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Chapter Fourteen| Eden

"It's okay, Eden. It's just a date with Theo." I whisper to myself as I stand in the shower. "No need to pan—SHIT!" I jump when I feel Theo step in behind me.

"Hi." He whispers gently and I spin around to face him.

"Hi." I whisper back.

He leans down to bury his wet face on my shoulder. I moan when he starts to place sloppy kisses on my neck and then gasp when he starts to kiss his way down my body. "Theo." I lean my head back.

"I want to taste you. Can I, small?" He looks up at me with innocent eyes and I nod my head. He smirks and lifts my leg on to his shoulder so he can get better access.

"Oh shit!" I grab hold of his hair as he buries his face into my pussy. "Theo!" I whimper in pleasure as he does magical things with his tongue.

I feel my legs start to shake and I try to push his head away but he resists and only buries his head further. "I-I c-can't.....too much." I breathe out but Theo seems like he is enjoying it too much.

I can feel my orgasm starting to build, so I clutch on tighter to Theo's wet curls.

"I'm close, Theo." He hums and the vibrations from his throat tip me over the edge. He has to tighten his hold on my thighs so I don't slip, my heavy pants fill the bathroom. Theo continues to kiss my sensitive clit, so I really do have to push his head away. I laugh when he looks up at me with a small pout and then he licks his plump lips.

"More." He tries to push his face forward but I push it back.

"Theo, get up." I laugh and he stands to his full height, looking down at me with a big smile. I have to grab onto his large biceps because my legs now feel like Jelly.

"You taste so good, small." He looks down at me with dilated eyes. "I want to do it again." He reaches his hand down and brushes his fingers against me.

"Theo, we need to get ready for our date." I pull his large hand away and wrap his arms around my waist. "Kiss?" I close my eyes and pout my lips.

He doesn't hesitate to lay a hard kiss on my lips. I rub my hands up and down his muscled back and moan into his mouth. "Cuddle?" He wraps his large arms around my body and buries his face in the crook of my neck.

We stand in each others embrace for about five minutes before we start to clean each other.

Once we're done I step out of the shower, handing Theo a towel and wrapping my own around my body.

I wipe the condensation from the mirror and start to do my facial routine.

And when I say try.

I try to, but Theo keeps touching me everywhere. I turn around and rub soap on his face, giggling as he squeezes his eyes shut.

"Small!" He whines, making me laugh harder.

When we are done in the bathroom we walk into our bedroom and start getting dressed. I pull my outfit out the wardrobe and smirk.

I want to make Theo sweat.

"Have you packed your overnight bag?" I look over my shoulder and spot Theo standing in his boxers, looking at his suit laying on the bed.

"Hmmm." He gives me a quick look and then looks back to the suit.

I've booked a hotel for us to stay at, Theo was so excited when I told him what I had planned. The hotel has a really nice restaurant which I think he will like.

I slip on my favourite underwear and then step into the red satin dress, with a deep neck line. I run my fingers down my curves and smile.

"Fuck!" I gasp and spin around looking at Theo in shock.

"Theo!" I watch him stare at me with wide eyes, his cheeks tinted pink.

"Do you like?" I spin around and then run my hands on the curve of my waist.

"Y-Yes." He coughs, scratching the back of his neck.

"Let's get you dressed." I pick up the black turtle neck and stand on my tip toes to get his head through the top, however he has to crouch down so I can fully reach.

Once his head peaks through the gaps he continues to stare at my body with wide eyes. I then pick up his black suit trousers and squat down, he slowly steps into them and then I lift them up his legs, making sure to brush my lips over his covered bulge.

He sucks in a breath and I giggle.

Once he's all dressed up, I step back and admire him. "Don't you look sexy?" I wink and he grins. "I got you a Louis Vuitton belt." I beam, clapping my hands.

"Small, I feel bad because I can't buy you things." He looks down in shame and I instantly feel guilty.

"It doesn't matter! I like making you happy, we could get you a job at my boutique." He nods his head eagerly. "Okay cool, now let's finish getting ready."

I sit in front of my mirror and do my hair and make up. Theo is just sat on our bed waiting for me.

He really does look good, his all black suit with his turtle neck and dress shoes. His curl hair on the top of his head droops over his forehead, whilst the sides are shaved.

"Oh, oh, I got us matching watches!" I've been getting too excited with this date, that I went shopping when Theo was taking a nap. I definitely knew when he had woken up because he kept calling me until I walked back through the door.

"Small." He groans and I run over to my bedside table and pull out the boxes that hold the silver watches.

"What?" I frown and he sighs.

"One day, I'm going to be the one buying you things." He smiles gently and I smile back.


"Isn't it so nice?" I beam as I look around the fancy looking restaurant. "And look at that view!" I point as we stare at the city skyline.

"It's beautiful like you, small." I look across from him and smile, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Prosecco?" I look up at the waiter and nod with a smile. He pours me a glass and then turns to Theo.

"Sir?" He looks at Theo who shakes his head.

"Just a water, please." He nods, keeping his eyes on me.

It's a shame he has to have his contacts in because I'd love to stare at his red eyes.

"You don't want some?" I furrow my eyebrows and take a small sip.

"Not a good idea." He shrugs and I smirk, remembering what he was like when we went to that bar with Lia and her husband.

After a little while we order our food.

"I don't want to ever lose you, small. It would really break me if I did." I feel my heart clench as I look at how serious he is.

I don't want to imagine what he would be like if I left.

"You won't lose me, ever." I reach over to pick his hand up and place a small kiss on his smooth skin.

"You look really sexy." I choke on my spit and drop his hand, not expecting those words to come out of his mouth. "I want to do things to you, small."

Oh my.

I clench my thighs under the table.

"Like what?" I encourage him.

"I want to make love to you."

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