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Chapter Two [cont]

The atmosphere was heavy, and loud. Bodies danced against each other, people grinding and humping one another -- not giving a damn who it was. The four best-friends stood at the door, in awe, watching the house party. Sure, they’ve all been to parties before, but college parties were different.

Way different.


“The fuck is y’all standing there for?” Lucas heard, causing him to turn his head, looking up at Kentrell.

For some reason, the Lu observed him, checked him out if you wanted to get technical. Starting at his crisp, white air-forces and moving up. The older wore black jeans, ripped at the knee, with a white Saint Laurent shirt, a diamond chain around his neck, sparkling beautifully from his mouth, matching grills.

“Mmcht, ain’t you invite us. We supposed to sit down assum’?” The lighter said, getting smart at the mouth. Little did he know, the older was trying to control himself from grabbing him by his fucking neck and drilling his insides, but he clearly pushed a button.

Red, low eyes squinted at him before a hand grabbed a fistful of his jean jacket, ruffling it up in his fists, bringing them eye to eye.

“I been lettin’ yo’ shit slide, but you gettin’ too fuckin’ comfortable talkin’ ta’ me like I won’t forreal’ fuck yo’ life up,” He whispered in the boy’s ear, watching him somewhat shiver, licking over his plump, bottom lip.

Kentrell knew the boy was feeling him, but he didn’t like how stubborn he was. Then again, the cat and mouse game can be fun if played right. So, he played the little ‘game’ Lucas had going on.

“G-get the fuck offa’ me,” Lucas said through a deep breathe, fingers clenched in fists beside him. Had any other nigga did this to him, they would have been straight boxing. But, because this was Kentrell, he somehow knew it’d be worse if he even tried swinging on the man.

The more dominant of the two, let go of his jacket before tightly grabbed the boy’s jaw, watching as he whined in somewhat pain, wincing when he grabbed it a bit tighter. He watched, as Kentrell took a drag from the blunt that he held in his other hand. Eyes already low and red, he watched as the man blew the smoke right in his face, eyes peacefully closing.

“You wanna hit it, ma?”

Lucas’s eyes fluttered open and for the first time, he had nothing slick to say. He gave a single nod of his head, eyes staring at the smoke that was somewhat falling out of Kentrell’s mouth as he spoke, the sudden urge to connect lips and breathe in the same smoke the older had in his mouth -- taking over him. He moved closer to Kentrell, grabbing the blunt softly, the man letting him.

Hand now wrapped around the lighter’s neck, Pryce, Shannade, and Shannon in the background, looking closely at the two interacting. Lucas took a drag from the blunt, chest puffing out in a great amount, lungs burning, the feeling not foreign and somewhat pleasurable. Cheeks puffed out, he gently grabbed Kentrell’s shirt, bringing them closer, lips touching one another’s as he let the smoke fall, the older getting the signal as he parted his slightly, inhaling the used smoke into his own mouth before they both pulled away.

“Umm, was we supposed to see that or...?” Shannade joked, watching as Kentrell licked his lips, looking down at the light skin whose eyes were wide open.

“You needa’ get the f-fuck away from me,” He demanded, pushing Kentrell out his way before moving deeper into the house, mind foggy as he tried to stay as far away from the man as possible.

Rolling his eyes, Kentrell smacked his lips before slightly smiling, watching as Pryce shyly waved at him.

“H-hey Ken,” he whispered, head slightly down, looking at their matching shoes. Kentrell chuckled, using his index finger to lift the boys chin, wondering why he was so shy all of a sudden.

“Say bae, why you so shy? Huh lil’ ma?” he teased, watching as the shorter cheesed, cheeks obviously warming up.

“Well, I see when we should leave. Pryce, we’re gonna’ go investigate because the niggas is out! Period!” Shannon yelled, her twin swiping her hand under her chin before they moved opposite sides of their best friend, placing a kiss on either side of his cheek. They then looked to Kentrell, head moving up and down, eyes slithered.

“Don’t try no slick shit, Trell” Shannon warned, Shannade behind her, making a peace sign with her fingers before holding them vertically before pointing to her own eyes, making the ‘I’m watching you’ gesture.

He paid her no mind as he looked down at the brown skin. “Yeen’ gon’ answer my question? Fuck you actin’ like you ain’t neva’ talk to me befo’?”

Pryce shrugged.

“C’mea, the niggas’ is in the back. You want sum’ to drank’ or anythin’?” Trell asked, smiling when Pryce looked at their now connected hands, fingers laced and intertwined. He shook his head, turning the dominant man down before following him through the hallway. People parting, watching, and whispering as they normally did.

They finally made it to the back of the house, a screen door leading to the outside shown clearly. Kentrell put the, now roach, out on the ashtray near the door before sliding it open, leading them to the outside.

“Close the doe behind you,” he demanded, Pryce listening once they got into the open space. There stood Lucas, Keith behind him, whispering something in his ear, eyes low, a small smile on his face. The air was clean and crisp, the slight smell of smoke in the air. He looked to see a fire pit, lit and blazing. There were several other niggas around the pit, red cups, apart from the blue ones in the party atmosphere, in their hands.

“Aight, I think this was the last nigga. We can get started na’!” Derrick yelled. He wore a white wife-beater, a red Adidas jacket with the white stripes on the sides, red and white Ethika boxers somewhat showing, the matching sweatpants that go with it, sitting low on his hips. Air-Forces seemed to be the ultimate shoe, because he wore the same on his feet, red laces replacing the original white ones. A gold chain sat against his chest, gold earrings paired in his ear and gold, bottom-row slugs covering his perfect set of pearly whites.

“Now, everyone gather around the fire-pit!” Derrick yelled, Keith letting go of Lucas who shook his head, wanting to be close to the other man. The taller looked down at him sternly, causing the light skin to kiss his teeth, throwing a tantrum as he moved where Pryce was, who happened to be standing beside a cute, dreaded lightskin.

“Hi. Are you guys nervous? I’m totally nervous!” the light skin whispered causing Lucas to snicker.

He didn’t understand what was such a big deal about this fraternity.

“Nah, we ain’t even nervous forreal.”

“Alright, the initiation process is simple, for some of you. For others, not so much. As you know, our mascot is Handsome Dan, the bulldog. So, if your name is called, yo’ asses is responsible for somehow placing 5 bulldogs over 3 college campuses here in Connecticut!”

Keith cheesed looking at the widened eyes, some faces held smirks, as if it was easy as they thought It’s be. But, it wasn’t nearly as easy as it sounded.



Name by name was called until Lucas and Pryce were left alone. All the boys looked at the two, confusion coursing through them, but Keith gave them no time to ask questions and complain as he pointed to a man that went by Von.

“Aye, if yo’ ass from 63rd I’m leaving you on campus. Anyone from 63rd?!” he yelled, causing Derrick to kiss his teeth.

Nobody raised their hands, so Von cheesed before leading them to the front of the house, sprinter van already parked on the side of the road.

When they heard the gate close, Lucas and Pryce looked to the men in front of them. Keith and Derrick standing in the front, Joe and Kentrell standing quietly in the back.

“Why da’ fuck is we here? Ain’t we supposed to be out there?” Lucas sassily asked, hand on his hip involuntarily.

“Nah. We got separate challenges fo’ y’all asses. Lucas, you’ll be going with Kentrell and Me. Pryce, you’ll be going with Keith and Joe. We’ll all end up at the same place, but we need to explain the — rules — to you all alone,” Derrick demanded.

Confusion took over them, but none the less, Pryce looked to Lucas, giving a head nod. He trusted these men, they had no reason to do any fuck shit. So he went, Keith’s arm around Pryce’s shoulder as Joe held his hand.

They left out the right side of the gate.

Kentrell grabbed Lucas by the neck, the man somewhat whining, as Derrick chuckled, slapping the mans hand off his baby’s neck.

“Let’s go.”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

“What?!” Both boys said. Although they weren’t in the same car together, they both had the same reaction.

In the car in front, Pryce grew nervous, playing with his fingers as Keith rubbed his thumb against the boy’s thigh, Joe close together placing small pecks on his neck.

“S-so, lemme get this right...,” Pryce asked.

In the other car, Lucas was a mess. His jean jacket was now off his body, cold jewelry touching his chest as Derrick continued to litter his neck in endless love bites, sucking and biting on the light flesh over and over again, as Kentrell sucked softly on his right nipple while rolling the left bud with his free hand.

“Mm. F-fuck, wait-...” Lucas had no idea what led him to this predicament. One moment, they were in the car explaining the initiation process and other, he was being pleased by the two men.

“Here’s how this is gon’ go, you listenin mama?” Derrick asked, warm breathe filtering through the light skins ear causing him to keen, nodding his head.

“Basically, we’re gonna do whatever the fuck we want to you and Pryce. By the time the others mission is over, if y’all ain’t tap out by then, y’all passed.”

In the previous car, the same rules were explained to a shy Pryce who nodded his head, listening to every detail, trying to distract himself from the feeling of soft, plump lips trailing sweet, tinder kisses down his neck, and ears.

He could tell he was paired with the more, calm type, as Lucas needed the shit knocked out of him, so he was paired with the more aggressive men.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

They made it to a condo, Pryce and Lucas now out the car, walking in front of the four men. Both boys’ mind’s running a mile a minute. They were nervous, confused. If they wanted out, it wasn’t like the four dominant behind them weren’t gonna’ let them leave, but for some reason, they didn’t want out.

They walked into the building, atmosphere fancy, rich white people walking around, black men in fancy ties, carrying expensive looking briefcases.

How did the boys afford this place?

Derrick led the way to the elevators, all the boys following, Pryce looking to Lucas, nervously, their hands somehow coming connected. They didn’t know what the men had in store for them, but they knew it was -- something interesting.

The elevator finally dinged, causing Keith to nod his head in signal, telling the two to enter into the closed space. When they all piled in, they closed the elevator doors, the tension thick. It wasn’t awkward tension, but more so, strong, sexual tension. As soon as the elevator started moving, Lucas was turned around, neck squeezed as lips connected to his.

Pryce watched, arousal leaking from him, Lucas and Kentrell making out feverishly. He watched as Lucas could barely keep up. Lips in lock, it seemed as if they were in their own little world, as if the other three men weren’t watching them. They all circled around the two, watching as Kentrell teased the boy, saliva left on the light skins now swelled lips. He took the boys upper bottom lip, that was soaked in saliva, and started to teeth on it, pulling it between his own lips before sucking his own spit off.

“You aight? Or you wanna’ tap out?” Kentrell whispered into his ear, watching as Lucas continued to bite into his bottom lip, shaking his head nervously.

He looked to Pryce, winking at him before the elevator dinged and the doors opened, signaling them to leave.

Yelping when he was picked up, Pryce wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck, legs wrapped around his waist as they followed led the boys to their condo.

Making it to the door, Derrick came from behind the group, unlocking the door for them to all flood the inside.

“Woah,” Pryce whispered, Keith rubbing his back softly, smiling when the boy squirmed, silently asking to be sat down so he can look around. He complied, setting the younger down, Lucas also grabbing Pryce’s hand so they could explore.

They door led them to the living room slash kitchen area. The living room was modern, colors black, grey, and white. A clean, shaggy white rug, the biggest the boys had ever seen, sat under all black couches that faced on another. Grey, beautiful pillow sat on the couches, with white blankets laid over the arms of them. A glass coffee table sat between the two and when you looked to your right a bit, you’d see a white wall, a big mirror sitting on top of the grey and white marble fireplace.

Jumping when they heard the door slam, they looked to see the three men looking at them with smirks on their faces, Keith’s face however, warm and calm. He was definitely papa’ bear of the group.

“Strip.” Keith demanded, causing both boys to look at one another before Lucas gulped.

“Or, you can always -- not join. This is your time to, hmm, Kentrell what’s the word I’m looking for?”

Kentrell chuckled. “Tap the fuck out. They can always tap out, right daddy?” he asked, Derrick nodding his head, letting out a small ‘Right Baby’.

Pryce stepped up, first taking his Air-Forces off. He then got to his belt, biting his lip and connecting his eyes to Kentrell. The man smirking deviously as he watched the younger drop his pants, boxers coming along with them. Member laying limp, and soft, Joe let a groan fall from his mouth, the brown skin snapping his eyes to the green dread-head, shyly smiling.

Next, he stripped from his shirt and soon, he was a s naked as the day he came from out his mother. They then looked to Lucas, whose cheeks were red in nervousness and anticipation.

Light skin taking a deep breath, jean jacket left in the van, his chest was already exposed, and Derrick loved the way his light skin was now tarnished with deep rose colored hickeys, some purple, plum colored ones on his neck. Around his nipples were red, and they stood at attention.

He slowly moved to his belt, Keith somewhat finding it cute how he nervously moved, fingers shaking as he let the belt hit the black, wooden floors. He then slipped out of his shoes before letting his pants drop to the floor, the only thing stopping the man from being fully exposed, was his Ethika boxers, that were soon to come off.

“Hold up,” Derrick demanded before moving to circle around Lucas. He then got behind the light skin, squatting down until his ass was in his face. He placed small, teasing kisses between the boys back dimples, hands on the lighters waist, right where the band of his boxers laid -- comfortably.

“Tap out?” Derrick asked, only for Lucas to stay quiet, just as he hoped. He slowly looped the band of the boxers between his fingers, sliding them down teasingly. In front, the boys watched as the member flopped out as if it was on hydraulics. But, the view was really from behind. Although skinny, the boy’s ass was plump and bubbly. He placed kisses starting at the mans calf’s before trailing up with his tongue, letting it trail saliva until he got to his right ass cheek. He bit it, Lucas whining softly before grabbing the left ass cheek and kneading it in his own hand, head slightly thrown to the side.

Derrick watched as he the most sassy, was getting turned out, just as they all thought he would.

Standing up, he placed a smack on the boys ass before moving to Pryce and kissing the shell of his ear.

“Pryce, lay on the right couch, Lucas lay on the left one.”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

Both boys looked up, eyes connected to the ceiling mirror. It was quiet for the most part, except for the soft R&B tunes playing softly.

“Lu, are you okay?” Pryce whispered. They had been laying on the couches — naked — for a couple minutes, ten at the most. The boys had disappeared into the kitchen and were still in there, gathering who knows what.

“I-I’m fine. I’m just ready to get dis’ shit ova’ with,” he whispered back, looking at his reflection on the ceiling. Dick standing strong, veins shown, tip soft and slit somewhat ready to ooze out it’s pre-cum.

The music had changed, and now a soft beat was playing. They could hear the strings of the violin and the the saxophone in the back ground. Almost Jazz like.

“Who said y’all could talk?” A strong voice asked, eyes looking to see the men shirtless and changed into Grey, Nike sweatpants, every last one of them.

They stayed silent, watching as Keith snapped his fingers and Derrick and Kentrell moved quickly, pushing the coffee table out of the way. Next, the couches were pushed closer together until they were side by side, as a bed.

“Kentrell and Derrick, y’all are up first.” Keith announced, Joe following behind him quietly to observe the show.

Kentrell’s smile was almost demonic as he moved to Pryce, whip cream in hand. He pumped a small dollop of whip cream on each nipple, before moving down to his belly-button, and then formed a trail that stopped at the top of his penis.

Lucas watched, hands clenched, wanting to be touched — wanting to touch.

Bending down, he connected his mouth with the nipple, biting down some-what hard, a gasp falling from the fruit of Pryce’s lips. Twirling the other in hand, his eyes strained to look up, watching the brown skinned boys’ face twist in uncomfortable pleasure.

“M-M-Mmm,” Pryce stuttered out once the man let up, now sucking softly, but eagerly on the bud as if milk would come out.

Derrick on the other hand, looked at Lucas, a teasing smile on his face.

“What’s wrong lil’ daddy, not enjoying the show?” he asked, pointing to the light skins clenched fists. He then chuckled, shaking his head.

“My fault, you is...” and with that, he grasped the boys member in hand, giving it a slight squeeze causing Lucas’s back to arch up, a gasp falling from his lips. He hadn’t known why he was so sensitive to the men’s touch, but he did know, that he wanted to be touched, a lot if it was gonna’ feel like this.

Letting go of the hardened member, he pulled Lucas’s arm until he fell off the couch, light skin landing on his bottom confusingly.

Dark skin sat down on the couch, before he snapped his finger to his thighs, Lucas hesitantly sitting down. He’d never sat in another mans lap.

Now, he sat with his back against Derricks strong, hardened chest. Head leaned back until it was on the dark skin’s left shoulder. Shivering when he felt wet, sloppy kisses being placed on the exposed side of his neck.

“You so strong, baby. I’m surprised yeen’ tap out yet,” he whispered in the mans ear, manly, calloused hands rubbing against his oddly smooth, buttermilk light thighs, coming closer and closer to his private each time before they moved back down, Lucas somewhat huffing in anticipation.

“Look at Pryce, baby,” he demanded, and Lucas did.

He looked over to see the brown skin laid out on the couch, back arched and breath labored. He was as naked as the day he was born, pre-nut running down his almond colored thighs. He had one hand in his hair, pulling the locks while the other hand was gripping the arm of the couch, knuckles damn near white.

Kentrell continued to stand above him, dick obviously hard and straining against his own jeans. He continued sucking Pryce’s neck fruitfully every now and then, listening to his whimpers and whines.

Right hand below continued to jack the loud boy off, body writhing in pleasure and ecstasy. “P-Please, Trell” he’d moan breathlessly, eyes rolled back.

But the man continued to abuse the boys member, watching the hardened member gush and spit more juices out of the slit.

“Whatchu’ want baby? You wanna nut or you wanna tap out?” He taunted, causing Pryce to whine, sitting up on his elbows, whimpers falling from his lips.

“D-daddy, please. Please, ugh, please,” he moaned, legs jerking slightly, and Derrick knew what time it was. He stood up, Lucas standing up with him in confusion.

“C’mea,” he beckoned, grabbing the man by his penis gently, bringing him over to the boy whose body was jerking as tears fell from his eyes, Kentrell smiling and showing off his VVS’s.

“On yo’ knees,” he demanded, and Lucas did, bending down a slight crack from his knees, he was face to face with a now rearranged Kentrell and Pryce. Pryce was sitting in the mans lap, head laid back, body jerking as his dick began to sputter and pulse.

“Nut lil’ baby. Get dat’ shit out fo’ daddy,” he whispered in the boys ear before taking the earlobe in his ear, sucking gently, Pryce quivering at the olders’ dirty words.

Lucas watched on, biting his bottom lip, rocking from side to side on his knees, member pulsating and hard. stomach fluttering and tingles running down his back, he knew he was about to — cum.

“C’mon baby. Buss that shit fo’ me,” he continued his dirty words, Lucas then moaning a loud as he saw a bit of cum begin to sputter from the tip.

Derrick was gone, over with Keith and Joe, his clothes now on as they kissed their teeth. The men had finished the mission and were back at the house — waiting for the members.

“Nut right there, bae” Two more pumps and warm liquids was spurting from the top of the man, crashing down on Lucas’s face who instantly gasped, some of the liquid getting into his mouth. Everyone watched, eyes stuck, mouths opened as Lucas instantly came.

Both boys getting up, members still gushing their lips connected, Keith handing his phone to Derrick who began to record for their own late night personal reason. They zoomed in on the spurting members, white gushing from both and falling onto each other, running down milky thighs and getting onto the rug.

Sperm running down Lucas’s face, Pryce’s hand wrapped around the lighters neck and the same in return, they watched as the sperm drip down his chin, some getting on Pryce’s lips and face.

“Hollon! hold da’ fuck up,” Joe said ruining the moment watching as they broke apart.

“Y’all had to do dat shit befo’, y’all ain’t slick,” Kentrell said, on the couch, palming his erection.

“Sexy asses,” Derrick mumbled, Keith smiling at them.

“W-We innit?” Pryce asked, Lucas being picked up by Kentrell.

All the boys looked at one another before looking back at the boys. “Been innit”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

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