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Chapter Thirty| Theodore

"Small." I whisper gently, running my finger along her jawline. I smile when I hear the small snores that escape her lips. "Small." I whisper again and her eyes flutter open.

"Hi." She croaks and I feel my heart flutter at her voice.

I love her so much.

"Hello." I sit up on the bed, my back resting against the headboard. Small groans and also sits up next to me.

"Bath?" She questions and I nod my head and help her out of our bed. We make our way to the bathroom and we brush our teeth as the bathtub fills with water.

When we've finished my eyes widen as I watch her undress and I feel myself start to get hard. I look away in embarrassment and start to undress myself.

We both get into the tub and a sigh of relief escapes my lips when I feel her rest against my chest.

I rest my hands on top of her belly that carries our little girl.

"She's made me so fat." My girl mumbles and I furrow my eyebrows.

"You are beautiful, small." I lightly scold her and she nods. "Say you're beautiful."

She turns to me and smirks. "You're beautiful." I roll my eyes but smile. "I've been thinking." I hum at her words. "We should run away." I freeze and look down at her with a frown.

"Don't be silly, small. You're not risking going to prison for me." She looks up at me and pouts her lips.

"We won't get caught." I lightly chuckle at her words. "Why are you laughing at me?"

"I'm sorry, baby." I tilt my head back and look up at the ceiling. "Where would we go? I don't have a passport, I barely have an identity." I sigh.

"We can find someone who makes dodgy passports!" She exclaims. "Theo, I'm not letting anyone take you from me, please understand that." I look down and nod my head.

"Okay." I whisper. She turns to me with wide eyes.

"Really?!" I nod my head and head lean down to kiss her cheek.

"Small and Giant." I whisper.

"Small and Giant." She nods, looking forward.


"Professor Richards is stable." I slowly nod my head and tighten my arm around my small. She rests her head on my shoulder as we stare at Oliver who is sat in front of us.

"Theo, all I can say is you need to leave the country. Right now." My back tenses and I sit up. "I have a plane ready for you at an abandoned airfield, I can get you on there in the next couple of hours."

I feel my heart begin to race and I feel Small looking at me.

"Will I be going with him?" She questions Oliver and I watch him purse his lips. "I mean I've already lied to the police. If they find out about Theo and I, I'll be in trouble just as much as Theo."

Oliver nods his head and clasps his hands together.

"Of course, Eden. But you need to understand that you can not say goodbye to your loved ones, you need to be out the country as soon as possible." She nods and then furrows her eyebrows.

"What about the results?"

"What results?" Oliver questions.

"My mum and dad flew back from Canada and they came back with this couple named Iris and Daniel Thomas. She told us that her son was taken as experiment and we were so convinced that Theo is their child. We explained everything and we did a DNA test but we can't find out till next week."

"You did what?" Oliver closes his eyes in frustration and takes a deep breath.

"We did a DNA test." Small repeats.

"Theo will be tracked down in no time when they find out that whatever clinic you've been to has Theo's DNA. We need to get you two out of the country right now." He slides over a piece of paper and stands up, fastening the button of his suit jacket.

"Make sure you're there on time, ditch the phones, anything that can be traced by the police. I'll be travelling with you, I'll explain more when we're on the plane." We both nod our head and then he leaves.

"Well at least I don't have to look for a dodgy person for your passport." Small lightly chuckles but I furrow my eyebrows starting to get worried for her safety.

I've put her and our baby's life in danger.

And if anything happens to either of them. I won't be responsible for my actions.


"Where did you find a private jet?" Small exclaims as she walks around the jet, her big brown eyes wide.

"Connections." Oliver simply says and keeps his eyes on me.

"Where are we going?" I question and look back at Small, making sure she doesn't hurt herself.


"St.Lucia! Oh my god, I've wanted to go there for so long!" Small squeals, taking a seat next to me.

I sigh and reach over to put her seatbelt on.

"We can lay low for a while, figure out how we are going to sort this mess out. There's also someone I'd like you to meet once we get there." Oliver explains.

He stands up and yawns. "I'd get some rest, it's going to be a long flight." He nods his head and then makes his way to the back bedroom, closing the door gently behind him.

"Are you okay?" My baby whispers whilst grabbing hold of my hand.

I bite my lip and look at her. "I've ruined your life." I whisper and then turn to look out the window, staring out at the clouds as we fly across the Atlantic.

"What?" She says and turns my face to look at her. "You haven't ruined my life, you've given it meaning now. I'd do anything for you, my giant." She reaches up and kisses my cheek.

"I'm never letting you go, Small." She smiles and I feel myself smiling back.

"Good cause you're stuck with me forever." She winks and rests her head on my shoulder.

I smile harder and wrap my arms around her, kissing the top of her head.

"I'd take a bullet for your giant ass." She laughs but I feel my smile drop.

"Don't say things like that, small."

"Sorry." She whispers. "I feel bad for leaving my family and Lia. They're gonna get worried and we won't find out about the results." She sighs.

"None if that matters right now, Small. We need to focus on getting our lives back to normal." I tell her.

I don't know what will happen in the future but what I do know is Small will always be in it.
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