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Chapter Seven| Eden

I stare at Theo with wide eyes and gulp. He's looking at me so intensely and it's making me feel things down there, that I probably shouldn't be feeling. He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me impossibly closer to his chest.

"Please." He leans forward, his head moving closer to mine.

"I-okay." I blurt out and then he smashes his lips against mine.

Butterflies erupt in my stomach and Theo leans closer, moving his lips against mine. To say I'm shocked would be an understatement because he is kissing me like he's done this before.

I pause and then pull away, he whines and tries to kiss me again, so I lean further back. Theodore opens his eyes and pouts.

"That is not your first kiss." I reach up and touch my swollen lips with my fingers. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach as he looks at me.

"First kiss." He nods. "Again." I squeal when he flips me onto my back and lays in between my legs. He kisses my lips again, and I feel my body heat up when a moan escapes my lips. "I like doing this to you." He mumbles against my lips and then buries his face in the crook of my neck.

I look up at the ceiling in shock. Theodore starts to leave featherlight kisses on my shoulder and I feel the goosebumps start to rise. I take a deep breath and decide to wrap my arms around his back.

Theo releases a content sigh and claims my lips again. I can't help but smile at how affectionate he is being, I can feel the goosebumps on his skin as I run my hands up and down his defined back.

"Small?" He pulls his head away from my neck and looks down at me, his eyebrows furrowed.


"If something bad happens, please don't leave me." Then he buries his face back into my neck and leaves me furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

What does he mean by that?

"I need to get up now." I mumble and he whines but lifts his large body off of mine. "I'm meeting up with Lia for some lunch today. Will you be okay on your own?" His head whips to mine and a deep frown is set on his gorgeous face.

"Alone?" He looks down at his hands on his lap.

"Only for a couple hours, you'll be fine Theo." I confidently crawl onto his lap and hold his face in my hands. "When I get back, we can cuddle for however long you want."

"Okay." He whispers and smiles, jumping off his lap. I go and get ready, seeing that it is now one in the afternoon. I giggle when I walk down the stairs and see Theo sulking around the place.

He looks up at me and his eyes widen when he sees what I'm wearing. It's a causal outfit consisting of high waisted jeans and a top which shows a bit of my cleavage. But by the way he's looking at me, it's as if he doesn't approve.

He takes off the thrasher hoodie he's wearing and holds it out to me. I frown and shake my head but he insists on giving it to me.

"Theodore, I've got a jacket. It's okay." I give him a tight lipped smile and he looks down at my top and sighs in frustration. "What's the problem?" I question him, putting my hand on my hip.

"Nothing." He mumbles and looks away.

"Okay, see you later." I grab my car keys and make my way to the front door. I take one last look at Theo and gently smile when I see him looking at me with sad eyes. I open my arms up and he rushes towards me, throwing his arms round my body. I squeal when my feet get lifted off the floor.

"Be safe." He kisses my lips and then puts me back down.


"Earth to Eden." Lia clicks her fingers, as she sits across the table. I blink and give her my attention. "What's on your mind? Is it Theo?"

I slowly nod my head and bite my lip.

I hate the fact that I've left him alone. He hates being alone.

"I really like him Lia." I tuck a strand of hair from behind my ear and look at her.

"I can tell." She smiles. "He adores the fuck out of you." She winks and takes a sip from her apple juice.

I furrow my eyebrows.

"You didn't want the rosé? You always get that." She gives me a sheepish smile. "Lia?"

"I'm pregnant."

"Oh my God!" I jump in my seat, making a few displeased heads turn our way. I roll my eyes at them and brightly smile at my best friend. "Does Zack know?" She nods her head.

"He's so happy, Eden. You're going to be the baby's godmother, okay." She winks and I nod my head excitedly. "And I guess Theo will be the godfather." I choke on my drink and look at her with wide eyes. She laughs, throwing her head back.

"Why are you worried about him? He's a big guy."

"He's vulnerable, Lia. He may look like some massive guy who could break a neck with his finger but he's a massive softy." My massive softy. "He doesn't like to be left alone."

"I'm sure he'll be fine." She gives me a reassuring smile and I nod my head.

I reach out for my glass again and take another sip of my water. Looking away from Lia, I make eye contact with a weird looking, middle-aged man. I look away and then look back again, to see that the salt and peppered hair man is still staring.

He places his menu down and then gets up to leave the restaurant. I feel my heart start to race and watch the back of the man leaving through the door. I hold my breath when he turns back around to cast me one last look.

What the fuck?


I stand outside my house and feel a lot of guilt. I've been gone for just over four hours. I told Theo I'd be gone for two. Lia wanted to look around for baby stuff and I happily agreed.

I open the door and I'm welcomed to a house full of silence. I close the door behind me and slowly walk further into my house, I switch the lights on and look around for Theo.

"Theodore?" I call out for him. "Theo?!" I say a bit louder.

I walk into my living room and my heart shatters when I see him sat in the corner, covering his ears, rocking back and fourth.

I put my bag down and hesitantly make my way over to him. I keep a bit of space between us and crouch down in front of him. "Hey." I whisper, reaching out to tap his arm. His eyes snap open, a small whimper escaping his lips.

"S-Small." I smile and open my arms up for him.

"Cuddle?" I shuffle closer to him and he wraps me in his arms. "I'm so sorry, Theo. I was gone for too long, I'm sorry."

"I'm not sad about that, you're safe." I furrow my eyebrows.

"Then what is it?" I give him a nervous smile and brush the curls that are hanging over his eyes.

"I have to go."


"No!" I shake my head in disbelief and wrap my arms around his body.

"Sorry small." I pull back and frown down at him. My face contorted in hurt. "Keep you safe."


Theo manages to stand up with me wrapped around his body. "Small." He sighs and peels my body away his. I drop to my feet and look up at him, my eyes beginning to water.

Just when I've started to develop feelings for the giant, he chooses to leave. "Theo, I can help you, just tell me what is going on." I whisper but a small whine escapes my lips when he shakes his head.

I look away in defeat.

"Go then." I don't make eye contact with him and clench my fists in frustration.


I look at him in disbelief and then push past him, making my way up to my room to cry my eyes out.
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