Ride 'Em Cowboy (BWWM)

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Gigi has alternative motives for going back to Hayden's hometown for college break. This is a mature story and you have been warned. Please do not report my work.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“I still can’t believe you’re comin’ back ta Dallas with me.”

Gigi snorted, glancing up at the 6"4 blonde beside her,“I don’t know why, yo ass invited me.” She laughed when Hayden gave her a playful shove, sending her into the path of another stranger. “Stop bein’ a smart ass, Ginny”, Hayden laughed,“I’m just excited ta let ya see my hometown is all.”

Hayden and Gigi met their freshman year of college in Statistics. Hayden had asked her about their class syllabus and they had been friends since. The bold black girl and the country strong boy next door; they were in separable.

Now they were in their third year and Spring Break was coming up. Hayden had taken it upon himself to invite her to spend Spring Break on his families ranch in Texas and she agreed -after promising that there will be other black people in Texas.

“I’m excited too”, she admitted, bumping shoulders with him,“gonna be a lone ranger on tha’ open road to tha’ dirty south”, Gigi mocked in a country accent,“Ya think I’ll start sayin’ y’all n’ darn it?”

Hayden rolled his blue eyes at her,“Haha, very funny”, he snorted at her usual teasing about his southern charms,“and ya won’t be a lone ranger, ma’am”, he corrected, thick arm wrapping around her shoulder,“ya got me”

* * * * * *

Normal POV

They had both gone back to Gigi’s dorm room since Hayden had clothes over at all times.

Gigi had just gotten off the phone with Domino’s when she had exited the bathroom, going back to her room. She carelessly pushed open her door to see a fully butt naked Hayden standing beside her bed.

“Oh my gosh Hayden!“, she screamed, covering her eyes, “What tha fuck!?“, she cursed blindly. She was grateful her roommate already left for break.

“What’s tha problem?“, Hayden asked casually and Keke hesitated to open her eyes, grateful to see some sweatpants now around his waist.

“I don’t wanna see yo dick, dude.“, she chastised, shoving past him. They usually warned each other when they were changing, but by someway or other, someone always ended up walking in on the other.

“Nothin’ wrong with it, we’re friends right?“, Hayden joked, playfully shoving her side as he walked past her.

Gigi bite her lip, let out a breath of relief once she knew he had left the room. ‘If I play my cards right this weekend, we’ll be more than that.’

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