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Chapter Thirteen| Eden

"Let me help you." Theo grabs my coat and helps me put it on and I can't help but giggle at his overprotective nature.

"I'm okay." I reassure Theo, as he looks down at me in worry.

"I don't want you to hurt yourself again, small." He sighs and watches my every move.

"I have you." I shrug. "Now, I can't believe I haven't gotten you a phone yet." I sigh and Theo furrows his eyebrows, so I lift my iPhone and wave it at him. "You're going to need one, so I can get in contact with you when we are not together."

Theo doesn't like the sound of the last part and shakes his head. "Together all the time, small. I need to protect you." I take a deep breath and put my knee high boots on.

"Theo, I understand you want to protect me, but we're not always going to be together." I try to make him understand but he just scowls at me. "Theo." I laugh but his face only hardens.

"I don't like what you've just said, small." His voice deepens and I gulp, looking away.

"I'm just telling the truth." I grab my car keys and walk out of the house, Theo following close behind. We get into the car and I look over at Theo, a scowl still etched onto his face. "Theo, stop sulking." I laugh and start the engine.

Once we arrive at the shopping centre, I take him to Apple to get him a phone. He stays quiet which starts to irritate me. We exit the shop and then walk over to a seating area so I can set up his phone.

"Theo. You really just going to keeping giving me the silent treatment?" I sigh as I switch the phone on.

He looks at me and blinks. "Together forever?" I close my eyes.

"Theo, you can't be attached to my hip twenty-four seven." I explain and he frowns even harder. "I'm not saying I don't want to be around you Theo, I'm saying that there will be some times when I won't be able to. But if you don't want to speak to me then fine."

I show him how to work his phone as he silently listens and put it on his lap. We them continue to walk around the shopping centre in silence and then I smile when I spot Boux Avenue.

I walk through the entrance and smile at all the bras and knickers. I turn around and spot Theo standing uncomfortably in the middle of the shop.

As he doesn't want to speak to me, I'll leave him there whilst I shop for myself. After about twenty minutes and a basket full of different coloured bras, I'm paying. However I frown when I see Theo talking to a gorgeous blonde lady.

He seems to be smiling at whatever she is saying and I can't help but feel my body heat up with anger.

Who is she?!

What makes me even more angry is when he hands her the phone I bought him!

"He's like a God." The cashier sighs dreamily as she looks at my Theo.

"Funny that." I smile, facing her. "He's taken." I pay for my stuff and then make my way over to the two.

"Theo?" I look up at him and the woman who he was talking to. She is a literal supermodel. "You ready to go?"

"Who are you?" Legs for days questions.

"I'm his...his friend." I give her a tight lipped smile.

"Well then, I'm Lacey. I'd love to take you on a date, Theo." I frown and look at Theo whose eyes have brightened.


Oh no.

"He can't!" I blurt out and look at Theo, who is still avoiding eye contact. "Theo?" I step in front of him and look up with sad eyes.

"I think the guy can decide if he wants to go on a date or not." I ignore her and keep looking up at Theo.

"I'd like to go on a date." He beams and I close my eyes and step away from him.

"What's about me?" I whisper, my voice filled with hurt.

"You didn't want to go on a date with me?" He furrows his eyebrows and looks down at me.

"Wow, how can you reject a man like this?" I turn to face a smirking Lacey. "I'll message you the details." She winks at Theo and then leaves the shop.


Just wow.


I'm sad.

I'm angry.

I'm disappointed.

Theo's gone from smothering me in affection, to completely ignoring me.

Now he's getting ready for his date with Lacey and I can't help but cry.

We're not official, so it's not like I can tell him not to go.

He's not my boyfriend.

"Small?" I hear him behind me, so I quickly wipe my eyes and watch the tv. I can smell his delicious aftershave, the smell that's all over my bedsheets.

"Hmm?" I don't bother to look at him.

"Lacey's outside." He mumbles and I clench my jaw.

"Okay." I whisper. "Please don't wake me up when you come in and you can stay in the spare bedroom." I hear him suck in a breath.

"S-Spare bedroom?" He stutters and I turn to face his hurt expression.

"You're going on a date with another woman, Theo. I don't think she'll appreciate you sleeping in a bed with someone else straight after." I explain and watch him bite his lip. "Enjoy your date." I give him my best smile and then turn back around.

I hear the door open, then close and I finally let the tears fall.

Maybe I shouldn't have pushed him away so much.

I'm hurt by how distant he is being.

I lay down on the sofa and cry whilst watching Beauty and the Beast.


I jump up in shock and look at Theo who is standing behind me, looking down at the ground.

"Theo!" I quickly wipe my eyes again but it's too late. "Shouldn't you be on your d-date?" I stand up and make my way over to him.

"I shouldn't have said yes." I furrow my eyebrows as he looks down at me with sad eyes. "I'm not Lacey's, I'm yours, small." My lips tremble at his words. "I'm sorry."

I don't hesitate to throw my arms around his waist.

"Go on a date with me?" I question and he looks down at me with wide eyes.

"Really?!" He beams, lifting me up, so I wrap my legs around his waist.

"Please?" I tilt my head and he answers by kissing my lips and then spins us around, making me squeal.

"No spare bedroom?"

I smile.

"No spare bedroom." I kiss his cheek. "Now take me to bed."

He walks up the stairs with me in his arms and then into my bedroom. We both strip down to our underwear and I take the moment to admire his back muscles.

He really is sexy.

"Theo?" He turns around to face me. "What did you tell Lacey?"

He slowly walks up to me and gently pushes me down onto the bed. He covers us with the duvet and then pulls me on top of his chest.

"I'm taken."
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