Age of Peace

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The events of this novel take place after the great war. Following the last battle, a peace was forged through pacts and understandings, it is a fickle alliance, and it is weakly kept together, yet it has allowed an age of peace to sweep across the continent. What has happened so far, let me tell you. Thomas Royce remains prisoner, Ann Royce rules her new kingdom and Ashley and Phil keep things together in Smithtown. But Ann and Thomas stories are but small roles to play, Joy, Henry and Robbie take center stage as our plot thickens. An evil man stirs in Smithtown, Joy is told something that changes her life, Robbie faces a hard truth and Henry learns to do what is necessary. There are old faces and new ones, this is the first installment of the Age of Peace series.

Romance / Horror
Preston Tucker
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Arthur Smith Point of view.

The fall day has been unproductive, one boring garden party, he was starving, the finger sandwiches offered at the event didn’t appeal to him, there is only a little bit of his special roast left, the meat he craves is very rare and difficult to procure, luckily, he has a line. They are on their way to get some more. His henchman Cyrus sits silently across from him, as they arrive in Huntington rain begins to fall, his carriage stops outside of a butcher shop. Entering the shop, he can smell what he desires.

“My Lord it is good to see you again.”

“Likewise, I would like another butt to roast.”

“I am sorry my Lord, that is out of stock.” The butcher replies.

“Don’t jerk me around, I can smell the meat.” Arthur snaps, he won’t be denied his meat.

“Those are just fried and battered fingers, they are from a mature heifer, plenty of meat but chewy.” Blast, an old woman wouldn’t be as tender. He didn’t know what else to do. He got the fingers and paid the butcher. The rain had stopped by the time he and Cyrus make it back to the carriage, Arthur wants to eat his meal, his driver pulls the carriage over at a nearby park, Arthur desires to stretch his legs, his henchman following behind. He takes a seat on a bench, he ate three fingers in a peaceful silence, there are ten, the white skin had been stripped, in truth, human fingers look like mozzarella sticks once battered and fried. All too soon, his meal is done. Getting up to throw out the basket of bones, Arthur’s attention is drawn to a playground, the sound of children laughing makes him move closer.

There are dozens of little children, judging by the clothes, these are common children. Something in a red jumper catches his attention, it is a little fat boy playing by himself, he is no older than ten. Arthur is hidden by a tall bush, he looks around at the mothers, among the chatty woman he spots a very large woman sitting by herself, her face is buried in a magazine.

“Cyrus.” Arthur whispers. “Bring that child to the construction site.” Looming in the distance is a shopping center being built.

Phil’s Point of View.

“Lord Inspector good to see you, given the circumstances.” Chief Duffy says.

The Monday morning sun shines off Duffy’s bald head. They are standing inside of a construction site near a park. “Duffy what do you have for me?”

“This way my Lord.” There are dozens of forensic scientists around, some are taking pictures of the crime scene. Near a large oil drum there has been a tent erected to keep the sun off the corpse.

“Victim was ten years old; his mother took him to that park on Saturday, an hour after they arrived, he went missing. The foreman found the boy naked tied to a drum.” Duffy hands Phil a picture of the boy as Phil ducks under the tent. He is shocked, the little boy in the picture is chunky, were as the corpse looks at appears to be barley human, it has nearly all the flesh stripped from his body, his gentiles are missing, his eyes and tongue had been ripped from his head.

Phil chokes back vomit as he leaves the side of the corpse seeing all he needs to. “Chief canvas the neighborhood with plain clothes officers, when the corpse gets to the morgue have them evaluate him immediately.”

“At once my Lord.” Chief Duffy answers, the man used to out rank Phil, that was until Phil was given the rank of Lord following the Great War. With the tasks like this one, he would give up the title in a heartbeat. Leaving the construction Phil wonders over to a group of reporters, they report for the dozen media outlets in Smithtown.

“Lord Inspector do we know who the victim is?” The question is from a professional dressed woman with brown hair, Phil has had many interviews with her before.

“We have identified a victim; however, we are keeping the details and identity concealed for the privacy of the family, I will brief the press when I have more information to share.”

Phil ignores the reporters chasing after him for follow up questions, a uniformed officer holds his horse and Phil mounts, he is disgusted by what he witnessed, it was almost like the boy was butchered like he was livestock, but why? Phil’s communication device on his belt goes off, he holds it to his ear and listens to the frantic voice speaking to him...

“Lord inspector we have found another body, a fishman in the bluff.”

“Rope off the scene I am on my way.” Phil is already riding his horse in the direction of the bluff, he increases speed and combined with a few short cuts, Phil is able to cover the ground he needs to in a short amount of time, the horse is winded as he slows once entering the hamlet, cottages are next to each other, they are all cute and organized, a few people mull about in their gardens, slowing Phil’s trot to a walk his horse pushes forward down the cobblestone street, moving closer to the wall he spots a man in blue police uniform waving his arm to signal Phil. Phil is moving toward a massive wall, the wall has its gate open, outside is a ramp where the tide from the sound comes in and out, on the right is short beach, the wall snakes along the coast line and continues out of Phil’s line of vision. Dismounting, the police officer who flagged him down holds the horse in place.

“I got your horse my lord, the chief is just down inside the bluff.”

The tide is very low, and it allows a set of stairs below it descends 20 feet, the tide would rise soon, a small concrete lip is at the foot of the stair, five officers in uniforms are huddled around a corpse.

The men hear him approaching.

“Lord Inspector, we have one male, 37 white with a multiple stab wound.” We will need the autopsy to confirm the time of death and full extent of injuries, but there is something we noticed. The corpse has a sheet over it, the officer removes it, Phil cringes seeing the genitals had been removed, the victim earlier had his genitals removed, could it be coincidence?

“Get him to the morgue.”

“Yes Lord.” The officer bows his head.

The entire day he ponders the case, back in his office, he pours over reports to see if there had been stabbing victims. On his computer he finds something, a cold case from twenty years ago. It features an article about a little girl who was kidnapped, all they found was her head. it washed up on short beach, they suspected that the head was tossed in the Nissequogue river but could never prove who did it. The report said stated eyewitnesses saw a tall man with a black mustache struggling with a child. He looks at the police sketch of the criminal, they never put the full profile together, Phil takes the sketch and walks over to cork board.

On the right side of the board is a picture of the boy, the other of the man. He would need to discover if there is a connection between the two. He would start with tracking down the details about the man. It says he was a longshoreman at the docks, Phil knows some people who might know something. Picking up his phone he waits for the call.

“Hello, Smithtown Shipping and Freight

“Hello, this is Lord Inspector Phil George. I am calling to speak with Adrian Dixon.”

“Hold on one moment Lord…

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