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Chapter Twenty-Six | Eden

"Theo!" He continues to look at me with lust-filled eyes and I clench my thighs together.

"Please let me, small." He gently pushes me back into the bed and begins to take my clothes off. "So beautiful." He leans down and kisses my belly.

"Theo," I whine and I watch him smirk as he pulls my pants down. A loud moan escapes my lips when he brushes the vibrator against my clit. I whimper when he decides to pull it away. "Theo, no!"

"Say please." My eyes widen and I begin to thrash about in frustration.

"Theo, please." He smiles and places the vibrator back where I want it, applying a little more pleasure. "Mmm." I close my eyes and bite my lip as I feel the pleasure start to build.

"Look at me, small." I hear Theo say but it feels too good and I continue to keep my eyes shut. I pout when Theo pulls the vibrator away again. "Small!" My eyes snap open and I see Theo hovering over me. "I love you."

"I love you too." He leans down to kiss me as he places the vibrator up against me again. I gasp into his mouth and wrap my arms around his shoulders.

I can feel my orgasm begin to build and I can't help the loud moan that escapes from my lips.

"Come on, small." Theo kisses my cheek, letting his lips linger and he applies more pressure with the vibrator.

"I'm gonna come." I whimper and throw my head back into the pillow. "Oh my God, Theo I'm gonna...fuck!" I come undone underneath him, my breathing heavy.

Once I've recovered I smirk and push Theo onto his back, grabbing the vibrator from his hands.

"Small, what are you doing?" He sits up and looks at me with wide eyes as I start to pull his trousers and boxers down. "S-Small?" He nervously chuckles as I switch the vibrator back on.

"It's your turn, baby." I tell him innocently and watch him gulp.

"It's okay, I don't need...small!" He throws his head back as I run the toy up and down his hard dick.

"Does that feel good?" When he doesn't answer me I pull it away and his eyes snap open. "Not nice is it?" I smirk and he groans, reaching down to stroke himself but I stop his hand.

I then straddle his waist and slowly sink myself down onto him. "Oh shit." I moan and clench around him. I lift myself up and continue to rub the vibrator against him as well as myself.

"Feels so good." He moans, encouraging my movement as I work my way up and down his hard length.

I can already feel myself about to come and I quicken my pace until my walls are rapidly clenching around him.

Theo continues to moan underneath me until he reaches his climax.

Our heavy breathing fills the room as I manoeuvre on top of his chest, making sure not to squash the baby.



"Are you nervous?" I look to Theo as he watches the nurse put the ultrasound gel on my stomach. He furrows his eyebrows.

"Don't hurt her." He sits up in his chair and the nurse smiles gently.

"Theo, it's okay." I smile grabbing his hand. "She has to put this on so we can see our baby on the screen."

"Okay." He relaxes and looks at the screen as the nurse starts to put the probe against my stomach. After a couple of minutes, I grin when I hear our little baby's heartbeat.

I look at Theo and watch his eyes begin to water as he places a small kiss on the back of my hand.

"Would you like to know the gender?" Theo and I both nod.

"Congratulations, you are having a little girl." Theo is up from his seat, cheering and I laugh loudly, including the nurse.

"I told you, small!" He smiles brightly, having a closer look at the screen as if he understands what he's looking at. "That's our baby!"

"I can tell you two are going to be amazing parents." The nurse compliments.

"Thank you." I nod and watch her clean the gel from my stomach and then Theo helps me sort myself out.

Once we leave the hospital I call Lia to tell her the good news and then my mum and dad. They are all over the moon, my mother would not stop crying.

"Small?" Theo questions as I drive us home.


"I want to learn how to drive." I quickly glance at him. "Please."

"I guess we could find an empty car park, it's hard to learn." I tell him and see him nod from the corner of my eye.

We find an empty car park and switch sides. I bite my lip when I watch Theo push the seat all the way back.

"Okay, so there are three pedals, the clutch, brake, and accelerator." He nods as I point to each pedal, his face is all serious and I can't help but laugh. "Push your foot down on the clutch, the left pedal and keep it down." He follows my instructions.

"I'm doing it small." He beams and I smile not wanting to rain on his parade and tell him that he's done the bare minimum.

"Now put the car into first." He shifts the gear stick, a bright smile on his face and it makes me feel warm on the inside. "Slowly raise the clutch pedal." His eyes widen when he feels the car drop a little. "Now put your foot on the accelerator but only a little bit." The car starts to rumble.

"This is so cool." He whispers in shock.

"Now I'm going to release the handbrake okay." He nods sternly. "When I do, keep your foot on the accelerator but not a lot of power and slowly lift your foot off the clutch."

"Okay, small." I release the handbrake and we slowly start to creep forward. "Small, I'm driving!" He gets too excited and ends up stalling the car. I laugh at the small pout on his lips and I spend the next couple hours teaching him.

By the time we get home, it is six in the evening. We decided to order a pizza and now we are on the sofa, cuddling whilst watching a film.

My head is resting on Theo's lap as he strokes my hair.

"Theo," I say.

"Yes, baby."

"My parents and your....erm Iris and Daniel want to go for lunch tomorrow." His hand stops stroking my hair.

"I don't know." He shrugs.

"Theo, this could be a great chance to get to know these people who could be your real family." I sit up and pout at him.

"You are my real family." He simply says and I bite my lip.

"Please Theo." I give him a sad look and after a while he gives in, nodding his head.

"I'm doing this for you." I kiss him on the lips and lay back down on his lap. "I love you, small."

"I love you, giant."


My beautiful girl sleeps peacefully on my lap and I feel my phone vibrate with a notification. My jaw clenches as I read the message.

Time is ticking, Theodore.

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