you never loved me, did you?

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"you enjoy this more than you should" "maybe i do, its your fault either way you know?" sometimes things dont go the way we want or rather the way we especially wish for them to be. ace likes to dream, to belive he was loved just the way he fell for the tall, adorable boy. but was it actually him ace has these feelings for or a healthier more loving illusion he so desparatly hoped for?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

soft sweet lips collided with mine the second i closed my eyes. moving in sync, a rhythm maybe i tasted and devoured the pair of lips on mine. not wanting to let go of the feeing just yet i lean in more, kissed harder, moved my body closer while a hand sneaked onto the nape of my neck. this was the sign i needed, the sign that gave me permission to continue. smiling wild a surprising cold took over my face the second the warmth of lips and tongue was gone. staring into those eyes i kept grinning wider and wider. the eyes which held so many special memories, the feeling of hiraeth whenever i drown in this ocean of color. this simple color which i subconsciously started associating with passion and care although i wasn’t shown too much of either.
“you enjoy this more than you should” a grin stared growing on the face in front of me which only made mine grow wider. we were similar to stupid love drunk teenagers yet i liked it.

looking away i wanted to come up with a sassy response to hide how flustered i actually was. this made me think about how true these words actually were. i did enjoy this way more than i should and i knew i was hoping for something i would never receive, i was seeking for something only in my imagination possible. i was feeling all those warm and pleasant feelings but the longer i thought about them the more i realized i was rather hoping then actually getting to experience them. none of this will last including me being forgotten so i might as well enjoy this while it lasts.

“maybe i do” i turn back around along with a this time rather challenging expression drawn onto my face. receiving a soft chuckle i straddle the lap i have been wanting to. perhaps being bold did turn out more beneficial aside from being in control.

“its your fault either way you know?” starring from eyes to lips and back up again i notice my gaze falling again. to tell the truth i missed the warmth but right now i wouldn’t admit that. sudden confidence taking over me as ideas started roaming through my head making my hand move to the jaw opposite of me. it wasn’t sharp, rather soft and squishy yet i loved it the way it was. nevertheless i was kinda surprised considering i was never responsible for our passion.

“bold now are we?” a smirk danced onto the lips i desperately wanted to kiss again however i continued to keep the game up. it was somehow entertaining knowing that pride was the only thing keeping this conversation from the make out session both of us craved.
“yeah what about it?” i lean closer the pair of lips while letting go if the jaw still letting my fingers gaze over the skin.

“to be honest i quite like it” surprised i looked back up into the mesmerizing eyes. was this the moment i was supposed to do something dominant? before i could continue my train of thoughts a tight grip around my neck took me back to reality.
“unfortunately i am in charge here though. and you should be knowing that best.” gripping tighter i closed my eyes enjoying the lack of air and the feeling of submission. it was ridiculous thinking i could be the leading one but trying was worth it.

“look at me” i opened my eyes slowly. it wasn’t humiliating but embarrassing to say the least. after trying so hard to take the upper hand i am back in the place i usually am. this time i wasnt because i wanted to, i was put in my place but i couldn’t decide if i liked this more or not.

“not so tough now are we?” i looked down again. i wanted to continue our play fight however not wanting to risk too much i decided to play along. shaking my head the best i could i looked back up. the gaze i saw so much love in has darkened to a cage of desire. searching for the passion would be a waste of time, i was hopeful and probably naive nevertheless i wasn’t dumb.

“you might even get what you want if you’re this good for me” getting pulled closer by the grip around my throat i finally drowned in the warmth and soft feeling of kissing again. the sudden action making me moan into the other mouth; i felt the confidence back again. i moaned again, this time louder so in case the vibration wouldn’t be enough it could also be heard. our lips were parted again
“did i make you this horny?” the words were coated in a mocking tone of pity making me snap back to reality.

i grabbed their jaw rather forcefully, kissing and inserting my tongue.

“fuck“ it was cut of when a tongue joined me tasting the familiar mouth. none of this was new to us in fact we did this way to often considering we shouldn’t in the first place yet i was feeling better than ever.

the hand from my throat started loosing force and turned into a rather soft stroke before placing itself on my neck brushing my hair softly. as i moaned again i started grinding down hoping my slow movements would go unnoticed i realized i wouldn’t be able to keep it like that. my body felt too good for me to keep it simple. i liked to think we weren’t the ones to be easy. anything we did was questionable although we knew we weren’t supposed to do certain things we just shrugged it off and kept it secret if needed. i could feel the storm of consequences coming up but knowing it was worth the desire I’m currently fulfilling it meant nothing. hell, the world meant nothing if i could trade it fir this feeling.

it was almost funny how i knew id be forgotten or replaced still id give the world to relive any of our moments again. without hesitating id do anything for just another kiss not caring about how less i actually meant to the person in front of me.
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