn’t push his hand away instead shooting at him a suspicious look,“You coming onto me right now?“, he asked in disbelief. His brain refused to put two and two together. Terrence couldn’t be flirting with him right now; just couldn’t be. Could he?

“Do you really need to ask?“, he challenged with a raised dark brow.

Jerome didn’t know how to respond to that, shrugging his shoulders in a final attempt to communicate after freezing,“Didn’t know you played for the same team”, he admitted sheepishly. A small piece of him wanted to believe this was some kind of joke at his expense.

“Actually I play for both”, Terrence corrected, leaning forward to prop his head up on his hand.

Jerome felt like he was short circuiting with all this new information. Terrence was not only a single man, but he was also attracted to him; coming onto him more than just vaguely. He needed a moment to take this all in.

Jerome coughed awkwardly under his gaze,“G- G- Gotta use the uh bathroom”, he said, standing up from his seat suddenly, causing his hand to fall off,“I’ll only be a minute”, he told him before quick walking away; his heartbeat in his ears. He glanced back only to see Terrence watching him as he walked away.

* * * * * *

Jerome sighed as he slapped some water onto his face, expecting to wake up from his lucid dream. This couldn’t be real, just couldn’t be, but here he was.

Just as he finished washing his hands, he turned up to see Terrence standing behind him. He jumped at his sudden appearance and next thing he knew he had slammed against the wall, pressing his lips to his.

He gasped in surprise before his tongue pried its way into his mouth. It didn’t take long for him to get over his shock and melting into the kiss. His hands went up around his broad neck while his went around his back, pulling him impossibly closer.

Terrence gripped his hips, grounding his crotch into his. Jerome gasped as the pleasure coursed through his body. This was the last thing he expected to be doing tonight.

“Can’t wait to fuck that tight little hole of yours”, Terrence grunted against his lips, palming his asscheek in his hand, reveling in the sounds he caused. “My cars out front”, he panted, wanting nothing more than to get to a bed so he could fuck him like he always wanted to.

“Why wait?“, Jerome answered, drawing back and away from his mouth,“I have a room, 9th floor.” When he was booking his room, it was more for convenience than anything. He wasn’t expecting to take anyone back with him, but he wasn’t mad about it. Not at all.

Terrence smirked before planting a final fiery kiss on his lips and moving away, leaving Jerome breathless,“Lead the way”, he instructed, making way for him to pass.

Jerome gulped before moving forward, jumping when his ass was cupped and then squeezed roughly in Terrence’s hand.

The darker man grabbed the door handle before glancing back at his soon to be lover,“You uh, you gonna fix that?“, he asked, pointing at his bulge pressed tightly against the front of his pants. If they were gonna ask like nothing happened in here, he’d need to tuck his anaconda down his pants leg or something.

Terrence made no move to adjust his obvious and large bulge; fifteen years later and he still had no shame in his game.

They walked through the sea of people, trying not to draw attention to themselves or what they were about to go do. Jerome didn’t even know he was holding his breath until they had finally exited the ball room.

He jumped when he felt his hand on his lower back as they walked through the lobby. He could feel Terrence’s heated gaze on the side of his head and as nervous as he was, he couldn’t ignore the adrenaline rush this had caused.

They made their way over to the elevator and Jerome pressed the button waiting for the door to open. His body tensed when he felt Terrence’s breath on the back of his neck.

“You’re so tense, just relax”, he whispered, placing a kiss on the shell of his ear.

Jerome bit down on his bottom lip to muffle his moan, melting against his body as his soft spot was assualted. When the elevator finally opened, they parted and entered to find it empty.

The second the elevator doors closed, Jerome was pressed against the wall, teeth digging into his neck. He hooked his leg around his hip, gripping his ass in his hands as the rocked their hips together.

They parted when the doors opened and Jerome led the way to his room. His hands shook as he fumbled to pull out his key card and putting it in the scanner. The second he got the door open, he was pushed inside, the door locking behind him.

* * * * * *

The hotel room was filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin. The headboard banged against the wall violently as Terrence drilled into highschool classmate without abandon.

Jerome could only sit there as Terrence took him on the ride of his life. His head was already swimming from the alcohol and the concussion he would no doubly receive from Terrence’s relentless fucking wasn’t helping his case. He was seeing colors he didn’t even know existed.

He gripped Jerome’s hips like vice, slamming deep inside of him in what he saw as an attempt at rearranging his guts.

Terrence hadn’t wasted anytime once they were finally alone. He had Jerome pressed against the wall as he pulled into a fiery kiss that let him completely breathless. He wasted no time ridding himself of his starch slacks and shirt before reducing the ebony man to the same. Now Jerome was on his knee, planted face first in the mattress being used from behind like a human fleshlight .

His lungs felt as if they were filled with fire, every bit of air he sucked in being forced from his body the next moment.

Jerome couldn’t help but think about the show they were giving the next room over as Terrence wrung another groan from his body. He moaned, fisting the sheets so hard he yanked them off the corners of the bed to expose the white mattress.

His neck craned back to let out a cry,“Terrence!”

He screwed his eyes shut at the sting on his ass,“Yeah, that’s right baby”, he landed another heavy hand on his ass,“Say my name, fuck J.”

He snapped his hip forward more forcefully, putting his thighs on the inside of his legs and forced his legs to spread farther apart to sink even deeper inside of him.

His cock forced an embarrassingly whiney sounds from Jerome’s lips as he reached out with a shaking arm to plant his hand on the headboard and scrap his short nails down the polished wood.

“Terr- ah”, he wheezed, clenching his eyes shut tight. He panted heavily, shaking his head back and forth. He was too deep. Too fucking deep.

“Almost there baby”, he responded, continuing to pound into his trembling body. He stopped before leaning down to press his stomach to the arch of his back,“Come on baby, one more time?“, he hissed, licking and sucking on the shell of his ear.

Jerome titled his head to allow him to continue his assault on his throat. He inhaled deeply, holding it in for a moment before releasing it. He nodded weakly, head swimming with pleasure,“O- oka-... mhm”, he moaned when he rolled his hips inside him.

Terrence shifted behind him again, one had secured on the headboard while the other gripped his hip. The new angle allowed for him to hit his prostate with perfect precision

He bit down on the pillow to muffle his sounds; he wouldn’t make it very long if he kept this up. He was already splitting at the seams and Terrence was making it his mission to break him apart.

He ass clamped around his meaty cock and with a guttural moan, Terrence was pushed over the edge, cumming inside his warm body.

Jerome choked on a sob, biting down on the pillow as he spilt against the sheets. His walls clamped around Terrence’s cock, milking him of all his warm seed.

Thoroughly drained, he fell forward into the mattress on jelly-filled legs, bringing Terrence down on top of him. He twitched feeling his dick shoot another spurt of cum inside of him. He couldn’t breathe for a moment, trying to come back down from his second orgasm.

Terrence panted against his nape, burning his wet skin with his breath. Their bodies were melded together with sweat. He wetted his dry lips with his tongue, leaving a trail of kisses up Jerome’s back and to his shoulder blade, biting it playfully.

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