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Pawns were made to be as such. Low lifes of their kind, and unworthy of reign. Vampires in such, to be led as an unworthy, lives on broken glass, stepping as their life soon to be fade away. Psyche being borned with an unstable figure of mind, she sets off as a hidden queen, unable to hold such power. With an ability to lie, live, and lead she only gets to as far as a noble class daughter. Hidden from the world she was saked away from. Hidden from them, and their kind. --- River was nothing alike of his father. Being a soon to be alpha and a born and raised leader, he supresses in his father's hard and cold rules. Free from the identity of dignity and love, he felt unsatisfied. Unsatisfied for victory. Unsatisfied for a mate. But when both paths come across, and Psyche with a motive to his pack, will she ever know the curse once known of, being true after all? Can this forbidden connection go on, or gets cut? Especially before finding the truth. BOOK ONE OF THE CROWNS SERIES

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter One

"She will never find her mate."

I awake with sweat rolling drown my forehead. Another nightmare.

In pure instinct and worry, I scramble off the bed reaching for my daughter's chamber.

Opening the doors, I see moonlight flashing across the open window, where wind flows through the curtains. I see her small figure despite the dark. Immediately running up to her, I brought her to my arms feeling her warm breath against my shoulder. I loose some tense, and i feel reminded of the comfort of my daughter still in my arms.

I would never let them take her away.

Sighing my worries away, I cradle her in my arms as long as I can. Singing a soft melody, I let the moon flash or light onto her figure, remembering the form of a new life, threatening a new era.

"Onward from this day you will face my words."

She opened her eyes, looking up to me.

"In the day of your borned child, she will face the consequences of your mistake. "

Her light green eyes shine. I hug her tightly.

"An abomination to their eyes, but they will see. That this child will bring both dead and the living into a world of shattered glass. "

I start to tremble, feeling my eyes well up with tears.

"To the creatures of the night, to the warriors of the pack, she will not be deceived. "

A loud bang awakens me. Allowing myself to process the situation, I feel as if I was pushed into a corner, one where I can never escape through. I look back at my child, her innocence. My tears start to let go as I panic.

"In the day of her eighteenth birthday, she will awaken."

It's getting louder.

"Neither and both the creatures present. "

I hold her up against me as I search for the hidden tunnel, spread from a hallway from her room, towards a secret path, sacred from my mothers oath.

"To be as vampires and werewolves alike, she'll never be satisfied with her lust of blood. "

The light flickers as I run through the tunnel, ending with a small basket and paper.

"She'll never find what her true love really is."

The black eyes stare back at me as I stop, my heartbeat failing. My hands tremble hardly, feeling as if my world is spinning.

"You'll know when the curse is unbound."

I open my eyes.

Instead of the dark tunnel path I familiarized myself with, I see no trace as the blinding light envelopes me.

Confused and bewildered I look around, finding nothing.

I search for my voice. My throat seemed to hurt as badly as being stabbed. The silence hurts me, the loneliness is far too suffocating.

Just as I was about to close my eyes, I hear a voice.

It was distant, shy. I look up almosy immediately, finding my eyes widen in shock.

My daughter stands, her white locks of hair flowing helplessly to her back. She wears a small smile, her features radiating from her father's. My eyes quickly well up in tears. I don't know what to say.

My hands move to their own accord, following the figure of my child. Softly, my hand runs up caressing the soft skin of her cheek. She giggles and it was the best I ever heard.

I wish I can hear it forever.

Be there forever.

But I can't, and I'm sorry.

Psyche, my beautiful baby.

I made so many mistakes and I'm only wishing for you to not be like me.

I wish for your happiness. I know you'll be great as your father.

Psyche, I'm so sorry that,

Your life is on the hands of a curse,

And all it takes is for time to break it.

I'm so sorry. . .

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