Silk and Fire

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When Calista is forced to take dancing classes for her coronation ball, she meets her instructor; A girl her age named Mae. The two form a bond and become close. But when Calista is forced into an arranged marriage, she realizes she's in deeper than she ever thought.

Romance / Drama
sheyenne howard
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"I'll break your heart."

"Then you will have shown me the beauty of destruction."

It was then that I could no longer keep the tears from rolling down my warm face. For I, Calista Georlo had fallen in love with someone I know I could never be with within a thousand years. And the scariest part was...

There was nothing I could do about it.

But we shall cross that bridge when we get to it.

"Love makes people do crazy things." Likely a saying you have heard at least once in your lifetime. In all honesty, it is a true statement. Love, like anything, is complicated. Especially to those who have never experienced it. Love makes you question your knowledge of life. It even makes you question how well you know yourself.

Most notably, love makes you a better person. I like to believe that you learn to love yourself more and more with every display of love shown toward you from others.

All of these truths are things I would soon learn, for my story is just beginning. So let us start from where it all began.

In the Georlo castle of the kingdom of Neirdethale.

I have spent my entire life inside the walls of this castle. I do not like to complain, however, I would like to spend even a day outside of these walls. I hate to sound pessimistic, but there are only so many times you can explore the same seemingly never-ending corridors before you're overtaken by boredom.

My childhood has been spent in the same gold-tinted room with the same white accents that have been embedded in my mind for as long as I can remember. As a child, I often found myself gravitating toward the small garden we had on the west end of the castle, near the greenhouse. The garden featured lush green rose bushes and a gorgeous fountain, painted with a light stone grey. I would visit the garden to read, or just simply as an escape from my not-so-perfect reality.

My mother did not exactly give me the best core memories as a child, though I still never had any ill will towards her. When I was 12, my father went off to fight in the war between our kingdom and the kingdom across the sea, New Lithenia. I am 17 now, the war ended two years ago, and yet my father has yet to return.

I believe my mother has given up hope for his return however, I see the light that once lived in her face slowly fade more and more with each day passing.

Throughout my childhood I've had to watch my mother change into someone I barely even recognize. When I was 5, she would read bedtime stories to me every night, and encouraged me to never be swayed by the opinions of other people, because their reality may be but a dream for you. When I turned 10, she took me out to the village to exemplify the fact that "A queen must recognize the difference between her people and acknowledge the importance of it." When I turned 15, she stopped giving me hugs because I was "Becoming a young woman" and "There is no need for hugs in the life of a woman with power."

Yesterday evening, she told me that reading is unnecessary and "A queen has no use for such commoner activities", as well as the fact that I needed to "Stop living in fantasy worlds where problems do not exist, rather I needed to focus on my own life before dwelling on the unrealistic ideals of someone else's."

While we're on the subject of expectations and ideals, I turn 18 in exactly 1 month. November 18, my birthday, though it isn't as if I've ever truly celebrated it in the past. A birthday is the same as any other day, really. Even if it was not, I have never experienced a true celebration for simply being born.

The only thing necessarily "special" about my birthday is that when I turn 18, I have a coronation ball that all of the leaders from kingdoms all across the region attend. 18 kingdom leaders are invited, along with their children, who are announced in pairs by their formal titles as they walk down the grand staircase of the ballroom where the ball shall be held.

I would say I'm nervous, but that would not exactly be the right word to describe my feelings about the situation. I don't exactly have an issue with the idea of a coronation ball, it is rather that I feel as though I'm not the right choice for a queen. For example, despite my entire life being spent within this castle, I've never actually been inside the grand ballroom. It's not as if I'm forbidden from doing so, simply that I have no interest, nor have I ever had any interest in spending time there.

Aside from that, however, my mother is perceived as the ideal figure, fit for a queen. She's respectable, modest, and "knows her place as a woman", as described by the castle help. I, however, am none of those things. I have no interest in being "modest" or "leaving things to the men." If men can do something, why is it that a strong woman cannot do the same?

I am my own person, and I have no means to change any of that any time soon. Integrity is one of the most prized traits for someone to possess.

"Calista." I hear my mother call from up the stairs.

My mother really only calls for me when she has something up her sleeve, so that must be the case now as well. Although I am dreading going down there, I am also curious as to the reasoning for her calling me in the first place.

I quickly slip on my robe and head downstairs, carefully tying the loose strings at the top of the section of silk fabric.

As I open the tall doors of the ballroom, I'm met by the eyes of my mother, who was clearly hiding something. She was smiling. My mother never smiles.

"Calista. Meet your new dance instructor."

-authors note-
hello! thank you so much for reading pt.1 of Silk and Fire. Feel free to message me with any questions and leave a comment! I post on my wall a lot as well, so if you want to interact with me, that's the best place to do it. Have a nice day!
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