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Chapter Five| Eden

I squint my eyes when the bright light hits them, I quietly gasp when I realise I've been resting my head on Theo's defined back.

I roll onto my back and look at him sprawled out on the bed, small snores escaping his lips. I sit up and rub my face.

"Small." I look down and see Theodore looking at me with tired eyes.


"Pretty." He smiles.

"What do you want to do today?" I smile brightly at him, he sits up and rubs the sleep out of his eyes.

"Stay with you." He mumbles.

"Why did you come up here last night?" I question him and watch his cheeks turn red.

"I wanted to cuddle with you." He puts his head down. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay Theo, don't apologise." I run my fingers through his hair and he gently smiles.

"Can we do it again tonight?" He beams and I laugh, nodding my head. "Yes!"

"We should go shopping today, get you some more clothes and maybe some male shower gel. Don't think you want to keep smelling like fruits." I get up from the bed, Theo follows after and I have to look away when I see him clad in his boxers. What makes me jump in shock, is the large tent that is formed in them.

"Small?" His voice makes my eyes lift to his. He looks down and his cheeks only get more red; he quickly covers himself with his hands.

"Oh my God!" I cover my mouth with my hand then sprint into my bathroom, locking the door.

"Small?" I hear him knock on the door. "I'm sorry."

I sigh and rest my head on the door. "Don't worry, j-just get ready." I stutter, clenching my thighs.


"Date?" I quickly glance at Theo and furrow my eyebrows. We are driving to the shopping centre to get him some of his own stuff.

"It's the twenty third?" My answer sounds more of question.

"No. Date?" He shakes his head and continues to stare out the window in awe. "I saw on the tv. Male and female go on a date." He nods proudly and then turns his head to me.

"You want to go on a date?" I spoke, turning into the car park. I sigh to myself when I see how packed it is.

"With you."

"Theo, you only go on dates with people you have a romantic relationship with." I reverse into a bay and switch of the engine. I can't help but lightly laugh at the small pout on Theo's face.

"But we cuddle." His voice deepens. "I like you, like how Beast liked Beauty." My heart flutters and I smile at him.

"Theo, you only like me because I'm the only person you really know." He frowns and then gets out the car. I sigh and get out, I make my way over to him and watch him cross his arms over his chest. "Theo?" The large man decides to ignore me.

We walk into the shopping centre in awkward silence. Theo keeps huffing and puffing, like a small child who a has been told no.

He keeps this up for two hours. I'd ask him if he likes a top or a pair of jeans and he would just nod or shake his head.

Now we are back home, there was no point staying out if we weren't going to speak to each other. Lia has asked me if I want to go out with her tonight, so I decided to say yes.

"You really just going to keep ignoring me?" I question Theo. He is laying down on the sofa, staring blankly at the Tv, he's clad in grey joggers and a white T-shirt and I can't help but stare at him. "Theo!"

I grit my teeth and then storm upstairs and decide to start getting ready to go out tonight. "Can't believe he's ignoring me." I mutter to myself as I step in the shower. "So silly." I keep venting to myself, even when I'm putting on my outfit.

I look in the mirror and smile at how good I look. I have a black satin dress which hugs my figure perfectly.

I make my way down the stairs, making sure to thud around in my heels to get Theo's attention.

His body raises from the sofa and he frowns when he sees my attire. "W-Where are you going?" I look at him and then turn and make my way to the kitchen. I smirk when I hear his footsteps start to follow me.

"Leaving me?" He whispers and I clench my eyes shut. "I'm sorry, small."

He's so pure.

I turn around and look up at his sad face. "I'm going out tonight, Theo. I'll be back a bit later."

He starts to shake his head, his eyes begin to water. "No, no, no, please don't go." He grabs my hands in his larger ones.

"Theodore, I'll be gone for a few hours, don't worry. I'm going out for a few drinks." I smile and reach up to stroke his cheek. I giggle when he nuzzles his face in my hand.

"Please don't go." He whispers and sits back down. I crouch down in front of him and hold his cheeks.

"Do you want to come with me?" I tilt my head and his frown disappears. "I'm going to a bar with Lia and her husband." He nods his head eagerly.

"Now, whilst we were out shopping I bought you some brown contact lenses. I guess this is the perfect time to put them on because it would be too dark to wear sunglasses in the bar we are going to." I explain to him.


"Eden!" Lia beams, throwing her arms around me. She pulls away and looks behind me. "Theo!" She wraps her arms around him also, she's clearly already drunk. I laugh when Theo gives her a weird look.

"Hey Zack." I greet Lia's husband. He nods his head, whilst raising a glass of beer to his lips.

"You alright sunshine." I roll my eyes at his nickname for me. "Lia, get your drunk self here." He laughs and Lia sits on his lap. "Who's this?" He nods at Theo.

"This is my friend, Theo." I grab hold of Theo's hand and pull him closer to the couple.

"Boyfriend more like." Lia blurts out and then giggles after, burying her face in the crook of her husband's neck.

"Drinks! I'll get drinks!" I say, trying to avoid the awkward silence. "Theo, stay with these two." He hesitates but slowly nods his head.

I make my way to the bar and order myself a passion fruit martini. I get Theo a non-alcoholic drink because I really don't know what his intake on alcohol is like.

It takes a while for the barman to make the drinks and by the time I get back my heart stops when I see Theo necking down shots.

"Zack, Lia! Why are you giving him shots?!" I yank the small glass cup from Theo's hands. "How many have you given him? I was gone for ten minutes!" I scold the two.

"He's a grown man, sunshine." Zack laughs. "He's has about five.....I think." He furrows his eyebrows and then casually shrugs.

They don't understand.

"Small!" Theo yells, his eyes look hazy. "So pretty." He looks up at me and smiles.

I take a seat next to him and sip on my drink. I hand Theo the lemonade I bought him. "Drink. It." I grit my teeth.

He begins to take small sips from the cup and looks around the place in awe.

"Hey sweet girl." I turn my head and look up at the attractive stranger.

"Hi." I smile.

"You're beautiful." He steps back and looks me up and down. I feel Theo tense beside me, I turn to look and see that he is glaring at the stranger. "Can I get you a drink?" A gasp escapes my lips when Theo grabs hold of my hand. "O-Oh shit, I didn't know. Sorry." The stranger stutters, eyeing Theo and then speed walks away.

"Theo! What the hell?!" I look at him in disbelief.

He doesn't respond and looks away.



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