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Chapter One

“LULU! LULU!” he heard the shouting, but figuring it was something in his dream, Lucas kept his eyes shut and continued to sleep on into the day.

Seeing a toilet in his dream, he cheesed, the overwhelming feeling to piss taking over him. He was just about to aim his penis into the bowl when he heard someone shout in his ear before he felt liquid on him, and around him, soaking into his bedsheets and his clothing.

“I just know yo’ ass ain’t-!” he yelled popping up, curly hair sticking to his forehead as he turned to look at his fourteen-year-old sister, Laila, who stood beside his bed, a sheepish grin shown, her purple-colored braces, slightly getting caught on her lip.

A hand on her hip, she began to recite ‘exactly’ what her mother told her to: “Mama told me — to tell you — to wake yo’ lightskin ass the fuck up right muthafuckin’ now before she gets to whoopin’ off in yo’ dumb ass.”

“Get yo’ grown-ass out my fuckin’ room. You know she ain’t tell you to say all dem’ curse words,” he grumbled, wiping at his eyes before stretching his arms out to the sky.

“I sure the hell didn’t. Laila, get yo’ ass the hell downstairs. Cette putain de fille.” (that damn girl)

Lucas laughed as his mother began to cuss in french, a small, vanilla cupcake in her hand with a candle the shape of a nineteen.

“Maman, détends-toi. Est-ce pour moi?” (mama, chill-out. Is that for me?)

The woman paused her cursing and smiled. She was beautiful. Her skin tone was darker, more of a chocolate, cocoa brown. Her skin was dewy and although she was going on forty-nine, the women didn’t look a day over thirty. Her hair was long and curly, laying on her mid-back.

“Of course, mon amour,” she sweetly said, her tone quiet and nurturing as she gave the cupcake to her son before patting the pockets of her apron, huffing when she realized she forgot the lighter.

“Laila, bring me dat’ lighter dat’ be in da’ knife drawer!” she yelled downstairs, and not even a minute late, the teenage girl arrived with a lighter in hand.

She gently gave it to her mother before sitting on the other side of her older brother and watching her mother flick the knob. After two tries, the familiar orange and blue flame flicked out. She held the degree to the candle wax for a few moments, before smiling when the wick held the fire.

“joyeux anniversaire! joyeux anniversaire. joyeux anniversaire cher, Lucas. joyeux anniversaire.” his little sister and mother sang, french accents warm and smooth, causing a smile to paint across Lucas’s features.

“Make a wish, dickhead,” his sister said, the lighter being thrown at their forehead causing her to whine, rubbing the aching spot.

“Laila, you gon’ stop allat’ cussin’ and shit. Don’t know where the fuck y’all be gettin’ dat damn language, but that shit betta disappear,” Ms. Coly renounced.

Lucas and Laila looked at one another, kissing their teeth before staring at their mother, a tilt in the way they held their head.

“Just blow out these fuckin’ candles fo’ I shove this cupcake up yo’ ass, Lucas”

The boy, now a man, grabbed the vanilla cupcake, closing his eyes and making his wish, before blowing out the candle.

Eyes reopening he smiled when his sister and mother both shouted and clapped, before placing a kiss on either side of his cheek.

“I love you, Lucas,” his mother softly spoke, before kissing his forehead.

“Umm, why the hell is your bed wet?” she asked, just now realizing how soaked her son was, and how his grey sheets were now a dark black.


“He pissed in the bed, wit’ his trifflin’ ass,” Laila lied, shaking her head and looking up at her mother who rolled her eyes.

“If he peed in the bed, why are you sittin’ innit?”

Lucas smirked, looking at Laila who discretely flicked him off before standing up and sighing. “I mean you told me to wake him up, mother. You asked for my services”

Ms. Coly grabbed the girl by her ear before dragging her out of his room.

“Oh, Lucas-...” she said turning around, Laila right along with her whining. When she walked too far, her mother squeezed and pulled her earlobe even harder.

“Be safe, baby. I know you wanna’ go with Pryce, but make sure you guys stay safe. I’m gonna miss you, mon amour”. Her eyes began to water, and she shook her head before softly closing the door.

“Nineteen,” he whispered to himself, before standing up and stretching his limbs, scratching his chest as he groaned.

Just then, a blaring sound was heard from outside of his window, causing his eyebrows to furrow, confused as to what that sound was.

“Lucas Coly! Lucas Coly! Please report outside!”

Smiling, the familiar voice causing his stomach to feel a bit tingly, he moved to the window, opening it all the way up before sticking his upper body out, seeing his best friend two stories below him, shouting into a blow horn, standing on the pavement with two gift bags around him.

“There’s my, LuLu,” he shouted into the blow horn, causing Lucas to groan. He told his sister not to call him that around Pryce, nine years ago, and instead of listening, like a good little toddler, she did it.

Pryce dragged it, knowing it annoyed the mixed boy.

“Nigga, the fuck I tell you bout’ dat!?” he shouted from the window, a smile taking over his face when his best friend shrugged.

He clicked a button on the blow horn, his voice was now ten times louder. “Kiss my black ass,” he shouted before dropping the horn and turning around, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his jeans, along with his boxers.

Lucas scrunched his face up, looking at the white lettering that was on each asscheek.

“Happy birthday,” it said on the left cheek. On the right cheek, the words spelled “Now eat,” and an arrow pointed to the boy’s shaven asshole.

“Nigga you gay!” Lucas shouted, erupting in laughter, watching as his best friend stood up, a smile on his face.

“You gon lemme in or what?! We leave in two hours, stupid bitch!” he yelled in the blow horn he had picked back up before laughing when Lucas rolled his eyes and flicked him off, leaving the window, and assumingly heading downstairs to let his best friend in.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

Lucas made it to the door, his stomach growling as the smell of his mother’s homemade cooking filled the house. She was preparing a meal for them on the road, and breakfast.

He opened the door, seeing his long-time best friend. Wide smiles on their faces, they stared one another in the eye, Lucas biting his lip as Pryce’s eyes gravitated towards it, his tongue stretching out to lick his own, plump lips.

“Eh umm,” his sister coughed, both breaking out of their awkward, questionable stare as Pryce pushed Lucas out of the way, throwing his gifts on the nearby couch before wrapping Laila in his arms, twirling her around.

“I guess it’s just fuck the birthday boy, huh?” he whispered to himself before shutting the door and rolling his eyes as he watched Laila run her hands through Pryce’s curls as they talked about any and everything. She had always had a crush on Pryce, but he never wanted the girl to feel dejected or uncomfortable about it, so he entertained it.

By now, Laila was old enough to know things weren’t gonna’ move as far as she wanted them to.

“Hey mama, Coly!” Pryce yelled, before moving to grab his best friend in a headlock, squeezing his neck.

“Pryce, getcho’ dumb ass off me, man! I’m tryna open up my fuckin’ gifts,” Lucas yelled, the later laughing once more before letting him go and sitting on the couch.

Ms. Coly walked into the living room, apron around her and covered in different colors of sauces and food as she grabbed a card from the pocket of her apron, and handed it to her son. Laila, his little sister, also came to give him a small box, before flicking him off and sitting on the opposite couch with her mother.

“Hmm, whose should I open first-“, Pryce, Laila, and Marie smacked their lips.

“Open the gift!” they all yelled, causing Lucas to let out a chuckle, holding his hands up. “Okay, Okay. Damn, tough crowd”

Starting with the card, Lucas opened it, looking at his mother who held a happy smile on her face, eyes tearing up.

“Don’t get none of dem’ college girls pregnant, and keep them grades the fuck up. Or I won’t have a problem coming up there,” Lucas read the cursive writing from the card, smiling at his mama as everyone let out small chuckles.

Lucas got excited, clapping his hands and holding up the money to the sky, before smacking Pryce in the face with it.“How’s it feel to be broke, nigga?”

Pryce flicked him off before passing him the two gifts he got him. “Nigga, shut yo’ ass-...” but he was cut off when a slipper was thrown to his face. His mouth opened agape in confusion as he held the cheek the slipper hit.


“Aht aht, shut that shit the fuck up. No muthafuckin’ cursin’ in my muthafuckin’ house, Pryce. Y’all be testin’ me, forreal”.

Pryce huffed before turning to Lucas who stuck his tongue out mockingly. “Exactly whatcho’ ass get.”

“Haha, nigga I’ll take them gifts back and won’t bat a darn eye,” he peaked out his eye to see Marie, Ms. Coly, nod her head in approval.

The light skin threw his hands up in surrendering before opening the gift, biting his lip when he saw the picture of them so long ago at basketball summer camp.

He looked to Pryce, giving him a soft smile before sighing and running his fingers over the picture. Both boys treasured one another’s friendship, and to get a throwback, that he didn’t even know was photographed, warmed his heart.

After opening the last of the gifts, they had an hour to get to the airport.

“I’m gonna’ miss you, mon amour. Remember, ion’ want any grandkids yet, I’m still young as hell,” Ms. Coly spoke through tears.

Lucas placed a kiss on his mother’s cheek before grabbing his two suitcases that were already packed from last night. All of his other things for his dorm were shipped last week and should be sitting in their shared dorm already.

“C’mea Lai,” Lucas called, his younger sister giving a small, sad smile as tears ran down her face.

He bent down to adjust to her height before looking her in the eyes, stroking her cheek, and brushing a piece of curly, black hair behind her ear.

“Be good to mama, okay?” He asked the girl nodded before wrapping her arms around her brother, squeezing him tightly and placing a kiss on the tip of his nose.

“I’m gonna miss you dickhead,” she whispered in his ear, causing him to chuckle softly. He stood up, not before placing a kiss on her forehead.

“And I’ll miss you too, little shit,” he whispered back, his sister flicking him off, and giving sad chuckles as she moved to where her mother was standing by the doorway.

“You ready, LuLu?” Pryce teased, door opening as both of them glanced at one another before Lucas groaned.

“Eat a dick, and stop callin’ me dat!” Lucas grumpily shouted before stomping out the front door, Pryce giving a kiss and hug to Laila and Marie, before softly closing the door.

“Really? Eat a dick?” he asked, only getting a small glance from his best friend.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

They boarded the plane, and sometime later it had taken off. It was now dark in the sky, the stars seeming to be so close as Lucas looked out the window since he had the window seat. He saw the sweeps of white clouds contrasting with the dark, night sky and couldn’t help but becalmed.

Looking at Pryce’s phone, he shrugged, deciding to get on it since he had games on his phone. Mainly, because his phone died a while back, and he was growing bored, not a bit of tired flooding through him.

“Hmm...” he whispered to himself, typing the code into the iPhone 11, before cheesing when the home icons swept over the home screen.

Clicking on safari, he decided to search up the Yale University page, but what greeted him was an incognito mode that widened his eyes.

He gasped, panicking and checking to make sure he didn’t wake up his best friend. Silently pausing, holding his breath, he watched as Pryce shuffled around in his sleep for a moment before finally settling.

Taking a deep breath, Lucas went back to the phone screen, gulping as he looked at the words spelled out in black and orange, the pornhub logo at the top.

What surprised him wasn’t the fact that Pryce was watching porn, because although he outgrew it, he knew it was still a normal thing for guys. No, what did surprise him, shock him, and even confuse him, was the type of porn his best friend was watching.

“Light skin fucks brown boy bottom with big cock” the words readout, in big white bold letters.

Lucas bit his lip, glancing over at his best friend before looking at the video, eyebrows scrunching up as he noticed the similarity between the “brown bottom with the big cock”. He also looked at the lightskin, a blush creeping on his face when he noticed the light skin, that somewhat looked like him. The only difference was the man was slightly lighter, by maybe a shade, and he was a bit buffer. But, their facial features looked almost identical.

Closing the app, he looked over at his best friend, turning in his seat and laying his head down on the sleep boy’s shoulder.

Maybe, his best friend was gay.

Maybe his best friend even — liked him.

The thought of that increased his body temperature, a shiver running down his spine as his body grew warm and his cheeks ran over with a pink, blush color.

If his best friend was gay — that wouldn’t change anything.

Not ever.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

The campus atmosphere was beautiful as different races and ethnicity’s walked around campus. The Connecticut weather was filled with sunshine rays and clear sky’s that blessed the students. The big, green grass, filled courtyard covered the first entryway as students sat on picnic blankets and jackets, conversing with one another.

Lucas and Pryce thanked the cab, watching as the man shouted a small ‘your welcome’, before driving off.

They held their bags, looking at the live atmosphere before smiling. This is exactly what they wanted, and so far, they were loving what they were seeing.

“Hello, you must be the new transfers!” they heard, their eyes disconnecting from one another before looking to the beautiful girl before them, Lucas licking his lips and looking her up and down.

Pryce caught it, and somewhat raised an eyebrow while he clenched his jaw — but he said nothing.

“I’m Gabrielle. Gabrielle Union. You must be — Lucas and Pryce?” she asked, her perfect, white teeth showing through her thick, glossed up lips.

“How’d you—...” Pryce started but was cut off as the brown skin women started laughing.

“We’re all assigned people. If you get here on time, like your supposed to, we wait in the courtyard to spot you. Also, we were given pictures of you guys, so there’s that.” she explained, Lucas nodding with a flirtatious smile on his face while Pryce just grunted.

“So, what do we need you for again?” he asked sassily, looking Gabrielle up and down before staring in her eyes with fire in his own.

“I-Oh, umm, I’m to show you around campus after you settle into your dorms. You have an hour to settle in, and then I’ll be back knocking on your door and showing you around campus. Are we ready?” she asked, looking at both of them with the same, sweet, sunny filled smile.

Pryce couldn’t be mad at her. He wanted to. But, he just — couldn’t.

“Okay, follow me this way. This is...” but Pryce had tuned her out, neck rolling every which way as he looked around at the different stands with food and women and men running with earbuds in. It was a productive atmosphere and he loved that.

Apparently looking at the wrong thing, he tripped over a leftover binder, about to fall when he felt arms catch him. They slightly picked him up, hands now on his slender waist.

The sun blocked their face, but he could clearly see the iced jewelry that sat on top of his white wife-beater. Shoulders broad and body muscular, he almost missed the deep, baritone, accent filled voice that was checking to make sure he was okay.

“Say, yo’ ass good, ma?” he asked, accent dripping from each word.

“I’m not ya ‘ma’, but I appreciate it,” Pryce replied back lowly backing up, the man in front of him chuckling before throwing his hands up and backing up.

“Ite lit’ baby,” and with that, he flashed his smile before turning around, popping his AirPod in his ear and resuming his run again, not before turning around and smiling at Pryce once more, shaking his head.

“-yce...pryce...PRYCE!” he heard yelled, which caused him to jump, turning around to see Lucas with a scowl on his face as Gabrielle still held that sweet, sickening smile.


“Can yo’ ass keep up or I gotta carry you?” The light skin asked, eyes glancing at the figure that was talking to his best friend, before looking back at the man.

“Umm, I should be...” Pryce started, before also noticing the white note that was sticking to his black, North Face jacket.

“...good,” he whispered to himself; reading the note.

‘Kentrell, Call me lil ma. 203 - xxx - xxxx’

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

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