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Chapter Four [cont]

“SO, TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF,” Gabrielle spoke, a smile on her face as she circled the wine in her glass, peering over the top. Lucas watched as she took a sip, giving him an almost seductive gaze.

He gave a weary smile.

“Umm, whatchu’ wanna know? I’m not even that interestin’ forreal.” He took a swig of his water, gulping a bit down before sitting it back on the cloth covered table. He had reserved their table at the most elegant place he could possibly find, for a reasonable price. Since it was the first date, he found himself wanting to impress her.

“Sure you are,” she shrugged, “Tell me anything.”

Lucas thought for a moment, grabbing the a piece of bread from the basket in the middle of the table. He placed it on his place before using his spoon to grab a bit of butter, placing it on the edge of his small, dainty plate along with the bread.

“Mm, I got a mother, obviously. I love her a lot. I got a little sister, she’s sixteen going on twenty-eight,” he chuckled at the thought of his little sister, a slight frown on his face.

Gabrielle had noticed.

“You miss her.”

Ripping a piece off the loaf of bread, he dipped it in the butter he had on the side before popping a piece in his mouth with a shrug.

“A lot.” He spoke once his mouth was empty. “She’s annoying as hell, but she’s my little sister at the end of the day. My mom and dad divorced like two years ago, and it’s still been hard on her. That’s exactly why she started acting out actually. To get my dad’s attention, I guess.”

“Mm. Sounds like my dad.” She gave a smile, grabbing a piece of bread. “Lemme guess.”

Lucas shrugged, “Gon’ head.”

He watched as she seemed to hum for a moment.

“He cheated.”

“Go on.”

She took a swig of her wine before licking over her lips, placing it back down before leaning into the table more, folding her arms over the top.

“He cheated and decided his new family was a lot more worth it than the one he made with you all. Maybe started a family, couple children, new house. Even a dog and the white picket fence. He replaced everything. Including you guys. The whole nine-yards.”

Lucas chuckled. “More than nine-yards.”

They both sat in a comfortable silence before smiling at one another. “My dad is white. Couldn’t be seen with a black women I guess. He married my mama in secrecy and everything. I guess it was a bad image for his multi-million dollar company.”

He shrugged. “Or when his golf-buddies talked about their sexy ass wives...he felt left out.”

Gabrielle frowned. “It’s not your fault. You’re great. He’s a...” she was searching for a word, “...a dumb-ass.”

“Uh uh,” he chuckled, “Not Miss Gabrielle sayin’ a cuss word...You’re a bad girl,”

They both chuckled. She licked over her top row of perfectly white teeth, grabbing the wine glass and downing the rest of it before licking over her lips slowly.

“...Maybe I am.”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

“Shit,” Lucas groaned as he was pushed onto the bed, Gabrielle watching him like prey. They had decided to hurry up with dinner, just so she could show him how bad she really was. If you catch my drift.

She stripped from her dress, leaving her in matching lingerie that complimented her chocolate skin almost perfectly. Her body was perfect. Slim and well. Petite, but everything sat up nicely. Slim chocolate legs curving up to supple abs and a small waist. Supple breasts poking out through the top of the mesh, almost lace like fabric.

He sat up, licking his lips and watching as she got on her knees between his legs, instantly moving to his belt, fumbling with the hooks. Once they were off, her lifted his hips, helping her remove the constricting fabric, along with his boxers.

“Someone’s excited,” she teased, a wide smile on her face as the appendage sprung from out of the tight confinement when his boxers were removed.

He grabbed her chin, connecting their lips softly, both groaning into the kiss, Lucas allowing her to dominant it and have her fun. He’d been so use to submitting for a couple months now. The feeling of having to be in charge was foreign, and he found himself disliking it.

Shrugging off the feeling as she disconnected their lips. She spit in her hand before grasping the member. She squeezed it in her palm with the right amount of pressure before jerking it off, hand clasped around the dick, moving her hand in an up and down manner, adding a flick and twist to her wrist.

“You like that?” She’d whisper seductively.

Lucas bit his lip, nodding. Although it was nice, it just didn’t feel right. He hadn’t known why, but every time he looked at her, he was reminded that she was a beautiful women, who was funny, charismatic, and smart. He was making the right decision.

She continued to jerk him off until she got tired of the foreplay.

He watched as she stood up, his face reaching her belly button. “Take them off.” She demanded, and he did as asked, removing the lace panties, biting his lip at the small chain of liquid that connected to her panties and herself.

She stepped from out of them before kicking them to the side. Removing her bra, she allowed it to drop to the floor before she bent down a bit, grabbing at the hem of Lucas’s shirt and throwing it over his head, him lifting his arms to allow her to do so.

Once they were both naked, Lucas grabbed her by the waist. Laying back, and her coming with them. His skin warmed up as he allowed his hands to roam her soft, smooth skin; the smell of roses filling his nose as her perfume inhaled his own fresh air, surrounding him comfortably.

“Mmm,” she moaned, closing her eyes when she felt her ass cheeks being spread softly before Lucas placed a slap to them.

She connected their lips as she straddled his laying body, breasts sitting above his face, teasing him. Eyes both closed as they began to get lost in each other, he disconnected, licking his thumb, before applying it to her nipple. She gasped softly, a lust-filled smile on her face as she watched him circle the hardening bud.

She threw her head back when he sat up, holding her in a comfortable position. He licked over the bud before inhaling it, lips forming around it and sucking diligently on it. She lifted up as he did so, grabbing the base of the penis.

He shuddered softly as she tapped the tip against her gushy opening, his lap buttered up with a warm liquid. She was wet. She was more than that.

It groaned, feeling her walls clinch around him as she lowered herself softly, letting out a shaky breath.

“Mm, I’ve been waiting to fuck you since I m-met you,” she stuttered out, finally bottoming the large appendage. Gasping when she was flush against his lap.

Lucas detached from her nipple before slapping her left asscheek and pulling it apart from the right. He looked over her shoulder, giving a small thrust, smiling at the shaky breath she’d let out.

“Gon’ head, ma.”

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

Meanwhile, the plan had went perfectly, everyone doing what they were told to do. Pryce sat with the laptop on the table, the twins and the boys circled around him.


Joe snatched it away from Derrick, “I wanna’ give it to him!”

“No, me.” the later whined.

Shannade snatched the drive before placing it in Pryce’s palm. “Both of fuckin’ babies. Go to timeout,” she pointed over to the couch.

“Fuck-” Joe started, but was cut off when the girl somehow inherited the strength of 300 slaves and pushed both men onto the couch.

“You ain’t nobody mama.” Joe pouted, crossing his arms. Derrick sat beside him, grumbling empty threats.

“Shut the fuck up.”

Pryce attached the flash-drive in the outlet of the computer, Keith standing behind him with his arms around his babies deck. Kentrell sat beside him, hand on his thigh under the table.

“What if we don’t find shit?” Kentrell muttered, absolutely scared. He felt so bad not having Lucas with him. Just as Pryce was, Lucas was their baby and belonged with them just as the brown skin boy did.

“Shh baby, we will.” Keith reassured, placing a kiss behind Kentrell’s ear.

“Yeah, Ken. Just - you know, have hope.” Shannon reassured. She moved to sit in the boy’s lap, laying her head on his shoulder. He allowed his hand to fall onto her lap, rubbing her thigh softly, trying to comfort himself.

“Alright, it loaded up...” Pryce whispered.

“C’mon, idiots.” Shannade pointed, allowing them to come back over to the eating area. They jumped up quickly before moving beside her, both placing a kiss on each opposite side of her cheek.

“Mhm, get from off me and focus.”

They watched as Pryce clicked on the downloaded file. He paid about $90 for this file, so he was hoping he’d get his money’s worth. Sam, the guy who gave him the documents, had reassured him he hadn’t gone through them, so he didn’t exactly know if there was anything in there for them to use against the women.

With a shaky breath, Pryce clicked onto the file once it was on the computer. It opened up, allowing him to see everything about the women. Every house she moved to, schools she went to, doctors office, social security, bank accounts. On this flash-drive was damn near the women’s LIFE.

“Damn, that bobblehead bitch got moneeeyyy...“Shannade examined, looking at the 50,000 that was currently in her bank account.

“We been knew dat, but Lucas ain’t no money-hungry, nigga. Remember that he genuinely likes her ass.”

They set off, scrolling and clicking through documents for hours, their hope running low as they seemed to stumble over nothing. She was perfectly clean. Good college recommendations, her credit was set, she was financially stable, a good paying job even without a degree, her parents were divorced, but that was damn near normal in the society they lived in.

She was perfect.

And Pryce didn’t want to admit what he was thinking, but she was perfect for Lucas.

“We ain’t findin’ no shit on this bitch, bruh.” Derrick exclaimed, growing angry. They’d been searching the drive for hours on end and there was nothing. They’d even looked twice over every document and there was nothing on her.

“Did you find anything in her dorm?” Keith inquired, turning to Pryce and Shannon.

“Uh uh,” Shannon shook her head. “We found a box of condoms so I’m guessing they fuckin’ right about now, cause it is...” she grabbed her phone, pressing the side button to view the lock-screen, “2 in the morning, and he ain’t back yet.”

Kentrell furrowed his eyebrows, the information registering in his head. He gave a shaky laugh, but his face showed nothing of joy.

“Say, he ain’t fuckin’ dat bitch, h-he wouldn’t go that far.”

They all looked at one another before hastily getting up and moving out the dorm move. They traveled down the hallway, Pryce holding Shannon’s hand as the boy’s & Shannade followed behind them. They clicked on the elevator, pressing the down button, everyone waiting anxiously for it to arrive.

Once it came, they piled in, pressing floor six, everyone watching as the two doors closed swiftly.

“I’m gon’ beat his fuckin’ ass,” Derrick’s eye twitched softly, Joe trying to calm him although he was also pissed off as well.

Kentrell was silent, a small smirk on his face, which was never good. Pryce grabbed his hand, squeezing it softly, trying to comfort him. Keith was quiet as always, he was calm, but also more hurt than angry.

Shannon and Shannade stood in the elevator, the first tying her hair up as Shannade began to braid her own in a big messy braid, not even caring how she looked at the moment.

The elevator came to a halt and dinged. They didn’t allow the doors to even halfway open before they pushed through them, everyone intent and set on the same location.

Finally, making their way to room 607, Shannon and Shannade balled both their fists up before pounding on the door. Backing away from the door, waiting for someone to answer, they furrowed their eyebrows when nobody swung the door open.

“Oh they fuckin’ fuckin’,” Joe exclaimed.

Kentrell pushed through them before banging on the door, the sound echoing through the hallway. He continued to bang harshly.

“Chill out, bae.” Derrick exclaimed, placing a hand on his shoulder, but the younger shrugged it off, banging harder if anything.

“Damn, can you stop!” They heard, the door swung open, Lucas shown with a sheet wrapped around his lower body, the women standing flush behind him, Lucas’s shirt covering her body.

“W-what’re y’all doing here?”

“Umm...can we help you?” Gabrielle asked.

“Lucas, getcho’ shit and let’s go,” Kentrell demanded.

Gabrielle scrunched her face up. “Last time I checked, he was good and grown. Who are you to be demanding him to do stuff?”

Lucas gulped, looking as Kentrell swung his arm back, getting ready to actually hit the women when Keith grabbed him, picking him up and pulling him away.

“You need ta’ chill out,” Keith spoke, their voices dwindling down as he pulled the livid man away.

“Ion needa do shit but knock that hoe head off!” Kentrell was heard yelling, but that was the last they heard from him.

“Gabrielle, gon’ head. I’ll be back there in a second, okay?” He muttered the women, eyes still connected with Pryce.

“Are you sure?-”

“Hoe, just getcho’ ass back there in da’ fuckin’ dorm.” Shannade kissed her teeth.

“I wasn’t talking to you.”

“Bitch-” And that was all it took for Shannade and Shannon to grab at her, Lucas trying to shield the women from balled fists being swung her way.

Latching onto a bit of Gabrielle’s hair, Shannon was able to subtly able to pull the at the tracks, bringing her head along with them, causing her to hit her head agains the door.

“Get the fuck off me, y’all are crazy!” She screamed, blood slowly trickling down her forehead, Lucas trying desperately to pry them off, Derrick and Joe from behind grabbing at Shannon and Shannade’s waist.

“Hey, Hey, Let go! Come the fuck on!” Lucas yelled.

Shannon placed one last hit to the women’s face, before they both let go, Derrick dragging Shannon away as Joe did the same to the other twin.

“You okay?” Lucas asked, a hand still clutching the sheet as he wiped the blood from her forehead. She snatched away from him before stomping into the room, disappearing out of their sight.

It left Pryce and Lucas.

“Lu,” he whispered, but the door was shut loudly in his face.

Lucas had shut him out. Shut all of them out.


•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

author’s note.
HEY HEY! It’s been a little minute, but hopefully everyone still loves this book. Like i said, i changed the plot around. Originally, they were gonna find shit on Gabrielle, but I felt like that was too - idk the easy route to be honest. like oh they find something on her and then they get back together and live happily ever after, but life ain’t rainbows and shit, so i like this better.

honestly there is NOTHING wrong with gabrielle, what you see is who she really is, and Lucas does 100% like her. His feelings are just really mixed up, because he also likes the guys as well.

This part was fun to make to be honest, especially the whole dorm thing because like idk.

I love you all.
Be sure to check out my other books that are also being updated or have been updated already.

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