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Chapter Twenty-Four| Theodore

"I burnt down the lab. I attacked, the Professor." I tell my small, as I look into her deep brown eyes.

"How?" She whispers in shock.

"I attacked Professor Richards." I gulp. "I attacked all of the guards but I won't hurt you, small." I plead with her as I feel her tense in my arms.

I could never hurt her.

"They tried to erase my memory but I fought so hard to remember you." I whisper in pain. "It hurt but I did it for you. I couldn't take not being with you any longer."

She gives me a sad smile and runs her fingers through my hair.

"Where have you been for the last two weeks, baby?" She furrows her eyebrows and looks down at me in concern. "The fire happened two weeks ago."

I gulp. "Just around." I shrug, not wanting to worry her about the fact I was homeless.

She gives me a tight lipped smile. "Well you need a hair cut," she runs her fingers against my cheek, "and a shave." She laughs and I smile with her.

"I missed you." I nuzzle my face into the crook of her neck. "Do you still love me?" I question, my voice cracking.

"Theo, I never stopped loving you!" She pulls away and grins down at me. "I was so scared, I thought I had lost you! I thought I would be raising our baby on my own." I watch her cradle her stomach and I feel my heart skip a beat.

A baby.

"We're going to have a family?" I whisper and look at her with wide eyes. "Our baby." I rest my hands on top of her bump.

She smiles nodding her head and then rests her hand on top of mine.

Then I furrow my eyebrows.

"Does that mean I can't be inside you?" She rolls her eyes but then throws her head back laughing.

Why is she laughing?

"Theo, we can still have sex." She giggles and a sigh of relief escapes my lips.

"Can I be inside of you now?"


"Theodore." I clench my jaw and glare at the man in front of me. "I'm glad you are okay." He shuffles around in the seat and then rests his hands on top of his knees.

I blink and look away from him, wanting my small next to me but she thought it would be better if I spoke to Oliver alone.

"Why are you here?" I grit my teeth.

"Theodore, please don't be mad at me. You know I never wanted you to live your life the way you did. If I could of got you out sooner I would of." He pleads with me and I frown at him.

"You watched him hurt me everyday." I clench my fists at the memories. "You always sided with him when I did things wrong."

Oliver sighs and closes his eyes. "I'm sorry. I am so sorry and I always will be Theodore. I do care about you, son, I just hope one day you will forgive me."

"I'd like you to leave." I watch his face fall but he nods his head and gets up.

"I will keep Eden updated." Then he's gone.

I sit by myself for about ten minutes before I go upstairs and see what my girl is doing. When I enter our bedroom I frown when I see her standing on a stool, reaching for a box of shoes on top of the wardrobe.

"Small!" She jumps and looks over her shoulder, I make my over to her and lift her off of the stool. "What are you doing?" I scold her and I watch her lip start to tremble.

"I-I just wanted to get the box of heels for our date." She whimpers and I begin to panic because I've upset her.

"I'm sorry, don't cry." I wipe away the tears that begin to fall.

"I just wanted to look nice for you." She cries even harder and I pull her into a tight hug.

"Baby, I'm sorry!" I rub her back. "You could of hurt yourself, that's all." I rest my cheek on top of her head as she cries into my chest. "Small, please, stop crying."

"I'm sorry." She whimpers, pulling away and then wipes the remaining tears on her cheeks. "I'm overreacting." She throws her arms in the air and then sits on the edge of the bed.

I crouch in front of her, grabbing hold of her hands and placing a kiss on the palms of them.

"Please, if you need help ask me." She nods her head, sniffling.

She looks at me and I watch her frown, she grabs hold of my face, staring directly into my eyes. She looks at each eye, a frown still etched on her face.

"Your eyes, Theo." She whispers in shock and this time I frown.

"What about them?"

"They are not as red as they use to be." She gets closer.

I shake my head in denial. "I think the baby is doing something to you." I get up and she grabs my hands.

"Look in the mirror." She raises her eyebrows at me.

I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror.

She's right.

They are no longer a bright, vibrant red, but a dull red.

"And look!" I jump when she appears next to me, pointing to my eyeball. I chuckle at her cuteness. "There's a different colour, showing."

I look again and see what looks to be a dark green.

"Oh my God Theo!" She squeals, making me jump again. "This could be your natural eye colour, showing." She claps her hands in excitement.

"Maybe." I whisper, reaching down to kiss her forehead.

"Are not happy?" She pouts and I shrug my shoulders then turn to start running our bath. "How did your talk go with Oliver?" I shrug my shoulders again, not wanting to talk about it.

"Twelve week scan is next week, we get to find out the gender." My heart begins to race.

I've decided I want a little girl.

"I want a girl." I turn around and smile brightly. "She'd be so precious, small." I beam, getting excited.

"You'd spoil her." She laughs.

Her phone then begins to ring and I follow her into the bedroom. My girl picks up the phone and frowns at whatever is being said down the phone.

I feel myself start to panic.

"Okay, we will be there. I can't believe they didn't tell me in advance, I haven't told them I'm pregnant yet Eli." She sighs. "Yes......See you in a bit." She hangs up and then gives me an apologetic look.

"My parents have decided to make an unannounced visit. They've come back here with their friends from Canada." She sighs.

"No date?"

She shakes her head. "Sorry, baby. Tomorrow night, yeah?" I nod my head. "We should get going."

"Do they know about me?"

She nods. "When you were gone I spoke to them about you. It made me feel better, like you were actually here with me." She smiles sadly and I feel my heart break.

There is still so much I need to tell her but a selfish part of me refuses to.


We make it to her brother's house and I feel my heart skip a bit for some reason as we stand outside the front door.

"Don't be nervous." She winks and knocks on the door.

"Hey sis." Eli says as he opens the door, pulling her into a hug.

They pull away from each other and he just gives me a nod.

"They're inside." We follow him into his house.

"My baby!" A woman which can only be her mum squeals. She pulls my small into a tight hug. "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?! Your brother had to tell me in advance so I didn't have a heart attack from shock."

"Sorry mum." My precious girl smiles nervously. "I've missed you." She mumbles into her mother's neck. "Where's dad?" She then questions, looking around for him.

"With his grandson in the garden." Her mother then looks at me and gives me a warm smile. "You must be Theodore." She makes her way to me and I begin to panic.

"Hello." I simply say and she pulls me into a loving hug.

"I'm Cherry. Aren't you so handsome!" She reaches up as much as she can to grab my cheeks.

"Mum, stop!" Small giggles and pulls her away.

"Is this your daughter?" We all turn around and I see a couple with big smiles on their faces.

"Theodore, Eden. These are our friends from back home, Iris and Daniel Thomas."

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