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I'll Bring You Breakfast in Bed

The suns rays shined through the window’s blinds, demanding the inhabitants to wake up. However, this was not what had woken Forest up in the first place.

He looked down and he wasn’t surprised to find a growing lump under the sheets.


He tended to have this affliction on a more than average period of time. He would wake up and needed to bury himself inside Roux; in his mouth or in his hand if his hole was not up for the challenge. Roux would often joke about his lovers seemingly insatiable stamina and sexual appetite.

Still, this was the last thing he needed right now; what they both needed right now. They had just had sex last night, so he wasn’t exactly prepared to have morning wood. He cursed to him, lowering his voice when Roux shifted against where he was cuddled against him.

Forest held his breath until he drifted back into the depts of sleep, pressing his back closer to his warm body. Soon, he found himself just staring at his sleeping lover.

His dark lashes fanning out over his cheek. His noise crinkled slightly before relaxing again as he slept. His full lips parted slightly to release soft snores. His ebony skin glowed against the morning light. He made for a heavenly sight.

A little farther down, he noticed the dark flesh on his neck, dark purple spots from where Forest sucked and bit the night before. He continued his examination, following the trail of bruises farther down. The sheets were also pooled a little ways past his hips revealing the soft skin of his bruised torso down to the deep cut of his v-line.

Forest had to gulp as he stared at the top half of his buttcrack before disappearing under the sheets. His ebony skinned glowed against the morning light. He made for a heavenly sight at dawn.

‘How did I get so lucky to have this vision in my arms?’

A throbbing suddenly reminded Forest of the very issue which had woken him up in the first place. He glanced back down at the tent in the bedspread, the sheet straining over his stiffening length.

He was painfully hard, hissing at the throbbing between his legs. He didn’t think he had ever been this hard in his life.

His mind couldn’t help but paint images of Roux’s mouth around his dick, lips stretched around him as he swallowed him down. His tongue darting out to swirl around his tip and Forest had to squeeze his rod to relieve the tension.

It was then Forest realized what he was gonna have to do. He was going to have to wake Roux up.

“Baby? Ro?“, he started softly, waiting for him to react. When he didn’t, he tried again before tapping lightly on his arm.

Roux mumbled something incoherent and he slowly began to ruse from his slumber. He rolled over onto his stomach, throwing his right arm over his chest before going back to bed.

Forest was more than happy to get better look at his beautiful face, but that wasn’t what he was supposed to do. He snuggled into his neck, making Forest freeze before he tossed his leg over his waist. Forest had to bite back a sound as his thick thigh brushed against his dick.

“Baby?“, he tried again only to receive no response,“Roux?”

“Hm?“, he muttered quietly, eyes still closed.


“Wha?”, he answered, raising his head slighty, his brain a little more awake now.

“I have a-“, he paused, glancing at his bulge,“I have a lil’ problem”, he told him, watching his face for any reaction.

“M’kay, so?”, Roux didn’t see where he was going with this. He’d rather be sleeping than dealing with The Riddler over here.

“Think you- think you can help me out?“, he whispered softly against his ear,“Huh?”

Roux huffed, moving to burrow farther into his neck,“Hel’ yo self Fowist, ’m tired”, he muttered, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Baby please“, Forest begged sincerely, biting down on his bottom lip. He needed it.

It was quiet for a moment before Roux made a sound of exasperation, lifting his head to reveal his half closed eyes,“Fine, wha’ is it?“, he snapped in a low raspy voice, rubbing his eyes with his fist.

Following Forest’s gaze, he looked own at the obvious boner standing tall where the sheets pooled at his waist. There it was, all intimidating and rock hard like a flag pole.

“Really Forest, seriously?“, he shot him an ‘are you serious right now?’ look before burying his head back in his crook from before. Fuck that; he would much rather sleep than deal with Forest’s “little problem” right now.

“Please baby”, he begged, running his hand up and down his back.

Roux huffed, pressing his forehead to his chest in annoyance,“I’m still sore from last night.” Forest had been less than gentle; being particularly primal as he fucked Roux until the only sounds that fell from his lips were broken fragments of his name. By the time he had wrung a final orgasm out of him, Roux had no cum left in him. It was a rough and hard night in more ways than one.

Forest sympathized for him, guilt apparent even through his arousal,“I know, I’m sorry”, he knew he was probably hoping that he would be able to fully recover today, so the last thing he expected was for him to have another one in him right now.

He pecked his shoulder blade, his lips then trailing up the juncture where his neck and collar connected. “Please baby, I need you”, he murmured rocking into his side, sending heat throughout his body, but it wasn’t enough. He needed Roux and he needed him more than he had needed him before.

Roux moaned as his affection, tilting his head farther back for more,“You owe me one Forest”, he muttered against his arm.

Before he knew it Roux had wrapped his hand around his cock. His hips rose off the bed at the feeling of his soft hand grasping his length.

His hips bucked in his fist.

“You’re gonna clean me out with your tongue”, he told him lazily, kissing along he cheek and jawline,“lick out all the cum you put in me”, he flicked his wrist, his own length growing solid against his thigh.

“Then you’re gonna go make me eggs and bacon for breakfast”, he trailed his lips down his chest, sucking his nipple into his mouth.

“Ofcourse baby”, Forest panted, arching his back into his hot mouth,“a- anything you want f- fuck!" He continued to rut into his hand,“God!”

Roux’s hand moved up and down his shaft, licking his palm and using his precome as lubricant. He sped up his motions, flicking his wrists in a way that he knew drove him crazy.

Forest grabbed his wrist, stopping him,“Roll over baby”, he ordered in a rough voice, his tongue wetting his dry lips.

Roux knew what those words entailed and he couldn’t help but get hard at the unspoken promise. He pecked his lips one final time before drawing back,“Make it good, mister”, he told him before tossing back the sheets and rolling onto his back at a slanted angle.

Forest huffed out a laugh shifting closer to him, his hands on his hips. He then aligned his cock head up with his hole before pressed forward. His tip caught on his rim and he was suddenly enveloped in his tight heat.

Roux sucked in a deep breath at the breach. He was still aching from last night. Forest lifted his leg up higher, sliding even more of himself inside with relative ease. “Still loose”, he noted, smiling against his lips.

“No shi-“, his words were cut off with a whimper, as he slid in deeper. He gripped the pillow in his fist as he worked to keep his breathing level. His legs were already starting to shake at the feeling.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle”, Forest promised, pressing a kiss to his temple before putting his arm around his neck and cupping his cheek, kissing him properly on the lips.

Roux gladly accepted the kiss, parting his lips to meet his tongue. As their tongues entangled, Forest slightly drew his hips away before pushing back inside. His head dragged against his walls as he did so making Roux toes curl, panting hotly against his lovers mouth.

When only his tip was left inside he pushed forward, burying himself back inside his heat. His grip on his thigh tightened as he repeatedly fucked into him, hitching his leg up even higher to get impossibly deeper.

Roux panted into his mouth, keening at the sharp stabs to his sensitive prostate. He fisted his pillow, burying his mouth in the flesh of his arm.

Forest kept pumping in and out slowly; looking intently at his face for any signs of discomfort. When Roux arch his back onto his cock, he took it as an invitation to up the ante. His promises of gentleness going out the window as he drove his tip deep into his hole.

Roux was panting a panting mess, biting down on his pillow as cries of his name were forced out of his body. The pain had vanished, replaced with a pleasure they took over every one of his senses.

He reached back to knot his fingers in his short grey hair,“Shit, right there; right there!”

Forest pulled out, rolling Roux onto his back and grabbing his legs before pushing them up to align his dick with his hole before burying himself inside him once more.

Roux head fell back, his empty hole happily sucking him back inside. “Fuck Forest”, he whined, screwing his eyes shut tight,“please I’m almost there”, his dick twitched against his stomach, dripping precome along his chest as he stabbed his prostate,“G- God!”

Roux felt completely boneless, only able to spread his legs farther apart to let the man above him to continue pounding into him. A few deep strokes later, he felt his body seize up before he felt the first spurts of warm cum shoot out his coat.

“God Forest!“, he mumbled, eyes squeezed shut tight as he continued to drive his cock inside him.

It wasn’t long before Forest’s thrusts grew sloppy and he was once again painting his walls with his cum. Roux shuddered feeling the warm liquid filling him to the brim until he had drained him of every last drop.

Forest drew back from his throat, staring into his husbands eyes,“Baby”, he murmured, pressing kisses to his lips and cheeks. Roux was too good for him, honest to God. He was gonna have to throw in some blueberry pancakes for him too.

Once they had both calmed down enough, he rolled off of him, pulling out of him and leaving his ass clenching around nothing. Roux bit back a cry at the pain, clenching his fists. He was most definitely down for the count now.

Forest offered him a soft look, cupping his cheek gently in his hand. When he looked up at him, he offered him a weak smile. He chuckled, leaning down and pressing his lips back to his.

He moved to deepen the kiss, but Roux pushed him away. “No no no”, he shook his head dizzily, eyes closed,“You. Breakfast. Now.” He pointed at the door and shooed him off.

With a mumbled “are you kidding me?” Forest got out of the bed, pulling on some briefs and heading downstairs as promised.

Roux peeked a closed eyed to watch him leave,“Love you”, he called out to his exiting husband.

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