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WALKING ONTO THE SOMEWHAT FLUFFY SCHOOL WALKWAY, Christopher bobbed his head to the beat of his song. His tan yeezy slides caused him to trip a few times, which made him a little irritated.

He had been feeling off all day and he honestly didn't even know why. Thoughts of his childhood littered his mind as he tried so hard to push them out.

He had just gotten out of his last class of the day and did not feel his best. He was still trying to get the lyrics just right for his song, but for some reason he just couldn't.

"Fuck dis shit." He scoffed pulling his AirPods out of his ears, stuffing them into his pockets.

With a click of his keycard he pushed open his room door seeing that it had been empty. Not thinking to much of it he pranced over to his mirror scoffing to himself. His hair looked horrid.

He knew that his braids look messy, but he didn't know they were this bad. Pulling off his all black rectangle shades, he grabbed his comb off of his nightstand beginning to take out his braids as he sat onto the bed.

"Damn you scared me!" Giveon gasped raising his hand to his chest feeling at his heart beat.


"Do you need help?" He asked playing with his nails nervously. Whenever the other boy seemed to look at him, it made giveon all squirmy.

"Yeah whatever." The other spoke tossing his pick towards giveon. "Just don't do the most. I already don't like you."


ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏~♡

Pulling out the keycard giveon had given her Solána pushed open their room door, Tyler and Rakim right behind her.

Giveon and Christopher had finally finished taking out his braids, so giveon had been picking the boys hair out. Hearing Christopher let out an "ouch" here and there.

They sat with Christopher laying his head onto giveons laps who sat criss-crossed behind him.

"Oop." Solána let out quickly swiping her freshly done nails across her neck.

"Woah woah woah! Am I seeing things or is Christopher letting someone other than Bryson touch his hair." Tyler spoke in shock.

Sucking his teeth Christopher threw his pillow towards Tyler hitting him right on his head.

"Fair enough." Tyler chuckled feeling Rakim pat his back before shaking his head.

Sitting onto giveons bed Tyler and Rakim took out their phones agreeing to play call of duty together.

Giveon had noticed they seemed to be getting close, which intrigued him and solána.

Dusting himself off he got off of Christopher's bed giving solána a look. She knew exactly what the look had meant as they both proceeded to walk into the back room.

"What y'all playing?" Christopher questioned the two boys who sat across the room from him.

Looking up Tyler flashed the boy a grin before looking back down deciding to be petty and not answer his questions.

"I'm sorry Tyler can't come to the phone right now. You threw a pillow at him." He spoke out in an animated voice. "Please leave a message after the beep."

"Rakim tell me what game y'all playing before I smack both y'all." Christopher turned towards the other, refusing to entertain anything Tyler was saying.

"Are my ears deceiving me or is there a NIGGER telling me what to do!" Rakim chuckled shaking his head.


In the next room sat a sprawled out solána who listened intently to Giveon.

They had been discussing why Christopher was being so nice all of a sudden. Solána had been confused because the boy was never this nice, so why all of a sudden was he.

"He just sat there letting me do his hair. I don't know to be honest." Giveon shrugged.

"We'll be careful around him. I don't want you getting hurt by my no good ass brother." She replied sitting up now. "He never sticks around." She finished.

"We're going to get food, y'all coming?" Tyler questioned, swinging his body into the room the two had been in.

Sitting confusedly giveon didn't respond.

What did she mean he never stuck around?

"Yeah we're coming." Solána replied getting up.

ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏~♡

"can you pass the syrup please." Giveon urged Christopher knocking the other out of his thoughts.

"Huh? Yeah." He retorted tossing the other the bottle, to trapped in his mind to even muster an insult.

The group had currently been sitting in an ihop because nothing else seemed to be open this late at night.

Rakim and Tyler had been chattering to one another while solána and Giveon had been trying to figure out why Christopher had been off all day.

"You good big bro?" The girl questioned in concern as she rubbed at his shoulder, comfortingly.

Looking at the boy confusedly giveon took a bite of his pancake before motioning for everyone to leave the two alone.

With a nod solána motioned for Tyler and Rakim to get up, just before placing the money for the bill onto the table.

"Wait lemme just-"

Grabbing his plate of eggs Tyler took off out of the door. He'd be damned if he left them good ass eggs to go to waste. "Tuh." He mumbled mouth full of the food.

"Christopher." Giveon spoke out gaining no reply.

Scratching his head he wondered if he should have not even talked at all. That's just how scared he was of the older.

"Brent?" He repeated causing the other to look at him to show that he was listening, before placing his head back down onto the table.

Brent didn't want to seem rude so he showed the other the slightest bit of attention span he had left in him.

What the fuck was wrong with him?

"do you wanna talk about it?" Giveon asked letting a breath out, not knowing that he had even been holding it. Fumbling with his fingers he waited for the latter's response.

Shrugging Brent got up following behind the other who had been motioning them towards the exit.

ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏~♡

Sitting onto his bed Brent grabbed his lyric notebook, holding it into his arms territorially.

It confused giveon to say the least. He didn't understand what was so great about the book, but more importantly he didn't understand why the other even picked up the book to began with.

Weren't they supposed to be talking?

One thing about Christopher was he would never let anyone see what was in the notebook, so showing the younger the book was a big step for him.

Let him in but never let him get comfortable. He thought to himself. It had been something he had taught himself at a young age.

ғʟᴀsʜʙᴀᴄᴋ ༄

"My sweet sweet solána, my star." Christopher's mother hummed, caressing her daughters head as she rested on her shoulder.

watching intently from his place on the floor Christopher yearned for the attention that his sister received. "Mama." He called out looking into her eyes.

Holding his arms out Christopher stood up walking towards his mother. Smiling from ear to ear, he made grabby hands ready to be cuddled.

Grimacing in disgust she pinched his skin pushing him backwards onto his bum. "What did I tell you about that mutt." She scoffed rubbing her hands back onto solána's back.

Wincing Christopher's lip began to quiver as he rubbed at his arm in pain. The bruises littered the boys right arm for every hit his mother had placed upon him.

"Y-you said that only girls deserved love a-and that it made me ga-gay to think I needed it." He stuttered out chest rising in falling at a rapid pace.

"And are you gay Christopher." His mother questioned eyeing him in udder hate.


"Then what are you?!" She roared making the other flinch in fear.

"A- a mistake an-and a disappoint." He whimpered out tears leaving his eyes one by one.

"exactly." She smiled spitting at him.

Fʟᴀsʜʙᴀᴄᴋ 2 ༄

"why are you treating me like this!" Christopher's girlfriend yelled out tears trailing down her face.

The girl had been sick of how cold Christopher was towards her. The boy never let her in, never showed her affection, and never even would say he loved her back. She didn't understand why.

He would constantly cheat on her, making it obvious. She'd walk in on him on some occasions and even see the girls underwear's in the open, but she was to in love to leave.

"I hate you so much." She cried pushing his shoulder as he watched her, face steal. No emotion shown at all. It hurt her so much.

"I know." He replied sighing. He knew that he was in the wrong but what could he possibly do. He had never been shown affection, it wasn't his fault.

Fʟᴀsʜʙᴀᴄᴋ 3 ༄

"Christopher!" His mother yelled causing the boy to run into her room to see what was wrong. Even though the women treated him poorly the boy still loved her deeply. She was his mother after all.

"Look what the fuck you did, mutt!" She screeched pulling the boy into the room by his Afro.

There had been a red whine stain on the women's floor, evidently being hers.

"Ouch." He muttered lowly

Throwing the boy towards the floor with a thud the women grabbed her beer bottle stumbling out of the room, shutting and locking it behind her.

"G-get to fuckin' cleaning" she hiccuped.

Laying onto the floor the boy cried out tears leaving his face like a racehorse. Why did he have to be treated this way.

"Quiet, no one's gonna baby you!"

Fʟᴀsʜʙᴀᴄᴋ 4 ༄

Laying onto his shared bedroom floor Christopher wrote into his favorite journal. The journal had been a gift from his best friend who had passed years ago. Since then he had been writing lyrics and thoughts into it. It calmed him.

Pushing the boys room door open his mother without a sound grabbed the notebook from the other.

"No!" He cried out reaching for it.

"Shut it mutt!" She replied taking a sip of her drink.

"I-I'm sorry for whatever I've done, please just don't!" Christopher begged jumping to reach for it.

Smiling to herself him mother without a thought began to rip the pages out piece from piece.

Christopher was lost for words. His body grew weak as he let out a breath falling to his knees. Not even looking at his mother the boy watched the page pieces fall one piece by another. It was like with every piece that fell a piece of himself fell with it...

That was the last straw for him. He had had enough of it.

Christopher vowed to never let another person in again, and he meant it.

"Fucking mistake!" He mother smirked, "that should teach ya."

Fʟᴀsʜʙᴀᴄᴋs ᴏᴠᴇʀ ༄

Sighing to himself Christopher looked at the other questioning if he was making the right decision.

"When I show you this book, you have to swear on your fuckin' life you'll never tell a soul about this." He demanded quirking an eyebrow up, making sure that the other understood him.

"O-ok I promise." Giveon agreed smiling to himself.

Christopher was finally starting to let him in. He couldn't be any happier.

Thick air filled the room as tension rose around the two males. Was Christopher really ready for all this?

Taking a deep breath Christopher gulped before stretching his arm out towards the other, book in hand. On shaking fingers he waited for the other to take the book.

"Read it."

"Ok." Giveon breathed out grabbing onto the book.

You've reached the end of chapter two.

゚。 ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀs ɴᴏᴛᴇ ..

Hey y'all! This chapter is a little late because I honestly didn't know what to write. I had so many ideas for this book at first and now I don't. I just feel like I'm writing chapters that don't even correspond to one another, and it's stupid. Atp I'm just improving, so sorry if this sucks.

Anywho I wanted to go more into depth about why Brent is the way that he is. I really hope you all understand it now!

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