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Chapter Thirty-Eight| Theodore

One year later

"Say daddy." I smile as my little girl balances on my thighs, with the help of me of course.

Her little hands grabs hold of mine as she stares at me with her wide brown eyes that hold a small hint of my red ones.

She babbles and shows me her gummy smile. "Come on, baby. Say daddy." She squeals and bounces her chubby knees.

"Stop forcing her to say that as her first word." My smile brightens when my Small sits next to me on the grass.

Tia looks at her and try's to get her attention. Small smiles and takes her from me.

"Hi my little Angel." She coos and my heart warms at the sight of them both.

"M-Mama!" Both of our eyes widen at her first words.

"That's right, baby! I'm your Mama!" Small squeals and brushes her fingers through her dark curly hair. "I'm so proud of you, you're such a clever little girl." She praises.

"Now say daddy." Small playfully roll her eyes and Tiny looks at me with wide eyes.

"Mama." She says again in her high pitched voice and I chuckle.

"One day." I smirk and reach down to kiss my little girl on the cheek.

"Eddie called, he's going to pick you up later." I nod my head at her words.

We're getting married tomorrow.

"You'll be okay, you and Tiny." I question, feeling a little worried about leaving my girls without my protection.

"Yes, Theo. We will be okay, remember my mother, your mother and Lia will be here with us." She gives me her best smile and I nod, relaxing a little bit.

"I just want you safe." She smiles and kisses me.

"Of course."

"I think Tiny is tired." I chuckle as I see her beginning to fall asleep.

That's all she seems to be doing. She absolutely loves her sleep. I remember a few months ago, I woke her up to feed her and she would not stop crying for about three hours.

My daughter is so precious.


"Small, let me be inside you." I whine as I watch her pack my bags. She looks at me over her shoulder and scowls.


"Let me taste you then." I plead with her and she pauses her movement for a second. I smirk, knowing she'll give in but then that smirk quickly drops when she shakes her head and continues the packing.


"But I'm hard." She pauses again.

"Theo our parents are downstairs with our daughter." She sighs and I smile.

"This is the perfect time, come on, small." I pull my joggers down revealing my boxers and she gulps when she looks at my bulge.

"Giant." She whines.

"I know." I smirk and she grins.

"Okay!" She throws her arms up and pulls her pants down and bunches her tea dress up to her waist.

I shuffle back and rest my back against the headboard. I take my boxers off and she bites her lip as she looks at my rock hard dick.

"Come on, small. I'm waiting." She crawls over to me and straddles my waist.

My breath hitches when she grabs hold of me and lowers herself down. She throws her head back and I moan at how sexy she looks right now.

"Oh my God." She moans and looks at me with lust-filled eyes. I smile at her and she smiles back. "You feel so good." She wraps her arms around my neck and then leans down to pull me into a passionate kiss.

"I can't wait to finally make you my wife." I whisper and she pulls back a little.

"And I can't wait to be Mrs Thomas." She winks and I chuckle.

"Theo!" We both freeze when someone bangs on the door.


"Theo." He bangs on the door again and Small groans.

"I knew this was a bad idea." She whisper yells and I shut her up with a quick kiss.

"What do you want?" I shout and then I begin to move Smalls hips. She looks down at me with wide eyes and I wink.

"We need to go." He says.

"Alright, I'm coming." Smalls eyes widen and she has to cover her mouth to muffle her moans.

"Are you okay in there?" My brother questions and I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes in frustration.

"Yeah I'm more than alright, bro. Give me a couple minutes." I bite my lip and look up at small.


I grunt as I feel her begin to come around me. I follow straight after her and she sighs falling onto me.

"Poor Lance." She mutters against my neck and I chuckle. "Do you think he knew what was going on in here?" I laugh even louder at the thought.

"I guess I'll find out later." She laughs and climbs off of me but then she frowns.

"Shit." I sit up alert and look at her in worry.

"What is it?" I pull her to me and check her for any injuries. I furrow my eyebrows when she seems fine.

"We didn't use a condom." A sigh of relief escapes my lips.

"Oh, that's it." She turns to face me with wide eyes.

"You want another baby?" She raises her eyebrows.

"Three more." I nod my head in confidence and she scoffs standing up. She throw my clothes at me along with my bag.

"Okay it's time for you to leave." I pout my lips and sigh.

She walks into the bathroom to clean herself up and then she comes back out with a small smile on her face. "Give me a hug." I grin and make my way into her open arms.

"I love you, small."

"I love you, giant." She whispers and her eyes start to become glossy. "Now go before I ball my eyes out."

I make my way out of the bedroom and turn to face her. "See you tomorrow."

She smiles.

"See you tomorrow."
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