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Chapter Twenty-Two| Eden

2 months later

"Look at us with our cute little bumps." Lia beams, trying to cheer me up. I give her a small smile as I sort out the delivery of new clothes for the shop.

I sigh to myself and rub the small bump. "I feel like I should be doing something. I should be out there looking for him." I stop what I'm doing and take a seat. "He's probably so scared." I feel my eyes begin to water.

"Eden, there's nothing you can do. You need to think about yourself and the baby, all this stress is not good." She crouches down in front of me and gives me a warm smile.

"W-What if he's dead?" I whimper. Lia gulps and stands up to pull me into a hug. "I just want Theo."

"I know, sweetie." Lia coos as she rubs my back.

"He deserves happiness! I should of tried harder to make him stay, it's my fault that he called that horrible man!" I clench my hair in frustration.

"Hey! Don't say that, Eden. Nothing is your fault, I don't want you doing anything stupid, you're pregnant. Don't forget that." She scolds me but kisses the top of my forehead.

Throughout the day I struggle to concentrate and find myself sitting in the staff room. I cuddle a pillow close to my chest and stare at the blank tv screen.

"Eden, that man is here to see you, Professor Oliver." I sit up alert and watch Lia move to the side to let him in. "I'll leave you to it." She smiles and walks out, closing the door behind her.

"I'm sorry." Is the first thing he says and I continue to stare at him blankly. "I should have come to see you earlier but I'm here to help you, Eden."

"How?" I whisper and he nods to the space next to me, silently asking if he can sit. I nod my head and he sits next to me.

"I've helped Theodore escape once and I will do it again." He smiles. "Even if it kills me this time."

"I'm pregnant with his child, Professor." I whisper.

"Please just call me Oliver." He smiles and I nod my head. "And congratulations." I furrow my eyebrows at him.

"You don't seem shocked, considering you all thought my Theo was sterile." This time he furrows his eyebrows.

"Sterile? What do you mean?" He leans forward.

"You all told him he was sterile." I say, stating the obvious.

"I never told Theodore he was sterile. I never experimented on Theodore, I didn't experiment on anyone."

"Are there others like Theo?" He shakes his head at my question.

"Not that I'm aware of." I slowly nod my head. "I don't work at the Lab anymore, I'm a dead man walking but Theodore was like a son to me and if I have to die keeping him safe I will. There are people I trust that are against Professor Richards, they inform me of what's going on in the lab."

I take a deep breath. "I'm so scared. What if that horrible man has killed him?!" I begin to cry.

"He's not dead but I am extremely worried that Theodore will be close to destructing. His dependency on you is practically his life, you are his life." He exhales deeply. "I'm not entirely sure how long he can go without you."

"I just want him home." I close my eyes and sigh.

"I don't think Theodore will be the same." My heart drops. "He really could end up being a danger to society this time."

"Theo wouldn't hurt people." I say in defence.

"Not intentionally." Oliver purses his lips. "He would need professional help."

"I can get him professional help I just need to see him, it's been two months, Oliver. I want Theo to know we're going to be a little family!" I cover my face with my hands in frustration.

"You will be able to let him know, we are going to get him out safely, before it's too late." He assures me.


"I'm having a little girl." Lia walks into the house beaming, Zack brightly smiling behind her.

"Congratulations!" I give her a genuine smile and pull both of them into a tight hug. "She's going to be one spoilt little princess." I joke and Zack rolls his eyes as Lia nods in excitement.

"How are you feeling, Eden?" Zack questions and I shrug my shoulders.

"Empty." Lia gives me a sad look.

It's been a couple days since Oliver came to visit me and I am still waiting for him to call.

"Everything will be okay, Eden."


"Small?" I furrow my eyebrows in confusion, as I sit on the floor of the tiny room. "Small?"

That word has been on repeat in my head but I don't know why. It's all I can think about.

"Small?" I whimper in frustration and clutch my hair in frustration. I clench my eyes when a pretty female keeps invading my vision. "My small." I whisper.

She has beautiful brown skin.

Captivating eyes.

I'm struggling to understand who the beautiful woman is.

My head begins to pound.

"I love you, my giant."


I let out a loud yell of frustration. Tears start to blur my vision and I clench my jaw, feeling my body start to heat up in anger.

"Shut the fuck up!" I snap my head up and spot Professor Richards glaring at me.

I glare back.

I clench my fists.

Then I attack.



I jump awake when my phone starts to ring. I switch on the lamp and look at the caller ID to see that Oliver is calling. My eyebrows furrow when I see that it is two in the morning.

"Hello?" I answer quietly.

"Eden, I'm sorry to be calling so late but I've been informed that there's been a huge fire at the lab." My heart rate starts to quicken.

"Theo?" I whisper, my eyes begin to water as I automatically think the worse. "What about Theo?"

"We are not sure if there are any survivors." My lips begin to tremble and I shake my head in denial. "There's been no sign of Theodore."
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