Ride 'Em Cowboy (BWWM)

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Saddle Up

Hayden loved riding. It was probably his favorite past time; the breeze blowing against his face, the feel of the earth vibrating under him. It made him feel as if he had no worries or concerns.

However, this was probably one of the most uncomfortable and stressful rides of his life. All because Ronnie’s galloping forced Gigi to bounce, and that led to her practically grinding against him the entire ride. Hayden could feel himself getting hard and only prayed she didn’t. For a moment, he believed she was doing it on purpose, but brushed the thought away.

‘It’s probably just all the movement. Don’t fuck things up Hayden.’

If that were the case, Gigi would’ve stopped when they came to a halt at the meadow, but she only continued to rotate her hips against as they took in the scenery.

Gigi decided it was time to take things up a knotch; she smirked pressing her ass blatantly against his erection. She realized she had to be direct so that no miscommunication came about. Gigi looked over her shoulder, seeing Haydens jaw lock in her perverbial vision,“Is that a horseshoe in yo pocket or is today just my lucky day?“, she teased with a smirk tugging on her lips.

She couldn’t see it, but Hayden’s eyes where a dark blue, staring into the back of her head,“What do ya think”, he deadpanned, hoisting her up into his lap, her thighs over his own. Gigi gasped as she felt him against her clothed crotch. Hayden had no shame in his game and with what she was feeling, he didn’t need to.

After that, Hayden had turned Ronnie around, riding back to the house. The ride was silent save for the steady clambering of Ronnie’s hooves. Gigi’s heart beat out of her chest as Hayden kept his erection pressed flush against her rear end, as if wanting her to know what she had done to him and how he would return the favor.

Hayden quietly guided Ronnie back to the stables. Once inside, he jumped off and lead Ronnie back into his stall before helping Gigi down.

He pulled her down, but instead of placing her on the ground, he’d kept his hold on her thighs making her wrap her legs around his waist. The young woman was surprised by the action,“What do you think you’re doing?“, she questioned as they began to move outside.

“You know good and damn well what I wanna do, Ginny.“, he growled leaning in close, his breath against her face. Gigi thought he smelled like pine and syrup.

“Maybe I don’t”, she countered bravely, pressing her breasts against him. At this point, it was a competition to see who would give in first. “Maybe I wanna hear you say it”, she continued playfully,“make sure we’re on the same page.”

The ebony girl gasped as she was suddenly pressed against the cold metal of the barn stall. She hadn’t seen it coming at all, but she wasn’t mad at all. The way his muscles bulged as he kept her pinned between his body and the worn metal made her wet.

“I’m gonna take ya back to tha house an’ fuck ya like I always wanted to.” She bit back a moan at how the words rolled from his lips, his accent making the words all the more dirtier.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Gigi bucked against him, her hands going into his hair,“Well what are ya waitin’ for? Saddle up buckaroo.”

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