My one-sided Love

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If only she knew a night was all needed for her life to go from good to worse, she would never have stepped out of her house. If only someone had warned her not to cross his path she would never have served herself to him on a silver platter. Adah Malik did one mistake and it cost her a price she was not ready to pay. What was her mistake? She crossed her path with mysterious Aryan Abdullah. Aryan Abdullah, an aloof businessman, held power and money yet nothing seems to interest him. He enjoys facing death more than life but one night and one intruder changed him. She came into his life as a puzzle but soon she became his only restorative. He knew she was a walking disaster for him and she knew he was nothing but a danger yet that one night was enough to intertwine their fate.

Romance / Erotica
Anjaani R Sadek
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I stole a glance at John, who was whimpering on the floor as the hulk-looking guy who earlier slapped me was beating the life out of him. I stood at a safe distance from the leader of the gang. As if his radiating aura was not threatening enough, his tall frame against my smaller one made me gulp hard, and I had to raise my head to look at him. His strong arms could easily squeeze my throat in no time, fading the life out of my body.

His chiseled jawline and sharp nose, a face adorned by a smirk, and blackest orbs made him look like a devil incarnate— handsome devil.

“Here,” he passed me his gun, which I had to hold with my two hands. It was heavy, unlike the one they show in a movie. I looked at him with a question, what was I supposed to do holding his gun?

“Kill him.” The moment the words were out of his mouth, I dropped the gun in shock and took a back step.

“I will let you go if you kill him,” he was pointing towards John, who by now looked like he had seen the ghost on hearing his command.

“No,” I whispered and again took a back step.

“No?” The leader of the gang asked with disappointment. What was he disappointed about? That I couldn’t kill a living being?

“Tsk-tsk, and here I thought you wanted to leave,” he said with no remorse.

“I can’t,” I stuttered, earning the same devil smirk from him.

“Why?” he asked. Is he mad?

“It’s a sin,” I whispered. I was not a place to be angry at his absurd command. I flinched visibly when he let out a roar of laughter later joined by his men. I looked around and felt like a clown in a circus when they all were laughing at me. Have they lost their conscience? Aren’t they afraid of burning in hell for killing a living being?

I was still looking around when my glance fell on the leader who was walking towards me, and before I could step away, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer. I gasped seeing him so close to me and was struggling to move away from him; however, he had other plans. He turned me around abruptly, making me face John while he stood close from behind; my bareback felt the fabric of his white shirt.

“What will happen if you sinned?” he asked, leaning close to my ear. I wanted to get out of his hold, and it was when I felt his rough hand over my stomach pulling me closer to him that I froze in my place.

“Please,” I begged, closing my eyes, not caring for the tears falling rapidly now.

“I will tell you what will happen. If you sin,” he leaned closer before adding, “you burn in hell,” he said in my ear while his hot breath fanning my skin made me let out a whimper. I didn’t realize when he placed the gun in my hand, locking my fingers around it with his own, and raised it towards John.

“And this is hell.” Before I could stop him or pull my hand away, he pulled the trigger, followed by the gunshot, and I shut my eyes tightly.


I was enjoying every bit of her closeness, her reaction, and how her smooth skin felt against my hand. She didn’t realize I was caressing her stomach and was sniffing her hair while all she did was close her eyes and shudder in fear or maybe in guilt. I felt the same during my first time; however, that was the least of my concern. Her smell was intoxicating, and it was soothing the rage that could only subside with blood. What was she doing to me? I never felt like that in any woman’s presence. Even when I fuck I never let them touch me or even face me, but this woman, I felt the urge to stay close to her.

John grunted in pain that made her open her eyes, and she turned her face towards me in astonishment. I know she was still in a daze when she didn’t flinch to my lips brushing against hers.

“Please, don’t kill me,” she whispered in a barely audible voice, and I swear I would soon have a hard-on if she kept looking at me with her innocent grey eyes.

Did I say innocent? Innocent or not, I want to possess her tonight.

I saw her eyes going disoriented, and the next second she fell in my arms, unconscious. I caressed her reddened cheek while holding her by her waist.

“What’s her rate?” I asked even though I don’t need to.

“3 la—,” John couldn’t continue further, but I already got my answer. It was just to scare Adah that I made her shoot at John; she didn’t see I aimed at his shoulder. It intrigued me when she said it was a sin to kill someone, and I wanted to know how she would react thinking she sinned.

“Aslam, pay him 10 lakh, and from now on, she is mine.”

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