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Chapter Twelve| Theodore

"You useless piece of shit!" Professor Richards shouts in my ear. I clench my jaw and my fists, willing myself not to lash out. "I made you Theodore, you're not made to have emotions, you're not meant to feel anything but empty!"

I turn blank eyes to him and nod my head.

"What are you, Theodore? What is your purpose?" He snaps.

"I'm no-one and I can only hurt people." I mumble.

He doesn't hear, so he smashes one of the laboratory glasses at the wall, making me jump.

"I asked you a fucking question!" He barks and I clench my eyes shut.

"I'm no-one and I can only hurt people!" I cry out as he throws a glass at me, the smashed shards cutting into my skin.

"Good for nothing son of a bitch!" He spits and then presses a large red button. My eyes widen and then a bunch of scientists run into the room, right towards me.

"No, no, no, don't hurt me." I look around the room and they grab hold of me and start dragging me away. It takes six of them.

"You can't act properly, you're gonna be stuck in isolation, Theodore, until you can't bare it."

I'm dragged down the white hallway and then shoved into a small room, I can barely fit in to.

"Theo?" I hear my name being called and I open my eyes, to see my small looking at me in worry.

She gently pulls my hands away from my ears and stares up at me with a small smile on her face.

I'm safe.

He can't hurt me anymore.

"Theo?" I blink and look down at her.

She's so cute.

"Are you okay? You had me really worried?" She reaches up to touch my cheeks and I sigh in relief.

"I'm okay. Don't like loud noises." I whisper and then she pulls me into a tight hug. I embrace the feeling of her warm body against mine.

I always want her close, so I can protect her from all the bad things.

I don't know how I would act if my small left me. If she didn't want to be around me.

It would really hurt me.

"Sorry, I'm so clumsy." She scolds herself, lightly hitting her head and my heart stops for a second.

"Don't hurt yourself." I grab hold of both her hands so she can't do it again.

"Sorry." She giggles and it's like music to my ears. She then looks down and a loud gasp escapes her lips, I also look down and my eyes widen.

No, no, no.

I quickly stand up and lift her off of the floor, placing her on the stool I was previously sat on.

"It's not that bad." She shrugs and I look at her with wide, worried eyes.

I crouch down and pick up her foot and see that a small shard of glass is stuck in it, blood pouring out.

"Small, you're hurt!" I panic and get up, moving frantically around the kitchen.

"There's a small first aid kit in the bathr-" I am sprinting to the bathroom before she can finish her sentence.

I can't believe she's gone and hurt her beautiful self.

I run back down the stairs and tend to her injured foot. My eyebrows are furrowed in concentration and I take quick glances to my girl, to see she is smiling down at me.

After I'm done, I get up and locate the dustpan and brush.

"It's fine, I've got it." Small says, ready to step down from the stool, but when I cast her a warning look she sits back down, with her hands in her lap.

I can't risk anything bad happening to her.

She's so fragile.

"What about the pancakes I was going to make?" She pouts and I can't help but walk over and kiss her plump lips. She's so addictive.

She's mine.

"Let me clean up first, small." I mumble against her lips.

"Okay." She smiles and watches me clean up the glass and blood on the floor. "Are you okay though? You um....it's like you got scared?" I clench my eyes shut, my back towards her.

"It's nothing, small." I mumble and sweep the last part of the glass up.

"Clearly it wasn't, Theo. You can talk to me, if it's about what happened to you, you can tell me."

"It's nothing, stop talking about it!" I spin around and shout at her, making her jump.

"Sorry." She whispers, jumps off of the stool and then limps out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Guilt suddenly floods my body.

I've just shouted at her.

I panic and make my way up the stairs and towards her bedroom. I go to open the door but only panic more when I've realised she's locked the door on me again.

"Small." I turn the door handle and knock frantically on the door.

I can't get to her.

"Small!" I bang on the door harder. I pull away and clutch my hair tightly. I sit down on the floor and rest my back against the wall. "Please open the door, I'm sorry." I whisper and lean my head back.

"You'll never be loved, Theodore. You'll end up hurting everything in your path. Who would want a useless piece of shit like you?" Professor Richards punches me in the jaw and a cry of pain escapes my lips.

"Please stop." I whimper.

"You're never leaving this place Theodore."

I am pulled out of my memories by the click of the door. I jump up onto my feet and look down at my beautiful girl.

"I'm sorry." I blurt out and she smiles, opening her arms up. I throw myself into her arms and bury my face into the crook of her neck. "You locked the door on me." I mumble and pull away, staring down at her with sad eyes.

She bites her lip and looks down. "Sorry." She plays with her fingers and then looks up at me with big, innocent brown eyes. "I was just shocked when you shouted at me." She whispers so quietly, I barely hear her.

I lift her up and walk into her bedroom, closing the door behind us with my foot. I gently place her on our bed and climb on top of her.

"I didn't mean to shout at you. It hurts me that I hurt you. I never want to hurt you, small." She wraps her legs around my waist and grinds her hips.

I can't control myself when I'm around her. She makes me want to do things I probably shouldn't.

"Small." I breath out but she does it again and I can't help but start to grind against her as she moans underneath me.

"Theo." She buries her head further into the pillow, closing her eyes. Her long eyelashes kissing her cheeks. "Faster." She pulls me in closer and I release a moan.

I gaze down at her and take the moment to realise how lucky I am. Her beautiful brown skin shines under the light, enhancing her beautiful features.

"I'm gonna come." She whimpers and I work harder in giving her what she wants.

What she needs.

She moans in my ear and I can't help but follow after her as she comes underneath me.

"Apology accepted." She beams, her hair fanned around her gorgeous face.

She giggles as she looks down at my pants, that now have a large wet stain on them. I blush and look away from her.

"Don't be embarrassed around me, Theo." She turns my head to face her and I smile, nodding my head. "My giant." She whispers, reaching up to kiss me.

"My small."
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