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Chapter Twenty-One| Eden

He's gone

They dragged him out.


"Theo?" He stands in front of me, protecting me from the guards that are making their way towards us with tasers in their hands.

"Don't come any closer." Theo growls out with a deep voice which makes the guards stop. "You won't touch my girl because I'll kill every single one of you."

Professor Richards smirks and tilts his head. "I'll make a deal, Theodore." I lift my hands up and clench the back of Theo's t-shirt. "We'll leave your girl alone, if you come with us."

I feel his back tense.


Professor Richards furrows his eyebrows. "Sorry? Are you refusing to keep your girl safe? You're willing to make that risk? I can get her neck snapped right here, right now." I flinch at his words.

Theo decides to stay silent but reaches behind him and grabs hold of my hand, linking our fingers together.

"I won't leave her." Theo protests and tightens his hand.

"Then we kill her." Professor Richards casually shrugs. I look at the man with wide eyes and stumble back. "Your choice, Theodore. I haven't got all night, boy!" He suddenly shouts and I feel my heart start to race.

Theo spins around and looks down at me with a clenched jaw. I look up at him in worry, he lifts my hand up and slowly kisses it.

"Theo." I whimper and he gives me a sad smile.

He leans down to whisper in my ear. "I love you, small. Please don't forget me." He then kisses my cheek and stands up to his full height.

My lips start to tremble and my eyes start to water. "No." He steps back and I try to reach out for him but he gives me a warning look.

I scream when one of the guards hits him around the head, bringing him to his knees.

"Stop!" I cry out.

Theo looks up with droopy eyes but manages to give me a lob-sided smile. "S-Small, it's o-okay." I barely hear him say.

I look back at the evil man who has a sick smirk on his face.

"Drop him." His face hardens as he commands those two words.

I feel my heart stop as they hold a taser gun to Theo's head.

"No, no, no! Please don't do this!" I run over to protect Theo but before I can reach him one of the guards pushes me onto the floor.

I watch Theo's eyes widen but before he can lash out the guard pulls the trigger of the taser gun and I watch his eyes roll to the back of his head.

He falls limp on the floor.

"Well I guess that's my job done." Professor Richards claps his hands and I stand up on shaky legs. "You won't be seeing this man anymore, Eden. You keep your mouth shut about all this and I won't come back and kill you."

I walk towards Theo's body and fall to my knees. I lift his head up and cradle it in my lap, I watch my tears fall onto his pale cheeks. "Giant?" I whisper and try to wake him up. "Please wake up." I whimper and shake him again.

"Well, we need to leave." Professor Richards announces and the guards come along and pick Theo up by his arms. I panic when they begin to drag him out.

"No!" I follow them out and cry when they throw him carelessly into the back of a black van.

"We won't be in contact again." Professor Richards steps in front of me. "Don't be giving us any problems Miss Rose or I will come back and snap that pretty little neck of yours." I gulp and step away from him.

The house feels so empty without him here.

I miss him already and what hurts the most is that I'm probably never going to see him again.

I grab my phone and raise it shakily to my ear. After a few rings, Lia answers the phone.

"Hey, babe. You okay?" She greets and I feel my eyes start to water.

"Lia?" I whimper.

"What's wrong?" I hear her voice become frantic as she hears how distressed I am.

"They took him." Is all I can say before I am balling my eyes out.

Three days later

"Eden, sweetheart. You need to eat." Lia walks in with what looks to be a bowl of soup in her hands.

I pull the duvet closer to me and look at her with tired eyes.

"Lia, I feel sick." I mumble and sit up. She casts me a worried look and presses the back of her hand against my forehead.

"Your temperature feels normal." She furrows her eyebrows and then picks up the bowl of soup. "Here have some of this." I look at the spoonful of tomato soup and feel my stomach churn.

I jump out of bed and run all the way to the bathroom. I drop to my knees and throw up in the toilet.

"Oh. My. Fucking. God." Lia gasps from the entrance of the bathroom. I flush the toilet and rest my back against the wall.

"What?" I question, giving her a blank look.

"You're pregnant." She states and begins to rummage through the cabinet.

"Theo was sterile, Lia. It's impossible." I sigh, brushing off what she's just said. "It's just stress."

"Yeah that's what those stupid professors probably told him." She scoffs and I furrow my eyebrows. "So you're going to take this pregnancy test, okay? Just to be on the safe side." I gulp nervously and nod my head.

I quickly brush my teeth and then Lia leaves the bathroom so I can piss on the stick. I tell her to come back in as soon as I've done my business.

"If you are pregnant, do you think Theo knew he wasn't sterile?" I shake my head.

"He wouldn't lie. If he knew I might be pregnant he would of been a lot more overprotective." I reason and Lia nods.

"Wow, God knows how he would act, considering how he is.....was with you." She mumbles the last part and I feel my heart clench. "Sorry." She mutters. "We will all be here for you, Eden. You won't be alone."

After a couple minutes I pick up the stick. I take a deep breath and turn it over.

"What does it say?"

I look at her and start to cry.

"He's never going to know, Lia! I'm pregnant and he's never going to know!" Lia throws her arms around me as I sob into her neck.



"Welcome back, Theodore." I slowly open my eyes but squint at the bright light.

I go to shield my eyes with my hand but realise that I am tied down.

Professor Richards stands over me, blocking the light and I glare up at him, trying to get out of the restraints.

"I think it's about time you forgot about your little escape." He smirks and my heart starts to race. "Time to forget about your small." He spits.

"No, no, no!" I panic and I watch him grab a needle. I frantically try to pulls my arms up but it's no use. "NO!"
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