Ride 'Em Cowboy (BWWM)

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Ride Til You Can't No More

nowing they wouldn’t make up the stairs, Hayden led them to the livingroom, lowering Keke onto the couch. He broke the kiss, drawing back to pull off his shirt, kicking off his boots as well.

Gigi could only watch, marveling at the sight of country strong muscle, toned from years of farm work and hard labor. He quickly undid his belt buckle and pulled everything down in on go; Gigi didn’t even know that she had held her breath until everything hit the floor.

Gigi was at a loss for words at the sight before her,“So everything is bigger in Texas, huh?“, she awed, unbashfully staring at his large dick. This was the second horse she’d seen today; he was long and fat, veins running along the sides up to a large red tip. ‘It should be illegal to be a grower and a showwer! Damn!’

Gigi was starting to think she wasn’t as ready for this as she thought.

She was pulled from her panic by Hayden’s deep laughter,“Don’t tell me your backin’ out on me now, dollface?“, he mocked, standing there in all his glory, as if he didn’t have a shotgun between his legs. Gigi closed her mouth, growling at his stupid smile and got up, pushing him onto the couch. Hayden didn’t get up, instead sitting comfortably, hungry eyes on her.

‘Yeah, all eyes on me, white boi.’

First, Gigi threw off her hat, slowly pulling off her shirt and then her shorts. She stood there a moment for Hayden to take it in. Sure, they had accidentally walked in on eachother multiple times over the years, but now they were both able to enjoy what they saw fully. And they did.

She slowly made her way back over to him, straddling his lap, cowboy boots pressed against the sides of his thighs. “I knew you weren’t wearing panties”, Hayden teased, wrapping his arms around her bare waist. Gigi just rolled her eyes at his statement, sitting on his bare lap, arms wrapping around his neck.

She traced the seam of his lips with her tongue, wanting to gain entry. Hayden pressed his lips tightly together only to hiss when she yanked his hair back. She smiled at the opening, sliding her tongue into his mouth to caress his own. Gigi pulled away, heart beating loudly in her chest, his shaft now poking against her belly. “You ready for the ride of a lifetime, cowboy?”

Hayden didn’t answer, capturing her soft lips in his again. His tongue snuck into her mouth, exploring the new crevice, before pulling his hand away to move it to his cock, pumping it. “Show me what ya got”, he challenged smugly. Using his free hand, he removed his hat and placed it on her head. Gigi smiled at the new accessory and took his dick in her hand, rubbing his head against her lips. She was soaking wet, her juices immediately coating his tip.

The awkward angle put her breast right infront of his face. Never one to be tempted, Hayden leaned forward and bit down on her pierced nipple startling her. His tongue continued to lap at the cool studs before sucking them into his mouth.

They were both breathless as her tight walls clinched around him, swallowing down inch after glorious inch. Once he was fully inside, Gigi pressed her forehead to his, panting against his mouth. Discomfort knitted in her brows as she began to circle her hips to better adjust. She tossed her head back and wheezed before coming back to latch onto his body.

“Fuck”, Gigi muttered through swollen lips,“all in my guts, Hay.” She keened into his touch, his hips rolling against her own.

With Hayden’s hands to support her, she started to rise. She pulled off until only the tip of his dick was inside before dropping down suddenly on his manhood. He grunted at the feeling of her walls squeezing around him

Soon they had built up a rhythm; Hayden would meet her bounces with thrust of his own. Gigi moaned as shwrode him like a horse without a saddle; her thighs burned and her hips ached in the best of ways.

He nudged her off, motioning for her to turn over for him. Gigi took a moment to catch her breath, her legs still shaking from his entry. She rolled onto her stomach, pushing her wet hair out of her face as she got on her knees. Gigi looked back at him with clouded eyes, wiggling her hips as if to taunt the young bull.

Hayden shifted behind her, running a large hand up the curve of her spine,“My turn”, he smirked, smacking her ass before pushing himself back inside without warning. Gigi’s cheek instantly hit the cushion, a curse falling from her lips,“F- fuck!” He was even deeper in this position, thrusting into her without restraint.

He continued at a brutal pace, using his brute strength to keep her in place.
She could feeling the ache in her hips. His tight grip on her waist and nonstop pounding was sure to leave a permanent dent on her insides. Gigi didn’t even try to muffle her sounds, profanities mixed with his name leaving her mouth.

“Gigi f- fuck, I’m almost there!”

“Don’t pull out, oh g- god!“, she choked out, one hand scratching at the couches leather, while the other gripped her breast. She didn’t want this to end: him deep inside her, but she could feel herself careening over the edge. Teary brown eyes slowly began to roll to the back of her head as her body trembled before suddenly going slack against the cushion.

She could only whimper softly as he came, feeling his warm seed flood her insides in waves. Hayden took his time to catch his breath, shifting on his knees to workout the pins and needles in his joints. He was careful when pulling himself from her velvet embrace, watching her face for any sign of discomfort.

Hayden chuckled at the sight of her passed out by his own hand, her soft snores leaving her lips. If he gave himself a pat on the back, then Gigi didn’t need to know that.

* * * * * *

When Gigi finally came to she was still on the couch, a blankets laid over her. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she wondered where in the hell Hayden went. ‘He fucked the shit outta me, won’t be horseback riding for a while.’ Her question was soon answered by approaching footsteps and there stood Hayden in a pair of boxers, in his hands a tray of food that made her mouth water at the smell.

“How you know I want breakfood?”

Hayden laughed at her jumbled english, sitting the tray down on the table,“a lucky guess, Gigi”, he pulled back her blanket, pulling her t-shirt clad body onto his lap. She didn’t know where it came from but she wasn’t complaining. She snuggling her head under his chin, making weak grabby hands for the plate.

“Okay, let’s get some grub in ya”

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