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Chapter Two| Eden

We just stare at each other.

He sits across from me, his hands folded in his lap. He lifts his hand up and I tense. He see's my reaction and gives me a sad smile and then runs his hands through his dark hair.

"Why are your eyes red?" I question him.

"I don't know." He whispers. "Do you not like them?" He frowns and blinks slowly.

"No- I mean yes! They are just very unique." I look away in embarrassment.

"Oh." I hear him whisper.

I had to call Lia and ask her to look after the shop, she asked why so I told her I was feeling sick. I couldn't exactly tell her right now that I've let a stranger into my house, she'd go crazy.

"Are you hungry?" He nods his head eagerly.

I stand up and he follows, I lead him to the kitchen.

"Do you want a sandwich?" I spin around to ask him but squeal when my head hits his chest.

Before I can fall on the floor, Theodore reaches out and grabs hold of me.

"Sorry." He looks at me with sad eyes and steps back; he looks down in shame and I sort of feel bad.

"It's okay." I smile and he looks at me with hope filled eyes.

He really is gorgeous. I blink and look away from his captivating eyes.

"So small." He reaches up to touch my cheek but I step back.

"Let me make your sandwich." I give him a tight lipped smile. "You can sit down." I point to the kitchen stool.

After I've made his sandwich I place it in front of him, then take a seat next to his large form.

He looks at the sandwich as if he's never seen one before.

"Sandwich?" He questions me, poking and prodding the soft bread.

"Yes. Have you never had one before?" He shakes his head at my question and picks up the sandwich.

His eyes widen when he takes a bite, he then devours the whole sandwich in less than a minute.

Holy shit.

"Needles." He swallows the last bit of his sandwich and touches the veins on his forearm. "Food." I hold my breath. He was fed through needles!

"Theo, we really need to have a serious conversation." I shuffle my chair forward, so I'm closer to him. "How did you end up outside my house?"

"I escaped, from the bad people." He nods his head and I sigh.

"Who are the bad people? Are they part of your family?" He furrows his eyebrows at my questions.

"Family?" He tilts his head, a small strand of black hair falling against his forehead.

"Your mum? Dad? The people who gave birth to you." I elaborate. Maybe he lost his memory or something.

"I don't have family." He whispers and looks down at his lap.

"You don't have anyone?" My heart breaks for him.

"You?" I suddenly get butterflies in my stomach.

"Theodore, I-I...I can't be your family, we don't know each other." I watch his face fall.

"Get to know?" He shuffles even closer, to the point where our knees are touching.

"Theo, I need to know what happened to you!" I reach out and grab hold of his large hands, his eyes widen at my touch and I see his cheeks become red.

He takes a while to come up with an answer and then takes a deep breath. "Bad people, in white coats, they hurt me." He tightens his veiny hands around mine.

He really does have huge hands!

Stop it Eden!

"A lab?" He nods.

"I escaped." My heart starts to race, what happens if this guy isn't from a lab and just escaped an asylum instead. I stand up and snatch my hands away from his, making him pout. "I'm not bad." He whispers, clearly hurt by my actions.

I close my eyes and release a shaky breath. "Was you born with red eyes?"

"I don't know." He shrugs. "I lived in a small room, my whole life." My eyes widen at how much he has just said. Usually he would give me small answers.

"So they did experiments on you?" He gives a small nod. "How did you escape?"

"I'd rather not say." He also stands up, towering over me. "So small." He reaches up and strokes my face. This seems to be his favourite thing to do at the moment.

"How old are you?" I feel like I've asked a million and one questions.

"Twenty five." He removes his hand from my face and continues to stare at me in admiration.

"Oh, I'm twenty five too!" I beam and then look away in embarrassment.

"Cute." He smiles.

"Okay, so whilst I was making you a sandwich I realised there is no food in the house, so I need to do a food shop." Theodore just stares at me, as if he doesn't understand.

I sigh.

This is going to be difficult.


Ever since we entered the supermarket, people have been gasping at the sight of Theodore. I mean he is absolutely huge and I've had to make him put glasses on because of his bright red eyes. Every item we walk past, Theo pokes it and stares at it in shock.

It really makes me wonder what else these people did to the poor soul.

"Sandwich." Theo whispers and leaves my side to walk over to the packed sandwiches in the fridge.

"Theo!" I whisper harshly. I gave him specific orders to stay by my side, as I seem to be taking a huge child out shopping. I push the trolley in his direction. "Theo, you can't just walk away like that!" I scold him and he turns around, already eating the sandwich.

"Sandwich." He holds it out to me and I frown. His smile drops when he see's how unhappy I am with him.

"Theo, you can't just open up food without paying for it!" I snatch the cardboard packaging from him and throw it in the trolley.

"Sorry, Small." He looks at the ground.

"Eden, my name is Eden." I turn away from him and continue to shop, Theodore trails behind me, the pout still on his face.

We get home and I start to put the food away. Theo stands by the door, his large frame looks so out of place.

"Sorry, Small." I pause and close my eyes. I close the cupboards and then turn to face him.

"It's okay, just listen to me next time." He nods eagerly.


"Now-" I clasp my hands together and look up at him "-sleeping arrangements."
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