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...Ready For It (BoyXBoy)

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"What are you talking about? I didn't threaten anyone? And what? To annoy you?" He chuckled sarcastically. "What would I get after that? You are nothing if you still haven't figured it out." ~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~ "See. Why would you offer such a big role to an incompetent student like him? I'm sure there's still a lot of students way better than him. So no need to kiss up and follow his butt." ~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~ Someone grabbed my head and shoved me to my locker. "I guess he likes it. Oh sorry, scratch that. I know he LOVES it." ~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~ Set in the senior year of the Oalkfield high, perceived from the eyes of Gabriel. A gay student who did nothing wrong except for being gay, or trusting people he never should have. Or did he really did nothing wrong? You see, he won't be talking himself down saying the words, "THINGS WOULDN'T BE LIKE THIS IF I DIDN'T..." As I read after all regret is a short word, but it drags forever. And yeah, a high school drama would be incomplete without the presence of even the littlest dirty secrets. I guess now you're READY FOR IT?

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Chapter 1 : Hi I'm Gabriel

High school is averagely fun, no worries, carefree, and not a hell. People look at him the same way as they look at their friends. He lives in a good life with no judgment.

Until he was raped.

Gabriel’s POV

It took so much of me to stand after being beaten up by Preston and the football team.

Nobody brought me to the clinic for the nurse to check me after the whole incident. I understand, no one would want to mess with any of the three kings.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather call them ‘three idiots’. I can’t help but smile at the thought.

I can’t blame it on fellow students as well. But I just thought, that if I were to be in their position, and someone was being bullied, I would do otherwise. But still, it’s just me. What I believe isn’t the same as what others do.

Everyone wants to be in one of their gangs, though almost everyone fails, so they at least tried to just not get on their nerves.

It’s just that, other people are weak enough that they take a chance of showing their overflowing dominance.

To be honest, I sometimes think they do not just bully someone for their personal pleasure but rather, that’s them showing everyone a lesson. That everybody that would get to their bad side would know what would happen to them.

I decided to just let it pass, I rushed to Chase, one of my friends, though you could call him MY best friend.

He exclaims as he saw me. “Where the fuck did you come from?” My lips were busted so I can’t talk properly. I only managed to mumble little words. My eyes were bruised and dark and my nose is slightly broken.

I looked at my watch to see that it’s only 30 seconds before the class starts. I can’t go there like this. So I did the first thing that came to my mind.

I snatched Chase’s beanie and ran away as fast as I can before he can catch up to me. I needed to have something that would at least hide how bad the beating caused me.

I hear his screams as I run. I didn’t care to look back, he would understand for sure. I hurried to my first class which is by the way Music. I wore the beanie past my forehead.

Honestly, I didn’t mind this class. As much as how the class doesn’t mind me. I just need to pass this one and I’m done. I love music but the music curriculum here sucks.

Especially when the teacher just focuses on a certain student.

Well since he’s the only good student that is.

Jacob. One of the three kings. Another hell prince. If I believe with supernatural phenomena I swear I’ll think they’re Lucifer’s sons. He doesn’t bully me though. However, he bullies everyone else, and I’m sure I’ll be next, soon.

Plus his girlfriend, Samantha was my former best friend. But of course, fame changed her. Everyone in this school has. From a sweet person to a crude bitch.

She was a childhood friend of mine. We were classmates since kindergarten. She was beautiful. She has this long raven hair that extends up to her waist, her skin is a rich dark variant and it suits her well, and her face was so precious, innocent, and pure. She never wore make-up.

But now she changed, she now has her hair cut to her shoulders and dyed it blonde, she now wears these revealing clothes that look like the tailor hasn’t got enough fabric to work with. Her face now was a canvass filled with paint, she always uses thick red lipstick and heavy colored makeup.

I was mad at her, but I somehow pity her as well.

When we were still friends, I already know this will happen, she would always say things like ‘I’m so tired of being an extra.’ ‘I’m so tired of being a nobody, I’ll do everything to be on top.’

She had what she wanted but she needed to sacrifice a lot of things as well. She lost me, she lost her innocence and I highly doubt she still has her v-card with her. Hell, I even saw how she was face sucking with the Prime King himself every day.

I sat at the seat farthest seat from the teacher. No one noticed my bruised face. Even though I’m sure each one of them knows every single detail of the commotion, no one would just care to be involved.

The teacher lectured about how each musical genre was different from the others. She discussed: Pop, Country, Classical, Rock, etc.

The teacher gave a task that will be presented by the end of the quarter. She explained that we will have a mini-concert. Something like a charitable event. She said each class has to prepare ten performances. This performance will be done by pairs, and all of us will participate, then she will pick among all of us will perform at the event.

Knowing the outcome, of course, Jacob will be one of them. Me? I’ll possibly end up begging the teacher to let me work by myself and perform just in front of her with no other people.

“Oh, one thing I’ll be picking who’ll be paired with who.” As our teacher uttered those she received groans from everyone, except for one. No not me, I groaned loudly in fact, instead, it was from Jacob.

Acceptable, he’s good whoever he was paired with. But still, who would want that or at least be fine with that. Like I can get paired with someone that could be a total asshole. Like what I’ve said I never aimed to ace this subject but I never said I didn’t care about failing.

It’s just that, I hate seeing my mom disappointed of my studies, she’s gone through a lot and I know and it shows quite well that she is well incorporated on how I’m doing at school.

And this lovely teacher might just ruin everything for me. Aside from the fact that there is a fair chance of me being paired with two of the last people I would want to work with, being Samantha and Jacob. And if I get through them there’s still a lot of them to spare just to end this activity, with me still breathing and kicking.

It’s not like I want to be paired with a particular someone, but for god’s sake please pair me with someone, at least more likable.

“Don’t worry it won’t be picked randomly.” Great, now I worry more. “The pairs will be given by the end of the week, which is Friday, so you can at least think of doing something that would be quite beneficial for all of us and not just something that I don’t care about.”

This whole work smells nothing but trouble.

The class continued after the announcement. No one really looked like they were listening, even I. You know, I’m not that much of a fan of having this subject in the high school curriculum.

Yes, it can be an elective if you really want to pursue music but base on my own generated statistics, which is called estimation, only more or less than one percent continues to be a songwriter, singer, or any career that is incorporated with Music.

I say there are only a few people that continue with music, but I didn’t say only a few wanted it. I, myself also wanted to be somehow a successful and influential songwriter or a singer but I didn’t have the confidence and the talent. Music clings hard but it chooses who it will cling to. People would want to be part of it, but it has this strong authority and security on who it will let in.

People like Jacob, they are gifted, their arms were wide open when the creator rained talent. The only problem is that some of them don’t know how to use it properly. Talent put them at the summit but sometimes they don’t know how to stay in there or merely how to act when they’re at the peak. Jacob is unfortunately one of them.


The bell rang indicating the third period ended and lunchtime has arrived. I hurried to my locker in which Elise and Chase are waiting.

“Give me back my beanie.” Chase said flatly as he snatched the beanie from my head. “You know you should really seek help from the principal.” He stated as a matter of fact.

Chase is the group’s righteous one if you would put it like that, he made that clear since the beginning. He always has this conscience thingy when it comes to us doing something. He’s three inches taller than me, which is a lot in my perspective. He has straight blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and a slender body. Typical white boy.

Being the tallest in the group, he serves as everyone’s savior, not that he can do a lot, but despite being a geek he has this persona that clearly says ‘back away from any of my friends or you’ll die’ which fails most of the time but he always put up a fight. Not physically of course.

He’s handsome, that’s what the girls have been saying, I guess I can agree somehow. Not that I would let him know that, so shush. He’s straight if you’re wondering.

“As if I haven’t thought of that.” I started. “But I have no intention of being seen as a pussy, plus who do you think will believe a nerd over a star player? And no one would believe me after what happened last year, remember.”

He sighed. “But what would you do? Just let them do all the beating?!” Elise exclaimed. “Mister, if you don’t remember, we may be nerds but we aren’t cowards.”

That’s Elise for you, she was the fighting spirit of the group. If Merida is real, it’ll be her. She was a childish impulsive girl, which always gets her into trouble, if Chase is the good side then she’s the complete opposite. If Chase won’t fight physically, then she would.

She has straight jet black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. She was almost the same height as me but a quarter-inch shorter.

“We won’t fight, I can’t. And high school is over in a year. Just this and we’re done. Plus what would we get by feuding with those assholes.” I said, and I thanked them understood it pretty well. “I’m going to the library for biology. Bye.”

And the day went on. The final bell rang. It’s four in the afternoon and the bus is on repair, so I have three options, wait for it, that would take a while, or walk which would take a lot longer but I don’t know if the gang would walk with me home.

I decided to wait for fifteen minutes longer for them or I’ll just take the expensive train.

Ten minutes passed and still no signs of them, so I decided to walk to the train until a familiar pink car came to stop at my side.

It turned out to be Samantha’s car.

“Hey! Need a ride?” She asked. I looked around me making sure if she was asking me or there was just a more interesting person beside me that she was more likely to ask for a ride. Turns out there’s none.


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