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Chapter Thirty-Six| Eden

We've been up all night because Theo can't sleep.

He won't leave my side at all and he's barely said a word since we got out of the bath many hours ago.

I sit up and Theo tenses. I swing my legs off of the bed and stand up, Theo follows my actions, towering over me.

"Small?" He whispers and I sigh, reaching up to kiss his cheek.

"I need to pee." I whisper back and he nods his head. I turn around to walk to the bathroom an sigh again when I feel him following me. "I'll only be a minute."

He looks at me as if I'm about to jump of a bridge and hesitates, stepping back. I give him a small smile when I close the door to the bathroom.

This is going to be difficult.


"Theo how are you doing?" Oliver beams as me and Theo walk into the kitchen hand in hand. I look up at Theo who just shrugs and then he helps me onto the kitchen island chair.

"We're flying home tonight." I feel my blood turn cold knowing my family and Lia are going to go ballistic.

It's been three weeks.

I put on a smile and look at Theo who is filling my plate with food. He pushes the plate closer to me and then my eyes widen when he grabs a fork and begins to feed me.

"I can do it." I smile at him and remove the fork from his hands.

He clenches his jaw but nods his head before fixing a plate for himself.

"Iris would be proud of you-" I drop my fork and look at Oliver with wide eyes. He slowly closes his eyes and rubs the stubble on his jaw.

"How do you know who Iris is?" I question, sitting up straight in my seat. I feel Theo clutch on tightly to my hand as he stares at Oliver in disbelief.

Oliver takes a deep breath and looks at Theo with a sorry expression.

"My sister, Theo's mother."

What the fuck?!

"You're Theo's Uncle?! You kept Iris away from her son and you let your nephew suffer for what?" I exclaim, sticking up for Theo who is looking at Oliver with empty eyes.

"Professor Richards threatened to kill Theodore along with his parents if I told them that their baby was alive. I haven't seen my sister in over twenty-five years, Eden." I clench my jaw at his words. "There were so many times that I wanted to help Theo but I couldn't."

I look up at Theo and squeeze his hand gently. "You okay?" I whisper and he nods his head.

"Iris and Daniel are my parents." Oliver nods.

"I'm so sorry, Theodore." Oliver apologises and stands up from his chair.

"That's why you always helped me and cleaned my wounds after a beating." Theo says. "You felt guilty." Oliver purses his lips and nods his head, looking away in guilt.

"I hope you can forgive me one day, Theodore. I wish things had gone differently those many years ago."

"I forgive you and I don't wish anything would have gone differently because I might not of met Small." My heart warms at Theo's words. "I have a bright future ahead of me now and a baby on the way." I automatically rest my hand on top of my belly and smile.

"You'll be an amazing father, Theodore." Oliver gently smiles and then quietly leaves the room.

"Well that was all unexpected." I breathe out and shove a strawberry into my mouth.

"I need to go out." Theo says all of a sudden and makes his way into our bedroom. I follow him and watch him quickly throw on some clothes.

He makes his way into the bathroom and quickly brushes his teeth and washes his face. I still look at him with wide eyes.

"W-Where are you going? Do you want me to come with you?" I panic as I watch him put his trainers on.

He shakes his head and stands up, making his way over to me. "I'll be a couple of hours, look after Tiny." He kisses my forehead and then he walks out, leaving me in shock.

What is he up to?

"Looks like it's just you and I today, baby girl." I sigh and make my way back into the kitchen to finish my breakfast.

"Eden?" I look up and spot Oliver giving me a nervous look. "Is he mad at me?"

I shake my head. "He has to go out, he didn't tell me why but he's not mad." He smiles gently and nods his head.

He then passes a credit card over to me. "Ten million, let Theodore know." I pause my chewing and nod my head slowly. "I know it's a lot to ask, Eden but I would love to still be in Theodore's life and your newborn. Only if you'll let me."

"It's not really my decision, Oliver. That's a conversation you'll have to have with your nephew." He nods his head in understanding.

"Would you like help packing?" He questions and I nod my head.

"That would be so helpful." I give him a friendly smile and he smiles back.


Theo's been gone for over five hours. The sun is beginning to set and I'm getting really worried, we have to catch a flight in a few hours. Eddie isn't around either.

I begin to chew my bottom lip in worry and I jump when the front door opens, revealing a cheerful Eddie.

"Where's my Theo?" I run up to him and question in panic.

Eddie continues to smile and grabs my hand, dragging me out of the Villa.

This one doesn't have steps which Theo was extremely happy about.

"Slow down, Eddie!" I exclaim in shock and he casts me a worried look over his shoulder before slowing down.

"Sorry." He mumbles and slowly leads me onto the beach.

"Where are we going? Where's Theo? Is he okay?" Eddie just chuckles shaking his head. His green eyes sparkle as he watches me become more distressed.

"Stop worrying, little one." He laughs and I take a deep breath and try to calm myself down.

"I'm trusting you, Eddie." I tell him, casting him a playful glare and he winks.

I feel my heart start to race as I see a trail of candles along the sand.

"Oh my God!" I whisper, covering my mouth in shock when I see massive letters spelling out 'marry me' along the shore.

"Enjoy, little one." Eddie beams, kissing my forehead and walking away.

"Small." Theo walks up to me with a shy smile on his face and then he gets on one knee.

I silently cry as I watch him pull out a small box from his pocket and then he reveals a princess cut diamond ring.

"Would you like to marry me, small?" I cry at how innocent he looks.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" I sob and he stands up to slide the ring onto my finger.

Once he's done that I grab hold of his face and kiss him like there's no tomorrow. I squeal when he lifts me up and spins me around.

"Thank you, small." He whispers and looks at me with watery eyes. "Thank you for everything."

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