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Chapter Ten| Eden

I gulp and avert my eyes from his large erection. "Can we have a bath?" I nod my head and jump off the vanity unit. I turn the taps on and the start adding bubble bath, which I know Theo will take a liking to.

Once the bath is full I turn the taps off and step into the hot, bubbly water. A relaxing sigh escapes my lips, I look over to Theo and see that he is staring at me with wide eyes.

"You getting in?" I raise an eyebrow and smirk at him. He quickly nods his head and climbs in behind me.

Who would of thought Theo and I would be sharing a bath?

I rest my back against his chest and ignore his hard on, which is poking my back. "Can you tell me about you, small?" He whispers, intertwining his fingers with mine. I sigh and lay further back into him.

"Well my mum and dad moved to Canada when I was twenty two, so I only really see them a few time's a year. My brother, Eli, lives here in England though, he's very overprotective of me." I laugh and feel Theo's chest move up and down. "I'm actually meant to be meeting up with him tomorrow for dinner. Do you want to come?" I turn my head and smile at him.

He leans down and kisses my forehead. "Okay." He smiles. "Why did your parents move?"

"They retired and wanted a new environment." I casually shrug.

"How old is your brother?"

"Thirty one. He's married and has the cutest son, you'll see him tomorrow." I feel myself starting to get excited about Theo meeting some of my family.

I embrace the comfortable silence and close my eyes. Theo runs his fingers up and down my arm. "Small?"

"Hmmm." I move against his erection and still, when I hear him moan.

I turn around and sit on my knees in the bath tub. His eyes fall to my chest and he releases a shaky breath. "W-What are we doing today?" He looks up at me with lust-filled eyes and I can't help but reach forward and grab hold of his dick.

What is this man doing to me?! He's turning me into a freak!

"Oh!" He throws his head back and bucks his hips up. "Small, I d-don't want to force you." He breathes out and looks at me.

"You're not forcing me, I want to make you feel good." I start to move my hand up and down his length and his chest starts to quickly move up and down. "Does it feel good?" I pout and he smirks.

"Yeah. Really good, small." He pants and I quicken my pace. "Keep going." He throws his head back and clenches his eyes shut.

"Are you close?" I tilt my head and look at the defined veins in his thick neck.

"Yes." He moans loudly and comes whilst I continue to move my hand up and down. After a couple seconds he opens his eyes and smiles. "Again." He beams and I look down through the now cloudy water to see that he is hard again.



It's the next day, Theo and I are getting prepared to meet my brother and his wife for dinner. I've just finished getting dressed and now I'm trying to find my heels.

"Ow!" I jump as I stub my toe on the corner of my bed. "Ow, ow, ow!" I hop around my bedroom, the pain immense.

The door is thrown open and I squeal falling onto my arse. "Small!" Theo panics and crouches down, cradling me to his chest. "Are you okay?" He questions, his voice filled with worry.

"I'm fine, I just stubbed my toe, hurt a little." I give him a reassuring smile and he relaxes.

"Scared me."

"Sorry." I kiss his cheek and stand up, brushing my hands down my dress.

Theo also stands up to his full height and I take the moment to admire him in his black jeans and white t-shirt. I smile as I see his feet clad in fresh Air Force ones; he has taken quite a liking to them. Just looking at Theo, really makes me want to take him right now.

He furrows his eyebrows and looks down at my exposed legs. He shakes his head and tries to pull the end of my dress further down. "Theo?" I step back and giggle when he steps forward and continues trying to cover me up.

"Too short." He mumbles and I roll my eyes at his possessive behaviour. "Mine."

"Theo, I like what I'm wearing. Do I not look good?" I pout and give him sad eyes.

Theo's face becomes panicked. "Pretty, so pretty, small." He leans down and places small kisses all over my face and neck, making me giggle.

"I'm joking with you, Theo." I laugh out loud, stepping on my tip toes and wrapping my arms around his neck. "You're pretty too." I pout my lips and he places a quick peck on them. "Now we need to get going." I pull myself away from him and look around for my heels.

Once I've found them, I sit on my bed and start to put them on. I look over my shoulder and see that Theo seems to be daydreaming. "Theo?" He blinks and then looks at me, smiling. He makes his way over and crouches in front of me, he then lifts my leg and places a small kiss on my calf.

"So pretty." He whispers, his red eyes glistening from the reflection of the light. "My girl." I melt right there on the spot and shyly look away.

He's got me feeling like a teenage girl again.

"Come on, we need to put your contacts in and then I'll order an uber." I kiss his forehead and he helps me up.


"Eli!" I smile and pull him into a hug. "I've missed you."

"Missed you too, little sis. Who's this?" He pulls away and nods at Theo, who is standing awkwardly behind me. He's looking around the restaurant anxiously, so I take his hand.

"This is Theo, my......friend." I give a tight lipped smile and Eli nods, putting his hand out for Theo to shake.

I bite my lip when Theo furrows his eyebrows at my brothers outstretched hand. So I save him the confusion and shake my brother's hand. Eli frowns at me and pulls his hand away from mine.

"We've met before, Eden." He rolls his eyes and moves in closer to Theo. I nudge him a little and he gets the memo and shakes my brother's hand after seeing me do it.

"Hi." Theo says and quickly pulls his hand away.

"Where's Elle and Rhys?" I question.

"Already at the table, let's go." We follow Eli and I smile when I see Elle holding my little baby nephew. She sees me and smiles brightly, standing up from the table. Her ginger hair is curled to perfection and a white dress is hugging her impressive curves.

"Hi, doll!" She beams and kisses my cheek.

"Hi, Elle. This is my friend Theo." She looks up at him with wide eyes and an open mouth.

"Friend? You two look good together." She winks and then hands Rhys over to me.

"Hello, baby boy." I smile brightly and tickle his stomach, making him laugh. "Isn't he so cute, Theo?" I look up at him and he gulps, nodding his head.

As the night goes on we all catch up, Theo says a couple word here and there but he keeps a hold of my thigh, underneath the table.

Eli has been giving Theo some odd stares but he hasn't said anything to offend him, which I'm glad because I wouldn't want to have an argument with him.

"Little sis?" I look over at Eli.

"Can we go for a chat?" I nod my head and stand up from the chair, however Theo grabs my hand and gives me a pleading look.

"It's okay." I stroke his hair. "I won't be long." I follow Eli out to the smoking area of the restaurant and I scrunch my nose at the horrible stench of cigarette smoke. I watch with a foul face as he pulls out one of his own and lights it up.

"You said you'd stop." I scold him and he sighs.

"I'm trying, it's hard." I scoff at his lousy excuse. "Now, how did you meet this guy, Eden? Because he seems a bit sketchy to me."

"Theo is harmless, Eli. He's had a hard life, I'm just looking out for him, there's nothing to worry about." I reassure him and he takes a minute but nod his head, whilst blowing out smoke, away from my face. "If he hurts you, Eden, I'll kill him." I playfully roll my eyes and walk back into the restaurant.

As I'm making my way back to the table, I smile when I see Theo holding little Rhys.

He looks so good holding a baby.

Calm down, Eden.

I continue my way back to the table but before I can reach them, I'm pushed over onto the floor.

That's it.

All hell breaks loose.
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