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Chapter Three


“BOY THIS PUSSY TALK ENGLISH, SPANISH, AND FRENCH...” the sisters rapped, bluetooth speaker blasting in their dorm as they started getting ready for the day.

After the party last night, the boys had disappeared, but after seeing them get into — which is weird — two separate cars with the men from the fraternity, they weren’t worried anymore.

Actually, they were very excited to hear the aftermath stories. You don’t go with niggas that look like that and not have some type of freak ass story.

“I wonda’ who was fucking who? Or, do you think they made our besties fuck and watched?“, Shannon asked, unwrapping the lay from her forehead, edges connected to the lace front, laid flawlessly.

Shannade pondered, conjuring up the image in her mind. Not exactly minding the picture her sister just painted. Welp, too bad she was gay.

“Eh, who cares. As long as dey’ happy, that’s all that matters, right?” She asked, straightening the strapless drop that kept wanting to slowly dis-include her F-cup breasts.

There was a small knock out the door, causing them to both look at one another before checking the time on their phones. Although they had classes today, since it was the first day, everyone’s classes started after orientation which was around two-thirty.

It was twelve-fifteen right now.

Moving to the door, a smile on her face when she saw her best friends after she opened it, her smile quickly widened at their looks.

They looked spun out completely, the boys seeming to do some type of number on them from last night.

Lucas wore grey sweatpants, a black wifebeater with a golden chain, black Nike’s sitting on his feet. His usually styled and tamed hair, was un-neat, going every which way, some parts seemingly flat, and once flawless curls now flawed.

Pryce on the other hand, wore black jeans with a ‘Virginity Rocks’ hoodie, and champion slides, mitch-match socks covering his feet from being exposed. He had light bags under his eyes and he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes open for shit.

“Heyyyy, Shan,” Lucas greeted, giving her a small head nod before pushing her gently out of the way, moving to where Shannade sat on the couch. He instantly kicked his shoes off, laying down, head in her lap as he calmly let himself drift back to sleep.

Pryce sighed, “H-hi Shanny,” he greeted, rubbing one of his eyes with his hands in a ball.

Giving a slight coo, she grabbed his hand, closing the door behind her in the process before bringing him over to the other couch, gently pushing him down. He sprawled out, allowing her to throw a blanket over his frame.

“What tha’ hell happened to ma babies?” Shannade asked, combing her fingers through Lucas’s tired curls, smiling when the light skin continued to hum in satisfaction.


Neither uttered a word, shivers already flowing down their backs the more they thought about it.

Had they really allowed themselves to submit to the men in such a nasty, slutty manner? And had they really enjoyed that shit?

“So don’t nobody know nothin’?” Shannon asked, moving to the kitchen the open-floor-plan housed, taking the meat out the fridge and placing it in an aluminum bowl. She then filled the bowl with hot water before sitting the whole thing in the sink.

Hopefully by the time she gets back from class and the orientation it’ll be thawed for dinner.

“Umm...big boobs? Chile...anyways,” Pryce played, continuing to stare at the ceiling.

He wanted to sleep, he really did. His body was just not having it, not at all cooperating with him.

Rolling her eyes, a hand on her hip, she squinted her eyes before chuckling. “Y’all actin like 42dugg.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Lucas asked a quick how, only to roll his eyes when she gave an answer, “Cause y’all gay.” she said.

Kissing his teeth, Lucas grumbled. “I’m actually far from mothafuckin’ gay, but thanks fo’ tryin’ it.”

Chuckling somewhat angrily, Pryce let out a scoff.

“Any-fuckin-ways, I gotta’ date tomorrow night so, please behave when she comes over to our dorm, cause I already know y’all stank asses finna’ be thea’, trashin’ up the place and what not.”

Furrowing brows raised in confusion as everyone looked in Lucas’s direction.

“A date with the fuck who?” The twins asked in sync.

Rolling his eyes, Pryce fixed his lips to say the name at the exact same time Lucas did:


•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

“I must not be hearin’ you right,” Derrick spoke, brows furrowed as he sat at the table with Kentrell, Keith, and Joe.

“He’s not going on a date if it ain’t with us,” Keith spoke, jaw slightly clenched. Although he was the calm, more laid back guy of the group, his jealously was nothing to be played with.

Honestly he was surprised he was able to share his two babies with the other dominant men.

“On slime, he fockin’ retarded, dawg. He ain’t goin’ on no nasty ass date with no bitch, and I put dat’ on his life,” Kentrell spoke, figured leaned back in the chair, toothpick between his lips coolly.

“Lit’ gorilla den lost his mind, huh?” Joe asked, although rhetorically.

Shannon and Shannade sat at the table, frowns on their faces. Something about that Gabrielle girl just didn’t seem right to them, something was off with that bitch.

They knew it wasn’t anything petty as ‘She’s prettier than us’ or ‘We just don’t like her’.


This was a serious feeling. And they’d be lying if they said they didn’t ask around about her a little bit. But, everyone complied with the questions and labeled her to be a really sweet, smart, schoolgirl. That mainly just focused on her grades and from time to time her appearance.

“I don’t know, guys. Something about her is just weird to me, I can’t put ma’ finger on it. She’s too—“.

“— Perfect.” The group finished together, the boys grumbling under their breath.

Lucas was straight to be honest. How could they compete with her. She had them beat in every aspect. She was flawlessly beautiful, chocolate skin gorgeous and smooth to the touch. Long, natural flowing hair down her back, stopping mid-way. Gorgeous white smile, aligned and straightened teeth gleaming every-time she stretched her plump lips around them. Compared to Lucas’ six-foot-one height, the women stood at a graceful height of five-foot-seven. Taller than the average, but beautiful legs to accommodate her.

That was Lucas’ type.


Especially girls like Gabrielle.

“Y’all just gonna’ sit here like sad asses or are we gonna’ come up with a plan to destroy dey’ date?” Shannon asked, Shannade beside her giving the boys an anxious look.

“Umm, we just gon’ sit hea’ and look sad,” Joe spoke, the boys all sadly agreeing.

“You gotta’ realize, girls. Lucas is straight, he just happened to be interested in us. Any other guy, he wouldn’t give the time or day. He likes women, and Gabrielle, is the women he likes the most.” Keith spoke.

Shrugging, Derrick agreed. “Word-too, I mean, what’s not ta’ like about ha’?”

Kentrell scoffed. “That bitch ain’t perfect, slime. Somethin’ is up with ha’. And we needa’ find out what it is.”

Nodding in agreeance, the girls waited for the guys, not including Kentrell, to come to their senses.

“Come on guys, think about it. Like the bitch has flawless skin, perfect teeth. She’s nice as hell, never been in a night, doesn’t curse, has all A’s and is Valedictorian almost every year... Something is definitely up with this trick. Ain’t nobody that damn perfect.”


“Kentrell, you’re in charge of finding out any criminal records or anything of that sort. Joe, you’re in charge of finding out any academic history, good or bad. Make a list of what outweighs what. Twins, befriend her. We need someone on the inside to see how she really is. And on the night of the date, we’re all gonna’ sneak inside her room, and snoop.” Keith planned, everyone leaned in to hear what he had to say.

“Derrick, ain’t you good at pick-pocketing?” Kentrell asked, the man rolling his eyes but nonetheless, nodding his head.

“We gon’ need a key. See if you can accidentally bump into her or something when she’s going to the car, and figure out how to get her dorm key so we can make a copy. Shannon and Shannade, when you befriend her we’ll give you the original so you can somehow sneak it back onto her keychain.”

“The dates tomorrow night. So—we was supposed to be cracking the codes to this bitch like — yesterday,” Shannon spoke, causing the group to nod.

Each with a task assigned, they smiled, already liking the plan or theirs. Hopefully, if everything followed through, they’d collect just what they were looking for, or maybe even more.

It needed to be something big enough to scare Lucas off. Like incurable sexual disease, or hell a baby before all they cared.

Just something they knew their LuLu wouldn’t stick around to be apart of.

Something major.

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

The orientation started in a few moments and everyone began to pile into the auditorium. Although they had a freshman orientation at the beginning of the semester, this was about classes and class changes and things of that nature.

Lucas, Pryce, Shannon, and Shannade walked into the large space together, already hating how many people were fit into this one area. The four hated large crowds with a passion, especially a crowd they didn’t wanna’ be surrounded by.

Catching Kentrell’s eye, Pryce smiled at him, all the boys looking in Kentrell’s eye-view. Now all turned around, they continued to stare and smirk, cheese and grin at the two boys standing at the top of the steps.

“C’mon, they saved us seats—“,

“Lucas! Over here, love. I saved you a seat!” They heard, causing not only Pryce and the twins to snap their gaze over to the women, but for the men, all the way across the stadium to snap their necks over to her, mean mugging the fuck out of her.

Kentrell and Keith began to stand up, but Derrick shook his head, grabbing both their hands and laying a kiss on the backs of them.

Pryce groaned, a slight pout on his lips knowing what Lucas was gonna’ choose.

“—Umm... I’m gonna’ go sit wit’ shawty, okay? Tell the boys I said ‘Wassup’, aight?” Lucas asked, dapping Pryce up, rushing through their handshake before making his way over to the girl.

He beamed his shining, flirtatious smile as he sat in the seat she saved him, placing a kiss on her cheek as she giggled.

“This bitch is so fucking— so fucking — so — ugh!” Pryce growled, stomping down the steps of the Auditorium before having a seat in one of the two that were saved by the men in the fraternity.

“Hey baby,” Keith greeted, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Wassup, lil’ ma,” Derrick said, giving a flirtatious, pantie-drooping smile before placing a kiss on his hand.

“H-Hey, D.”

Now moving to sit between Joe and Kentrell, both boys placed a kiss on either of his cheeks before greeting him with a small ‘Waddup Lil’ baby’ and a ‘Hi, lit’ gorilla’.

All greeting the twins, everyone settled down, the mic being picked up and making a straining noise against the speakers, causing everyone’s ears to ring.

“Sorry about that,” the women apologized before smiling once the sound went away.

“Mmhm,” she cleared her throat before she began talking their ears off.

“As you may know, classes start today. This get together is just in case any of you wanted to change any sort of classes really quick, look into another major just in case, ask questions and print out new schedules. Thank you for coming, and remember to work hard this year!”

She left from the stage and that’s when everyone got up, some moving to their classes on and off campus, while others decided to see what the front of the auditorium had to offer.

About to get up, they were stopped when they heard the voice of their other baby. Smiles dropping as they realized who was beside him.

“Wassup niggas. I wanted to introduce y’all to my girl, Gabrielle.” Lucas proudly said.

His smile somewhat faltered as he saw the enraged looks that were being thrown his way. Not only from the men, but also from Pryce and the twins.

“Yo girl?” Joe asked, before chuckling.

“I have to fuckin’ laugh,” Derrick teased, laughing and wiping a fake tear from his eyes as Keith looked the girl up and down before scoffing and getting up, bumping his shoulder into Lucas’s as he moved past him.

“You got some muthafuckin’ nerve,” Kentrell said, making Lucas slightly frown at the distaste and disappointment not only on his face, but in his words.

Getting up to check on Keith, knowing how the lighter, ‘calmer’ man could be, he pushed past Lucas, almost away when he felt his hand being grabbed.

He looked down at the lighters fingers wrapped around his own.

“Kentrell,” Lucas whispered, but sighed when the hand was snatched away, frowning at the back of the mans head as he walked into the distance.

The frown on his sculpted features seemed to deepen as he realized Pryce wouldn’t even look their way.

“P?” he asked, but bit the bottom of his lip as Pryce slightly turned his head the opposite direction of where the two were standing.

Gabrielle rolled her eyes but quickly changed her expression to guilt and concern.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Did I-...Did I do something wrong here orrr?”

Lucas shook his head before grabbing her hand and placing a kiss on it, although he didn’t get that happy feeling he once felt.

“No, baby. They’re just in a bad mood today. Caught these niggas’ at the right time.”

She nodded, although knowing it was a lie.

Pointing to Shannon and Shannade who mugged the darker female, not even changing their expression once Gabrielle looked at that them. If anything they mugged the girl ten times harder.

“The one wearing the blue crop top is Shannade and the other one wearing the yellow sundress is Shannon. They’re our best friends,” Lucas announced.

The girls looked him up and down before quirking an eyebrow up as if saying, ‘Oh really? Not for long.’

“Best friends?” She couldn’t hide the distaste in her voice but Lucas didn’t even catch it.

That didn’t mean everyone else didn’t.

“Yes, that’s what he said. Does there seem to be a problem?” Shannon asked, Shannade beside her, feet kicked up on the back of Keith’s absent chair.

Shaking her head quickly, Gabrielle reassured them. “Of course not. I guess something was in my ear, I couldn’t hear him the first time,” she spoke.

The twins rolling their eyes, they watched as Lucas shared final words before she walked away.

About to speak, Shannon and Shannde cut him off.

“No fuckin’ way.”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

author’s note.

This is so much better than the original chapter three. I’m sorry, but I still want Lucas’s character development to be rocky and slow.

Anywho, Gabrielle is not who she seems to be. Remember that.

Also, I’m gonna try to get Nympho and Locked in updated very soon.

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