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The Personal Assistant

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What happens when someone makes you an offer you simply cannot refuse? Summer Hades, a feisty and strong-minded tattoo artist, hits rock bottom after a series of unfortunate events. To get back on her feet, she applies for any job that pays well. When Damon Larson, businessman and stoic asshole, finds something he can't have, he's willing to offer anything to get it. They both know they will give in. The question is, when? [Mature 18+] (C) Copyright reserved - Jana Malek (Jane C. Rain) 2020. The author expressly asserts all intellectual property and moral rights over this work. Any attempt to recreate it in any way will be reported and pursued accordingly.

Romance / Erotica
Jane C. Rain
4.3 28 reviews
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Chapter 1


I love my best friend.

Sometimes. Sometimes I love my best friend.

“Oh, come on, Jess. Going out again?!”

“Yes, Summer. But this time you’re coming with us,” she replies, leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed.

“And why exactly would I do that?!” I challenge her. I really don’t feel like going out lately.

“Because you’ve been here for three months now. This is not you, sweetie. We both know it.”

I can’t help but sigh, running a hand through my way too long hair. She’s not wrong, but I don’t know what to do about it. My life hasn’t been exactly a fairytale the past few months, that’s not exactly my fault.

“Yeah, but I mean... I’m broke. And I don’t want your charity, so I’m staying home. Also, I have this job interview tomorrow. I can’t really show up there hungover and sleep deprived. I need the money.”

“Boo hoo, poor Summer,” she widens her eyes as she mocks me, “I will pay for your drinks tonight. You said it yourself: You can’t even drink that much, it’ll be a cheap night. I just want you to get out there again, Reggie will be with us. You’re coming. End of discussion.”

I think about it for a second, studying my best friend when she raises an eyebrow, unimpressed as hell. If I go with her tonight, I might just get her off my back for a few days.

“Okay, okay. But I’m really noy drinking much.”

Her response is a simple eye-roll, to which I respond with a grin, “Okay, Mom. Got it.”

“Did you just call me a mom?!” she gasps, looking at me with wide eyes before I quickly lean over and close the door, my laugh echoing through the living room I’m occupying right now.

“If I’m a mom, that means I’m a goddamn Milf!” she yells as she walks away, her voice reverberating in the hallway.

“Damn right you are!” I laugh, shaking my head when I look around to find something to wear.

She might be a pain in the ass, but Jess has been my friend for ages. We lost touch over the years, especially when I moved to New York to open a tattoo parlour with my ex-boyfriend.

Yep. You guessed it: That was a dumb decision.

Three years, a shit ton of heartbreak, and a mountain of debt later I’m back in New Orleans, the city that always held my heart.

Jess didn’t hesitate for a second when I told her about everything that happened. We moved some furniture around, and now I’ve set up in her living room, sleeping on the actually very comfortable couch until I have enough money for an apartment.

I had a few job interviews, and did the odd bartender job here and there, but my passion is tattoo art. I want to open up a parlour some time in the future, though that’s not something I have the luxury of thinking about at the moment. People underestimate how much money goes into those things.

“Reg will be here in thirty minutes!” Jess reminds me, and I instantly realize I have to actually hurry if I don’t want to show up in sweatpants and a sports bra.

After sifting through the few clothes I brought with me back then, I go for a black dress with some strappy high heels. I’m not big on showing my cleavage, it’s just too much without looking like a slut. People think having an F cup is all fun and games, until they actually have one.

Let me tell you: It ain’t fun.

“Damn girl, you look good! I like that dress,” Jess smirks when I walk into the hallway, only holding my phone.

“Thank you. It has pockets,” I retort with a proud grin, letting my phone slip into the pocket.

Hell yeah.

“Alright, let’s go and have some fun, grandma.”

“You’re the Milf out of the two of us, don’t forget that,” I laugh.

“Yeah, that means you’re my mom. Let that sink in.”

“Oh, wow. That’s actually...” I look at her with wide eyes when we make our way downstairs, “That’s actually kinda cool.”

That makes her laugh and she shakes her head, slapping my ass when I walk past her through the front door. “Yeah, Mom. Come one, let’s get this show on the road.”

I immediately spot Reggie, leaning against the blue truck that’s parked right in front of our doorstep. “Hello ladies, you look fresh.”

Every time I look at him, I think that my mother would’ve been shit-scared of him. The three of us are tattooed all over, but unlike Jess and me, Reg also went for his neck, fingers, face, toes... You name it. He’s a work of art, really.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” I shoot him a wink, to which he responds with a small chuckle before he opens my door. “I better get you in there before you change your mind, huh?”

“Yes, please. Let’s be quick! Who knows what my mother will do!” Jas exclaims, and I only roll my eyes at her as I sit in the middle of the front seat.

“Uh... Do I need to know what that mother thing is all about?” Reg asks when we’re all seated.

I shake my head laughing, “No, you really don’t. Let’s just do this.”

We arrive at the bar in no time, and I have to admit I do kind of miss the whole atmosphere. The sweaty dancing bodies on every free square foot there is, the smell of liquor and lime, and of course, the sticky floor that ensures you never slip, no matter how hard you try. Spilled beer is like glue.

I look around the room, taking in the neon signs on the wall, tiny booths that almost look like they were stolen from the diner next door are scattered all over the place, giving this whole bar a somewhat comfortable vibe.

Reggie points to an unoccupied booth at the end of the room, right next to the small dancefloor behind the counter. I wonder why I’ve never been here, this bar looks amazing, really.

Jess and I take a seat and my eyes once again wander around the space, taking in everything and everyone in here, until they settle on a man in a white shirt who’s just getting drinks at the bar. He looks over, and I can’t help but laugh when he spots Jess, his eyes growing wide as he takes her in.

“What’s so funny?” Jess asks, commenting on my amusement.

“That guy over there is staring at you like you’re a piece of meat,” I grin.

“You mean the dude in the red shirt? Because he’s looking at you, not at me.”

I follow her glance and look for the man she means, only to find a pair of green eyes staring right at me, the intensity in them almost knocks the air out of my lungs for a second. But then I take a closer look, and I realize he has one of those blonde barbie dolls with him, her butt glued to his crotch when she grinds him, and I instantly avert my gaze.

As bloody handsome as that guy is, I’m definitely over the fuck-and-chuck category of men.

“Need a wingman?” Reggie’s voice startles me when he slides into the booth next to me, his arm slung around my shoulder while he follows my glance.

“Yeah, thanks, but no thanks,” I laugh, shaking my head before taking a sip of the beer he put in front of me. “I mean the guy in the white shirt, Jess. Nine o’clock.”

She follows my glance, her eyes growing wide when she sees who I mean, “Oh, hot damn. He’s hot! So is that guy in red though,” she waves her hand in front of her face, proving her point with a laugh.

“True,” I say, unable to help myself when my eyes land on the stranger at the other end of the bar again. He has a jawline sharp enough to cut lemons for the tequila in here, the ruffled hair and five-o’clock-shadow give him this particular sexy-as-sin rugged look.

Ugh. Why are the hot ones always so superficially chauvinistic?

“So,” I look back at Jess, trying to avoid my gaze from the hot guy with a barbie in his lap, “You gonna talk to the hottie in white?”

“Nah, maybe later. I wanna enjoy myself for now.”

And that’s exactly what we do. We enjoy our company for a while, joking around, watching people dance and observe how guys hit on girls. Well, mostly applauding girls who just flip those guys a bird for whenever they try to approach them inappropriately.

But I have to admit that I can’t stop looking at that guy. Because every time I do look in his direction, his eyes are instantly on me, chasing me, studying me like I was a mystery he needs to solve.

He suddenly says something to the blonde girl who shoots him a confused look before she hurries off, leaving the red-shirt-guy standing alone, those icy green eyes aimed straight at me.

“Uh... I need to pee,” I say with a shake of my head, somehow needing to get some space from those intense eyes.

Both Reg and Jess raise their eyebrows when I squeeze out of the booth, but neither of them says anything, luckily. The restrooms are at the end of the small dance floor, and I quickly squeeze through the sweaty bodies, the bass vibrating through me while I bump into people left and right.

I focus on the floor to find the space I can use to get through the crowd, until I suddenly bump into someone, smashing right into a very hard chest. “Can’t you watch where you’re going?!” a male voice calls out, the irritation audible when he swiftly grabs my arm.

“Shit...” I mumble as I raise my head to look at the man, only to have my mouth go dry at the sight of the red shirt right in front of me. His irritation transfers right into me when I see the pissed-off look on his face, almost like I ran into him on purpose.

“What is your problem?!” I ask before trying to free my arm from his grasp, but he just looks at me, almost like he doesn’t know what else to do. I see the way he takes me in, studies me with narrowed eyes. I also feel the way he undresses me in his head, his heat slamming right into me in this more than crowded space. “Would you let go of me, please?”

My question seems to pull him out of his trance, his eyes suddenly widening before he shakes his head. “Oh,” he mumbles, releasing my arm from his grip, his heated eyes still focused on me.

I suddenly feel extremely hot, the intensity of his gaze does something to me I can’t quite explain. After a few seconds of charged silence I feel like I’m about to combust, and so I quickly run off into the direction of the women’s restroom door I spotted a few minutes ago.

“Ugh, what is up with that guy?!” I groan when I make my way back to our booth, luckily without running into the hot stranger again.

“Who?” Jess asks, shoving another beer in my direction.

“Red shirt guy,” I answer while taking a sip of the ice cold golden liquid, trying to get my temperature down. “We bumped into each other and he acted like a total ass. I mean what the hell, it’s not like I asked to run into the asshole.”

“Ohh, shots fired!” Reg laughs, and I join in, trying to get the best of this situation.

“Yeah, really, though. I mean just because he looks like a freaking model doesn’t mean he can treat people that way. What an arrogant piece of shit.”

Jess looks at me with wide eyes, nodding behind me with her mouth agape, but when I turn around I can’t help but roll my eyes.

“Well, thanks for the compliment,” the man in the red shirt says, a smirk playing on his lips although his eyes still hold that fire from before.

“You’re welcome.” I turn back around, deciding I don’t need to deal with this shit right now.

“I guess if you weren’t so busy flirting with guys around here you would be able to see where you’re going.”

My head snaps back to him, my eyes narrowed at the guy who now has his arms crossed in front of his chest. Who the fuck does he think he is?!

“Wow, she’s like my sister, bro. No flirting here...” Reggie instantly clears the air, but I suddenly feel extremely irritated by the stranger’s behavior.

“Maybe you would’ve paid more attention if you weren’t steering your body with your dick, asshole.”

The guy just looks at me, his wide eyes blinking a few times, and I can’t help but grin when he obviously can’t come up with a good comeback to that.

“Jess,” I turn back around to face my friends, “I’m grabbing a cab. I need to be ready tomorrow morning anyways. And I’m not really into wasting my time on pricks like him.”

Said prick is still just staring at me when I slide out of the booth, giving both of my friends a hug after I promise to shoot them a text when I get home. “See you later.”

“See ya!” they both wave, and I just wink at the guy who is still standing behind our booth like an idiot.

A very handsome idiot, but still, an idiot.

By the time I get outside I’m more than thankful for the crisp air filling my lungs, and I close my eyes for a second, letting the fresh oxygen work its magic.

I don’t know how long I’m standing here, but it must be for a few minutes, because when I open my eyes again I’m faced with the same handsome idiot from before, his green eyes now stormy as hell. His hazel-colored hair looks like he ran his hand through it just a tad too often, but I can’t deny that it’s sexy as fuck.

He just looks at me, and I’m frozen in place, suddenly. Because this guy is not only sex on legs, he’s also hypnotizing, mysterious, and goddamn dark.

“I wanted to do this all night...” he almost growls when he pushes me against the wall, his body pressed firmly against mine when his lips chase my own, the collision instantly starting a fire in my veins.

My hands hold onto his soft hair while I feel his own on my butt, pushing us closer together, our bodies creating a violent friction while our tongues dance, fight, play, like it’s the last thing they’ll ever do.

I can’t help but moan when he practically grinds me, his hard groin sending all kinds of jolts through my body. His lips curl into a smirk against my own, and I almost gasp when he squeezes my behind, my legs now almost giving away from this intense pleasure running through my whole body.

What the fuck am I doing?!

Oh my god, I don’t even know the guy!

“Stop... Stop,” I somehow manage to whisper the words, and he instantly moves back, his forehead resting against mine for just a minute, both of us chasing our breath.

When I open my eyes I almost ignite again from the fire in his eyes. Never in my life have I seen a pair of eyes that so strongly represent the person’s emotions. It’s fascinating, and unearthly sexy.

Shit. Stop, Summer!

“I have to go,” I say while waving my hand at the cab I see driving toward us from the corner of my eye, ducking out of his grasp and basically sprinting toward the yellow car.

As soon as I take a seat on soft seats in the back of the car I release a heavy breath, my heart still thundering in my chest when I try to come to terms with whatever just happened.

What the fuck did just happen?!

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