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Chapter One [cont]

Pryce discreetly hid his face behind the basketball as he bit his lip, body growing warm. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. He watched as Lucas continued to pour the cold water down his hot, sweating body.

The high school sophomores enjoyed summer, but as it neared closer to school again, they started to take their free time more seriously. Practicing almost every day; trying to improve their skills. Making varsity as juniors, was an accomplishment, because, at their school, the team consisted of seniors and seniors only.

“C’mon. Run it one more time, I wanna see your three-point,” Lucas demanded, shaking his now soaked curls before taking a swig from the bottle of water and setting it in the park bench.

It was well into the afternoon, but it was still hot and since it was summer, the days seemed to be longer than before and the sun seemed to stay out extra long for the two high school friends.

Pryce nodded obediently, dribbling the ball with each step he took, sometimes spreading his legs a little bit and letting the orange ball cross through them gracefully.

Lucas sat beside him on the black gravel, watching as the boy stood at the demanded spot, tongue out as he concentrated on a spot in the square painted on the backboard.

Finally, shooting the ball, his face turned red as it hit the rim and bounced off. He had missed the shot and he was growing more and more frustrated with himself.

“mmccht. Lucas, maybe this shit ain’t for me. I’m neva’ gonna be as good as —...”

He was cut off almost instantly. His best friend stood in front of him, seriousness painted over his face as he crossed his arms over his sculpted chest.

“Finish that sentence, I dare you,”

It was a mere simple sentence, but it made the youngers knees go weak. His stomach seemed to tingle and he had the overwhelming feeling to throw up on himself.

“I’m sorry, Lu,” he whispered softly, peeking up at the older through his eyelashes, watching as the lighter boy’s face softened up.

“Mhm, I hear you,” he grabbed the ball before moving a bit behind the three-point line. He pointed to the spot he wanted to Pryce at, and without saying a single word, the brown skin did as asked.

“Here,” Lucas said forcefully, giving the ball to his best friend who now stood in front of him.

A sharp inhale of breath passed through Pryce’s lungs as his body grew hot, warm and tingly. His member seemed to jump softly, and he bit his lip, keeping in the single whimper that was itching his throat.

Hands were on his waist, under his shirt as they rubbed his sides. So comforting yet, tempting.

Lucas didn’t even know how much the boy wanted him.

“C’mea,” he whispered in Pryce’s ear. And when they were back to chest, he told the brown skin to follow every command he gave.

Pryce had no problem doing so.

“Take a deep breath, and focus on the net. Don’t be sloppy with your hand to eye coordination either.” Hands still on his waist, Pryce tried so hard not to let it distract him.

“Shoot it,” he whispered huskily in the boy’s ear, and Pryce didn’t think twice about it as he let the ball go, throwing it with force and precision. They both watched quietly as the ball hit the rim, spinning around it as the water did in a toilet bowl — before it went in.

“Good boy,” Lucas whispered, turning Pryce around. It was tension, sexual filled, as they stared at one another. Lucas’s hands still on the boy’s slender waist as Pryce awkwardly held his arms by his side.

“Pryce?” Lucas whispered and the boy hummed, letting the older know he was attentive to his every word.

“I don’t wanna ever say you not good enough, you hea’ me?”

Pryce nodded, and that was the end as Lucas forced space between them.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

“Lucas, wake up!” Pryce yelled in the boy’s ear, watching as he squirmed around in the comfortable bed.

He’d been trying to wake the boy up for a total of ten minutes. Don’t ask him if he was successful because the most you’d get was a grunt.

They had freshman orientation in thirty minutes and it took Lucas about two times that to even feel ‘decent’ enough to walk out in public.

“Please, Lucas. Kindly get the fuck up, we have ten minutes till freshman orientation,” he lied.

Lucas’s eyes flickered open, a scowl on his face. “And yo’ stupid ass just now waking me up? Fuck is wrong with yo—hey!” he slightly yelled; sitting up when Pryce slapped him across his face.

“Did that wake you up, bitch?” Pryce teasingly asked Lucas, glaring at him annoyingly.

He flicked him off, “Watch that fucking bitch word, Pryce”

“Whatever LuLu. You know it takes yo’ ass forever to get the fuck up,” the younger admitted honestly. He stood up from Lucas’s bed and moved to his dresser mirror. He had already freshened up and all he had to do was throw on his outfit.

“Yeah, I hear you. Can you like — get out now?” The light skin asked sarcastically, watching as Pryce scoffed before turning around and crossing his arms over his chest.

“And why should I-?” he started but was cut off midway.

“‘Cause my dick is out. I’ll slap this shit across ya fuckin’ forehead so quick if you don’t get out in the next five minutes,” Lucas said, scratching his arms.

It was weird how black people took forever to even wake up. They sat in the bed and stared for a good ten minutes, maybe fifteen if they was really fucked up. Then they had to do all that unnecessary itching, scratching any and everywhere for about ten minutes. Then they did that soul taking stretch, which almost felt better than an orgasm. And then piss.

Even after all that — they were still knocked.

Scoffing, Pryce flicked his tongue out, “You’re threatening me wit’ a good time, stop it.”

Lucas snorted, shaking his head. “Speaking of good time-...” he started, but his phone began to ring. He held up his finger, silently demanding Pryce to wait.

Pryce did, but an uncomfortable feeling washed over him as he watched his best friend pick up the phone, a stupid smile coming over his face as he looked at the contact.

Finally, answering the phone, the boy rolled his eyes.

“Waddup, Gabrielle,” Lucas said sweetly, chuckling when the girl most have said something — ‘funny’.

“That bitch is not dat’ damn funny,” Pryce muttered, “that leave out is hilarious though,” he saltily whispered, leaving the room.

Lucas didn’t even notice as he started to stand up, still on the phone with the girl he found himself — interested in.

“So, we still on fo’ dat’ date Saturday?”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

The auditorium was filled with chatter from all different types of people as they sat impatiently. It was understandable. They were all upset because it was ten A.M on Friday.

“Look at all dese’ black people,” Lucas whispered, shaking his head teasingly.

“The ghetto.”

Pryce chuckled but it ended as he saw Gabrielle wave at them.

“U-Umm, Lucas do you want ya dick sucked? Come on, let’s go to the bathroom-,” he stuttered out.

“Nigga, what?” Lucas asked confusingly, but there was no time to respond as his eyes flicked over to the brown skin girl who now stood two spaces in front of them on the steps.

“Hi, Pryce. Hi Lucas,” she sweetly greeted. While Lucas hugged her, placing a small kiss on her cheek, Pryce grunted and held up the peace sign.

She looked him up and down before looking to Lucas who just shrugged.

“Bad mood, like always,”

The two laughed causing Pryce to roll his eyes as he quietly left them to flirt disgustingly. Moving down the many steps, trying to find a place to sit, he jumped when he heard his name called.

Looking around, he watched, eyebrow quirked up as the man started to move closer to him, a gleaming smile on his face. Finally, standing in front of one another, Pryce grunted, acting as if he didn’t wanna’ see the man.

“Waddup, lit’ baby.”

Pryce shrugged, looking around the auditorium before looking back at Kentrell.

“Nun’ much. Why are you wearing that high school ass jacket?”

“Jokes. Anyways, you’ll see. Wea’ yo’ other cute lil friend at?” He flirted, licking his lips.

For a moment Pryce allowed his eyes to follow the saliva covered muscle, slightly biting his tongue as he watched the once soft lips now gleam beautifully under the bright auditorium lights.

“He’s up there with Yo Gaba Gaba, flirtin’ his fast ass the fuck on”

Kentrell chuckled and Pryce found himself surprised. The man’s laugh was actually addictive and pleasant to hear. It was warm but one of those ugly laughs that made you laugh as well. Contagious enough to make him let a small smile appear on his face.

“Ahh, so his lil’ ass does smile?” The attractive man said attentively, looking down at Pryce slightly, causing the boy’s cheeks to grow warm.

“Shut yo’ ass up. I-...”

There was a high pitched scratching noise before they heard small beats. All attention turning to the auditorium stage, they saw a few people on stage.

“Please, everyone take your seats. The orientation has now begun!”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

Boring. Boring. Boring. And — wait did he say boring again? He probably didn’t, so add another boring to the list of things to describe the orientation.

Pryce knew he was the one that convinced Lucas and possibly himself, to both go to Yale, but this shit was so whitewashed. All they did was go over rules and procedures of dorms — campus — and other things of that nature.

“Now, I’d like to welcome Mrs. Williams on the stage,” The dean said, Pryce, throwing his head back and sighing.

“Shit, you ain’t sleep yet?” he heard from beside him and looked to his best friend softly rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Pryce just rolled his own brown orbs before looking at the woman. She was going on and on about how college would change your life and how you were on your own now. Not that anyone in this auditorium didn’t hear it enough from their parents and high schools.

“Now that the boring stuff is over. We can get into fun things. As you may know, not only is Yale 2nd in our league for academic success and career development success, but we also pride ourselves in sports,”

This caught Pryce and Lucas’s attention, as they sat up, hanging off the women’s every word.

“We like all sports here, and we fund almost most of them. Tennis, swim, football, lacrosse, cheer — but the most we value, here at Yale — is our Basketball team!” she yelled into the microphone cheerfully.

“As you may know, we are a college basketball team, but not only is it a team, it’s a fraternity. I’d like to welcome the head and co-head of the: Kappa Theta Omi, basketball fraternity!” she yelled a bit louder.

The auditorium cheered, girls screaming as they had famously heard of the fraternity before. It was the golden ticket of Yale and they were known for being the basketball champions four years in a row, possibly going on five.

Pryce and Lucas watched as two men ran onto the stage, smiles on their faces as they waved at the crowd.

“The ghetto. The fuckin’ ghetto,” Lucas whispered to Pryce, watching as girls threw their bras and panties onto the stage.

“Fuck me, please!” some girl yelled, everyone, laughing and watching as the two men waved to her before looking at one another and chuckling.

“Settle down, please,”

The voice was — demanding and deep. But sweet, filled with authority and dominance. Biting his lip, Pryce looked over to see Lucas surprisingly doing the same.

He then looked back at the two. One was at the mic, and you could tell he was the leader. His skin was a caramel complexion and he stood at about six’ two or six three. His smile was perfect, even from here people could tell. His hair was cut short into waves, and his build was lean. Neither muscular and neither scrawny.

“Wassup! And welcome to college folks. I’m Keith. Keith Powers and this is my frat brother, Derrick. Derrick Rose,” he introduced.

The Co-Head was sexy as well. Shorter than the man now known as Keith, he stood at about five feet eleven inches, maybe even six feet. His deep chocolate skin complemented with the Lettermen jacket. His hair too was cut into deep waves, and he had a nose ring on the tip of his nose. His build was muscular, but not too overbearing and powering. Skin cocoa, and deep ebony.

“Sorry to crash the party,” Keith started but was cut off when another woman yelled from the audience.

“Crash that dick into me!” she yelled, causing the boys to laugh before shaking their heads.

“Anyways, we wanted to give you guys a bit of insight on our fraternity, I know some of you lil’ niggas wanna’ join. We have four spots to fill this year, nothing more, nothing less. We have an initiation process like any other frat, but that’s if you lil’ asses even make it that far. We usually don’t like freshman, and wait for the juniors to come around, but — we decided to give y’all asses a try.”

He continued, students quiet and listening to every word the male had to say.

“If you think you have what it takes to hang with the big dogs, come meet us at our table at the end of orientation. We’ll have information packets, and allat’ good shit,” Keith continued, eyes scanning the room.

Pryce could have sworn the man looked at him, and somewhat smirked before continuing, now stopped at Lucas and licking his lips.

“I must be buggin but did I just peep—...” Lucas whispered to Pryce who shook his head quietly.

“Uh-huh.” Was all he muttered before continuing to listen to the man’s speech.

Now switching, Derrick Rose has the spotlight as he took over. His voice was neither deep or high. It was neutral, but the authority he held in his voice was magnificently latching hold onto the attention of every single person in that room.

“Wassup. I’m Derrick, as he may have said. I handle basketball try-outs. That’s one of the challenges you must pass to even make it to initiation. Now, excuse my language but we’re all grown now. If you wanna join this brotherhood, you can’t fuck around. You put everything except for your schoolwork on hold for the sport, and for the team — for your brothers. If you can’t handle that, don’t even get yo’ ass thinkin’ bout signing up fo’ dis shit.”

The auditorium grew quiet as the two men stared at one another before they both stood straight.

“Do you have what it takes to succeed in Kapa Theta Omi?”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

“It’s hot as hell, can they open the fuckin door already,” Pryce and Lucas heard from beside them and saw two girls who looked exactly alike. One was fanning herself while the other was tapping away at her iPhone, acrylic nails seemingly stopping nothing.

“The doors should open in about ten minutes,” Lucas said to her, watching as she turned around and smiled.

“Thank God! I feel like I’m sweating off my fuckin’ eyelash glue,” she muttered, shaking her head.

By now, both twins were smiling and engaging in communication with the two boys, all of them seem to get along pretty well actually.

“So, what’re you guys’ names?” the one on the left asked. she was bare face, just as her sister, but she held her hair in a messy bun, lashes still on her face as she worse sweatpants, a hoodie, and Gucci slides.

“I’m Pryce, and the light skin one is Lucas,” the boy introduced, both waving at the twins as they all chuckled.

“Well, we’re the Clermont twins. I’m Shannon, and the boujee one is Shannade.”

All of them begin to discuss themselves. They were all getting along, getting to know one another and they could all be the closest friends. Shannade had most things in common with Lucas, while Pryce and Shannon could relate to almost everything one another said, except for the fact one was a boy and the other was a girl.

“Y’all are cool,” Shannade said, smiling at them and showing off the heart-shaped diamond that was on both of her k-9 teeth.

Time seemed to pass by quicker as they all talked amongst one another, doing the usual 21-questions shit, starting at the baseline of friendship.

But as quickly as it passed, the four were glad that the doors had finally opened and they were now allowed inside the main gym. Everyone piling up and pushing one another into the air conditioning, everyone let out a dramatic moan once the cool air hit them.

“Whew, time to rip these bitches off,” Shannon let out, ripping the false blinks off her lash line and blinking before turning to her sister that blew into her eye for comfort.

Just as Pryce and Lucas were about to turn around make their way around the gym to visit most the tables, Shannon and Shannade stopped them, smiles on their faces as they began to speak.

“You guys should come with us after. We’re going up to the Fuu Betta House. They’re throwing a party for the freshman at the beach. Could it be super fun? Plus we need our new boy besties with us, just in case!” they spoke, causing Lucas and Pryce to look at one another before shrugging their shoulders.

What’s the harm?

“Das cool. What time?” Lucas asked, shrugging his shoulders.

“Ten o’clock. Party ends at four in the morning. I get why though. Last weekend before classes start. Right, Nia? Or no?” Shannade asked, causing the twin to roll her eyes.

“Nia?” Pryce asked.

“Oh, yeah. Most people can’t tell us apart until they get to know how different our personalities are. Shannon’s middle name is Ni’uhnna. So, just call her ass Nia. And my middle name is Le’ann. So just call me, Lee”

Both boys nodded before saying their guys and starting to make their way around the gym.

Not much of the tables interested the two boys until they saw what they’d been looking for the whole time. Eyes widening, Pryce filled with shock as he saw a familiar face, standing bowlegged with the recognizable gold, blue, and white Letterman jacket on his person.

“Kentrell!” Pryce yelled. Not too loud, but enough for the whole Fraternity to snap their heads over to the two boys.

Kentrell turned, a smile on his face as he whispered to his brothers, watching as they all nodded their heads, some smiling wickedly while others bit their lip, somewhat laughing at the two freshmen.

“Waddup Lit’ ma,” he greeted, once the two were standing in front of their table. Other boys watched with jealousy as Kentrell interacted with Pryce as if they knew one another from way back. That was an advantage if he was joining and some of the other boys already found themselves trying to scheme evilly.

Grasping Pryce in a hug, they both embraced one another for a short-lived moment before Lucas coughed, causing almost all the boys to look him up and down, especially Keith, who quirked an eyebrow up curiously, but almost — teasingly.

“What?” he asked, attitude laced in his voice causing one of the men, known as Derrick, to whisper into Keith’s ear before Keith whispered the same thing into Kentrell’s ear.

The male let out a chuckle before looking at Pryce and Lucas. “I know,” was all he responded.

“Aye, I got a question!” a boy asked, causing everyone to look at him.

“Ion wanna join da’ fraternity shit, but i wanna be on the basketball team. That’s possible, right?”

Keith rolled his eyes but nodded, “yeah dats possible. You still get the letterman jacket and all that, but as far as the fraternity, we have Derrick, Me, Kentrell, and Rakim, and Will.”

Some of the boys let out a breath of relief, as they all grabbed an information packet.

“You gon’ introduce me to yo’ lil cute ass friend?” Kentrell asked.

“Nigga you gay,” Lucas scoffed, causing Kentrell to laugh.

“Keep talkin’ fuckin’ reckless, lil ass.”

Lucas looked around at the five boys, all wearing the Letterman jackets who looked at the boy dominantly.

“Well, looks like they gon be the best of fucking friends,” Pryce muttered sarcastically, before introducing the two.

“Lucas, Kentrell. Kentrell, Lucas”

Kentrell smirked flirtatiously and Lucas couldn’t hide the fact his cheeks turned a blush pink. He cursed himself for being light as hell, rolling his eyes when he heard the Frat boys laugh.

“So, y’all kiddos’ coming to be on da’ team, or be in da’ fraternity?” Pryce and Lucas heard, whipping their heads around to see a brown skin man with curly hair. He was attractive, that for sure. Big, pink full lips and tattoos covering most of his face. He was about five-ten at the most, but his looks made up for it as he smiled, showing off golden, bottom grills — the top row of his teeth perfect and white.

He handed a random boy a packet before turning to them fully.

“We thankin’ both,” Lucas responded, another one of the men butting in.

“Mhm. You look like one’ uh dem’ boujee ass niggas. We already got one of those —, Will” the face tatted man spoke, pointing to the brown skin male with braided hair.

“Fuck you, Rakim. Nobody boujee. Or holly-fuckin’-wood. A nigga just cares about his appearance. Dassit,” The man spoke, Lucas and Pryce somewhat looking at one another.

That niggas was definitely boujee.

“Y’all lil’ asses cute as hell, tho. I’ll give y’all dat,” Rakim said, Kentrell nodding his head and dapping the male up, both of them laughing loudly as the rest just snickered.

“Y’all gay or sum?” Lucas asked, Pryce somewhat stiffening up. Was his best friend... homophobic?

“Shit, Ion do labels. If i like the person I like em’. Don’t matta’ ta’ me what the fuck you is. As long as you human, I give a damn,” Rakim let out.

They could definitely tell that was blunt one of the group. He spoke his mind confidently and didn’t care about judgment.

“You mine as well take yo’ fat ass on. We asked for point guards, not linebackers,” he meanly spoke to one of the freshmen who — let’s be honest — was a bit — overweight?

“Stupid. It woulda’ been funny as hell to see his ass in challenges.” Kentrell said, holding his stomach as he started to laugh a bit too hard for that small ass joke.

“Challenges start next Saturday. Five A.M in the morning, but our first meeting is Tomorrow at two o’clock in the afternoon.” Derrick broke in, speaking to not only to Pryce and Lucas but the crowd of boys who stood at their table, still plotting on Pryce — but now Lucas as well.

“Pryce! Lucas!” they heard and saw the two twins running towards them before they stopped looking at the men before them.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm. God be takin’ his time, I swear he do,” Lee spoke, looking all of them in the eyes before turning to her sister.

“Ouu looks at him,” she pointed to Kentrell who smirked at her, teasingly waving and entertaining the female who winked back at him.

“He’s probably the mean one,” Lee continued, going in a circle and calling all the boys out.

“And what’s yo’ name?” She asked, stopping at the next dude.


“Mhm. Okay so he’s the calm, but ‘I’ll beat a nigga ass’ one.”

It was like she was a kid in a candy store. Four fine ass niggas in front of her and she examined every single one of them.

“Your Keith. Y’all, this is the daddy of the group. I bet you right now, he keeps all offum’ in check. Quiet, but dangerous. Mature, but mysterious,”

“Ouu, this is the dangerous one. Guns, drugs. He has lethal dick. Between him and Kentrell, they got that shit that probably makes you crazy. Like, give your car to him knowing that he’s about to go cheat on you. And even babysit the kid he had outta cheating on you, type of dick.” Nia spoke, her sister Lee agreeing.

“And your name?” she asked, chewing her bubble gum.

“Rakim. Niggas call me Pooter”

Lee hummed before stepping back and smiling. “I like y’all,” she said with a shrug.

They all looked at her before letting out a chuckle.

“So, You guys met our boyfriends?” Lee and Nia asked at the same time. They had a weird way of doing that. Must have been some weird twin shit.

Derrick cocked his head to the side, while Kentrell stood almost defensively, fists in a ball and at his side. Rakim’s hand found its way to his hip, already thinking up ways to hide the twin’s bodies without being caught.

“Boyfriends?” Keith asked gently, looking the women up and down, watching as they nodded.

“They not our-...” but Nia has discreetly stepped on Lucas’s toe.

“Ow. L-Lee! G-Get your sister!” he whined.

Kentrell grabbed a chair that they had in case one of them got tired of standing and pushed Lucas to sit in it before he grabbed the boy’s foot, almost making him fall out of the chair. Since Lucas was wearing slides, he massages the boy’s toes silently, all while dangerously staring at the two girls.

“Hey! Let me go!” Lucas whined, but Kentrell snapped his neck over to him, and although they hadn’t known each other from Adam, Lucas never shut his damn mouth so quickly.

“Yeah. As in, we fucking them,” Nia boasted, watching as Derrick bucked, before Keith grabbed his arm.

Pryce looked on, almost curiously, as to why things got tense.

The males all stared at the twins, orbs burning into the girls as Rakim continued to rub his waist, whispering to his gun that was hung on the side.

“Guys, we’re kidding,” The twins said before they burst out into giggles, punching and slapping one another as the tension began to die down.

“Y’all should have seen y’all faces-...” Nia screamed, slapping her thigh.

“Y-Yeah. As in, we’re fucking them,” Lee hollered.

“Okay, and how was dat shit funny?” Derrick asked, totally confused and in his feelings, they played him like that.

“Cause we both like girls,” Shannon answered, shaking her head and wiping a tear from her eye.

“Oh,” all the boys said in unison, looking at one another before looking down at Lucas and Pryce.

Something was off to Pryce and Lucas... something was weird about the fraternity. But before Pryce could say anything, the bell had rug loudly signaling the end of Freshman Orientation and Gym Discovery.

“Bye Lit Baby. Bye Yellow thang,” Kentrell muttered, Letting go of his foot and allowing him to stand up.

Rakim gave a head nod, Keith stayed silent and just did a small smile, Kentrell held a smirk on his face, and lastly, Derrick smiled.

“See y’all tomorrow,” they all said before the twins were waving to them as well.

Pryce and Lucas smiled, saying their ‘goodbyes’ before turning around. Not even noticing as the twins continued to point their asses, mocking the group of guys.

Nia air humped Pryce as he walked, somewhat fake moaning as Lee continued to stick her tongue at the back of Lucas’s head.

They laughed, noticing how fast all the guys faces dropped and turned to scowls.

Something was definitely up.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

author’s note.

5000 words. Lovely. Anywho, I told y’all the book was gonna’ start to pick up. And yes, I did take some mfs out, because they just didn’t fit the plot and what I was going for. Don’t wanna spoil or anything, But when the time comes, just know Pryce and Lucas are gonna both be getting fucked at the same time, on the same bed, making out and moaning in one another’s mouth as one of the men fucks Pryce while another fucks Lucas.

This shit bouta’ be, WHEW.

I finished this chapter at 4 in the morning, So if something doesn’t make sense let me know.

Also, the Clermont twins! I love them, with their scamming trifling asses. So fine🥺! so Yes, they will ONLY be best friends of Pryce and Lucas. What’s one girl’s best friend when you can have two! Those are twins! The fun>>>.

Shannon and Shannade.
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