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Chapter Twenty| Eden

"What have you done?" I furrow my eyebrows at him. He walks into our bedroom and throws his clothes on, along with his shoes.

As if he's going somewhere.

He hands me some pyjamas and I put them on.

"I've put you in danger." He whispers and I continue to frown at him, not understanding what he's telling me. He gulps and looks at me with watery eyes. "I'm so sorry, small." I feel my heart start to race at what's next to come.

"Theo, you're scaring me." I reach out for him but he shakes his head and dodges my touch. "Theo?" I look at him hurt.

"Forgive me." He pleads.

"What am I forgiving you for?" Then the sound of a helicopter flying over the house grabs my attention and I sprint to the window to see that there are at least three hovering around in the sky. "Theo, what's going on?" I spin around to face him again and watch as tears stream down his face.

"I'm sorry."

"What have you done?!" I shout at him. He doesn't answer me so I storm up to him and shake him. "What have you done, Theo?!" I can feel my eyes start to prick with tears as he looks at me with empty red eyes.

"I love you." He whispers. "Please remember that, small." He looks up at the ceiling in despair.

"I'm not going to ask you again, Theo." I grit my teeth and wipe away the tears aggressively.

"I have to go back." I close my eyes in frustration, realising what he has done.

"Why?! How?!" I cry out.

"I'm a no-one and all I can do is hurt people." He says almost in a robotic tone.

"Don't say that!" I reach up and cup his cheeks. "Why have you done this, Theo?! You were safe with me!"

"But you weren't with me." He mumbles, turning his head to kiss the palm of my hand. "This is for the best."

"No." I cry and wrap my arms around his waist as I hear loud banging on the door. I only tighten my arms around him. "You can't go!" I whimper and I hear him sigh.

I pull away a little and look up at him. He gives me a sad smile and then pulls out a small chain with a ring on it from his pocket.

"What's that?" I whisper.

He just smiles and puts it around my neck gently. I look down at it and lift the small ring to examine it.

"Do something for me?" I nod my head. "Never take that off."

"I'm not letting you leave, they'll have to get through me." I cross my arms over my chest.

He chuckles lightly.

"You're so cute." He whispers gently and strokes my hair.

The banging continues until I hear my door being smashed open. Theo's face hardens and he makes his way out of my bedroom and down the stairs, me following close behind.

I gasp when a group of men that look like a swat team, run in, guns aimed at Theo and I.

Theo tenses and steps in front of me, protectively. Then the sound of someone clapping their hands fill the room.

"You never fail to surprise me, Theodore." A rough voice says, I look from behind Theo's back and see an old, dangerous looking man. "You've finally realised that you don't belong here." A small gasp escapes my lips when I see that he has an eye missing and a long scar running from his left eyebrow down to his jaw.

His eyes then land on me and he smirks. "You." I tense. "Come here."

"Don't you dare, small." Theo whispers so only I can hear, as he keeps his eyes on the threatening man.

"Don't make me shoot you between those pretty little eyes. Come. Here." I gulp and step towards him.

"Eden!" I stop about a metre away from him when I hear Theo's loud bellow.

He used my actual name.

I turn my head to look at him and watch as his jaw clenches and unclenches and he gives me a warning look.

"How did Theodore find a pretty little thing like you, hey?" The weird man, steps closer to me and runs his finger down my cheek.

"Don't touch her!" Theo growls out and steps forward but two of the guards grab both of his arms and then one other tasers him, making him fall down to his knees.

"Theo!" I cry out. They continue to taser him until his head drops. "Please stop hurting him! Tell them to stop." I plead with the man, who looks at the situation in satisfaction.

"Stop." They drop Theo like a sack of potatoes and I watch him breath heavily.

"What do you want?!"

"Professor Richards." He introduces himself and my blood runs cold. "What do I want, sweetheart? I've just come to collect something." He glares at Theo.

"He doesn't deserve all this. He's happy here with me!" I clench my fists and glare up at him.

"You see this." He points to his injured eye. "He did this. Theodore is a dangerous man, Miss Rose. He called me up, he told me to come here." He casually shrugs and I look at Theo in hurt.

"S-Small." He struggles to keep his head up but he looks at me with a pleading face.

"Theo, is not a bad person! He's kind, loving and he never deserved all the grief you gave him! I want you to leave my house!" He clearly doesn't take me seriously and smirks, shaking his head.

"I'll leave. But that little rat will be leaving with me." I shake my head and he pouts his lips in a patronising way. "Aw, did you think I was going to just give him a little slap on the hand and be on my way?"

"No, I think that someone needs to shoot you in your small dick!" I spit.

"Eden!" I ignore Theo and continue to glare at Professor Richards.

He then pulls out a gun and points it at my forehead.

"I will shoot your pretty brains out, sweetheart. Don't threaten me again." He growls out. "You think your precious Theo is a saint?"

I hear Theo whimper behind me and I frown.

"What do you mean?" He removes his gun from my face.

"Theodore didn't escape. Theodore was placed on your doorstep." My heart stops.

"N-No!" Theo whimpers. "That's n-not true."

"Theodore has been an experiment his whole life and he always will be. We placed him on your doorstep to see how he would react to being around other people. He fell in love and he shouldn't of, he shouldn't of felt anything because that's what he was designed to do." I can't help but cry at what he's telling me. "You, my dear Eden, was just part of that experiment. This has proved how useless and pathetic Theodore really is."

"No!" I whimper and turn to Theo.

"It's not true, small. Please believe me." Theo stands up on shaky legs and tries to make his way towards me. "I love you."

Professor Richards laughs, his eyes closed, so I take the second to knee him in the balls and run over to Theo. I throw my arms around my giant and cry into his chest. "I love you too." I whisper. "I believe you."

"Fucking bitch!" Professor Richards shouts. "Taser her!" My eyes widen and Theo tightens his hold on me.

"Don't fucking touch her!" He growls out to the guards. Throwing them all a threatening look, however they start to get closer towards me.

"Theo." I whimper. "Please don't let them hurt me, Theo." I clutch onto his t-shirt tightly. He looks down at me with worried eyes.

"I won't, baby." He kisses my forehead and what he does next, makes my heart break.
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