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His Lost Queen-Sequel to Beautiful Belle and Alpha Grayson

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The sequel to Beautiful Belle and Alpha Grayson. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK OR ITS DESCRIPTION IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BBAG. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Cannot be read as a stand-alone. ---- Belle is missing, war is coming, and a royal prophecy written hundreds of years ago is about to be fulfilled, changing the lives of Belle and Grayson forever. Belle is alone in a strange town, completely and utterly heartbroken after being both physically and emotionally abused by the man she thought she loved. Struggling to make ends meet, she must find a way to support herself without being affected by the constant, agonizing pain in her body, courtesy of her mate rejecting her to be with someone else. It's because of this constant reminder of what could have been that she is closed off to the world, determined to do things on her own from now on. Little does she know, her mate, the man who broke her, is searching for her. And he won't stop until he finds her. Grayson has spent the last few months watching his mate and love of his life get abused by the vampire controlling his body. Finally, he has been set free. Belle doesn't know that she's in danger. Grayson must find her before anyone else does.

Romance / Fantasy
Annie Whipple
4.8 422 reviews
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Chapter 1

Grayson’s POV

My head was spinning.

Everything was a blur, my ears were ringing, and my stomach felt as if I was about to puke up all of my intestines. What the hell just happened?

I opened my eyes. Still disoriented, I looked around the room, trying to gain my bearings. One second I was standing in my room with Kyle and three red-eyed vampires, and the next, I was in a forest in front of hundreds of newborns and Azazel, all of them determined to kill me and my pack members.

My eyes opened to a ceiling. I seemed to be back in my room once again, laying on the cold, hardwood floor. Although my body felt sore and weak, an effect of some sort of magic I’m sure, the pain coursing through me wasn’t my initial worry. War was coming. And soon.

Azazel’s threatening words were fresh in my mind.

“Tell my brother to prepare himself, Alpha Grayson. His time as king is over,” he had said. “We’re coming.”

I became aware of other people in the room and, once the ringing in my ears stopped, I was able to somewhat register what they were saying. They were arguing. One person, in particular, sounded very upset. I recognized his voice.

“Do something!” Kyle’s angry tone rang out. “Why are we standing around when my alpha just fainted? Minnie-”

“I assure you he is fine, young beta,” someone else interrupted. Zagan. The king of vampires. Azazel’s brother. “Please take your hands off of me before I decide to rip them off.”

“Oh, yeah? I’d like to see you try,” Kyle replied in a low tone. “You’re not the only one in this room with vampire abilities.”

I groaned and rolled to my side, not wanting to listen to any more of their incessant arguing.

All heads snapped to me. Kyle was at my side in under a second, using his newfound vampire speed to move in a single, blurry movement. He crouched down next to me. “Alpha,” he breathed out, “are you okay?”

I nodded and forced myself to sit up even though my body felt weak. “I’m fine. Disoriented.” I looked at Zagan who had moved to stand next to Kyle. “What the fuck just happened?”

“You tell me,” he replied in a gravelly voice. “What did you see?”

I stood slowly, grunting with effort. My wolf growled. He didn’t like feeling weak. “Azazel,” I said. “He’s coming.”

I heard Kyle suck in a breath. “You saw Azazel?”

“When?” Zagan snapped, stepping forward in interest. “When is he coming?”

I shook my head. “There’s no way to be sure. I don’t know how fast his army of newborn vampires can run.” My teeth grit together. “Soon, though. Tonight.”

Zagan’s eyes narrowed. Millie and Caspian, royal vampires and two of Zagan’s children, looked to their father in shock. Their tension and anxiety was tangible in the air.

“The Clan of Azazel is back?” Minnie whispered. Her already squeaky and high-pitched voice seemed to rise an octave with fear. “Father, did you know about this?”

Zagan nodded. “The beta informed me in his letter. It is why we wasted no time in aiding this pack.”

I looked to Kyle. “We have to move quickly. Prepare the pack for battle. Fill them in on what has happened.”

Kyle was already halfway out the door. “On it!” his departing voice yelled as he sprinted down the hall.

I turned back to the three vampires, watching them through narrowed eyes. It was a bit disturbing how alike they all looked with their straight black hair, lean bodies, and striking red eyes. They were smaller than werewolves and, therefore, not as strong. It didn’t matter though. Vampire training focused less on strength and power and more on strategy and stealth. It was as if their motto was, “Work smarter, not harder.” And it worked for them.

As I studied their startling, yet stunning, red eyes, I couldn’t stop myself from glancing in the mirror next to me, noticing that my usual green eyes were also red at the moment. However, unlike the three Mortars, mine were darker, clouded in blackness with the presence of my wolf. I could feel both my vampire and wolf pressing up against my conscience. It wasn’t invasive as neither of them was trying to take control, they were just revved up and ready for battle.

I looked away from my reflection quickly, tensing in anger. The last time I had seen my eyes in this color had been when Azazel had taken over my body, showing his true eyes as he looked in the mirror through my body.

I flinched, suddenly being pulled back into the memories of being in my own personal hell. My mind involuntarily replayed the scene of one of my least favorite memories. I was watching my hand hit Belle, my mate, on her beautiful face, having no control, watching in horror as she flew to the side from force. But that wasn’t the worst part. No, that hadn’t taken place after the strike. Belle had looked up at me with her big, teary blue eyes, shame and fear on her face... and apologized.

She had apologized to me. Even though it was my hand who just marked her skin, she thought she had been the one who had done something wrong.

Twice. Azazel had hit her two times, taking complete joy in the fact that she thought it was me who was doing it. And each time, Belle, the love of my life, had apologized to him. They were genuine apologies too, ones that made evident her regret. I didn’t know what she was ashamed of, but, god, I could feel it. I could feel her indignity for herself growing each day. She was so hard on herself, beating herself up and wracking her mind over what she had done wrong. She wanted to fix whatever it is, not aware that it was nonexistent.

I had been screaming inside my head the entire time, pounding against the bonds that kept me trapped. I was drowning with every passing second, trying to get past the control that Azazel had over me. I knew she wasn’t sleeping or eating. I knew she was basically being spat upon by all the pack members. I could feel how weak she was getting. But I couldn’t do a damn thing. Every day I hoped she would leave, run far away from here. But every day that I still felt her in this house, made me completely, fucking enraged with Azazel for doing this to her. I wanted to tell her to leave, to talk to Kyle or Elijah or someone, anybody, and get the hell out of here. Why was she staying? Why the fuck didn’t she run away?

Sure, Azazel had told her he wanted her for the power she could give him, demanding that she stay because of that. But, in reality, he wouldn’t have noticed if she left. And that is what killed me. If she was staying out of fear of being caught, her fear wasn’t necessary. Azazel’s mind was occupied with other problems. I knew this because I had spent over two months hearing his thoughts; I basically knew every single detail about the former vampire king.

He had been unimpressed with the fact that she was human, and although he found her attractive and loved to remind me of it, he wasn’t actually interested in having her around. He only tried to sleep with her because he wanted to taunt me and make me weak. But, surprise, surprise, trying to mate with an alpha male’s female doesn’t make them weak. No, it had the opposite effect, it made me furious. I became so blind with rage each time he laid a hand on her that, finally, my wolf was able to slip through the possession and take control to tend to our mate.

Azazel had learned from that experience. Seeing my mate get hurt made me furious enough to break free of the control he had over me. He knew then that the best way to truly weaken me was to stay away from Belle. And he did just that. He starved the mate bond. As I felt my mate slowly dwindle, I became incapacitated, fading along with her.

It wasn’t until two nights ago that Azazel tried mating with Belle again. Only, this time, it wasn’t to taunt or anger me, although it definitely did both of those things. Azazel had realized that someone had gone through his desk. One of my pack members knew about the letters he had been sending to the Clan of Azazel. It was at that moment that I felt fear in him for the first time. Knowing that his war could be happening sooner than he was anticipating, he decided to complete the mating bond in order to be as strong as possible during battle. When Belle refused, to my absolute fucking relief, he didn’t hesitate to kick her to the side and choose another.

Azazel didn’t know that that was the decision that had finally set Belle free. She was heartbroken, but she was finally able to force herself to leave now that she thought I didn’t want her. The thought made me wince in pain.

But it was the fact that it had taken that long to leave that made me sick to my stomach. Why hadn’t she left before then? The door was wide open. God, why did she stay in this damn packhouse where she was being abused and treated like nothing more than the dirt on the bottom of someone’s shoe? Did she think she deserved this? Did she expect this to be her new life? She was worth so much more than this and I thought she would know this because, hell, she is so much stronger than anyone could ever imagine. She had been through so much and was able to pull herself from the ashes each time her life burned down.

But with each passing day that Belle continued to endure the abuse that she was receiving without fighting back, it became more clear to me that perhaps she had come to face too many fires, that her life had burned down one too many times. She was convinced that, after a certain point, fires stop being coincidences or accidents. When fires follow the same person everywhere they go, it becomes clear that person has an affinity for starting them.

And so, Belle let herself get burned. My strong mate watched in defeat as the fire began to consume her. Because, according to her, no matter what she did, the fires followed her everywhere she went. She escaped only when the pain became too great, when she thought I had rejected her to be with another.

I had no doubt that the burns that she endured would leave scars. It would not be easy to gain her trust again, but hell if I wasn’t up for the challenge. I wouldn’t give up until I had her back in my arms. I would never let her go again. Together, we would build her back up until she remembered just how strong she really was.


A/N: My computer broke. Again. Sigh. The thing basically started smoking. Which is why this update is two hours late. I had to wait for my roommate to get home so I could borrow hers. No idea how I’m going to do my online class tomorrow but, thankfully, the other is in person. Sorry y’all! I’ll try to update again tomorrow to make up for it.

That being said...Belle and Grayson are back, baby! SO excited to finally get to share this book with you all. Hope you liked the first chapter! :)

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