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Chapter Two

“Say, Pryce!” They heard, causing them to turn around, the twins immediately dropping their silly faces.

The group of attractive men, walked up to their group, leaving their post in the gym. Lucas and Pryce were pushed into the boys, causing both of them to glare at their female best friends behind them, giggling like school girls.

“Best friends, we’ll be outside when y’all are done,” Shannade said, wiggling her perfectly arched eyebrows before giggling and grabbing her sisters hands.

Although Pryce and Lucas had turned their heads, watching their best friends leave them to fend for themselves, that didn’t stop Kentrell, Joe, Keith, and Derrick from continuing to stare at their prizes in front of them. All of them either licking their lips, or eyes burnt with lust.

Keith grabbed both their jaws softly, watching as both freshman bit their lip, eyes finally connecting to the whole group. Although Pryce was kind of enjoying the attention of being wanted, or at least being flirted with — he couldn’t exactly tell — Lucas, was not.

He snatched his jaw away before rolling his eyes. “Nigga don’t touch on me, fuck y’all want?” his voice deeper than usual, supposedly trying to ‘scare’ the men off, but they all just smirked in amusement.

“Watch yo’ fuckin mouth,” Derrick spat, and although they saw a slight shiver roll down the mans body, the lighter out the two friends continued to sassily roll his eyes, taking deep huffs.

“Say, we just wanted to let y’all know, dat’ da’ party tomorrow, is at our house off campus. Saybrook, the beach. We doin’ initiations there. Be prepared,” The green-dreaded light skin softly spoke, all the boys evilly smirking, knowing in mind the initiations they had for just the two men they wanted.

“O-Okay. That’s it?,” Pryce asked and when the men nodded, he grabbed Lucas’s hand and immediately turned around, walking fast as hell out of the gym, for he knew what was happening to his body. He could feel his gut grown warm every time he looked at Keith. He could feel himself wanting to submit to the Louisiana natives endless flirting, and Derrick and Joe’s soft, but gruff voices caused his knees to want to give out.

“Mane, why you walking so fast?” Lucas asked, letting his best friend continue to drag him out the gymnasium. He glanced back, just to the see the four males staring at their asses, which caused him to raise an eyebrow. The men didn’t so much as care that they were caught as they looked up, each giving a sadistic smile, or a teasing smirk at the boy, which in end, caused him to scoff, before turning his head and walking faster with Pryce.

“I can’t stand them niggas,” Lucas gruffed.

Pryce stayed silent once they finally reached outside, taking a deep breath. “Yeah, I feel you.”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

“So, you tryna’ tell us, that in y’all whole entire lives, y’all never seen Bad Boyz?” Lucas asked, mouth held in shock as Shannon and Shannade shook their heads.

“Umm, is it like an important movie or something?” Shannade asked, causing Pryce to slap his forehead.

After the freshman orientation and gym sign-up, the group had decided to make their way back to the boys dorm. Because they were all going to the party, and classes didn’t start until Monday, the girls decided to spin the night over their best friends. After leaving Nia and Lee’s dorm so they could get their spin-a-night bag, they made their way to the dorm, deciding to have a movie-marathon night.

“That shit is so sad, you need yo’ black card revoked. ASAP!” the brown skin spoke.

Nia sat on the couch as Pryce laid between her legs, his head on her stomach as she played in his tight coil-textured hair, the smell of men’s Dove soap and banana floating through her nostrils. A black, fluffy blanket on top of the two to keep them warm.

Lee sat on the floor with her back against the couch, a comb and hair products beside her as Lucas sat between her cocked open legs, a towel wrapped around his neck as his drenched like hair dripped onto the material.

“Have y’all at least seen Friday?” the lighter asked, Lee already starting on his head as she grabbed the towel, shaking it up against his curls as she tried to dry it the best she could. She sat the towel down before grabbing the leave in conditioner, pouring an adequate amount into her palm. She rubbed her hands together before grabbing his hair, randomly rubbing and disbursing the product onto his hair.

“I mean, yeah — I think,” Nia answered, Pryce laughing against her tummy before grabbing the Roku remote that laid atop her boobs. He instantly switched to Netflix, seeing as they had all night to catch their best friends up on the shit they needed to know.

“Lucas, you want two braids? Like big ones right?” Lee asked as she began to de-tangle his hair, combing through the curl pattern and grain of his head, watching it curl up even more than before, appearing to be more defined.

He hummed, shrugging his head, “It’s whateva’ LeeLee. Just make my shit look good fo’ tomorrow,” he spoke, leaving the girl to do what she wanted.

“Alright, we finna watch Bad Boyz, starting at number one, and Ion’ wanna hea’ no complaints.” Pryce demanded, watching as both girls nodded their heads before he turned the movie on, watching as Netflix loaded up.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

They had finished all three movies, including the newest one, making that a total of four movies. They hadn’t went to bed until about three o’clock, maybe even four in the morning, but since the party didn’t start till nine-thirty, they knew they’d be fine sleeping in.

It was now one o’clock in the afternoon, and Pryce was the first to wake up. They had slept in their same spots last night, except for Lee and Lucas. Lucas now had on a head wrap and bonnet, since Lee put mousse into his braids. He laid with his head on her thick, rotund thighs as she kept the same position, back against the couch, and her neck thrown back, mouth open in unconsciousness.

Deciding to run to the nearest Starbucks and McDonalds, Pryce grabbed his keys from the rack beside the room door. He had woken up around twelve thirty, and took a picture of the gang before he got himself together. He brushed his teeth, pulled on a Nike TrackSuite, some Jordan slides, and stuffed his phone in his pocket just in case one of his friends woke up and wondered where he went.

Silently closing the dorm door behind him, he was met with a somewhat bustling hallway as he plopped his AirPods into his ear and made his way down to student parking. Honestly, the man thought it was stupid how there was still student and teacher separate parking.

Finally making it to his 2008 Acura, he spun the keys around his finger, walking to the silver colored car without a care in a world. Standing in front of the drivers side, he unlocked the door with his key but jumped when he looked up and saw Joe and Kentrell standing at the passenger and back seat car doors.

He snatched his AirPods out from his ears, instantly pocketing them. “What the fuck is wrong with y’all niggas? Y’all know not to pop up on black folks like dat’!” he yelled.

Both men chuckled before shrugging, “We saw you walking down the quad. We was just rolling up in Joe car bouta’ hot box, but figured we could just go wherever our lil’ baby going,” Kentrell filled the boy in, watching as Pryce somewhat smiled.

“Fine, but don’t be smoking dat’ shit in my car, I just got Alexandra clean,” he demanded, clicking the button to unlock all the car doors before climbing in. He watched as Kenny and Joe jumped into the car, wide smiles on their faces like the headaches they were.

“Alexandra? Bae, that’s so foul,” Joe said, releasing a slight chuckle from the backseat grabbing at the Aux Cord that was hanging from the middle rest.

“You shut-up” He said, pointing to a laughing Joseph, who in return, held his hands up by his head, an amused expression still on his face.

“And you,” Pryce stopped, pointing at Kentrell who sat with a blunt between his lips and a lighter sparked in his hand. “Didn’t I tell you I don’t want y’all smoking dat’ in my car!” Pryce whined.

Kentrell pouted before putting the blunt back behind his ear and stuffing the lighter in his pocket. “My fault, slime,” he said, a smile on his face.

Pryce sighed before starting up the car, already tired of the two men as Joseph’s music started to already blast through the speakers.

Pulling out the parking lot, slowly, the younger finally got onto the main road, turning the music up a bit more as he slightly danced in his seat. He looked over to Kentrell who was scrolling through his phone while Joseph twisted his green dreads, popping his gum as they peacefully rolled down the road for about ten minutes — until Kentrell had to speak.

“Say, wassup witchu’ and yo lil bitchy ass friend? Y’all comin’ to da party right?” he asked, turning in his seat to fully give Pryce his attention.

He licked his lips, examining the boy driving them. Pryce looked good, as hell. His skin was dewy and clear, a beautiful mocha/caramel color. His hair was curly and shiny as he sat with an accidental arch in his back, skinny thighs spread beautifully against the seat.

Pryce glanced over at the man who continued to stare at him wantonly. He watched as Kentrell slowly licked his bottom lip, saliva coating the pink flesh before the muscle sadly went back into the warm mouth.

“Ye’ Lit’ Gorilla. You know if y’all wanna’ join da’ fraternity y’all gotta’ pass dese little test’s,” Joe but in, causing Pryce to glance at the road before glancing into the rear-view mirror, watching as the dread head smirked, licking over his lips as well.

“U-Umm, yeah. We gon’ be there. W-What type of challenges?” The boy wondered, but Kentrell shook his finger teasingly in his face.

“Sorry mama, can’t tell you allat. You and Lucas got special challenges doe, that’s all I can—,” he was cut off when his phone began to ring, causing him to grab it from his thigh and answer the facetime call.

“Waddup, Daddy!” Kentrell greeted, Pryce furrowing his eyebrows, biting his lip.

“Where y’all at?” He heard the gruff, deep, silk like voice knowing it was Derrick.

Kentrell laughed before turning the phone around, showing the chocolate man Pryce, who shyly waved to the camera. He watched the shirtless darkskins smile before waving teasingly at the camera as well, “Hey baby, fuck goin’ on witchu? Wea you goin?” he asked.

“M-McDonalds and Starbucks? I’m bringing it back to my dorm, y-you want anything? Ask Keith too,” he spoke sweetly, causing Joseph to pout in the back.

“Bae, you ain’t ask me!” Joseph whines causing Pryce to bite his lip.

“Joe, shutcho’ sulking ass up. Aye, Trell, we got busy to handle when y’all get back, aight?” The man on the phone spoke, voice now filled with seriousness.

“I hear you DareBear,” he teased, the man rolling his eyes in annoyance before hanging up the phone.

“So you forreal not gon’ get me anything?” Joseph still asked, causing Kentrell to roll his eyes.

“Joe, shutup!”

Pryce smiled before pulling into the McDonalds parking lot. It was a nice day, so he didn’t exactly feel like going through the drive through. Parking the car and turning it off, Kentrell got out first, running over to the younger’s side before opening his door, Joe grabbing his hand gently and helping him out.

“Thank you,” he whispered sweetly, before both the boys stuck they tongue out at one another as Pryce closed and locked the door.

He began to walk, Ken and Joe walking on either side of him, faces now stone and held with mugs, murderous looks about to be giving to every nigga and bitch that looked the boys way. They knew the younger wasn’t ugly, far from it. So then in return, they knew he’d probably get hella’ looks, and that’s where people had them fucked up.

Making it to the door, Joseph held it open allowing Pryce to walk in first before he pushed Ken out the way and slammed the door in his face.

“Stupid bitch!” Kentrell yelled, smacking the glass door before snatching it open and pulling Joseph’s dreads, whispering into his ear softly and watching as the mans eyes fluttered shut.

“O-Okay,” Joseph whispered before taking a breath when his head was jerked forward and let go.

Meanwhile, Pryce stood at the front of the restaurant, looking at the menu up top, biting his lip in concentration, figuring out what his friends would like. He soon felt a presence behind him, but he didn’t care to turn around as he knew it was the two older men behind him.

“What y’all want, and what will Keith and Derrick want?” he asked, both men grinning at their lil’ caring baby. He ain’t know, but the four men were obsessed with the two boys already.

“Say mane, stop staring at him slime. Cut dat’ shit the fuck out, now!” Kentrell yelled, looking at the man who continued to eye Pryce down.

“Shit ain’t sweet,” Joe added. But they hadn’t realized how much they had moved up, both boys warm bodies pushing up against Pryce’s behind side, causing him to lowly pant.

“U-Uh sorry, sir” he mumbled, “C-Can I take y’all order?” he asked shakily.

“Mhm. Can I get two Big mac meals. One with Barbecue sauce the other honey mustard. One sweet tea wit’ it and one lemonade.” Kentrell answered, answering for Derrick and Keith.

“Then, can I get one Strawberry Smoothie, a large fry, and a six piece chicken nugget with barbecue sauce...” he trailed off, waiting for the man to type it into the system before looking back up at the dominant men.

“Is that all, sir?” he politely asked.

Joe shook his head before adding an order for Kentrell and then letting Pryce add in the orders for food, since he was going to get drinks from Starbucks.

“Your total is $35.78. How will you pay today?” The boy asked softly, politely.

He couldn’t lie, this had to be the most polite McDonalds worker he’d ever met.

“Cash,” Kentrell said, before looking at Joe and holding his hand out causing the light skin to kiss his teeth before pulling out his wallet and dropped two twenty dollar bills in hand.

“If the nigga wanna’ hit it, make that nigga spend it, make his pockets hurt,” Kentrell sang, cheesing and showing off his grills as he gave the worker the money owed.

Pryce chuckled, shaking his head before watching as the man put the money in, handing him nineteen cents and a receipt.

“Thank you, your order will be out in a moment!” the boy chirped before all three of them walked to sit down, waiting for their food peacefully.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

“I’m back!” Pryce yelled, holding the containers of drinks as he laid his keys on the table, looking at the friend groups and snorting. Everyone looked so hit.

“Y’all just na’ wakin’ up?” Kentrell asked, closing the door behind him as they all looked on to see Lucas with crusted drool on the edge of his pink, thick lips. Lee’s hair was going every which way and her lace was coming up, while Nia’s wig was completely off and into the couch, her cornrows showing and her wig cap halfway slid off.

“I brought food!” Pryce yelled.

Lucas groaned and rolled his eyes. “One, why da’ hell you bring dem?“.... He whispered groggily, being interrupted by a yawn ... “And two, shutcho’ ass up wit’ allat yelling.”

Lee instantly sat up, pushing the boy off her leg, shrugging when she heard Lucas’s head hit the floor with a bang. Derrick glared at her before moving over to Lucas and sitting down beside him.

“You okay?” He softly asked, watching as Lucas whined, a headache coming on.

“C’mea,” he demanded, surprised when the light skin moved closer. He stood up, grabbing the mans hand.

“Take me to da’ bathroom so I can getchu’ some medicine and shit,” Derrick demanded, voice filled with finality causing the lighter to nod before grasping his hand and dragging him to the bathroom in his room.

“Oh my gosh, thank you bestie!” Lee happily spoke. She was thankful because she really didn’t feel like fixing breakfast and for the man to go out his way just to feed them, made her feel loved. She grabbed one of the chicken sandwiches and medium fries, along with a green-tea from starbucks and a ketchup packet.

“Nia, you don’t want nothing?” Pryce asked, watching as the girl stood up slowly, grabbing her wig and placing it on her head sloppily. It tiled to the side but she could care less as she scratched her stomach before she began to hold her boobs under her shit, something that was beyond comfy to her.

“Hmm, you got a salad assum?” She inquired, wanting something light. He pointed to the fridge before she moved to kiss him on the cheek quietly, Keith raising his eyebrow at the action causing her to roll her eyes.

“Fuck up,” She whispered to him, watching as he glared at her quietly before rolling his eyes.

“Here Kieth,” Pryce said sweetly, handing the man his strawberry smoothie and chicken nugget meal. He found it funny how someone so sophisticated looking binged on McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

“Thanks ma,” he said sweetly before sitting down at the table.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Lucas sat on the toilet, a small cut on the side of his head. When they were moving into the dorm two days ago, they had dropped a glass vase. He had thought he cleaned up all the glass, but obviously not since there was a piece that was stuck in the skin that covered his brown bone. Nothing serious, just a small little piece that Derrick pulled out.

“You aight’ stinka?” Derrick asked, wiping the cut with peroxide.

Lucas nodded before sighing. “Why are y’all interested in us? It’s obvious na’.” he inquired.

Derrick hummed, cleaning the cut before fanning it and letting it dry. He grabbed some Neosporin and rubbed it there, stopping instantly when Lucas hissed grabbing at his white-tee.

“Shh stink, I got it,” he whispered before placing the bandaid on the cut, biting his lip and smiling when Lucas didn’t let go.

He got on his knees in front of the boy that sat on the closed toilet. He grabbed his chin, watching as Lucas stared back into his eyes.

“We can’t just... like y’all? Why it gotta be a reason? We just wanna get to know y’all stink. So let us, okay?” he spoke in a hushed tone.

Lucas continued to stare at him as Derrick cleaned up his mess before standing up and opening the door, flashing a smile and leaving out—leaving Lucas to think.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

Brent Faiyaz now played in the background as it was now time to get ready for the party. Shannon and Shannade has left two hours ago, while the men left around three o’clock. It was now seven forty-five.

“If you ain’t nasty don’t at me, I been working all day,” Pryce sang softly, looking over his outfit before smiling. He had recently got his nose pierced, and it looked damn good on him. The fresh-haircut that Lucas gave him was perfectly showing off his facial features, the line up cut up well. Round, silver studs sat in his ear, glistening like so. He wore a yellow Polo shirt with a silver chain around the neck, blue, ripped jeans and white, Nike Air-Forces. A watch on his wrist and rings covering his fingers.

“Pryce—,” Lucas said but stopped looking the man up and down, smiling. “You look nice,” he complimented softly, closing the door.

Pryce turned around before nodding his head, “You don’t clean up too bad either,” He teased.

Lucas was dressed well. He wore a red, jean jacket with no shirt under to cover his caramel, washboard abs. His skin was light and buttery, looking soft to the touch and as smooth as whipped cream. Black jeans sat on his person with a black and red MCM belt wrapped around the band loosely, pants somewhat hanging off his ass showcasing black, red, and white Ethika boxers. Red, white, and black Air Jordan 1s, covered his feet.

“I can’t get this shit to lock, like it won’t go on, I need help. That’s what I came in hea’ fo.” Lucas muttered, watching as Pryce smiled before moving closer so they were only a few inches apart. He softly grabbed Lucas’s wrist. He wrapped the watch, turning it opposite before clipping the hinges together and turning the watch the right way on the mans wrist.

“Alright—,” he said but his breath hitched in his throat when Lucas was already staring at him. Truth is, Lucas didn’t need help with the watch, but for some reason, after the walk with Derrick, he had been wanting to get close to Pryce. Just be extremely close to the boy.

“Thank you,” he whispered, his minty fresh breath fanning against Pryces upper lip, seeping into his nostrils as well.

“Of course, Lu,” he whispered back. They soon found their eyes locked in, just starting at one another. Time seemed to be at a stand still, at a stop and it was peaceful. Jumping slightly, he felt hands on his waist which caused him to bite his lip, looking down to see the lighters, cold limbs rubbing at the skin under his yellow shirt.

“You so fuckin’ pretty, dawg,” Lucas found himself whispering, one hand coming up and cupping the other’s cheek, cheesing when Pryce smiled, snuggling into his touch, his black braces showing almost instantly.

“I-I am?” he whispered, wanting to hear it again. They had now moved in a bit more, lips grazing one another’s. Lucas looked down at the mans lip centimeters from his before sticking his tongue out and teasingly lapping at Pryce’s bottom lip that was so close to his.

So close, yet so far.

“Yeah stink,” he whispered before turning his head and crashing his lips into Pryce’s, groaning softly. He didn’t know what was getting into him, what had taken over him. But seeing the boys lips so fucking close to his, thick and pink, glistening in glory, he just had to — taste them.

Both boys began to hungrily make out, pants, groans and moans falling out their lips as their lust and hunger got the best of them. Lucas picked Pryce up by his thighs, not even asking for permission as he aggressively forced his slimy tongue into the mans mouth, Pryce instantly moaning into his mouth and sucking on it, body rocking and causing friction to his stirring member down below.

Lucas walked over to the boys bed, laying him down gently as they broke apart, a string of saliva breaking apart between them, falling onto Pryce’s lip who instantly licked it up. No words were said as they continued to pant, taking deep breathes as they started to rethink about what just happened.

Staring into one another eyes, Lucas instantly groaned before wrapping his hand around the boys neck and slamming his lips back onto the flesh, Pryce wrapping his arms around the light skins neck, bringing their bodies closer to one another’s as Lucas rocked his hips, trying to gain friction against their clothed members.

Warm mouths continued to tussle as saliva began to get switched from mouth to mouth, bodies growing hot and guts growing warm.

Finally, breaking apart Lucas laid down, head on the mans stomach as he continued to try to catch his breath, Pryce looking up at the ceiling in shock.

The room was silent, just filled with deep breaths and pants as they tried to collect their thoughts.

“Yo lips soft as hell,” Lucas muttered, “Shit feel nice against mine,” he added. Pryce snorting before grabbing his phone off the night stand, letting the charger fall out the plug and drop onto the floor.

“Shannade texted me. It’s time to go,” he whispered, not wanting to ruin the moment.

Lucas nodded before standing up, biting his lip and grabbing Pryce, standing him up in front of him as well. He placed a chaste kiss on the boys forehead before shrugging.

“I’m ready if you are”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

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